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Old Dogs is a 2009 American comedy film about two friends and business partners who find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead them to be the temporary guardians of seven year-old twins.

Directed by Walt Becker. Written by David Diamond and David Weissman.
Sit. Stay. Play Dad.taglines

Charlie Reed[edit]

  • [reading fine print from one of Dan's prescription bottles] Watch out for sudden loss of depth perception?

Dan Rayburn[edit]

  • Whoa, does this drink come with a diving board? It's insane!


Yancy: [after tackling Dan] How's that feel, Gilmore Girl?


Dan: If I'm going to be an old dad, you're going to be an Uncle Charlie. We can do this.
Charlie: We?

Yancy: You ladies ready to play a little Ultimate Frisbee?
Dan: I think so, Mr. Testosterone!

Charlie: You crying, man?
Jimmy: [holding back tears] I ain't cyring!

Charlie: The kids have never seen Friday the 13th, part 1 or 2!
Vicki: Oh, my God!
Dan: He's kidding. He's a kidder. He was scared of The Wizard of Oz. He's kidding. The monkeys got him in the nuts.

Zach: I think "scat" is poop.
Dan: Really, son?
Zach: Yeah.
Charlie: You wiped poop on my face?
Dan: Yeah. Scat happens, man.


  • Sit. Stay. Play Dad.
  • Life is Not Child-Proof


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