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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993–1996) by Haim Saban.

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Day of the Dumpster The Mutiny, Part 1 A Friend in Need, Part 1
High Five The Mutiny, Part 2 A Friend in Need, Part 2
Teamwork The Mutiny, Part 3 A Friend in Need, Part 3
A Pressing Engagement The Wanna-Be Ranger Ninja Quest, Part 1
Different Drum Putty on the Brain Ninja Quest, Part 2
Food Fight Bloom of Doom Ninja Quest, Part 3
I, Eye Guy The Green Dream Ninja Quest, Part 4
Power Ranger Punks The Power Stealer A Brush with Destiny
Peace, Love, and Woe The Beetle Invasion Passing the Lantern
Foul Play in the Sky Welcome to Venus Island Wizard for a Day
For Whom the Bell Trolls The Song of Guitardo Fourth Down and Long
Happy Birthday, Zack Green No More, Part 1 Final Face-Off
No Clowning Around Green No More, Part 2 Stop the Hate Master, Part 1
Dark Warrior Missing Green Stop the Hate Master, Part 2
Switching Places Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park The Potion Notion
Big Sisters Beauty and the Beast A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 1
Green with Evil, Part 1: Out of Control White Light, Part 1 A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 2
Green with Evil, Part 2: Jason's Battle White Light, Part 2 Changing of the Zords, Part 1
Green with Evil, Part 3: The Rescue Two for One Changing of the Zords, Part 2
Green with Evil, Part 4: Eclipsing Megazord Opposites Attract Changing of the Zords, Part 3
Green with Evil, Part 5: Breaking the Spell Zedd's Monster Mash Follow That Cab!
The Trouble with Shellshock The Ninja Encounter, Part 1 A Different Shade of Pink, Part 1
Itsy Bitsy Spider The Ninja Encounter, Part 2 A Different Shade of Pink, Part 2
The Spit Flower The Ninja Encounter, Part 3 A Different Shade of Pink, Part 3
Life's a Masquerade Zedd Waves I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger
Gung Ho! A Monster of Global Proportions Rita's Pita
Wheel of Misfortune The Power Transfer, Part 1 A Chimp in Charge
Island of Illusion, Part 1 The Power Transfer, Part 2 Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 1
Island of Illusion, Part 2 Goldar's Vice-Versa Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 2
The Rockstar Mirror of Regret Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 3
Calamity Kimberly When is a Ranger Not a Ranger? The Sound of Dischordia
A Star is Born Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun Rangers in Reverse
The Yolk's on You! Lights, Camera, Action Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1
The Green Candle, Part 1 Where There's Smoke, There's Fire Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2
The Green Candle, Part 2 Scavenger Hunt Climb Every Fountain
Birds of a Feather The Great Bookala Escape The Alien Trap
Clean-Up Club Forever Friends Attack of the 60' Bulk
A Bad Reflection on You A Reel Fish Story Water You Thinking?
Doomsday, Part 1 Rangers Back in Time, Part 1 Along Came a Spider
Doomsday, Part 2 Rangers Back in Time, Part 2 Sowing the Seas of Evil
A Pig Surprise The Wedding, Part 1 Hogday Afternoon, Part 1
Lions and Blizzards The Wedding, Part 2 Hogday Afternoon, Part 2
Rita's Seed of Evil The Wedding, Part 3
Crystal of Nightmares Return of the Green Ranger, Part 1
Something Fishy Return of the Green Ranger, Part 2
To Flea or Not to Flee Return of the Green Ranger, Part 3
Reign of the Jellyfish Best Man for the Job
Plague of the Mantis Storybook Rangers, Part 1
Return of an Old Friend, Part 1 Storybook Rangers, Part 2
Return of an Old Friend, Part 2 Wild West Rangers, Part 1
Grumble Bee Wild West Rangers, Part 2
Two Heads are Better Than One Blue Ranger Gone Bad
Fowl Play
Enter... the Lizzinator
Trick or Treat
On Fins and Needles
Second Chance
Football Season
Mighty Morphin' Mutants
An Oyster Stew

Season 1 (1993-1994)[edit]

Day of the Dumpster[edit]

Kimberly: You guys should definitely join Jason's karate class.

Squat: Uh-oh! Morning breath! Let me give you a mint!
Finster: Oh, it's good to be free after 10,000 years.

[to fleeing astronauts]
Rita: Don't leave! You'll miss my coming-out party. That's when I destroy the nearest planet!
[the nearest planet happens to be... Earth]

Alpha: Danger! Danger! It's the big one! I know it! We'll all be destroyed!
Zordon: Calm down, Alpha! It's Rita. She's escaped, and she's attacking the planet.
Alpha: Ay-yi-yi! What do we do?!
Zordon: Teleport to us five overbearing and over-emotional humans.
Alpha: No! Not that! Not teenagers!
Zordon: That's correct, Alpha.
Alpha: I was afraid of that.

Kimberly: This isn't exactly the mall, is it?
Billy: This place is magnificent!
Zack: I don't get it. How did we end up here?
Trini: I just want to know where here is.

Billy: [sees Alpha] A fully sentient, multifunctional automaton. I've never seen anything like it.

Zordon: It's quite simple, my dear. This planet is under attack, and I have brought you here to save it!

Zack: Mastodon!
Kimberly: Pterodactyl!
Billy: Triceratops!
Trini: Saber-Toothed Tiger!
Jason: Tyrannosaurus!
All 5: Power Rangers!

Jason: Look at him; that dude's HUGE!

Jason: Back off, fang-face!
Zack: The good guys are here!
Billy: Get off our planet!
Trini: 'Cause we're the Power Rangers!
Kimberly: And we're not backin' down!

Goldar: You and your weapons are no match for me!

Rita: Goldar, you failed!
Goldar: It won't happen again, empress!
Rita: Shut up! I've got a headache!

High Five[edit]

Kimberly: Yeah, Bulk; you sure showed us this time!

Bones: I am Bones! At your service. [removes his head]
Finster: Hmm. Perhaps I should have set the machine on low.

Jason: Form a human chain! NOW!

Bones: [removes his head] Here! Let me help you get "a-head"!

Rita: *moans* I've got such a headache! Somebody bring me an aspirin!


Mr. Caplan: Look at this place! Why it hasn't been cleaned up yet?! You there! I want to talk to you!

A Pressing Engagement[edit]

King Sphinx: You're nothing without your friends. Why don't you just give up?

Red Ranger: Megazord armed and ready!
Goldar: Uh-oh!
King Sphinx: Uh-oh!
Rita: Huh? Uh-oh.

Different Drum[edit]

Rita: Finster! Oh, Finster!
Finster: Yes, O nasty one. I'm working on a marvelous monster that eats cars and smells like a fish.
Rita: Never mind that! Make me a musical monster that will mesmerize those pathetic Power Rangers and bring them to their knees! Like the Pied Piper, only meaner.
Finster: Oh, my queen, that idea is absolute brilliance! However, musical monsters aren't very reliable. Wouldn't you rather have a nice fire-breathing hedgehog instead?
Rita: NO! Either get my monster, or I'll turn you into a Sippean slug!

Rita: Well, do you have my monster yet? The waiting is putting a strain on my natural beauty.
Finster: Yes. I call it the Gnarly Gnome. He's a wonderfully ugly creature who plays a hypnotic accordion. The plan is to hypnotize a few kids and hold them. When the Power Rangers show up to the rescue, he'll use the music to put them in your power.
Rita: Okay. Let's get 'em!

Food Fight[edit]

[Skull is about to eat part of a cream pie meant for a food fight]
Bulk: We're not going to eat them, numb-Skull. We're going to throw them.

Rita: [after Pudgy Pig's destruction] You nincompoop! Your monster was worthless!
Finster: But I warned you he wasn't my best work!
Baboo: This is all your fault!
Squatt: My fault?!
Baboo: I don't know how, but ya always mess everything up! Ya do!
Finster: Now, now, my queen, please don't yell at me and turn me into a toad or something! Please, my queen! I beg you!
Baboo: [intimidated by Rita's fury] I'm sensing a bit of dissatisfaction.
Rita: I'm feeling sick again, and it's all your fault! [to Squatt and Baboo] And as for you two, SHUT UP! [to herself] How can anyone conquer the world with these nitwits?!

I, Eye Guy[edit]

Eye Guy: I spy some Power Rangers!

Power Ranger Punks[edit]

Billy: Where's your lunch money, kid?
Kimberly: Yeah, Give it up!
Kid: I don't have any!
Billy: You're worthless.

Kimberly: Baboo?!
Baboo: In the flesh. And I got you, didn't I?
Terror Toad: Four down, and only one to go!
Baboo: Well, then, let's get her!

Peace, Love, and Woe[edit]

Ernie: [to Bulk and Skull after the cake accident] You boys better follow the rules, and pay for the cake, or just don't come back!

Foul Play in the Sky[edit]

Skull: Hey Bulk, are you afraid of flying?
Bulk: Nah. I'm afraid of crashing.

[on the plane, Bulk and Skull wake up]
Skull: Oh, look. Kimberly's flying the plane.
[Bulk and Skull suddenly react]
Bulk and Skull: SHE'S FLYING THE PLANE?!?! [scream]

Skull: I've got the mind of a pilot.
Bulk: Yeah? How'd ya figure that?
Skull: Because Mr. Caplan always says that I'm an airhead!

For Whom the Bell Trolls[edit]

Rita: To Earth you'll go
with your bottle in tow,
and when I say obey,
you'll do as I say!

Happy Birthday, Zack[edit]

[Billy notices Trini drawing]
Billy: Her mastery of complex illustrated characters is most impressive.
[Jason gives Kimberly a puzzled look]
Jason What did he say?
Kimberly: Don't look at me. I don't speak Billy.
Trini: He says I draw a good cartoon. Thanks, Billy.

No Clowning Around[edit]

Rita: Finster?! Finster! That fake carnival is working. The Power Pipsqueaks are falling for it! It's almost time for phase 2. Now, what about the clown? Is he ready? I don't want any mistakes.
Finster: Oh, yes, my queen. I trained him myself. First, he'll use his magic power to turn the Power Rangers one by one into cardboard cut-outs. Then he'll transform into a horrible Pineoctopus, and terrorize the city!
Rita: Excellent! Have him use that brat Sylvia as bait to get the rest of them.
(she is about to leave, then turns to Finster for another warning)
Rita: Finster, don't blow it this time! (leaves)
Finster: Yes, oh, hideous one, of course, of course, of course! Whew.

Squatt: [looks through the telescope] Uh-oh! Hey! Whoa! Oh! Oh! Take a look! Come here, Baboo! Ooh, look at this!
[Baboo looks through the telescope as Rita enters]
Baboo: Oh, nasty one, that clown hasn't gotten the Power Geeks alone yet!
Rita: Is he waiting for an invitation?! [slaps the balcony] GET THE POWER GEEKS!!
Squatt: Whoa! Pineapple's making his move! I love it when a plan comes together!
Squatt and Baboo: [chant] Get those Power Geeks! Get those Power Geeks!
Rita: Oh, yeah!

Switching Places[edit]

Zack: He got our servo power circuits!
Jason: You're right! [to Kimberly/Billy] Billy, you've got to rewire those servos to bypass the damage and tap into the power morphing system. We gotta get us more power before we get totaled!!
Kimberly/Billy: I'll try!
Jason: [to Billy/Kimberly and Trini] Kimberly, Trini, he'll need help!
Kimberly/Billy & Trini: Right!

Skull/Bulk: Scarfing time!
Bulk/Skull: Yeah, scarfing time.
Skull/Bulk: [looking at Bulk/Skull who's hovering over Skull/Bulk's sub] You're breathing on my food! We gotta do something, We gotta find that Billy geek! Oh, right after I've finished my spaghetti and meatballs.
Bulk/Skull: Yeah! Spaghetti and meatballs! [laughs]

Big Sisters[edit]

Chunky Chicken: Getting that kid to open the box is almost too easy. Rita's gonna be pleased!

Green with Evil, Part 1: Out of Control[edit]

Green Ranger: To the fall of the Power Rangers! I'll destroy you one and all!

Green with Evil, Part 2: Jason's Battle[edit]

Goldar: You know, Jason, if you had your Power Morpher, you could get out of here.
Jason: What's your point?
[Goldar drops the Morpher to the ground]
Goldar: Come and get it, if you're brave enough.

Goldar: Rita has given you to me as a reward for my faithful service to her, like tossing some meat to a hungry lion.

Green with Evil, Part 3: The Rescue[edit]

Jason: You wear a Green Ranger costume, yet your loyalty is with Rita.
Green Ranger: I am her Green Ranger, and she is my empress.
Jason: She's evil.
Green Ranger: Yeah, and so am I.

Jason: So, Goldar, how does it feel to be outsmarted by a human being?
Goldar: No human's ever defeated Goldar!
Jason: Well, I'm gonna change that!

Green with Evil, Part 4: Eclipsing Megazord[edit]

[during Goldar's rampage on the city, people exit the Youth Center, but just as Skull is about to leave, Bulk stops him]
Bulk: Sit down!
Skull: But, Bulk, the building's about to fall down!
Bulk: I'm not finished with my ice cream yet.
[suddenly, something falls from the ceiling in front of the duo, and Bulk quickly eats the rest of his ice cream]
Bulk: Now, I'm finished!
[he and Skull hurry out of the Youth Center]

[the Rangers watch as the defeated Megazord sinks into a lava pit Zord by Zord]
Jason: Our Zords!
Kimberly: They're totaled!
Zack: I can't believe it! It's like Rita destroyed a part of us.
Billy: They were always there for us when we needed them.
Trini: Now they're gone, just when we need them most.

Green with Evil, Part 5: Breaking the Spell[edit]

Alpha: Oh, Rita will rule the world! She'll enslave mankind! She'll destroy the Command Center again! She'll---
Zack: Okay. Okay, Alpha! You've made your point.
Alpha: [calmly] Then you'll reconsider?
[the Rangers agree]

Kimberly: Dream on, Bulk!

Jason: Tommy, we need you! It's where you belong!

Alpha: Oh, look, Zordon!
Zordon: You are watching history in the making, Alpha. Finally, the ancient prophecy has been fulfilled! The Sixth Ranger is now one of us!
Alpha: Hooray!

Red Ranger: We're back, and we're ready to morph into action!
Green Ranger: Six working together to fight evil!
Black Ranger: And stop Rita!
Blue Ranger: And all her menacing monsters!
Yellow Ranger: From destroying our planet Earth!
Pink Ranger: And ruining the universe with evil!
Red Ranger: Look out Rita, we're not backing down! 'Cause we're the...
All six Rangers: Power Rangers!

The Trouble with Shellshock[edit]

Zack: [prepares to make a basket in basketball] Now, it's time for my Slamma-Jamma-Double-Whamma-Hip-Hoppit-'Cause-ya-Can't-Stop-it-Big-Disgrace-'Cause-it's-in-Your-Face long-shot!

Shellshock: Wait till those teenage mutants see what a full-grown turtle can do!

Rita: [to Baloo and Squatt] Those little twerps have done it again! You told me that monster was invincible! YOU DUNCES!


Itsy Bitsy Spider[edit]

Bulk: [about Billy's lab mouse] Oh look, the geek's got a new mascot!
Skull: Right! A new mascot.
Zack: Well, he's smarter than some humans I know.

Zack: (sees the sleeping-powdered butterflies go after him) Aw man. Why'd it have to be bugs? If they catch me it's gonna be Rip Van Winkle time! [runs off]

Zack: [to Spidertron] You've messed with my friends, and now I'm gonna mess with you! Time for you to learn what Mastodon power is all about. Let's see how you like my deep freeze!

The Spit Flower[edit]

[Kimberly looks at her model for the parade, completely damaged in the fight with the Putties]
Kim: [tearfully] Look at my model.
Zack: Man. They really demolished it.
Kim: Without this model, they can't build the full-sized float. Now it won't be able to be in the parade.
Trini: Oh, Kim, cheer up. There'll be other parades you can design floats for.
Kim: Yeah, but Rita will probably wreck them, too.
Billy: Well, perhaps we can simply reconstruct it.
Kim: All that time and effort for nothing.
Tommy: We can help you build a new one.
Trini: Yeah.
Kim: There's no way we can get more flowers in time. The model's due today.
[she walks up to the Juice Bar counter]
Jason: This Rita's a real witch.

Life's a Masquerade[edit]

Billy: [about to morph and fight Frankenstein] It's time for molecular transmutation!

Gung Ho![edit]

Bulk: Hi, losers!
Skull: Yeah! Losers!

Wheel of Misfortune[edit]

Kimberly: Bulk, be careful! You're such a clod.
Bulk: She's makin' me mess up my lines!
[he spins the spinning wheel at hyperspeed]
Kimberly: Bulk? Not so fast!
[the high speed of the wheel blows off Mr. Kaplan's toupee; Bulk guffaws at it; the wheel suddenly breaks]
Kimberly: HEY!!
[she looks at the busted wheel]
Kimberly: Oh, no! You ruined my grandmother's spinning wheel!!! What is she gonna say?!
Mr. Kaplan: Honestly, Bulk. Come on, kids. Let's take a break before somethin' else gets broken.
Bulk: Don't get so bent outta shape, Kimberly!
Kimberly: This happens to be very important to me.
[she sets off in a huff]

Island of Illusion, Part 1[edit]

Tommy: What's the matter, Zack?
Zack: That's the matter! That huge snake! Well, can't you see it? Can't you see it!?
Jason: What snake?!
Zack: It's gonna bite me!
Kimberly: There's nothing there, Zack!
Trini: Zack, there is no snake!
Zack: I hate snakes! I HATE SNAKES!!

Island of Illusion, Part 2[edit]

Zack: Hey, man, thanks. Thanks for the pep talk.
Quagmire: My pleasure. And welcome back. But the key was there inside you, Zack.

[Zack's fellow Ranger teens are impressed by his moves in the dance competition]
Jason: Stylin' tunes.
Kim: I know. Who's the D.J.?
[to their surprise, the D.J. is none other than an old friend from the island]
Kim: Look, you guys! It's Quasimodo!
Trini: [laughs] Quagmire.

The Rockstar[edit]

Squatt: So, what's the plan, your evilness?
Rita: To find the Mirror of Destruction.
Squatt: The one that can destroy even Super Putties?
Rita: Yes, into a million pieces!
Baboo: That mirror's power will destroy anything reflected in it. Just one look at it, and those Rangers are history! We have to find it first!
Rita: We'll start today. It's hidden on Earth.

Calamity Kimberly[edit]

Billy: Zordon, how do we battle this evil monster?
Trini: And how are we gonna get Kimberly out of that jar?
Zordon: Use your Zords, and you can defeat him. When the Fan Man is defeated, Kimberly will be free.
Trini: But we need Tommy's help.
Jason: And the power of the Dragonzord.
Zack: He still doesn't look any better.
Jason: Where are the creeps that did this to Tommy?!
Billy: And trapped Kimberly?
Zordon: My sensors have tracked them to the Putty Bowl Restaurant. Observe.
[the 4 Rangers turn to the Viewing Globe and notice Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo having lunch with the Fan Man at said restaurant]
Squatt: The dimension in the jar will disappear any minute, and so will Kimberly.
Baboo: [uncorks the jar] And then, we'll make the other Power Rangers disappear. [peeks in the jar] Gettin' hungry, Kimberly?
Kimberly: Let me go! Please! Let me go!
Alpha: Poor Kimberly.
Jason: We're outta here!

A Star is Born[edit]

Bulk: [after Skull accidentally spills lotion on him] You airhead! I wanna get a tan. Not a bath.

The Yolk's on You![edit]

[Fang catches Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo eating his eggs]
Fang: How could you?!
Squatt: What do you mean?
Fang: You ate my gooney bird eggs! You know how hard it is to find these?! You can't just walk into a store and buy these, you know! I was going to have these eggs for lunch!
Squatt: Really? They were good.
Fang: Were good?! [growls with rage] I'm going to tear you apart!

The Green Candle, Part 1[edit]

Bulk: Roses are red, violets are blue, no girl in the world's gonna go out with you.

Tommy: [to Bulk and Skull] Roses are red.
Zack: Violets are blue.
Tommy and Zack: We sure can learn something from you. NOT!

The Green Candle, Part 2[edit]

Zack: Jason, you gotta come back. Tommy's in big trouble.
Goldar: You're all in trouble now!
Jason: But if I don't get the candle in time, he'll lose his powers.
Zack: If we don't get to him in time, he'll lose his life!

Tommy: No! You can't take my powers, Rita! I'm the Green Ranger!

Birds of a Feather[edit]

Bulk: Show 'em, Biff.

Bulk: Why didn't you use the secret weapon move I showed you?!
Biff: What you mean, this one?!
(He kicks Bulk in the shins)
Biff: I'm getting a new coach!

Clean-Up Club[edit]

Bulk: Hey Ernie, you think you could tape us working out?
Ernie: You two? Working out?
Bulk: Just point the camera!

Bulk: (after hitting the collected recyclables) I think, whenever possible, everything should be recycled!
(he crushes a can with his bare hands and faints)

Jason: Alright smog-breath, my friends need help. I call upon the power of the Dragon Shield!!

A Bad Reflection on You[edit]

[the Rangers are cornered by the Twin Man]
Jason: Man! This guy's gettin' on my nerves!
Kim: And to think I always liked mirrors.

Doomsday, Part 1[edit]

Kim: Mayor Carrington hopes that the mysterious superheroes will make a public appearance in Angel Grove Park, where countless fans will be gathered to celebrate them. I have a feeling the Power Rangers will show up... Don't you?
Jason: I wouldn't be surprised.

Doomsday, Part 2[edit]

Goldar: Greetings, Power Rangers! I thought I'd drop by and say hello! (laughs) Before I say goodbye!

A Pig Surprise[edit]

Pudgy Pig: [to another pig] Come with me to the pigsty!

Lions and Blizzards[edit]

Alpha: Ah, another happy ending.
Zack: Oh, no!
Trini: Zack, what's wrong?
Zack: Speakin' of happy endings, I left Angela sittin' back at the theater! If I don't get back before the curtain goes down, it's gonna be curtains for me. I'm outta here. See ya.
[he teleports out; all of the other teenagers laugh afterwards]

Rita's Seed of Evil[edit]

Squatt: This will make Rita so happy, she'll probably give me that glow-in-the-dark toothpaste I've been wanting.

Crystal of Nightmares[edit]

Mr. Caplan: Class, since Miss Appleby is ill today, I thought I would fill in for her so I could deliver these test results personally. [hands the Rangers teens their test results] Congratulations. All of you got A's.
Kimberly: Wow! Focusing on our studies really paid off.
Mr. Caplan: But, you two,... [points at Bulk and Skull] Get up here. [Bulk and Skull do so] Read them and weep.
[hands Bulk and Skull their test results; Bulk and Skull look at them]
Skull: Hey, Bulk! The plan worked! We didn't get D's! No detention!
Bulk: Will you shut up?
Mr. Caplan: Do you know what F stands for, gentlemen?
Bulk: Fun?
Skull: Far out?
Mr. Caplan: No! [steps up to the chalkboard and writes down the word...] "Forever"! Which is how long you're gonna be staying after school in my office!
Bulk: That was my next guess.
Mr. Caplan: I'm very disappointed in you, gentlemen! [waves his eraser at Bulk and Skull, causing Bulk to try to stifle a sneeze] What's the matter with him?
[Bulk sneezes so hard, Mr. Caplan's toupee flies off and the students and Skull laugh at Mr. Caplan and Bulk]

Something Fishy[edit]

Billy: [has a flashback of his childhood] While on an outing, I had attempted to recreate what I'd recently learned about whirlpools. But my moving finger proved to be an enticement to one of the fish below.
[in his flashback, a fish bites Billy on the finger with which he created a whirlpool in the pond]
Billy: The fish actually bit me!

Goofish: [as the Megazord approaches] No! I had you finished, kaput, all fished out!

Bulk: I thought I told you to buy a big fish, sardine breath
Skull: I did. It's the only kind of fish I know.

To Flea or Not to Flee[edit]

Fighting Flea: All right; where is he? I'm hungry! I'm hungry!

Reign of the Jellyfish[edit]

Bulk: We did it! We finished... the BULKWICH!!
Skull: Yeah! THE BULKWICH!!!

Plague of the Mantis[edit]

Return of an Old Friend, Part 1[edit]

[the Rangers have given their Power Coins to Goldar]
Jason: So now that you have what you want, Goldar, our Power Coins, give us back our parents!
Goldar: You fools! Did you really think I'd return them back to you?! What for?! I intend to destroy the world! And now, nothing can stop me!
[laughing evilly, he slams the box shut and disappears with it]

Kimberly: All right. So, what do we do now? Goldar has all the Power Coins?
Jason: Not all of 'em. We still have one.
[he shows his fellow Ranger teens that the last remaining coin is the Dragon Coin]
Tommy: (Enters the Youth Center and looks around to find it empty) Where is everybody?

Return of an Old Friend, Part 2[edit]

[after noticing Tommy]
Rita: Huh?! What's he doing there?!
Goldar: There is no way they can bring Green Ranger back! Impossible!
Rita: He's lost his power, Goldar!
Squatt: That's right! Thanks to Rita.
Baboo: Brilliant! Brilliant!

Mr. Caplan: [in the midst of the frenzy at Parent's Day] Can't you do something about this mess?!
Miss Appleby: Well, you know what they say: if you can't beat them, join them!
[she splats a pie on Mr. Caplan's head beneath his toupee and laughs; Mr. Caplan tastes the pie]
Mr. Caplan: Not bad!
[he laughs and joins the frenzy]

Zack: Well, you know they say: you're only as old as you feel.

Grumble Bee[edit]

Billy: I don't believe it! A "B"?!

Two Heads are Better Than One[edit]

Tommy: Remember, ladies, two heads are better than one.

Fowl Play[edit]

[Zack faces Peckster with 5 balloons on hand]
Billy: It's good to see you, Zack. But don't you think this is a bad time for a party?
Zack: Not if this idea works. Hey, Peckster, betcha can't bust these!
Peckster: Excellent! Finally a little fun before dinner!
[he pecks each of the balloons, but as he pecks the last one, which is a ball in disguise, his beak gets stuck in it]
Zack: What's the matter, bird breath? Cat got your tongue? Or is it a ball got your beak?

Enter... the Lizzinator[edit]

Jason: What? Putties can drive?
[he gets run over by a car driven by a Putty]
Jason: Whoa, yup, they can drive!

Lizzinator: Very impressive, Red Ranger, but I have something else in mind we can play.
Jason: Any game you want!
Lizzinator: Then how about soccer?
[he proceeds to kick a boulder at Jason]

Trick or Treat[edit]

Bulk: Trick or treat...
Skull: Smell my feet!
Bulk: It's time to meet...
Skull: The dude to beat!

On Fins and Needles[edit]

Tommy: Hey. Why don't we make this interesting? If I destroy the shark, I take over as leader of the Power Rangers.
Jason: And if I get it first, you turn in your Power Coin!
Tommy: Fine!
Jason: Fine!

Second Chance[edit]

Football Season[edit]

Red Ranger: If you think you're gonna mess up our town...
Black Ranger: Then you're way off-side!
Blue Ranger: So pack up your ball and go home!
Yellow Ranger: 'Cause we don't want your on our field!
Pink Ranger: So punt yourself outta here!
Red Ranger: Or you'll face the...
All five Rangers: Power Rangers!

Rhinoblaster: Fourth quarter, Ranger, and time's runnin' out!

Mighty Morphin' Mutants[edit]

Crayfish: Now we'll show you who the real Rangers are!
Blue Mutant: I'm after you, Blue!
Yellow Mutant: Hey, Trini, you wanna play, too?
Black Mutant: Nice to meet ya, Zack!
Pink Mutant: Told ya I'd be back!

Crayfish: Let's finish them off, Mutants! Charge!
[he and his Mutant Rangers charge at the Zords]
Rangers: We need Ultrazord Power now!
[Ultrazord is formed]
Crayfish: Huh?! Hold it! Pull back! Pull back!

An Oyster Stew[edit]

Oysterizer: Your end is near, victory is mine!

Season 2 (1994-1995)[edit]

The Mutiny, Part 1[edit]

Zedd: I am Lord Zedd, emperor of all I see. You have failed to complete the mission assigned to you. I will now resume command! Prepare the palace for my return!

Rita: [as Zedd banishes her into space] I'll be back! You haven't seen the last of Rita Repulsa!

The Mutiny, Part 2[edit]

[Four of the Zords have been frozen by Pirantishead.]
Lord Zedd: Ah, perfect.
Goldar: But Tyrannosaurus is still on the loose!
Lord Zedd: That is all part of my plan. Their own weapon will be their undoing when my monster turns the Tyrannosaurus against the Rangers!

[Tommy leaves to join the battle.]
Zordon: And may the Power protect them all.

Pirantishead: Ho-ho, what fun! Your own Zords'll finish you off!

[Zordon is showing the Thunder Zords to the Rangers, via holograms in the sky.]
Zordon: Jason, you will control the Red Dragon ThunderZord. His power is fierce and true. Trini, yours shall be the Griffin ThunderZord, swift and accurate. Zack, the Lion ThunderZord will have courage and strength. Billy, your Unicorn ThunderZord has mythological powers and wisdom. Kimberly, the Firebird ThunderZord shall be yours, powerful and agile. When joined together, all shall form the Thunder MegaZord.
Jason: These new Zords are amazing.
Billy: Woah... morphinominal.
Zack: Lord Zedd is in for it now.
[Kimberly glances over at the solemn-looking Tommy.]
Kimberly: Uhm, what about Tommy?
Alpha 5: It's not yet known whether or not Tommy's powers will remain.
Tommy: It's alright, guys. We knew this might happen. I just wish there was something I could do about it.
[Tommy looks up at the Thunder Zords.]

Lord Zedd: Yes, carry on, my Pirantishead monster. Destroy Angel Grove. Soon, the whole world will be under my command!

Jason: We gotta morph!
Zack: I'm with you. There's no telling what that fish is up to next.
Zordon: Rangers, I understand your concern, and I commend you for it. But without your Zords, you will not be able to defeat this monster, and might be seriously hurt in the process. Angel Grove and the world cannot afford that.

Lord Zedd: Now, where are those pathetic Rangers? Ah, perfect. Out in the open. Just where I want them.
Goldar: What do you have in mind, Lord Zedd?
Lord Zedd [chuckles]: Just a little game of Cat and Mouse.

[Pirantishead is approaching Bulk and Skull.]
Skull: Bulk, are we near a river?
Bulk: No... what's the matter with you?
Skull: Behind you... is a fish! A giant fish! A humongous fish!
Pirantishead: [laughs] Hello, boys!
[Bulk and Skull scream wildly.]
Pirantishead: Going my way?
[Pirantishead blasts their four-wheelers, making them spin out of control.]

The Mutiny, Part 3[edit]

Lord Zedd: You are a witness to greatness, Goldar. It is only a matter of time until I hold this world in the palm of my hand, to crush at will. The Power Rangers' efforts are futile. They'll never regain control of their old Zords. Without them, they are nothing.

Lord Zedd: Now the time is at hand. The Power Rangers will witness the mass destruction of all they have fought to protect. The first wave of attack will be against those annoying humans called teenagers. After that? Heh. After that, the rest of the world shall easily fall.

Lord Zedd: NO! This can't be! I will not tolerate being outsmarted by those Power Rangers!
Goldar: They've regained control of their Zords.
Lord Zedd: Not for long. I'll strip the Zords' power and return them to the depths of the Earth from whence they came!

[Pirantishead has grown to giant size.]
Pirantishead: I'm hungry!
Jason: Without out Zords, we don't stand a chance.
[Pirantishead glances down at the Rangers.]
Pirantishead: Ah, lunch!

Zordon: Rangers, you must face Pirantishead again. Call for the new Zords when you need them, and they will come. Tommy, your powers are too weak to support a new Zord. I'm sorry.
[Tommy drops his head.]
Alpha 5: He can still morph, he just can't power a Zord. We'll keep trying to find a way to regenerate Tommy's powers, but right now, you've got to go and save Angel Grove and the world!

[The Rangers summon the Thunder Zords for the first time.]
Zack: Mastodon, Lion ThunderZord Power!
Kimberly: Pterodactyl, Firebird ThunderZord Power!
Billy: Triceratops, Unicorn ThunderZord Power!
Trini: Saber-Toothed Tiger, Griffin ThunderZord Power!
Jason: Tyrannosaurus, Red Dragon ThunderZord Power!

Alpha 5: Now that's more like it. Get 'em, Power Rangers. Reel in that overgrown guppy and send him back where he came from!

[The Thunder MegaZord is formed.]
Lord Zedd: Zordon and his surprises. Well, they're not going to do him any good this time!

Tommy: Wow. Those new Zords are amazing.
Alpha 5: Yes, they are. But don't be sad. We'll find some way to bring your powers up to full.

Pirantishead: I'll tear you apart with my bare fins!

Pirantishead: Power Rangers, prepare to meet your doom!

Lord Zedd: NO! I don't believe it. This is not the end, by any means. Zordon and his stupid Power Rangers shall not prevail again!
[Cut to Finster's laboratory.]
Finster: Hmph. Well, if he'd used one of my monsters, none of this would've ever happened.
[Cut back to the Chamber of Command.]
Lord Zedd: [roars angrily] I was so close to ridding myself of those annoying Power pests, but now, all that is ruined.
Goldar: I'm sorry you failed, Excellency.
Lord Zedd: I didn't fail, you simpering twit! You failed! You all failed, just like you failed before! [roars again]
Baboo: Uh, did we do something wrong?
Lord Zedd: SILENCE! They have won this time, but none of us shall rest until the Rangers are completely destroyed, and the Earth is reduced to mere cinders! [laughs]

[Zordon, Alpha 5 and the teens watch Rita on the viewing globe]
Rita: [sings] 99 bottles of slime on the wall. 99 bottles of slime. You take one down, you pass it around. 98 bottles of slime on the wall!
[Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, Zack, Tommy, Alpha and Zordon break into laughter]
Zordon: [sings] 99 bottles of slime on the wall, 99 bottles of slime...!
[they resume laughing]

Mr. Caplan: Here they come, ladies and gentlemen, the leaders are entering the whole stretch!

The Wanna-Be Ranger[edit]

Primator: Prepare to meet your doom! I am Primator!

Trini: Where are the others, you guys?
Billy: I'm not sure. We all teleported together.
Jason: Keep your eyes open. [sees a weakening "Green Ranger" ahead] Look! There's Tommy!
Fake Green Ranger: You guys! I'm losin' my powers! That ape was just too much! Why don't we just give up?
[Jason kicks him]
Jason: The real Tommy would never give up so easily, you bone-headed baboon!
Fake Green Ranger: Soon you're all going to wish you gave up!
Billy: [extracts his mirror] Why don't we try a little experiment, Tommy? Let's see if reflective light brings out a whole new you. [hands the fake Green Ranger the mirror] Go on. Take a look.
[the fake Green Ranger looks at his reflection]
Fake Green Ranger: So what am I supposed to see?
[part of his helmet turns red]
Billy: My, how colorful.
[the fake Green Ranger growls and turns back into Primator]

Putty on the Brain[edit]

Billy: Zack, be careful! He could turn up the heat and barbecue you anytime he wants!
Zack: Aw, this guy's nothin'.
Saliguana: Nothin'?! I'll show you nothin'! Here's a very hot somethin'!
[he spews fire at the Blue and Black Rangers]

Kimberly: Zack, are you okay?
Zack: [still sees her as a Putty] Kimberly?!
Miss Appleby: Zack, do you have something to say?
[Zack pauses for a moment]
Kimberly: Quit foolin' around.
Zack: No, ma'am.
Miss Appleby: I don't want anyone to say another word.
[Skull pushes the play button on his tape recorder]
Recording of Miss Appleby: Another word.
Skull: [nervously] Uh-oh!

Bloom of Doom[edit]

Kim: All right, so you slimeballs actually have members in your club?
Bulk: Yeah! Lots of 'em, too.
Skull: 'Course, we had to bribe 'em with free food. But what the heck? Wanna join?
Kim: Not in this lifetime.
Bulk: Too bad. 'Cause our first gig is to find the true identities of the Power Rangers.
Skull: Yeah. We heard 'em talking, and now all we hafta do is find voices that match what we heard. [sticks his mic in front of the Pink Ranger teen] Cool! Huh?
Kim: Get a life, dimwit! [storms off in a huff]
Skull: She's definitely not a Power Ranger.
Bulk: She's in a fight with Trini or somethin'. I don't know.

Bulk: Listen up! We will now expose the Power Rangers' true identities! Turn it on, Skull!
Zack: You mean you think you found out who they are?
Bulk: We'll just play this tape and see if we recognize the voices we heard. Roll it, Skull.
[Skull presses play on the cassette recorder, but only squeaky distortion is heard]
Skull: NO WAY!
[he stops the cassette and opens the recorder to find the eaten cassette]
Skull: Oh. Faulty tape.
Bulk: Can't you do anything right?!

The Green Dream[edit]

Lord Zedd: Are those dreams wearing you down, dear Tommy? Aww. When I get hold of the Sword of Power, your dream will become a real nightmare, and my dream a reality!

RoboGoat: I am RoboGoat, ready to butt heads with the Power Rangers!

RoboGoat: Once I have your powers, Lord Zedd will be unstoppable!
Jason: No way, RoboGoat! Even one Ranger can take you out!
RoboGoat: Why don't you ask your friend the Green Ranger how easy it was? You're next, Red Ranger!

Lord Zedd: Curses to you, you meddling Power Rangers, for destroying my precious RoboGoat. And you! You cost me the Sword of Power!
Goldar: I'm sorry I failed you, Master...
Lord Zedd: I don't know why I don't clip your wings, you overgrown monkey. And you two! You two are just as useless. I should clip your ears and throw you in the trash with Rita!
Baboo: We didn't do anything!
Squatt: Yeah, we're innocent!
Lord Zedd: Well, all is not lost, underlings. Although we held the Sword of Power for but a short time, the Green Ranger's powers are now a very short story indeed. And the final chapter? The final chapter is still being written.

Tommy: I'm at the end, guys.
Kimberly: Tommy, don't say that.
Tommy: My powers are almost gone. That's what my dreams have been telling me, it's what I've been feeling inside.
Jason: Man, you've been through it before. You came back strong.
Tommy: Not this time. It's different This time it's for good. Lord Zedd's had it in for me ever since the beginning. And he's closing in.

The Power Stealer[edit]

Lord Zedd: Welcome, Green Ranger. Glad you could drop by. In no time at all you'll be a powerless shell. But don't worry... your friends will be joining you soon!

The Beetle Invasion[edit]

Welcome to Venus Island[edit]

The Song of Guitardo[edit]

Guitardo [singing]: Succumb to me / Your thoughts are mine / See my music fill your mind

Guitardo: Well, Pink Ranger, aren't you the songwriter? Let's see if you can come up with some lyrics for this little tune!

Tommy: I have to morph, Zordon. Powers or not, I just can't stand by and watch my friends be destroyed. Kimberly can't hold out much longer on her own.
Alpha 5: But Tommy, it's much too dangerous!
Tommy: I don't care. I'm a Power Ranger 'til the end.

Guitardo: Not bad, Greenie.
Tommy: Yeah, but you haven't seen anything yet.
Kimberly: Give it up, Guitardo!
Guitardo: Intermission, I'll take a bow. But soon you'll be mine anyhow. Don't just stand and stare, join me at the fair!
[He teleports away.]

Guitardo [singing]: Listen hard, and listen good / I got you like I knew I would

Green No More, Part 1[edit]

Zedd: Pay attention, Goldar. The siphoning to the crystal is nearly complete. When the Green Ranger is rendered completely powerless, I want you to see to it...
[Turban Shell reappears]
Zedd: Huh?! What are you doing back here, you worthless worm?!
Turban Shell: I had to recharge my shell, your hideousness.
Zedd: You're supposed to be fighting the Power Rangers!
Turban Shell: I had them on the ropes, Lord Zedd.
Zedd: What?!
Turban Shell: Well, I almost...
Zedd: And you let them go when you could've finished them?! You mollusk brain! Get back down there, and fight until the Green Ranger is through! Do you understand?!
Turban Shell: As you command, oh patient one. I shall not fail you. [disappears]

Zack: You guys don't know what you're doin'!
Jason: When Zedd is through with you, he'll destroy you, too!
Black Dark Ranger: No one's ever given us a chance like Lord Zedd has. He's promised us his loyalty!
Billy: Listen to us! The only person Lord Zedd is loyal to is himself.
Zedd: Silence! Enough of your bleating. I have other matters to attend to, such as watching the destruction of the Green Ranger.
Kimberly: What have you done with him? Where is he?
Zedd: He's somewhere in the Other World. He is powerless now, and of no concern to me, just like the five of you are now! What you are about to see is my Dark Rangers taking their rightful places. Then they shall begin the destruction of the world!

Green No More, Part 2[edit]

[Goldar appears before Turban Shell just as he is about to finish off Tommy]
Goldar: Stand aside, underling. I shall finish this.
Turban Shell: No way! The green one is mine!
Goldar: Obey my order, worm, lest I feed you to the birds! Our master has other plans for you. Go!
Turban Shell: Very well. [disappears]

Missing Green[edit]

[Jason keeps failing at his karate training.]
Jason: I just can't.
Zack: Man, what's wrong? I know, it's Tommy. You miss him.
Jason: It's more than that.
Zack: What?
Jason: It's my fault he lost his powers in the first place. If I had gotten the Green Candle, he'd still be one of us!
Zack: Come on, Jase, you had no choice. I know, I was there.
Jason: No. I should've gotten the candle.

Lord Zedd: Rita's Green Candle was just the beginning. These are the end! I wonder how the Red Ranger will feel after the remaining Rangers' powers have been drained and extinguished, as once again he stands powerless to stop it.

Goldar: This sliver of green wax is all that remains of your Green friend's power. Funny that it's final act is to light the flame that will strip you of your powers! And just like the Green Ranger... your time as Power Rangers will burn to nothing!

Zordon: Jason, the other Rangers wanted you to win the Golden Pipe Karate Trophy, but they knew you were worried about Tommy. The Rangers went to find him.
Jason: That trophy means nothing without my friends here to share it. Alpha, you have to locate them.
Alpha 5: I'm trying, Jason, I'm trying! Aye yai yai yai yai!

Zordon: Lord Zedd has sent his new Pipebrain monster to attack Angel Grove. He is very swift and powerful. Jason, you must stop him.
Jason: But Zordon, I'll need my friends.
Alpha 5: Jason! I finally found them!
Jason: Where are they, Alpha?
Zordon: As I feared, the other Rangers are being held prisoner in Lord Zedd's Dimension of Doom. Goldar is about to take advantage of the one weakness of the Power Team.
Goldar: [on the Viewing Globe] As soon as the candles melt, your powers will be gone forever!
[Jason is furious.]
Zordon: Jason, you must control your anger. This is exactly the reaction Lord Zedd wants. You must not allow him to gain the upper hand. Red Ranger, come stand before me.
[Jason does so.]
Zordon: Jason, a true leader is always faced with tough decisions. He must control his emotions, and act based on who has the greatest need.
Alpha 5: Jason, you made the right decision when you left Tommy's candle.
Zordon: The other Rangers needed you then, as they need you now.

[To Jason.]
Goldar: My life is dedicated to destroying you!

Lord Zedd: I don't understand it. The more I divide them, the more they come together. I swear, I will find a way to destroy them, even if I have to scour the entire galaxy to do it.

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park[edit]

Beauty and the Beast[edit]

White Light, Part 1[edit]

Lord Zedd: I detect a sudden weakness in the Morphing Grid.
Goldar: Our armies have been getting stronger, my Lord. I knew if we kept working--
Lord Zedd: Silence, you fool! It is more than that! The Morphing Grid's balance is maintained by the constant struggle between Zordon and myself.
Goldar: Maybe Zordon finally gave up.
Lord Zedd: Or is somehow damaged. Either way, now is the perfect chance to retrieve the former Green Ranger.
Goldar: Without Zordon, the Power Rangers will be powerless to stop us!
Lord Zedd: Still, we'll give them a little something to keep them occupied and out of our way: Nimrod, the Scarlet Sentinel! [laughs]
[Zedd fires a lightning bolt to Earth, inititating Nimrod's birth.]
Lord Zedd: We must celebrate. The Green Ranger will soon return to the dark side and take his place as heir to my throne!

White Light, Part 2[edit]

Zordon: Welcome Power Rangers, this promises to be a momentous occasion, you are about to meet the newest member of your team, as you are aware, the Green Ranger's power was completely decimated by his last few battles, Alpha and I felt it was time to create an even more powerful ranger to combat Lord Zedd and his diabolical evil, to that end, a candidate was selected, and a new Power Ranger was created, and now my friends, I present to you the White Ranger, (a light shines in the Command Center, blinding the Power Rangers as a figure was shown in the white light, and is revealed to be the White Ranger as he hovers to the ground slowly and then lands) Welcome White Ranger, the time has come to reveal your identity. (The White Ranger takes his helmet off and reveals his identity to the other Rangers, and Kimberly who was shocked faints to the ground)
Tommy: (exposes his White Ranger identity) Guess who's back?
(his fellow Ranger teens are surprised to see their old friend again)
Billy: I don't believe it!
(Zordon smiles and chuckles as Jason, Trini, Zack, and Billy walk up to Tommy and greet him)
Zack: Whassup, man? Aw, you look good!
Tommy: Thanks, man.
Zack: We didn't know who it was gonna be. I mean...
Billy: We were all hopin' it would be you. Especially Kimberly.
(Tommy looks down and sees Kimberly out cold on the ground)
Tommy: Speakin' of Kimberly...
(he walks up to Kim and kneels down to her)
Tommy: Hey, beautiful. It's time to wake up.
(Kimberly does so)
Kimberly: I don't believe it. I must be dreaming. Is it really you?
Tommy: In the flesh.
(the 2 embrace)
Zack: Man awesome, simply awesome."
Kimberly: It's fantastic.
Alpha 5: Ai-Yai-Yai-Yai-Yai, all this human emotion, Hoooooooo.

[Tommy has become the White Ranger.]
Zordon: So, Power Rangers, may I assume that you are pleased with the new leader of the Power Team?
Jason: This is great.
Zordon: I'm sorry for being secretive, we had to guard against Lord Zedd's interference.
Kimberly: But Zordon, how? I mean, I thought Tommy lost his powers for good.
Alpha 5: Not Tommy's. The Green Ranger's powers were gone for good.
Zordon: That is correct. However, Tommy has proven himself to be worthy and true. His courage, strength, and honor allowed us to choose him to be the new White Ranger. This time, his powers have been created by the light of goodness and can never be taken away by the forces of evil.
Alpha 5: The new Ranger will control the White Tigerzord, a Zord of strength and fierceness, his will carry an enchanted white saber known as Saba, Saba will assist the White Ranger in battle as well as control of the new Zord. (Alpha pushes the buttons on the control panel)
Zordon: Extent your hand White Ranger, and except all that has been granted to you (Tommy raises his arm in the air and Saba appears in his hand) Congratulations Tommy, you are now the leader of the Power Rangers.
Tommy: On man, it's good to be back.

[Upon seeing Bulk and Skull.]
Rita: Oh, great! Just what I need. A human Squatt and Baboo.

Two for One[edit]

Lipsyncher: What's the matter, Ranger? Can't face the music?!
Jason: Wanna bet?!
Lipsyncher: Think those fists'll stop me?
[the Red Ranger gives her a big scratch on the face with his Power Sword]
Lipsyncher: [clenches her fists with total anger] Ohh! My beautiful face! How could you?!
[cut back to Zedd's palace]
Zedd: Enough of this foolish vanity! [growls] I'll stop that miserable creature's complaining! [throws a growth bomb] Grow! And destroy the Red Ranger!

Opposites Attract[edit]

Magnet Brain: North is south, up is down, I'm about to trash this town!

Zedd's Monster Mash[edit]

Lord Zedd: Ah, Halloween. Little children dressed as hideous creatures, demanding treats from perfect strangers. Finally, a holiday I can sink my teeth into!

Baboo: Do we get to dress up? I always wanted to be Little Bo Peep!

[Tommy has been ambushed be a trio of monsters.]
Tommy: I thought we turned you into squash, Pumpkin Rapper!
Pumpkin Rapper [rapping]: Maybe ya did / But it's time to get sad / 'Cause of Lord Zedd's power / We're back and we're bad!

The Ninja Encounter, Part 1[edit]

The Ninja Encounter, Part 2[edit]

The Ninja Encounter, Part 3[edit]

Zedd Waves[edit]

Beam Caster: I'm takin' over the airwaves, and your brainwaves!

Bulk: [hypnotized] Hail Lord Zedd.
Skull: [also hypnotized] Hail Lord Bread.

A Monster of Global Proportions[edit]

The Power Transfer, Part 1[edit]

The Power Transfer, Part 2[edit]

Silver Horns: I'm as happy as a wolf in a house full of hens!

Goldar's Vice-Versa[edit]

(Bulk and Skull hide from 2 female bullies behind the counter of Ernie's juice bar)
Ernie: Hey! You guys can't be back here.
Bulk: Please, Ernie. Just until they go away.

Zordon: Due to the combined strength of Goldar and Scorpina, Thunder MegaZord and White TigerZord power may not be enough. I have instructed Alpha to boost the power output of the Thunder UltraZord. Call on it if you find it necessary.

Tommy: Hey Scorpina, meet the TigerZord!

Scorpina: He who fights and runs away...
Goldar: ...Lives to fight another day!

Female punk 1: Yoo-hoo!
[Rocky and Adam are incredulous as two female punks show up to the youth center dressed like Bulk and Skull. The first female punk is similar to Skull and is the dominant of the two. Her friend is overweight like Bulk and follows her.]
Female punk 1: Bulky-kins!
Female punk 2: Skullsy-poo!
Rocky: Hey, what's wrong, Bulk?
Bulk: They want to ask us to the dance! We should go Skull!
Skull: Yeah, we wouldn't want to be late for detention, knowing how Mr. Caplan gets!
[Bulk and Skull try to make a getaway, but the two female punks follow them. The second female punk stops for a moment to eat a cookie before resuming to chase after the duo with her friend.]

Bulk:[reading the final note] We still have what you've been looking for. Turn around!
[Bulk and Skull are confronted by the two female punk bullies.]
Female punk 2: Hi Skullsy-pie!
Female punk 1: Miss me, Bulky-Puss?
Bulk: What are you two doing here?
Female punk 2: Did you get our itty-bitty notes?
Bulk: Wait a minute. You wrote those!
Female punk 1: Of course! And we still have what you've been looking for.
Bulk: What is it that you could possibly have that we would want?
Skull: Yeah, what?
Female punks 1 and 2: True Love! Hit it!
[The two female bullies takes Bulk and Skull to the center and dances with them. It soon ends with them forcefully kissing the duo. The girls congratulate each other as the Rangers laugh]

Mirror of Regret[edit]

When is a Ranger Not a Ranger?[edit]

Zedd: When is a Ranger not a Ranger
when his image is scattered to bits?
And a Ranger is in danger
when his memory is on the... on the...
Squatt: ...On the fritz?
Zedd: I would've gotten it!
Squatt: Yeah, in a couple of million years, maybe.

Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun[edit]

Lord Zedd: So, Rocky likes to have fun. I'll fix it so that's all he wants to have!
Goldar: But why?
Lord Zedd: "Why?" Fool! Because while that pachinko-playing Power Pest is having fun, the Rangers will be at less than full strength, allowing me to destroy them! Then Angel Grove, and then the entire world will be my toy.

Lights, Camera, Action[edit]

Tommy: Lights, camera, we're morphin' into action!

Show Biz Monster: Every scene's a fight scene!

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire[edit]

Bulk: As official members of the Angel Grove Wannabe Firefighters Club, we prepared a special slide presentation illustrating the dangers of my father operating a barbecue.
Skull: Yeah! So pay attention.
Bulk: These slides represent a famous event in 1993: Bulkmeier family barbecue, known across the country to firefighters as... "The Big One".

Skull: You know, Bulk, fire is kinda scary. So what if we just yell "fire!", and then maybe the Power Rangers will show up and save us so we won't have to be near a real fire?
Bulk: Don't be such a wimp! Fire doesn't scare me. And besides, the Power Rangers are too smart for that!
[Flamehead spews fire on a barrel behind Bulk; Skull notices and gasps]
Skull: [under his breath; points at the burning barrel] Fire. Fire!
Bulk: Look, you bonehead! I just told you that the Rangers are too smart to fall for that!
Skull: Fire! Fire!
Bulk: Wait a minute. I smell smoke!
[he turns around and notices the burning barrel]
Bulk: FIRE!
[the duo panics and retreats to the lake]

Scavenger Hunt[edit]

The Great Bookala Escape[edit]

Zedd: You missed the target! I'm surprised you even hit the Earth! It's only 6,000 miles wide!
Goldar: We must recharge, master.
Zedd: Don't even say it. I hear by proclaim no more using the word "recharge" ever again!

Forever Friends[edit]

Tommy: [To Goldar] I'll stay here and handle Buckethead!

Lord Zedd: [After being defeated] Ah, Goldar, approach me.

Zedd: Goldar, never send putties to do your job! This is all your fault because of your bumbling, I don't even have any prisoners! Now go and destroy the White Ranger!

A Reel Fish Story[edit]

Crayfish: More Power Rangers?!
Slippery Shark: Huh?! Where did they come from?!
Goo Fish: I don't know, but they sure are ugly!
Tommy: It's time to throw you rejects overboard.
Pirantishead: You 6 won't even make a full meal.

Rangers Back in Time, Part 1[edit]

Rangers Back in Time, Part 2[edit]

[Zedd is furious with Goldar's demands of Bulk and Skull to surrender the photo of the Rangers]
Zedd: You're 7 feet tall, lamebrain! Just take it from them!

Zedd: I can't believe that bubblehead said that! I need some real monsters down there! [uses his Z-staff] Monsters arise!

The Wedding, Part 1[edit]

The Wedding, Part 2[edit]

The Wedding, Part 3[edit]

Return of the Green Ranger, Part 1[edit]

Wizard: You'll do as I command.
Bulk and Skull: [under his spell] Yes, master.
Wizard: You shall go and seek a human named Tommy, and bring me a sample of his hair, so that I may clone another of his image and strength. [hands the bullies a pair of scissors]
Bulk and Skull: Yes, master.
Wizard: Now, go.
Bulk and Skull: Yes, master.
Wizard: [annoyed] Now, go.
Bulk and Skull: Yes, master.
Wizard: [furiously] NOW, GO!!
[he zaps Bulk and Skull's feet with his wand, forcing them to run off; the wizard shakes his head in annoyance]
Wizard: Humans.

Fake Tommy: Hello, Tommy. Allow me to introduce myself.
Tommy: What's going on? Who are you?
Fake Tommy: I'm the Green Ranger.
Tommy: If you're like me, you can't be evil.
Fake Tommy: Let's face it - we all have our dark sides.
Tommy: My dark side's faded with the Green Ranger's powers.
Fake Tommy: I am the Green Ranger! Only I'm more powerful than you, White Ranger. So, are you gonna fight against yourself?

Return of the Green Ranger, Part 2[edit]

Fake Tommy: So that's the way you want it, huh? The Green Ranger vs. the White Ranger.
Wizard: Now!
Tommy: It's morphin' time!
Fake Tommy: I was hoping you'd say that.
[both Tommys morph]

Return of the Green Ranger, Part 3[edit]

Tommy (speaking to the Dragonzord): Sorry old friend, but I've got to shut you down!

Green Ranger: One last battle as the Green Ranger.

Best Man for the Job[edit]

Rita: You're too late bad boy, I already have a plan! Squatt, Goldar, Baboo, get in here!
[Squatt, Baboo and Goldar show up in front of Rita]
Squatt: Yes, oh merciless one.
Baboo: Right here, Oh Queen of Cruel!
Rita: I have something for you. [uses her magic to conjure up a magical rope and tosses it in Baboo's hands] Use this rope to put a spell on Tommy and Kimberly that will make them super competitive!
Goldar: Rita, does Lord Zedd know about this?!
Rita: No, but he will when I destroy those puny Power Punks and then he'll be forced to admit that I'm the baddest bad girl of them all![laughs]

Storybook Rangers, Part 1[edit]

Kimberly: I love fairy tales. When I was little, I'd dream I was a princess, who'd get rescued by a handsome prince on a white horse.
Tommy: How about a white tiger?
Kimberly: That could work!

Storybook Rangers, Part 2[edit]

Turkeyjerk: Don't I serve a fine dinner? It just knocks you out!
Mondo: Get up, so I can finish you off, face to face!

Wild West Rangers, Part 1[edit]

Kimberly: Is this really 1880?
Miss Alisha: All year long.

Wild West Rangers, Part 2[edit]

Goldar: Well, Miss Kimmy, it seems your pathetic Power imposters couldn't fight tooth decay, let alone my forces!
Needlenose: Oh, boy, two against one! I love an unfair fight.

Blue Ranger Gone Bad[edit]

Goldar: What's that you usually yell about now? Something about "Morphin' Time," isn't it?

Rita: ZEDD!
Zedd [growls]: Blasted woman... that voice of hers could peel paint!

Tommy: [after his badly-crafted vase gets turned into Vase Face] Aww man. I should've done a painting instead.

Season 3 (1995-1996)[edit]

A Friend in Need, Part 1[edit]

A Friend in Need, Part 2[edit]

Repellator: So displeased to meet you!

A Friend in Need, Part 3[edit]

Kimberly: Maybe you caught my flu.
Repellator: Ridiculous! I am Repellator, impervious to your silly human sickne---
[He sneezes.]

Finster: Say "Ahh."
Repellator: Uhhh.
Finster: Again.
Repellator: Uhh.
Finster: And keep your eyes open - all three of them. Alright now, uh, cough for me.
[Repellator coughs pathetically.]
Finster: Eww, don't you ever brush?
Repellator: Monsters aren't supposed to.
Finster: It's just as I thought, you've caught a nasty Earth virus.
Repellator: What should I do?
Finster: Well, you'll have to stay in bed for seven to ten nights, and drink plenty of fluids.
Repellator: I can't! Rita and Lord Zedd are already mad at me. I have to go conquer the Power Rangers! Isn't there a pill I could take?
Finster: I suppose I could give you something to make you feel a bit better, yes. But you will never get well if you don't stay in bed.
Repellator: Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. As soon as this job is over.
[Finster pulls out a huge needle.]
Repellator: Hey, wait a minute! Whaddya think you're doing with that thing?!
Finster: You're not afraid of a little needle, now are you?
Repellator: W-w-well, no, but, but isn't there another way?
Finster: Well... let me think. Actually, I suppose you could take these instead.
[Finster turns to a jar labelled "Finster's Tummy Tabs."]
Repellator: Yes! Yeah! I'll take the pills!
Finster: Take two now and two before you go to bed. I'd better warn you, they don't taste very good. Open wide!

[Bulk and Skull are trying (and failing) to impress some girls.]
Girl #1: You're the Power Rangers?
Skull: In the living spandex!
Girl #2: Wait a minute, where are the other Power Rangers?
Bulk: They're off--
[His helmet slams shut on him.]
Bulk: They're off polishing their Zords!
Skull: Which just fought a giant, huge creature-thing!
Girl #1: Uh-huh. Come on, let's get out of here.
Bulk: No, wait! Don't you wanna see us, y'know, ridin' our Zords?
Skull: Yeah! We really are the Power Rangers!

Repellator: I've come to destroy the Power Rangers! Why are you running away? Come back and fight! Oh, I feel great!
Bulk: Oh, we're not the Power Rangers!
Skull: Yeah, don't hurt us! We are not the Power Rangers!

Lord Zedd: Ah, look. Sheer terror and desperation. I love it! Haha, this is better than big-time space wrestling! A monster on Earth, and not a Ranger in sight!

Kimberly: Back to action!
[She sneezes.]

Bulk: Skull, do me a favor.
Skull: What's that?
Bulk: If I ever come up with another plan that has anything to do with the Power Rangers... staple my mouth shut.

Ninja Quest, Part 1[edit]

Rita: How long have we been married, anyway?
Lord Zedd: My unhappiness is so complete, it feels like a mere matter of moments. Does it feel that way to you, my little sour apple?
Rita: Seems more like a century.

[During a volleyball game, Billy accidentally causes Bulk to get hit with the ball.]
Bulk: Way to go, geekoid!
Skull: Yeah! Even I coulda done that.
Ernie: Come on, guys, give him a break.
Bulk, Skull: Shut up!

Rita: Rito Revolto?! What are you doing here?!
Lord Zedd: You know this klutz?
Rita: Know him? He's my brother!

[Rito is leading an army of monsters.]
Rito: We are the force that will destroy the Power Rangers! Everyone, spread out and hide!
[The monsters begin to take hiding places.]
Rito: Hey, where are you guys goin'? You guys are taking all the good spots! Come on!
Fighting Flea: You're the decoy, remember? We're the only ones that're supposed to hide!
Rito: Oh yeah, what was I thinking? I'm the decoy, I'm the decoy!
Fighting Flea: Sheesh, what a doofus.

Lord Zedd, Rita: By the power and force of lightning, make our monster grow!

Rito: You guys are finished! Uhh... as soon as my pals get here.
Tommy: Looks to me like Zedd left you hanging.
Rito: Oh yeah? Well, I guess I'll have to take ya down myself!

Rito: I love it when a plan comes together!

Alpha 5: Aye, yai, yai, yai, yai! The controls are going crazy! I'm afraid to push the Power Accellerator any harder!
Zordon: Rangers, the Power Accellerator is becoming increasingly unstable.
Alpha 5: Aye, yai, yai--oh! Oh no!
[The control console begins sparking.]
Zordon: The flux of power could ultimately strip you of your Ranger powers.
Tommy: [in the TigerZord] That's a risk we'll just have to take!
Alpha 5: Let's see here...
[The console sparks violently.]
Alpha 5: Oh no! It's out of control! Zordon!
Zordon: Alpha, you must find a way to stabilize the Accelerator.
Alpha 5: I'm trying, but nothing's working! The Zords are gonna blow up!
[The console explodes.]
Alpha 5: Aye, yai, yai! Oh, what are we going to do now?!

Rito: Hey, Rita! Whaddya think of your baby brother now?

Ninja Quest, Part 2[edit]

Tommy: Looks like we lost more than our Zords... we've lost our powers. Completely.

Lord Zedd: My comrades, we have executed the ultimate plan. By destroying their Zords, we have once and for all taken the power out of the Power Rangers!
Rita: Rito, my brother! I'm so proud of you!
Rito: Yeah, I'm proud of me, too.
Goldar: With four monsters helping me, I could defeat them, too!
Rita: [flatly] Sure, you could.
Lord Zedd: Silence! Now that those meddlesome Rangers are finally out of our way, there is nothing Zordon can do to stop us from conquering the world!

Adam: Where did our powers come from in the first place?
Zordon: Legend has it that there is a lost temple hidden beneath the Desert of Despair. The keeper of the temple is named Ninjor. He forged the original Power Coins to be used by those battling the evil forces of the universe, but this may only be a myth.

Zordon: Good luck, Rangers. Return to us safely.
Alpha 5: Everyone, please be careful!
[The Rangers are teleported to the Desert of Despair.]
Alpha 5: Oh, Zordon, I hope we did the right thing.
Zordon: Try not to worry, Alpha. If the temple does exist, the Rangers are the only ones who can find it.

Bulk: Excuse me, sir. Can you tell us where the registration office is?
Officer: You boys looking to enroll in the Junior Police Patrol?
Bulk: Yeah! You're looking at two of Angel Grove's finest future detectives.
Skull: We wanna wear uniforms so we can impress the girls.
[Bulk's face drops.]
Officer: You better have a better reason than that.
Bulk: That wasn't meant to sound the way it sounded. We wanna protect the girls!
Officer: That's better.

Skull: Changed my mind, Bulky, I'm not the physical type. "No muscle and proud of it," that's me!
[Bulk grabs him.]
Bulk: You will do it! And you will like it!

[Concerning the eggs Rito brought with him.]
Rita: Come on, Rito, what's the deal? Tell me what they are.
Rito: Well, like I said before, I wanted to bring a special wedding present for you and Ed here.
Lord Zedd, Rita, Goldar: ZEDD!
Rito: Yeah, whatever. So I thought---
Goldar: Gee, I thought I smelled something burning.
Lord Zedd: Oh, would you be quiet?! Continue, Rito.
Rito: Yeah! So, uh... what was I saying?
[Rita and Goldar groan.]
Rito: Oh yeah! The eggs!
[Zedd groans.]
Rito: Now what was in them?
Rita: Oh, you...
Rito: Just can't remember---doh!
[Rita grabs him by the neck.]
Rita: You've got ten seconds to tell me what's in those eggs! One, two---
Goldar: Ten!
Rito: "Ten?" Ten, that's it! Tengas! That's what's in those eggs!
Lord Zedd: Tengas?
Rito: Yep! For you and my favorite sister!
Rita: Tenga Warriors?! You brought me Tenga Warriors?!
Rito: Sure did.
Rita: I could kiss you... if you weren't so ugly. The Tenga Warriors are absolutely the most ferocious creatures this side of the universe!
Lord Zedd: My very own army of Tenga Warriors... without the Power Rangers to stand in my way, imagine the possibilities!

Rito: Y'know, picking out a present for you has never been easy. Remember when Mom and Dad got you that little fire-breathing dragon, but you really wanted that cute little planet, so you used the dragon to burn the house down?

Rita: Hey! What's with that egg? It didn't hatch!
Goldar: It must be a dud.
Rito: No, there's something very important about that egg. I just forgot what it is.

Ninja Quest, Part 3[edit]

[The Rangers have found Ninjor resting within a jar.]
Kimberly: That little twerp is the great Ninjor?
Ninjor: What a rude little girl you are.

Ninjor: Now, what do you want? Make it quick. You have five seconds.
Tommy: Our leader Zordon sent us on a quest for new powers and Zords. Lord Zedd destroyed our old ones.
Ninjor: Time's up. That's a lovely story. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Rocky: But, wait, we're the Power Rangers!
Ninjor: Which means... what?
Adam: Will you just listen? The world's in incredible danger!
Ninjor: [sing-song] Not my problem! Go away please.
Aisha: Come on guys, it's obvious this guy doesn't have a clue about kindness or decency.
Adam: I guess the legend of Ninjor really is a myth.
Kimberly: I can't believe he's the one who created the Power Coins... what are we gonna do? The world's gonna be destroyed and we can't stop it because we don't have any powers.
Tommy: But we do. We still have the power within ourselves - the knowledge of what's right and true. Lord Zedd can never destroy that.
Billy: You're right, Tommy. We'll just have to do whatever we can. Come on.
[They begin to leave.]
Ninjor: [groans] Oh, boy... wait a minute! Your hearts speak with truth. You have convinced me that you do not seek this power out of greed. If the power of Ninjor lives within your souls, we really got something here!

Ninjor: Older than time itself, Man has always known the calling. Light of the light, strength of the soul, ignite this eternal power inside of me. I am Ninja! I am pure of heart, body, mind, and spirit. Join with me now as I become one with the Power of Ninja!

Ninjor: Behold the power, grace, and beauty of your new Ninja Zords. These Zords are driven by the force of the Ninja, and infused with the power of light and strength. They are far superior to your Zords of the past. Where before your power came from the brute strength of the Dinosaurs, now it comes from the swift, intelligent, cunning of the Ninja. This is more than a restoration of your Ranger powers, your new Power Coins have much more advanced powers. However, as before, it is important that you work together as a team. To that end, all the Zords have the ability to unite as one, to form the Ninja MegaFalconZord!
Tommy: They're amazing.
Ninjor: They will serve you well in your quest to defeat the evils that jeopardize your world. You are truly a remarkable group of young people worthy of the Ninja Power.

Ninjor: You have proven yourselves worthy to possess the Power of Ninja. This is a great responsibility. Use your powers wisely. The road you face will not be easy. The fight between good and evil never is. But Zordon chose well when he selected you, I could not have done better myself.

Tommy, Adam, Kimberly, Billy, Aisha, Rocky: It's Morphin' Time!
Tommy: White Ranger Power!
Adam: Black Ranger Power!
Kimberly: Pink Ranger Power!
Billy: Blue Ranger Power!
Aisha: Yellow Ranger Power!
Rocky: Red Ranger Power!

[Lord Zedd has just sent Rito back to earth to finish the job and is irritated that he called him Ed again.]
Zedd: It's Zedd! Lord Zedd, you numbskull!

Ninja Quest, Part 4[edit]

(Lord Zedd is seen going a shade of vermillion out of anger due to Rito's failures.)
Lord Zedd: Such incompetence! Curses! Not only have the Power Rangers secured their ninja powers, but they now have more powerful zords.
Goldar: I knew something like this would happen.
Rita Repulsa: Don't worry, hubby dear. That brother of mine will take care of those runty Rangers and remember we have that Vampirus egg waiting to hatch.

Rito: He who fights and runs away lives to fight another day!

Zedd: This is incredible! Of all the insufferable, wretched, despicable, unbelievably stupid maneuvers! You said you could do it. Rita said you could do it! Rito Revolto, weren't you going to put an end to the Power Rangers?!

Vampirus: I call upon Ninjor, keeper of the Temple of Ninja Power!
[A blue laser strikes him from within the temple.]
Ninjor: You are not worthy enough to darken the entrance to this temple.
Vampirus: We'll see who's worthy after I destroy this temple, and you along with it!
Ninjor: Ha! You and what army, you overgrown bat?
Vampirus: No army, just evil friends.
[On the moon.]
Zedd, Rita: Make my monster grow!

Ninjor: When will they ever learn? Evil never triumphs.

Zedd: Fools! I am surrounded by complete fools!
Rito: Eddie, Eddie, come on! We'll get 'em next time! Hey, let's see a great, big smile, Ed.
Zedd: ZEDD! Zedd, you sniveling weasel! Z-E-D-D!! MY NAME IS LORD ZEDD!!
Rito: Oh, it's Zedd! I got it, Ed. Oop, I did it again, sorry.

Ninjor: Congratulations on a job well-done, Power Rangers. Now that you have mastered the art of Ninja Powers, we can join forces to protect the Temple of Power from the evil which inhabits the universe.
Rocky: You got it, Ninjor.
Adam: Yeah, to protect and serve.
Zordon: Ninjor is now in alliance with us. From this day forward, he will answer your call for guidance and help.
Ninjor: We are one now. Simply close your eyes and focus upon our collective energy: that is the Power of Ninja.
Kimberly: And you'll know, just like that?
Ninjor: Just like that. 'Til we meet again, Rangers.

A Brush with Destiny[edit]

Artist Mole: And now to create my masterpiece - "Rangers In Danger!"

Ninjor: Greetings, my young friends. So very good to see you again. Can Ninjor be of service to you?
Artist Mole: Probably not to them, Thunder-Thighs, but your shade of blue will look good on my palette.
Ninjor: I shall remove the irritant!

Passing the Lantern[edit]

[Zedd is furious with Rito, Baboo, and Squatt for bringing him a lot of lanterns instead of just Adam's]
Zedd: Why did you bring me so many?! [tosses one aside] How am I supposed to know which one has got the special powers?!
Baboo: Well, the garden guy said all the lanterns are special.

Wizard for a Day[edit]

Rito: Those Mighty Morphin Meatheads better watch out, 'cause from this moment on, I'm in charge, and I'm their worst nightmare!

Fourth Down and Long[edit]

Zordon: Red Ranger, to assist you in this most difficult situation, it is imperative to summon Ninjor.
[Ninjor appears, surprising Rocky]
Ninjor: Did someone say "Ninjor"?!
Rocky: Ninjor! The other Rangers have been turned into footballs. We have to rescue them!
Ninjor: Football's my favorite sport! Home runs, and baskets, and...
[2 energy devices appear]
Alpha: These devices reverse the energy fields.
Ninjor: Shouldn't we get going?
Rocky: Back to action!

Ninjor: It's fifth and down for you, buddy!
Rocky: No, no, that's fourth and long.
Ninjor: Uh, yeah! What he said!
Centiback: Aw, stick a pig in it!

[after four of the footballs have returned to normal]
Centiback: Well, they may be gone, but you're here, and there's still time on the clock for me to execute one of my favorite plays!
[he punts his ball toward Ninjor, who catches it in his energy device]
Ninjor: Two points!
Centiback: Hey, fellas! You're not playin' fair! Gimme my ball back!
Ninjor: As you wish!
[he tosses Centiback's ball towards the five remaining footballs, reverting them back into the Power Rangers]
White Ranger: Aw, man. That's one experience I won't soon forget. Well, I'm all here. Everybody okay?
Black Ranger: Yeah, I think so.
Saba: I'm fine, too.
White Ranger: Great, Saba.
Centiback: Penalty! Too many Rangers on the field!
[Ninjor and the Red Ranger high-five]
Red Ranger: Way to go!
Ninjor: Slam dunk!

Stop the Hate Master, Part 1[edit]

Aisha's grandmother: Love conquers all.

Stop the Hate Master, Part 2[edit]

Final Face-Off[edit]

Tommy: What's the matter?
Rocky: Last time I checked, Squatt and Baboo weren't interested in ancient cultures.

Face Stealer: [emerges from his urn] Who dares awaken me from my slumber?!
Zedd: [enters] What's all the racket in here?! And who in the galaxy are you?!
Face Stealer: I am Face Stealer, woken from my silence after 5,000 years.
Zedd: You call that a deep sleep? That's a nap where I come from.
[Rito laughs]
Rita: Well, hubby dear, I think someone around here owes me an apology.
Rito: Yeah.
Zedd: Are you telling me that that's the...
Rita: Exactly! Let me present to you, the one and only Face Stealer!
Face Stealer: Thank you. Thank you. Good to be here. Thank you very much.

The Potion Notion[edit]

Rito: [picks up the phone] Hello. Rito Revolto residence.
[he laughs until...]
Zedd: [on phone] Rito, you bonehead! Put Goldar on the line!
Rito: Oh. Hi, Edd! Uh, Goldar's not here. Oh! Can I be in charge?
Zedd: So, you want to be in charge, huh?
Rito: Yeah. Uh-huh. Yeah. [laughs]
Zedd: Like when I told you to recharge Serpentera yesterday?!
[Rito facepalms]
Zedd: Well, thanks to you, we're on our way back, and your sister can't wait to see you. Tell Goldar that monster had better be ready!
Rito: Monster? What? Oh! Right! The monster! You got it, Edd! No problemo! Everything is right on schedule. Count on it!

[Miss Chief sprays her love potion on Rita, causing her to fall for Goldar]
Rita: You have the most beautiful eyes, Goldux. They're the most horrible shade of red!
[Goldar panics all the way to Zedd's throne]
Goldar: Oh, Rito, what have you done?! I'll get you for this!
[Rito just laughs]
Goldar: Finster, the antidote! Spray her with the antidote! THE ANTIDOTE!!
Finster: Very well, but remember, you owe me one.
[he sprays Rita with the antidote]
Finster: Presto!
Goldar: Anything! Just... get her... off!
Rita: [free from the spell] Get off me, you big baboon! Have you lost your marbles?!

A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 1[edit]

A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 2[edit]

Rita: You've been a good kitty, Katherine. Remind me to give you an extra saucer of milk.
Lord Zedd: Oh, brother.
Rita: Isn't she beautiful, Zeddy?
Lord Zedd: Get that flea-bitten thing away from me!

[Rito has just returned to the Palace after another failure.]
Rita: What are you doing here? Oh, why do I even bother?
Lord Zedd: That's the exact same question I've been asking since he arrived!
[Rito makes angry mocking sounds at him.]
Rita: Well, I suppose it's a good time for Plan B.
Rito: Oh, good! A Plan B!
Lord Zedd: You won't be involved, numbskull!
[He shoves Rito away.]

[Katherine is missing.]
Tommy: What have you done with her?!
Rita: Nothing you need to worry about!
Goldar: Yeah!
Rita: After all, what would Kimmie think? You spending so much time worrying about another girl!

Katastrophe: The game isn't over yet. Next time, I won't pussyfoot around!
[She teleports away.]

Goldar: Are you ready to surrender yet?
Tommy: You know me better than that, Goldar!
[Rito appears.]
Rito: I don't know you, will you surrender to me?

Saba: White Ranger, I'm afraid I've failed you. I can see no way out of our present situation.
Tommy: Don't lose your faith yet, Saba.
Goldar: Not even Zordon himself could save you now!

Goldar: Why do you continue to fight, White Ranger? Be smart, join forces with us!

[To Katastrophe.]
Lord Zedd: Now, it's time to go play Pounce the Power Rats!

Tommy: Alright, you walking furball! This is as far as you're gonna get!
Katastrophe: And I suppose you're gonna stop me? Angel Grove is just one giant scratching post to me, and I'm digging my claws in!

Ninjor: I cannot let you win, kitty. Good must prevail!

Ninjor: Oh yeah, we bad.

Changing of the Zords, Part 1[edit]

[after Zedd steals the Falconzord]
Tommy: Oh, man. I can't believe Lord Zedd has finally defeated the Power Rangers. Well, I'm not gonna let it happen. If it takes every last ounce of my strength, I will see to it that the Power Rangers are triumphant if it's the last thing I ever do!

[everyone at Lord Zedd's palace celebrates their victory]
Zedd: We did it! We have everything we need to bring our Zords to life! The battle technology from the almighty Falconzord, and Ninjor's energy as its power source!
Ninjor: [inside the jar] Let me out of here, you fiend!
Zedd: This is the end of the Power Rangers! [laughs]
Ninjor: I won't cooperate with your maniacal scheme! Not me! Forget about it!
Zedd: Yes, you will! [shakes the jar wildly] Or I'll turn you into a cosmic milkshake! [stops shaking and taps the jar] Did you hear me?! A cosmic milkshake?!! [laughs hysterically, then calms down and hands the jar to Finster] Siphon off his energy, Finster, so we can power up our Zords. [to the jar] You be nice, little Ninjor. [pumps his fists in the air] Ah! Victory is FUN!

Changing of the Zords, Part 2[edit]

Zedd: [after being teleported to the Command Center] Greetings, my friends. Isn't anyone going to ask me how my trip was?
Zordon: Get on with it, Zedd! While you sit there, Kimberly's life is ebbing away.
[Zedd looks closely around himself]
Zedd: Hmm, not a bad place. A little tacky. When I take over, I'll have my darling wife redecorate it.
[the Rangers say nothing, and Zedd laughs]
Zedd: Oh, Alpha, [holds up his electrifying right hand] you can come out of hiding.
Alpha: [slowly pops out of his hiding place] I-I don't like you,... Ed...
Zedd: [in extreme fury like he was with Rito] IT'S ZEDD, YOU BLINKING BUCKET OF BOLTS!!! LORD ZEDD!!!!!

Changing of the Zords, Part 3[edit]

[Katherine appears in Zedd's dimension, where she finds Kimberly unconscious while her power is being drained]
Kat: Hello, Kimberly. Sleeping peacefully? I wish it didn't have to be this way. [her eyes glow red, but something snaps inside] [seriously] I really do.

[after the Rangers have defeated another monster with their new Shogun Megazord]
Rita: Oh, those Rangers ruin everything!
Zedd: They broke my staff. They stole my zords! This job used to be fun. I want them to pay for making me so miserable!
Rita: They already have, in a way. We still got Ninjor trapped in a bottle, and sweetie-pie Kimberly's power coin. Those Rangers are weakened!

Follow That Cab![edit]

Kat: [temporarily breaks free from Rita's spell] I'm not an evil girl! I'm a good girl!
Rita: [zaps Kat with her wand again] You're evil as long as I say you are!

A Different Shade of Pink, Part 1[edit]

Bulk: Look at that guy. 5' 11", heavy accent, gray hair. Anyone interesting fit that description?
Skull: [imitating Bill Clinton] The President of the United States?
Bulk: Besides him.

A Different Shade of Pink, Part 2[edit]

Zedd: [after the spell on Katherine has been lifted] I don't believe she turned on us. Who'll be next?! [to Squatt and Baboo] You two?!
Rita: I wondered what happened to that spell, anyway. Finster, I want an answer, and I want it now!
Finster: In analyzing my data, I conclude that Katherine's attempt to save Kimberly was a totally selfless deed. The goodness of that act overpowered your evil spell and neutralized it completely.
Rita: [shrugs] Oh, well. Nothing lasts forever.

A Different Shade of Pink, Part 3[edit]

Kimberly: The power's all yours now.

Kat: As long as I'm on the right team, that matters right?

I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger[edit]

Lord Zedd: Merriment and togetherness make me ill. Every year for centuries, these nauseating Earthlings get together and celebrate the holidays. But this year, it's going to be different.
Rita: Aw, give me a break! You say that every year!
Lord Zedd: How would you know?! We've only been married for a year, though it seems like centuries.

[About Zedd's brain-washing toys.]
Rito: Y'know, Ed, this ain't such a bad idea. I kinda like this thing.
Lord Zedd: It's "Zedd," you mental marshmallow!

Lord Zedd: Alright, Santa, this year, you won't have to check your list because all the world's children will be naughty. And won't that be nice for me?

Santa Claus: I know who you are, and you've been a very naughty boy this year!
Rito: Yeah, yeah, I'm heartbroken.

Rito: Now, you'd think that those Rangers would have someplace to go for the holidays, but nooo.

Rita's Pita[edit]

Ravenator: Boy, you guys are bearly gonna make a light snack. I think I'm gonna eat all of Angel grove when i'm through with you.
Tommy: Lunch break's over!

Another Brick in the Wall[edit]

A Chimp in Charge[edit]

Zedd: You couldn't even transform a helpless chimp? What kind of worthless fool are you?!
Finster: I'm not sure. That's a difficult question to answer.

Rita: (About Kelly) Aw, the Power Twerps have a new mascot! (To Goldar) She even looks a little like you!
Goldar: That's a lie!
Rita: You're right; She's better looking!

Finster: (Trying to zap Kelly) Don't you want to be a big strong monkey like King what-his-name?

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 1[edit]

Zedd: Who dares enter unannounced?!
Master Vile: [appears before him] What?! Who dares to ask a question of me, Master Vile?!
Rita: Oh!
Zedd: Master WHO?!
Rita: Zeddy...
Zedd: What? Rita, you know this intruder?
Rita: Meet Master Vile. My father!
[Zedd is shocked]
Rito: Hiya, Dad!
[Master Vile laughs maniacally]

Master Vile: [having heard of Rita and Zedd's marriage] You married Lord Zedd?! You couldn't marry anyone who had a skull?!
Zedd: I may not have a skull, but I have captured the Falcon Zord, as well as the great Ninjor. What do you have to say about that?!
Master Vile: I don't believe it!
Rito: But it's true, Dad! Look!
[he opens the jar and proceeds to walk towards his father; he trips on Zedd and inadvertently drops the jar]
Ninjor: Aha! I'm free at last! You'll never catch me now!

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 2[edit]

Tommy: [spotting the other Rangers while exploring the Caves of Deception] Hey guys, what are you doing here?
Adam: Tommy, the battle's over. We lost. [hangs head]
Aisha: It's awful! Katherine's totally evil now!
Billy: Vile has agreed to spare us and our families, if we give him the Zeo Crystal.
Rocky: Tommy, you've got to join us! Surrender now!
Tommy: [gets into battle stance when the Green Ranger comes into view] My friends would never surrender to Master Vile!
Green Ranger: You're right, Tommy! They'd join with him!

Tommy: Zedd, Rita, I believe you have somethin' of ours. [grabs the caged Falconzord]
Rita: Oh, no! [growls]
Tommy: Don't worry. We'll show ourselves out.
Katherine: Cheers!
[she and Tommy teleport out, taking the Falconzord with them]
Zedd: They took the Falconzord! Why didn't you stop them?!!

Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 3[edit]

Master Vile: And now, everyone, party like there's no tommorow... because there's not!

Master Vile: [to the citizens of Angel Grove] I'm the new landlord in town, and all your leases are due!

Master Vile: You always were an ungrateful, rotten, little brat!
Rita: You never understood me!
Master Vile: Whatever.

Master Vile: So I failed once. Big deal. Rita and Zedd have tried to conquer the Earth over a hundred times, and they've never come close.

The Sound of Dischordia[edit]

Ninjor: Turn around and fight like a... hey, what are you?

Rangers in Reverse[edit]

[About Master Vile.]
Lord Zedd: And where is the old coot? I haven't seen him for days!
Rita: That's because he's been busy.
Goldar: Busy doing what?
Lord Zedd: Yes, what? I didn't think anything could be important to him, except driving me out of my mind!

Master Vile: The Orb of Doom, when placed properly on the Earth, will cause the planet to freeze on its axis.
Lord Zedd: So the Earth stops spinning. Big deal.

Master Vile: The Power Rangers will become the Powerless Rangers, as they are once again reduced to children! They will be unable to defend themselves against our awesome forces!
Lord Zedd: Heh, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, Dad, but we tried this once before, and it didn't work then, either!
Goldar: Been there, done that. What are ya, new?

Kat: We're not gonna let you do this!
Rito: Oh! Big words for someone in pink tights!

[Master Vile has permanently defeated the Power Rangers.]
Lord Zedd: I can't believe the old coot did it! You know what this means, don't you? I'll never hear the end of it! He'll just go on, and on...
Rita: Don't fret, Zeddy! Why not think of this as a learning experience? Now, let's get into the act before we miss all the fun!
Lord Zedd: Yes, I guess you're right, my dear. It is time we had some fun, isn't it? Without those Power Rangers in our way, this world is ours for the taking!

Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1[edit]

Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2[edit]

Alien Rangers: Thanks to hydro power, mission is accomplished!

[at the Moon Base, a furious Master Vile is on the ground]
Master Vile: It was a full-proof plan! Why? Why?!
[Rito and Rita help their father up off the ground]
Rito: Whoopsie Daisy daddy. Come on, don't take it so rough.
Rita: Grow up! You're supposed to be the adult around here! Now stop it, you're embarrassing me!
Master Vile: That's it! I've had it with the lot of you. I'm going back to my own galaxy, where evil reigns supreme and the bad guys always win!

Climb Every Fountain[edit]

Aurico: [taps Slotsky's shoulder] Sir, your food's here.
Slotsky: Did I order something?
Aurico: Yeah! A knuckle sandwich!
[he punches Slotsky]

[at Zedd's moon base, a furious Rita chastises Rito and Goldar for their failure to get the Rangers' Power Coins]
Rita: Can't you do anything right?! What is it with you anyway!
Rito: It wasn't my fault, sis. It was Mr. Goldilocks here!

The Alien Trap[edit]

[Lord Zedd spies on Goldar and Rito stranded on a boat in the middle of the lake.]
Zedd: What's truly baffling is why I keep relying on those two mindless buffoons. Those pinheads can't do anything right!

Attack of the 60' Bulk[edit]

Bratboy: Let's play a game: I tell you what to do, and you do it, you got that?
Tommy: Forget it, Bratboy. Go back to the freak lab where you were made!
Bratboy: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. And I've got more then sticks and stones in store for you!

(After Rito tears the map in half)
Rito: Now we BOTH have a map! There!
Goldar: Whattaya, got rocks in your head?!
Rito: Nope; There's nothing in my head!

Tommy: Hey, dough-head! Wanna play a game?
Bratboy: Yeah! Let's play "Eliminate the Power Punks"! Who's first?
Kat: Over here, brainiac!
Adam: Hey, ugly, how about me?
Aisha: Hey, over here, Bratboy.
Bratboy: Oh, so many to choose from.
Rocky: Can't catch me, gnatboy!
Bratboy: GRRRRR!!! The name is Bratboy, you brain-drains.

Water You Thinking?[edit]

Skull: Hey, Bulky. Do you think the Alien Rangers could beat Darth Vader?
Bulk: You dimwit! Darth Vader is just pretend. The Alien Rangers are real!
Skull: Oh, right, I forgot.
Skull: How 'bout a Klingon?

[At the Command Center's underground base, Goldar is lost.]
Goldar: Drat, a dead end. Great, I'll have to turn back now. [Using the popcorn trail he left behind to find his way back.] That fool Rito is probably lost by now. I'll just follow this back to where I started....
[Goldar finds Rito eating his trail.]
Goldar: What are you doing? You bonehead!
Rito:[spitting some of the popcorn he was eating] Hey Goldie, what do you think you're doing here?
Goldar: You... eat my trail.
Rito: Your what?! Oh sorry, I didn't know. I mean I was hungry.
Goldar: You were hungry?! How would you like a knuckle sandwich?
Rito: Thank you, but no. I'm full now I just couldn't eat another bite.
Goldar:[Face palms in embarrassment] Why me?!

Along Came a Spider[edit]

Rita: [about Arachnofiend] The 8-legged fool is all thumbs!

Kai-Ogi: "Madam, I'm Adam", same forwards and back! Madam, I'm Adam. You're on the right track.

Sowing the Seas of Evil[edit]

True of Heart: Listen to a tale told by my people for generations: "A stranger comes," so the story goes. "He shall come in search of the light," symbolized by rock. "A crystal, pure in power." Are you the one?

True of Heart: Do not give in to worry, Tommy. Be strong. You're running out of time. If you do not find the crystal, it will be lost forever.

[alarm sounds]

Alpha 5: Ay-yi-yi, Zordon! There's a major drain of external thermal energy in the area!
Zordon: You are correct, Alpha. My sensors are indicating that Lord Zedd is somehow tapping into the dimensional galaxy.
Alpha 5: Ay-yi-yi! He's pinpointing Aquitar!
Tideus: Zedd may be trying to find a means of teleporting us back home.
Aurico: Or of teleporting someone from home here.

Hogday Afternoon, Part 1[edit]

Zedd: Hydro Hog, appear to me at once!
Hydro Hog: Yes Zedd, what do you want this time?
Zedd: Finally a decent connection. Hydro Hog, how would you like to drain the Earth of its water supply and destroy the Alien Rangers at the very same time?
Hydro Hog: So, you can't get rid of them on your own eh?! [chuckles]
Rita: We don't have the power of evaporation at our fingertips like you do, oh wart breath!
Hydro Hog: Oh what the hey! It has been kinda boring here on Aquitar without the fish rangers to harass. I guess I'll do it.
Zedd: Excellent! Prepare to leave at once.
Hydro Hog: What do you think I got a lot of bags to pack?! I'm on my way.

Hogday Afternoon, Part 2[edit]

Hydro Hog: [after growing] Hey! Get a load of me! I'm gonna crush you like sea lice!

About Mighty Morphin Power Rangers[edit]

  • I’m laying in bed in my hotel room in Japan. At the time there is no Netflix, no cable, no nothing — just three channels playing game shows. All of the sudden there were these five kids in spandex fighting monsters. Don’t ask me why, but I fell in love. It was so campy!