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Power Rangers Wild Force (often abbreviated as "PRWF") was the 10th season of the Power Rangers series, based strongly on the Super Sentai series Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (100 Beasts Squadron Growl Ranger). The series revolves around the 5 Wild Force Rangers, their Wild Zords and the floating island of Animaria. They battle against the evil orgs, creatures of pollution and destruction bent on the end of the world for humans.


Turbine Org: Didn't you learn your lesson?
Taylor: I Guess not! Now let me teach you something Org. I'm the Yellow Eagle Ranger, and Wild Force never gives up!
Max: Turbine Org! I'm the Blue Shark Ranger, and you're gonna feel my bite!
Danny: (Pushes Plug Org into a tree) Plug Org! Meet the Black Bison Ranger. Prepare to be stomped!
(Alyssa attacks Plug Org from above)
Plug Org: Who do you think you are?
Alyssa: Thanks for asking! Tiger Ranger! ya!! Wild Force
Cole: (Trips up Plug Org) I'm the Red Lion Ranger, and your rampage ends here! Wild Force Rangers.

Cole:I made it! I made it!
Alyssa: Cole? Is your name Cole?
Taylor: Sorry, jungle boy. You've just been drafted!

Darkness Awakening[edit]

Toxica: [about Master Org] There's something different about him. He feels just as evil as ever, but... his appearance!
Jindrax: So maybe he's put on a few years. You know, you're no spring Org yourself!
Toxica: Humph!
Jindrax: But you don't look a day over a thousand!

Cole: [after failing to sense a heartbeat in Barbed Wire Org] I can't hear anything. You don't have a heart!
Barbed Wire Org: And you don't have a brain!
Cole: Why are you doing this?!
Barbed Wire Org: Because Orgs exist for only one reason: To destroy and wreak havoc!

Click, Click, Zoom[edit]

Camera Org: This has developed into something quite negative!

Never Give Up[edit]

Toxica: How cute. The Rangers have a little girl on their team.
Alyssa: Yeah? Well it looks like the Orgs have a wrinkled old grandma on theirs!
Toxica: (Gasps) You mean "older sister"!

Ancient Awakening[edit]

[Toxica and Jindrax bring the princess to the cave where Master Org is waiting for them]
Toxica: We brought the princess to you as you commanded.
[she and Jindrax kneel before Master Org, who comes out of the shadows, shocking the princess]
Shayla: (gasps) Master Org!
Master Org: Recognize this? [gestures to a cave wall with a Wild Force carved symbol and approaches the princess] I know what power lies inside.
Shayla: Another animal. [gasps] The one which Alyssa heard.
Master Org: Only one who's pure of heart can release its power.

Wishes on the Water[edit]

Max: I'm the Surging Shark!
Ship Org: More like the surging guppy!

The Bear Necessities[edit]

Soul Searching[edit]

Cole: Master Org.
Master Org: So, finally we meet.
Cole: You're the one responsible for all this destruction.
Master Org: Yes. Impressive, isn't it?
Cole: No, it's not impressive. It's pathetic! You're nothing but a coward!
Master Org: [in denial] I fear nothing! It is you who should be in fear!

Soul Bird Salvation[edit]

Jindrax: (About the Rangers) Look at them. They're so helpless, it's almost unfair.
Toxica: Since when do we care about being fair?
Jindrax: Good point!

Jindrax: Did anyone ever tell that yellow was the color of fear, as in "yellow-bellied Power Ranger"?
Taylor: At least I don't look like a clown!

Curse of the Wolf[edit]

Cole: Jungle Sword!
Vacuum Cleaner Org: I'm not afraid of that thing!
Cole: And that's your last mistake!

Alyssa: [upon seeing her pan with no eggs left] Oh, no!
[she sees Cole on a tree, eating a sandwich made with eggs and toast)
Alyssa: Cole...!
[Cole gives her thumbs-up]
Cole: [mouthful] You make the best eggs!

Battle of the Zords[edit]

(Alyssa is ambushed in the forest by Jindrax and Toxica)
Jindrax: The White Ranger all by her little lonesome.
Toxica: Little girls shouldn't walk in the forest alone.
Alyssa:(Smirking) Neither should grandmas.

Predazord, Awaken[edit]

Revenge of Zen-Aku[edit]

Zen-Aku: Revenge isn't something you rush.

Zen-Aku: Two crystals, most rangers only lose one.

Identity Crisis[edit]

The Ancient Warrior[edit]

The Lone Wolf[edit]

Power Play[edit]

Jindrax: Toxica! I had no idea that was you!
Toxica: Obviously! "Old witch", huh?
Jindrax: I meant that in the nicest possible way...

Secrets and Lies[edit]

Toxica: We have to learn the truth about Master Org.
Jindrax: Look, I can see the truth. He's our boss, and if we don't do what he says, he's gonna destroy us.
Toxica: Don't be so blind! Whenever i'm near the master, I can smell human.
Jindrax: Yuck.
Toxica: And besides I saw him move his horn once.
Jindrax: Maybe it was your imagination.
Toxica: But what if it wasn't? What if I'm right?
[she heads downstairs, Jindrax in hot pursuit]
Jindrax: Wait! Don't go down there.
Toxica: How humiliating it would be to find out we've been bowing down to a human all this time.
Jindrax: Yuck. That's not even funny.
(they enter an old room with old belongings)
Jindrax: This place gives me the creeps. Can't we do this some other time?
Toxica: No! I know there's got to be something around here that will prove I'm right.
(they search in the room until Toxica spots a photo album and finds a copy of Cole's old family photo alongside with a third scientist)
Toxica: Jindrax, look at this!
Jindrax: It's Master Org!
[Master Org enters the room, shocking his Duke Orgs]
Toxica: (holds up the photo and sees that Master Org is identical to the third scientist) You don't fright me, human!
Master Org: How dare you to defy me again! I am the master!
Toxica: You're not my master! (Blasts his helmet off, revealing that his horn and third eye are fake, shocking the Duke orgs)
Jindrax: No way! You really are a human!

Reinforcements from the Future[edit]

Pt. 1[edit]

(The five rangers are discussing with Princess Shayla about the recent mut-org attack)
Alyssa: Something about those Orgs is different!, and why did those other Rangers call them "Mutants"?
Princess Shayla: You met other Power Rangers?
(The Rangers nod)
Princess Shayla: Well, were they nice?
Cole, Max, Alyssa, and Danny: Yeah.
Taylor: No!
Max: Taylor especially liked the Quantum Ranger, Huh?
(Taylor walks off)

The Master's Last Stand[edit]

Master Org: [out of options] If I'm going down, I'm taking the Rangers with me.

[Master Org, defeated and defenseless, climbs to the top of a cliff, where Toxica and Jindrax are waiting for him]
Jindrax: Well, well, well, well, look who's came crawling back.
Master Org: You two! I am still your master!
Toxica: We don't take orders from a human.
Jindrax: That's you.
Toxica: We have a real org as our master now.
Master Org: What?
Jindrax: See for yourself.
(they move aside revealing the new Org general they resurrected earlier)
Mandilok: The real Master Org died 3,000 years ago, and is never coming back! Which makes me, Mandilok, the most powerful org alive!
(Master Org is enraged and tries to attack Mandilok)
Master Org: You will regret this someday!
Mandilok: Have a nice trip! (pushes Master Org over the cliff) We have work to do! Come on! Let's go!
Toxica: Right!
Jindrax: (to Master Org) See ya next fall!

Unfinished Business[edit]

Zen-Aku: Surprised to see me, Merrick?
Merrick: This is impossible! I broke your curse!

(The Rangers discover Merrick battling Zen-Aku)
Danny: Zen-Aku?
Cole: I don't understand. How could they be fighting each other?
Max: I thought Merrick was Zen-Aku?
Cole: We have to help him! (The Rangers reach for their Growl Phones)
Merrick: NO! I have to fight him alone! This is my fight, not yours!

Zen-Aku: You cannot run from your past!

Merrick: Now you've got all of us to worry about!
Zen-Aku: Fine! Then I'll destroy you all!


The Flute[edit]

Flute Org: No one appreciates jazz.

Team Carnival[edit]

Juggelo: You can be the clown, and I'll be the juggler, and together we'll be: Team Carnival!
Jindrax: Clown? Do I look like a clown to you?

Taylor: It was hard, bringing my self down to the level of you two kids.
Max: I'm not a kid!
Kite: That's right, he's a grown-up! It was like hanging out with a couple of grandparents.
Taylor and Max: What?
Taylor: Wait until grandma catches you!

Taming of the Zords[edit]

Monitoring Earth[edit]

The Soul of Humanity[edit]

Cole: Humans may make mistakes, but in times of need we will do whatever it takes to help our friends!

Forever Red[edit]

Tommy: Several years ago, the Machine Empire arrived from deep space, and tried to invade Earth. Myself and the other Zeo Rangers succeeded in stopping their invasion by destroying their leader, King Mondo, and most of the Empire with him. But now, the last surviving members of the Machine Empire have regrouped under the command of General Venjix, and are gathering here, on the Sea of Tranquility on the moon.
Eric: It looks like they're digging something there.
Wes: Well, what would they want on the moon?
Jason: Serpentera.
Tommy: Years ago, when Lord Zedd was defeated, his personal Zord remained hidden on the surface of the moon.
Andros: But I spent the last few years trailing General Venjix. Just recently he discovered the hidden location of Serpentera.
Jason: If the Machine Empire gets their hands on Serpentera, they're gonna have more than enough power to destroy Earth.
Cole: We have to stop them here - on the moon. We're the only chance Earth has.

Cole: I don't know much about spaceships, or this Machine Empire, but I will go where I must to protect the Earth.

General Venjix: Finally, we can avenge your untimely destruction, King Mondo.

Jason: Y'know, if you miss King Mondo that much, I promise we can help you join him.

General Venjix: What? TEN Red Rangers?

Cole: Morphinominal!

General Venjix: Serpentera lives again! Now no one is safe from the wrath of the Machine Empire!

General Venjix: Forgive me, Mondo! I have failed you, and the Empire!

General Venjix: Ever since the Power Rangers destroyed the Machine Empire, we have been forced to wander the stars in hiding.
Gerrok: That's right!
General Venjix: But no more! With this, the greatest Zord ever built, we will be able to rebuild the Machine Empire, and have revenge on those who destroyed our illustrious leader, King Mondo!

Tommy: I was starting to wonder whether you'd show up at all.
Jason: You didn't think I was gonna let you do this without the original Red Ranger, did you?

Jason: You must be the new guy.
[Cole sloppily wipes his hand off on his pants and extends it to Jason.]
Cole: Hi! I'm Cole!
Jason: Good...

Wes: What's going on? The call sounded urgent.
Tommy: I was hoping this day would never come. Andros has recently tracked down the remains of the evil Machine Empire.
T.J.: But I thought the Zeo Rangers destroyed them years ago.
Tommy: We destroyed their leaders, but some of their generals managed to survive. They've been hiding all these years. They've finally regrouped their forces and are amassing on the moon, preparing to invade Earth.

Cole: Who is that?
T.J.: That's Tommy, the Red Zeo Power Ranger! He's a legend!

Bulk: Yep, I've seen it all. Why, I even once met Lord Zedd and Rita.
Skull: Yeah? So did I.

General Venjix: Zedd was a fool to leave this buried here! His loss, our gain!

Cole: Wow. So that was Tommy? He really is the greatest Ranger.
[The others scoff and laugh]
Cole: What did I say?
T.J.: Well, I wouldn't go that far. After all, I was the one who replaced him.
Jason: Are you kidding me? I was doing all the work while he was at the juice bar kissing on Kimberly.
Carter: Alright, well, at least his haircut's regulation now. Right?
Eric: My Q-Rex would eat his Dragon Zord for lunch.
Leo: He didn't discover lost galaxies!
Wes: Hey, wait, wait, wait wait. I changed history. So why does he have a fan club, and I don't?
Andros: Hey! I saved two worlds! What about that?
T.J.: Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait! Did I ever you guys about the time I got baked in that giant pizza?

The Master's Herald[edit]

Pt. I[edit]

Onikage: Fellow Duke Orgs, I am the duke org Onikage at your service, I know a way that you could redeem yourselves with Mandilok.
Toxica: Really?, How?
Onikage: By bringing him the Princess.
Toxica and Jindrax: (Shocked) The Princess?
Toxica: You mean going to the Animarium and capture her?
(Onikage nods)

Pt. II[edit]

Master Org: Master Org has returned! You, Mandilok, the most treacherous of General Orgs! You thought you could get rid of me?! Huh?!
Mandilok: I am the greatest Org! I bow to no one! [charges at Master Org]
Master Org: How wrong you are. [laughs then blasts Mandilok with his staff, destroying him in a single hit]

(Jindrax confronts Master Org)
Jindrax: I've had it with being an Org! This is ridiculous. I can't trust any of you, especially you! [points at Master Org] You've lied, cheated, and destroyed everyone around you! For 3,000 years, Toxica and I waited for your return, and for what? You've betrayed your most loyal Duke Orgs. The ones who would do anything for you! Including cutting off their horn! You're beyond evil! You have no heart. You don't deserve anyone's loyalty! You've destroyed my best friend, and my faith in Orgs.
Master Org: (smirks) Put him out of his misery, Onikage.

Fishing for a Friend[edit]

Locomotive Org: I'm Locomotive Org, and you're on the wrong side of the tracks, Rangers!

Locomotive Org: Flattening Megazords is my specialty!

Sealing the Nexus[edit]

Jindrax: Sorry, Yellow Ranger, but it looks like our famous rivalry is finally at an end.
Taylor: Yeah... You were a worthy opponent... I guess.

Jindrax: Y'know Toxica, it felt strangely good to help someone for a change.
Toxica: Yeah? Well, don't get used to it!
Jindrax: Don't worry: Short attention span; I'll forget all about it by tomorrow!

Cole: Looks like this battle between humans and Orgs is finally over.
Jindrax: Hey, we're the most powerful Orgs on the planet, and we didn't say it's over!
Toxica: That's right. It's not over until we say it's over!
Max: So, is it over?
Jindrax/Toxica: Yeah, it's over!

The End of the Power Rangers[edit]

Part 1[edit]

(Master Org in his new org form with his old robe, walking towards the ranger, laughs deeply)

Master Org: Hello Rangers, Remember Me? (as he took off his beige robe) It is I, Master Org! It's so good to see you again.
Merrick: He must have used the Org heart, just like 3000 years ago.
Cole: Guys, it's time to finish the Orgs, once and for all.
Master Org: My transformation is complete, It is useless to resist me now!
Cole: Enough talk, let's do it! Let's go, guys! (As he leads the team to fight the new Master Org)

Part 2[edit]

(the Rangers stand defiant against Master Org in the pouring rain)
Master Org: You have no chance against me without your ranger’s powers.
Cole: We may not be Power Rangers anymore, and our Wild Zords may be gone, but their spirits still live - inside us! (puts on his vest) I, am Cole Evans! Blazing Lion! (poses)
Alyssa: We have one thing you Orgs could never have - a heart! Alyssa Enrile! Noble Tiger!
Taylor: That's one thing you can never take away from us! Taylor Earhardt! Soaring Eagle!
Max: And we're still Guardians of the Earth! Max Cooper! Surging Shark!
Danny: And we will never, ever give up! Danny Delgado! Iron Bison!
Merrick: We fight with every last breath in us to save the world! I am, Merrick Baliton! Howling Wolf!
Cole: Guardians of the Earth!

Zen-Aku: Where are you going?
Merrick: I go wherever the wind takes me.
Zen-Aku: You could use some company.
Merrick: My path is to walk alone. I still have much to atone for.
Zen-Aku: You and I have a lot in common. You're not the only lone wolf looking for redemption.
Merrick: Follow me if you must. I won't stop you.
Zen-Aku: Well then lead the way, old friend.

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