Really Big Shrimp (Drake & Josh)

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Really Big Shrimp is a made-for-TV movie based on the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh.


Crazy Steve: Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in...
Lula: [annoyed] I know how to breathe!
Crazy Steve: [screaming] JUST DO WHAT I SAY!
Lula: [scared] Okay.

Audrey: [hears doorbell; talking about Helen and Lula] Walter, they're here.
Walter: Ooh. [walks before the front door]
Megan: Dad, are you sure about this?
Walter: Yes. And we are doing a very nice thing for a sweet old lady. [Lula breaks the door in]
Lula: Where's the bathroom?!
Audrey: Did you just break our door in?!
Lula: I rang the doorbell, waited 25 seconds, no one answered, what I supposed to do?
Josh: You could've rang the doorbell, again.
Lula: [to Helen] Who's that boy with a big head that looks like a tooth pick with a cantaloupe on top? [Megan laughs and Josh give her a furious look]
Megan: What, am I going to pretend that wasn't funny?
Helen: That's Josh, [introduces everyone else] That's Drake, I prefer him. That's Megan, that's Audrey, and this is...[forgets who Walter is]
Walter: Walter!
Lula: Great, now where's the bathroom?!
Audrey: Right through that door.
Lula: Well, thank you for finally giving me that information! [walks into bathroom and slams door]
Audrey: Is she always so--
Helen: Buh-bye! [goes away]
Megan: I can't believe that lady is staying in our guest room for a week.
Walter: No, she's staying in your room.
Megan: What?!
Audrey: You'll be staying in the boys' room.
Drake, Josh and Megan: What?!
Josh: This is an outrage!
Drake: What are we gonna stay?
Walter: [to Drake and Josh] Your room is huge. The three of you will be fine for a week.
Lula: Oh, no! [walks out of the bathroom] You guys need a new toilet!

Megan: Fine I'll tell him. Josh, Molly thinks you're cute.
Rest of Girls in the room: Eww!
[Josh walks out of the room]
Molly: Call me!!
Rest of Girls in the room: Eww!
[Josh peeks his head back through the door]

[Crazy Steve looks at watch]
Crazy Steve: It's time! [he steals old man's cane and starts chasing Josh] You ate my enchilada!
Josh: There was no note!
Crazy Steve: You eat my enchilada!
Josh: There was no note!

Audrey: Super Bowl's on.
Drake: I don't care.
Josh: But you have to watch it. It's your song.
Drake: It's not my song. It's some pop bubble-gum badness. I'll be on the roof.
Josh: Why?
Drake: Because you're not there.


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