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Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017) is an American mystery teen drama thriller television series, airing on ABC Family (now Freeform), about four girls whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their leader. One year later, the estranged friends are reunited as they begin receiving messages from a mysterious figure named "A" who threatens to expose their deepest secrets. The show was created by I. Marlene King, based on the popular series of novels written by Sara Shepard.

A Is for A-L-I-V-E [4.01][edit]

Hanna: You were on the Halloween train dressed like Caleb.
Mona: To think we were this close to our first kiss.

Spencer: The cat plays with the mouse before she actually eats it.noodle.
Toby: You see this ? It's a fork. You can use it to eat the breakfast your boyfriend just cooked for you.

Turn of the Shoe [4.02][edit]

Aria: She's a mess. She can barely move. Has this wicked bruise on her shoulder. She landed on a huge rock.
Hanna: Why didn't she land on Mona?
Aria: Hanna, the car tried to flatten me and Mona. Emily hadn't jumped in we would have been road kill.Seriously, if "A's" new plan is to try to pick off the tiny ones in the herd-
Hanna: Okay, we are not a herd.
Aria: It's an expression.
Hanna: Yeah, for cows.
Aria: Well I've been crated, what does that make me?
Hanna: My mom didn't even blink when I pulled her phone out. It was like she knew it was stolen and she was just waiting for me to spill.
Aria: It's not gonna help you or your mom to tell her that "A" is back.
Hanna: Yeah, and framing her for a murder. So what am I supposed to do now, nothing? I mean, if Mona didn't put that phone in the casket, then who did? And who sent that tape of us outside of Wilden's car? And who stole Mona's hate-mobile? Melissa? Jenna? Shana?
Aria: You could always go ask her yourself.
Aria: Hanna? I wasn't serious. Han-
Hanna: Heeyyyyǃǃ You saving that seat for your gal pal Jenna?
Shana: Excuse me?ǃǃ
Hanna: Don't act like you haven't heard that name before. J-E-N-N-A-A. Why'd you skip wilden's funeral?
Aria: Hanna-.
Hanna: Jenna was there, why weren't you? You three were all buds, right? Where were you yesterday?!
Shana: I was at swim practice. But I don't recall signing a contract that said I had to report that to you.
Aria: Okay, Hanna, let's go-
Hanna: So swimming laps is more important than saying goodbye to an old friend?
Shana: What old friend?
Hanna: The groggy scumbag that you and Jenna scraped off of the road the night he was hit by a car.
Aria: Hanna, come on.

Aria: You can't be chatting up any cops in broad daylight, Monaǃ. If I can see you, so can A.
Mona: Stop talking to me like I'm a bucket of rocks! I'm scoping this out for all of us. What you should be asking is what I overheard before you screeched up like chicken freaking little.

Hanna: [on Wilden] I mean I wanted him gone, and I'll probably go to hell for saying that, but...
Ashley: I hope not; then you'll have to see him again.

Aria: How are we supposed to trust anything that she ever says? I mean, who knows what she told those cops? This is Mona.

She started lying when she was a fetus. Hey, why was Toby so upset when he left? - Were you guys fighting?

Spencer: No. Go back to the fetus.
Aria: Did I tell you I'm done with martial arts? Yeah. I can't even walk down that street. I kissed him.
Spencer: Who?
Aria: My instructor.
Spencer: Why?
Aria: I don't know.

I guess 'cause I miss Ezra and I almost got killed last Thursday and he smells like cinnamon.

Spencer: Who does?
Aria: Jake!
Spencer: Who's Jake?
Aria: My instructor. Pay attention!!
Hanna: Thanks for returning my calls!
Spencer: Where did you get that?
Hanna: Mrs Dilaurentis's porch.
Aria: You stole her bird?
Hanna: She gave it to me. And it's not just a bird, okay? It talks. Alison and Tippi were roommates in Georgia. This bird probably knows more about what happened to Ali than any of us.
Tippi: Mumbles something.
Hanna: It talks a lot.
Spencer: You think It's gonna tell us if Ali's still alive?
Aria: Wow, I thought that I was losing it.
Hanna: If you guys shut up for a minute. May be it would say some thing.
Spencer: Does it take requests?

Cat's Cradle [4.03][edit]

Face Time [4.04][edit]

Gamma Zeta Die! [4.05][edit]

Spencer: Mom, I am not a sofa!

Aria: Don't even bring up that singing canary.
Spencer: Parrot.
Aria: Whatever.

Ella: Do not use this weekend to discover beer pong.

Under the Gun [4.06][edit]

Emily: Mona may not be A, but she's definitely still a B.

Aria: I don't care who said what to who, but we need all brains on board and we are down ONE!
Spencer: Aye aye, captain.

Hanna: Well I'm ruining my mom's life, so that's got to count for something!

Aria: Ew, taste this, it's disgusting.
Spencer: No, you just spit in it.

Crash & Burn, Girl [4.07][edit]

Aria: They were just stacked on his nightstand like, "Hmm, what do I want to watch tonight, Jimmy Kimmel or boobs?"

Hanna: She can't just disappear; this isn't Hogwarts. There's only so many halls and classrooms.

The Guilty Girl's Handbook [4.08][edit]

Hanna: [to Mona] You're the only who actually knows how to live in a lie.

Hanna: Her blonde tarantula of a daughter.

Into the Deep [4.09][edit]

Spencer: Where is he?
Aria: Over there with that blonde with giraffe legs.

Aria: Jenna's back, and she's knocking into walls.

Aria: Hey, Paige, I thought you might want to know that Bridget Mu's in your kitchen; she's trying to make a bong out of your aunt's teapot.

The Mirror Has Three Faces [4.10][edit]

Caleb: Now you want to go to Radley and ring the bell jar.

Caleb [to Hanna] I thought you and carbs weren't friends anymore.

Spencer: [on CeCe] You're not just going to find her folding peasant skirts at the Diva Dish right now.
Hanna: Well then I'll search every hipster boutique until I find her.

Aria: You guys are about as silent as a monster truck rally. Now, shut up!

Bring Down the Hoe [4.11][edit]

Emily: Look, I don't want to be the person who ends up with a mushy squash.
Paige: Are you drunk?

Caleb: Come on, giddy up little doggy.

Emily: How am I supposed to live in that house?
Aria: Just hang out on the second floor.
Spencer: And wear underwear at all times.

Aria: Napping isn't living.
Spencer: Unless you're a reptile, which kind of describes CeCe.

Aria: It's just been a long time since I could go to school dance with someone I"m dating.

Hanna: Are you pregnant?
Emily: Shut up Hanna.
Aria: We understand you have a boyfriend, we've all had them.
Hanna: Yeah, even Emily.
Emily: Shut up Hanna

Now You See Me, Now You Don't [4.12][edit]

Emily: A's a terrorist, that's what she wants: To make us worry

Hanna: For once, I'm right and you're wrong, Spencer.

Caleb: She's probably eating popcorn and watching us play Desperately Seeking Mona.

Hanna: [on CeCe] That bitch has nine lives.

Grave New World [4.13][edit]

Who's in The Box [4.14][edit]

Love ShAck, Baby [4.15][edit]

Close Encounters [4.16][edit]

Peter: I'm not lying to her. I'm just not sharing everything. There's a difference.

Bite Your Tongue [4.17][edit]

Hot For Teacher [4.18][edit]

Shadow Play [4.19][edit]

Paige: I have to leave first.
Emily: Why?
Paige: 'Cause I can't stand to see you walk away from

Aria: I think I liked you better when you were dead.

Ezra: True love honey, you just can't kill it.

Toby: If I'm no damn good, why are you talking to me ?

Toby: Secrets aren't just secrets. They're weapons.

Toby: Don't look at the book, look at the pages !

Toby: Those pills.. They're not going to help you figure this out.

Free Fall [4.20][edit]

Aria: I don't even know who you are!

She's Come Undone [4.21][edit]

Toby: How can I help you If I don't even know you're in trouble?

Hanna: I know I didn't have to but I wanted to.

Cover For Me [4.22][edit]

Spencer: Fantastic! I will go upstairs and fill this with my dignity.

Hanna: Hey, Em. Can I ask you something?
Emily: We don't have any cheesy puffs.

Unbridled [4.23][edit]

A is For Answers [4.24][edit]

Hanna: It probably is and were just sitting here like geese
Spencer: Ducks
Hanna: What?
Spencer: You say like lame ducks, not geese
Hanna: OK, well whatever they both quack
Spencer: Geese honk...

Alison: What does N.A.T. are for anyway ? Need A Therapist ?!

Mona: Maybe you should die.

Noel: Is this the part where you guys kiss ??