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Power Rangers RPM is the 17th season of the Power Rangers franchise using footage from the Super Sentai series Engine Sentai Go-Onger. The series involves 5 (and later 7) young people known as the Ranger Series Operators (or simply the Power Rangers) who were called to defend the domed city of Corinth the last city remaining on Earth against Venjix and his seemingly endless army of attack bots.

Individual episodes[edit]

The Road to Corinth [17x01][edit]

[This is the opening sequence, introducing viewers to the season.]
Dr. K: [A black screen appears.] Listen carefully, okay. We don't have a lot of time. [Animation plays in the background as she narrates.] It started three years ago. The World Internet Federation reported the appearance of an aggressive new computer worm: the Venjix Virus. A year later, it was estimated that Venjix had already infected thirty-seven percent of the world's computer systems. By then, it was too late: Venjix took control of the world's communication, power, and defense systems. He built armies of advanced robotic soldiers that laid waste to everything in their path. There was no stopping him, and Venjix declared victory.
Venjix [Appears as a glowing red disc.]: I am Venjix. Your world is now my world, and your time is now over!
Dr. K: But it's not over, not yet. If you can hear my voice, please, go now to the domed city of Corinth. It's the only place we can be safe. But you have to make it inside the city walls before the defense shield is activated. Please, hurry!

[as Flynn stops the bus just outside Corinth, he grabs a dead Venjix robot]
Flynn: Ya no-good pile of worthless... SCRAP! [tosses the robot off the bus]

Fade to Black [17x02][edit]

Rain [17x03][edit]

[Dillon looks at images of the Ranger Series technology on displays in the Garage's kitchen.]

Dillon: Where did all this stuff come from?
Dr. K: It came from me. Come in. I'll show you. [The doors to her lab open, and the Series Operators enter.] Three years before the Venjix virus attack, I was the leader of a research team developing exoskeletal robotic suits to amplify human strength and speed. We were attempting to harness the human body's natural electrical output to prolong the suits' battery life when we had a breakthrough: the discovery of a universal bio-electric field, an unseen energy grid that connects the life force of all living things. Manipulating this field allowed for unimagined advances in technology--including these: the Ranger Prototype Series Covert Infantry Bio-Suits. [Lights come on in the housing compartments containing the Series Red, Blue, and Yellow suits.]
Dillon: [sarcastically, while looking at the suits] Right, because nothing says "covert" like bright red, yellow, and blue, spandex.
Dr. K: That is not spandex!
Summer: Doc K can get a little defensive about his work.
Dr. K: The material is a self-assembling nano-fiber formed with an inter-cellular shape memory alloy.
Dillon: My mistake. Now is that machine washable, or strictly dry clean only?

Go for the Green [17x04][edit]

[Ziggy bonds with the Series Green morpher to keep it away from Tenaya 7, becoming Ranger Operator Series Green in the process.]

Ziggy [patting his new suit]: I'M A POWER RANGER! [Tenaya 7 attacks him.] I DON'T WANT TO BE A POWER RANGER! I COULD NEVER BE A POWER RANGER!

Handshake [17x05][edit]

Ranger Green [17x06][edit]

Ranger Red [17x07][edit]

Ranger Yellow, Part 1 [17x08][edit]

[The Rangers and Dr. K hold a question and answer session with schoolchildren in Corinth's city defense headquarters.]

Dr. K [finishing up an equation on the board]: And that is how we power the Ranger bio-hardware using no traditional external energy source. [Turns around.]
Colonel Truman: Thank you, Dr. K. Now, how about some questions from our visiting students? Let's see. [Students raise their hands. The Colonel selects a young boy with glasses on.] How about you? [Gives boy the microphone.]
Boy #1: Ranger Black, you're my favorite Power Ranger. Your toughness and spirit are an inspiration to all of Corinth city. Do you have any advice for the kids out there who look up to you?
Dillon [walking up to microphone]: No.
Girl: Ranger Blue, how come you talk pretty and everybody else doesn't?
Flynn: Well, wee lass, it's because I'm Scottish, and everyone else isn't.
Boy #2: Would you please tell me: Where do you get your spandex? [Ziggy gasps.]
Dr. K [angrily charging at the schoolchildren]: That . . . is NOT . . . SPANDEX! The material is a self-assembling nano--[Gets restrained by Ziggy, with her mouth covered up by Summer, and is finally restrained by Dillon.]
Boy #1: Red, you're the leader of the Power Rangers. Is that the reason why your hair's the coolest?
Scott [snickering]: That would be one of the reasons, yeah.
Girl: Ranger Yellow, as the sole female representative of the Power Rangers, I have a question for you: Which one of the guys looks cutest in the span--I mean, in the tights? [Sees Dr. K charging at her as she nearly says the word "spandex." Dr. K is stopped again by Summer.]
Ziggy [interrupting Summer and causing unintentional microphone feedback]: Actually, I--I, I can answer that question. Uh, ah, I think it comes down to the angle at which you--[Gets restrained by Flynn and Scott.]
Boy #2: Ranger Yellow, will you marry me? [The other schoolchildren and Series Operators laugh.]
Summer: I like a man with taste. The answer is yes. [The schoolchildren clap.]
Dr. K [annoyed]: I'm not sure I understand the relevance of the question. It makes the endless queries into Ranger Red's hair seem pertinent and insightful by comparison.
Boy #2 [crushed]: I'm sorry. It's just . . . Ranger Yellow seems so nice. Have you always been this nice, Miss Yellow? [Flashback begins.]

Ranger Yellow, Part 2 [17x09][edit]

Dr. K: [enters the lab as Dillon and Scott leave for the wedding reception; sees Summer in her wedding gown] Ranger Operator Series Yellow, you look positively radiant.
Summer: Really? You think?
Dr. K: No, but I was told it was customary to say so.

Ranger Blue [17x10][edit]

Tenaya: Red is the perfect one, Black is the brooding bad boy, Green's the clown, and Yellow -- well, she's the girl. So what are you supposed to be?
Flynn: I'm Scottish!

Doctor K [17x11][edit]

[the Rangers argue with Dr. K about how to beat Venjix's threats.]
Ziggy: Hold it! Hold it! Hold everything, people. In times like this, there is one question that needs to be answered: Are we, or are we not, the good guys?
Dr. K [puzzled]: Tell me: What's it like?
Ziggy [intrigued]: What's what like?
Dr. K [curious]: Being stupid your whole life. Is it as wonderful as it seems?

[A young K has been kidnapped and raised in a government think tank named Alphabet Soup. She is celebrating her sixth birthday a year later.]

Government Worker (Male): It's time to celebrate your first year with us here at Alphabet Soup. Happy birthday, K! [He and his partner clap as K blows out the candles on her cake.]
Young K: Can I go outside now?
Government Worker (Female): K, we've been over this: You're a very sick little girl, and the sun makes you unwell.
Government Worker (Male): Maybe next year. [The handlers remove the table and the birthday cake.]
Government Worker (Female): You know what could be really fun in the meantime? [They present her with a board with complex formulas.]
Government Worker (Male): You could try cracking these series of encrypted rocket codes.
Government Worker (Female): Or you can designs us a thermal-sensitive guidance system.
Government Worker (Male): How about deducing the macro-molecular origin of these bio-toxins?

[Many hears have passed. A teenage K is sitting at her desk on her birthday like before, but is now 14 years old.]

Government Worker (Male): Happy birthday, K. [He and his partner clap as K blows out the candles. They then remove the cake from the table and replace it with a notebook computer.]
Government Worker (Female): We need you to write us a very special computer program.
K: Can I go outside?
Government Worker (Male): "Outside"? Sorry, honey. You're still very, very allergic to the sun.
Government Worker (Female): Maybe next year. Now don't forget to make your birthday wish.
Government Worker (Male): You do have a wish, don't you?
K: [sighing] I wish I could remember my name.

[Dr. K is celebrating her fifteenth birthday, this time with the twins Gem and Gemma.]

Gem: [As Dr. K blows out the candles on her cake.] Happy birthday!
Gemma: And surprise! [The two present her with a gift for her birthday.
Dr. K: For me? But why?
Gem: [As he and his sister sit down at the other side of the table.] It's your birthday.
Gemma: And we're friends!
Dr. K: Gem, Gemma, you two should know I don't even like you.
Gem: That's okay, we know.
Gemma: [As Dr. K unwraps her present, a multicolored pencil.] But we can still like you, can't we?

[Dr. K has found out that she does not suffer from a sunlight allergy.]

Dr. K: [As she runs up the steps to her room with Gem and Gemma, with a notebook computer in her hand.] I'm getting out of here, and I'm taking you two with me!
Gem: But what about--
Gemma: The sun?
Dr. K: Don't you get it? We aren't allergic to sunlight. We never have been! It was all a lie.
Gem: But we don't have access--
Gemma: To Alphabet Soup security computers!
Dr. K: I don't need access. I just need to blind the servers for a few minutes with this--a wireless upload of the Venjix virus. [Puts down the notebook at her desk, powering it on.] It's a self-aware, self-generating computer virus. Meet Project: Venjix. [She presses a button, activating the Venjix virus. Guards from Alphabet Soup then enter her room and detain Gem and Gemma.
Dr. K: No! Gem, Gemma, no! [Panicking, she takes out a flash drive that contains the firewall to contain Venjix. Guards come in and attempt to detain her.] NO! YOU HAVE TO LET ME INSTALL THE FIREWALL TO STOP IT! [Dr. K frees herself from the guards' grip.] OR VENJIX WILL SPREAD BEYOND ALPHABET SOUP! [Guards finally capture her.] NO! I JUST WANTED TO GO OUTSIDE! NO, PLEASE, IT COULD INFECT THE ENTIRE WORLD!

[Dr. K is typing away at her console's keyboard. Tenaya 7, hiding away, begins whistling "The Farmer In The Dell", raising Dr. K's guard.]

Tenaya 7: [Mockingly] You pride yourself on how smart you are, don't you? But you still royally messed up, didn't you? [Dr. K angrily fires her sound cannon. Another flashback begins, this time to Alphabet Soup, now under attack by Venjix forces.]
Dr. K: [Recording a message into a computer, putting on a white cloak in preparations to escape Alphabet Soup.] A year later, it was estimated that Venjix had already infected thirty-seven percent of the world's computer systems. But it's not over, not yet. [Explosions in the background.] If you can hear my voice, please, go now to the domed city of Corinth. {She puts away the Ranger Series technology into a black briefcase.] It's the only place we can be safe! But you have to make it inside the city walls before the defense shield is activated. Please, hurry! [Explosions rock the compartment, and Dr. K leaves, but not before being intercepted by her handlers.]
Government Worker (Male): Sorry, Dr. K. Give us the computer. It's for your own good.
Government Worker (Female): Sorry, K. No one can know that Venjix started here. [An explosion rocks the compound.]
Dr. K: This Ranger technology is our only chance of fighting Venjix. I have to get it out of here!
Government Worker (Male): [As he and his partner draw weapons.] I'm sorry, Dr. K. [The two handlers are taken out off screen. Gem and Gemma reappear.]
Dr. K: I'm glad we're friends!
Gem: Oh, yeah, so--
Gemma: Are we! [An explosion rocks the compound, triggering an alarm.]
Gem: Head for the exit, Doctor.
Gemma: We're going back for the classified Gold and Silver Series. [The two head off to another compartment.]
Dr. K: Gem, Gemma, wait! No, we don't have time! [An explosion kicks up dust as Gem and Gemma go past it. Dr. K fears that they have died.] GEM, GEMMA, NO! [Return to the present. Dr. K appears guilt-ridden and emotionally exhausted.]

[Tenaya 7 draws a blaster at Dr. K.]

Tenaya 7: Be honest: Leading me in here, tricking me into using the mirror--how much of it was your doing?
Dr. K: [As she picks up a violin.] All of it. [Begins playing it, triggering her lab's ventilation systems.]
Tenaya 7: [Covering her ears.] Not the violin again!

Blitz [17x12][edit]

Brother's Keeper [17x13][edit]

[Summer is looking at images of Scott and Dillon on displays in the kitchen as Dr. K opens the refrigerator for a late night snack.]

Dr. K [observing Summer]: I understand your dilemma.
Summer [incredulous]: Sorry, what dilemma?
Dr. K [as she makes her cereal]: You find Ranger Series Red attractive because he represents the guy who can give you solid security: the boy next door, trustworthy, responsible, the kind you take home to Mother. At the same time, you're hopelessly drawn to the excitement and danger of Ranger Series Black, the tortured and mysterious bad boy you think you can save.
Summer: I don't think you...
Dr. K: Comparing the raw data on a cuteness scale is also difficult, with one scoring a solid nine, while the other registering the cuteness scale's maximum score of ten.
Summer [curious]: Which one do you think is the ten?
Dr. K: Why? Which one do you think is the ten? [Klaxon blares.]

[Dr. K has somehow stopped the Venjix virus from spreading throughout Dillon's robotic parts.]

Dillon: [As he gets up from the floor.] I'm getting really sick of asking this, but what happened?
Dr. K: What just happened was that I entered the base code for the Venjix virus. I know it because I wrote it. I'm the one who released it. Everything that's happened, everything you've all been through--it's all my fault.

Embodied [17x14][edit]

Ghosts [17x15][edit]

In or Out [17x16][edit]

[Dr. K briefs her team alongside Gem and Gemma, who have turned up alive from the wastelands.]

Dr. K: Gem and Gemma have confronted me with the possibility that, in an effort to protect myself from future emotional trauma, I may have treated some of you with a degree of forced emotional detachment, perhaps even bordering on coldness.
Flynn: "Bordering on coldness," you say?
Summer [sarcastically]: That's ridiculous, Doctor.
Dillon [sarcastically]: You must be imagining it.
Dr. K [not grasping the sarcastic responses]: No, no, I'm afraid it's true. My insistence on referring each of you by your color series instead of by your real names is a perfect example. And, so, as your mentor--
Ziggy: Mentor? How can you be our mentor? Aren't we all older than you?
Dr. K: As your mentor, in an effort to make my feelings clear in an official capacity, I have the following announcement. [Looks at Gem and Gemma, who prod her on. Paces quickly towards Scott.]
Dr. K: Ranger Series Red, I greatly admire your honor, integrity, decision-making ability, and unusual hair. I feel lucky to have you as the leader of my team, Scott.
Scott [surprised]: Well, thank you, Doctor. [Gets a hug from Dr. K.] Whoa, what are you--what are you doing? [Dr. K lets go and paces towards Summer.]
Dr. K: Ranger Series Yellow, as the only other female in the group, I want you to know that my feelings of fondness for you are so strong, they override even my base biological instincts to undermine and sabotage you in an effort to monopolize the attention of the males. Thank you, Summer.
Summer [surprised]: Sure, Doctor, the feeling's mutual, I think. [Gets a hug from Dr. K. She lets go and then paces towards Flynn.]
Dr. K: Ranger Series Blue, your passion, optimism, and delightfully musical, though often incomprehensible accent, are what make you the heart of the Rangers, Flynn.
Flynn: Happy to help out in whatever--okay. [Gets a hug from Dr. K. She lets go and then paces towards Dillon.]
Dr. K: And Ranger Series Black--[Dillon turns around, whistling and walking away, when Flynn stops him. He turns around to humor her.] Even though you are clearly psychologically unstable and here against your will as part of a work-release agreement, I still consider you a true hero, Dillon. [Scott snickers. Dr. K gives Dillon a hug. She then lets go and walks up to Ziggy, who offers her a hug.]
Dr. K [seeing Ziggy with his arms held out]: You, too, Ranger Series Green. [She then regroups with Gem and Gemma and talks to the group as a whole.]
Dr. K: You five are the only family I've ever known. I love you all very much. [Turns around and paces hurriedly back to her lab with Gem and Gemma.]
Summer: Well, that was certainly . . . awkward.
Flynn: Can we please just forget that didn't happen and get back to work now?
Ziggy [upset that Dr. K did not acknowledge him]: Hey, hold on! What about me? What about all of the nice things you wanted to say about me? [Klaxon blares.]

[Ziggy is still upset that Dr. K did not call him by his real name as the other Series Operators respond to another breach in the dome.]

Scott: We've got a shield breach. It's an inverse vector.
Summer: Oxygen regeneration plant at gate 43.
Ziggy: What about my real name? It's Ziggy. Zigg-y. Z-I-G-G--
Dillon [grabbing Ziggy]: Come on, Ranger Operator Series Green, it's playtime.

Prisoners [17x17][edit]

Belly of the Beast [17x18][edit]

Three's a Crowd [17x19][edit]

Heroes Among Us [17x20][edit]

Not So Simple [17x21][edit]

The Dome Dolls [17x22][edit]

[Dr. K has tested the first batch of her potion on Ziggy who, like the other males of Corinth, has been knocked out by male-specific sleeping gas by Tenaya 7 and an attack bot.]

Ziggy [still groggy from the gas]: I had the strangest dream. We . . . [Points to Dr. K.] we were on a date.
Dr. K [disgusted]: That sounds like a nightmare. [Ziggy goes back to sleep.]
Summer [entering the room]: Any luck?
Dr. K: Luck is an abstract concept that ignores skill. [She and Gemma get up.] But, since you asked: no.

And… Action [17x23][edit]

Ancient History [17x24][edit]

[Coloniel Truman and a group of Corinth Guards leave Dr. K's office]

Dr. K: [after repeating the phrase "After what I've seen" numerous times] Good, I thought he would never leave.
Ziggy: So, uh, sorry. What are you?
Dr. K: Yes, I'm a hologram, but I'm not a recording. That is SO last century.

[Colonel Truman confronts Dr. K in Corinth city defense headquarters for having made and accidentally released the Venjix computer virus.]

Dr. K: Are you going to arrest me, Colonel? [Sees Colonel Truman looking at a picture of himself with his late son Marcus.]
Dr. K [softly]: We all do things in life we regret. But if we don't learn from them, and move towards a brighter future, we pay twice.
Colonel Truman [sadly]: I've already paid more than most.
Dr. K: I know. And if I could access the space-time continuum long enough to undo what I did, I would. That's not possible.
Colonel Truman [hearing the Series Operators call for Dr. K's help]: Can you help them?
Dr. K: That's all I can do.
Colonel Truman: Then help them. [Withdraws blaster.]

Key to the Past [17x25][edit]

Beyond a Doubt [17x26][edit]

Control-Alt-Delete [17x27][edit]

Run Ziggy Run [17x28][edit]

If Venjix Won [17x29][edit]

End Game [17x30][edit]

Danger and Destiny, Part 1 [17x31][edit]

Danger and Destiny, Part 2 [17x32][edit]

Announcer: The song on the radio is called on the mix. Right now!
[True Love plays on the radio]
Ziggy: Look! There's the song.


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