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Sonic the Hedgehog 2, also simply known as Sonic 2, is a 2022 American fantasy-action-adventure-comedy film based on the video game franchise published by Sega. The movie stars James Marsden, Ben Schwartz, Tika Sumpter, Natasha Rothwell, Adam Pally, Lee Majdoub, and Jim Carrey in the reprising roles from the first movie. The movie also features Shemar Moore, Colleen O'Shaughnessey, and Idris Elba. It is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Directed by: Jeff Fowler. Produced by Neal H. Moritz, Toby Ascher, Toru Nakahara, and Hitoshi Okuno. Screenplay by Pat Casey & Josh Miller and John Whittington.
Welcome 2 the Next Level (tagline)

Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]

  • [from trailer] Quick stretch, little snack, and here we go.
  • Blue Justice. Trademark pending.
  • Morning, Wade! [Wade: Morning, Sonic!]
  • Good morning, Green Hills!
  • Look, I stopped a robbery! I was a hero! [Tom: No, you put people in danger and that's not what a hero does.] You're supposed to be my friend, stop trying to be my dad.
  • I just got goosebumps. Wait a second. Did you steal that from Oprah?
  • [Knuckles: You're unskilled… untrained… and unworthy!] You forgot one: unstoppable!
  • Today's forecast calls for a 100% chance of adventure!
  • [Driving a police car away from Knuckles. To Tails] I think we lost him. [Knuckles suddenly lands on the car and punches a hole through the roof] We've not lost him, we've definitely not lost him!
  • [Tails: I got idea, do you trust me?] Of course not! I literally just met you!
  • [To Tails] Did your butt just turn into a helicopter?
  • [to Robotnik] Okay, we gotta talk about your new look. It's like Professor X meets the Monopoly Man. Also, what kind of genius shows up to Siberia in a convertible?
  • [Directing a missle back to Robotnik] Return to sender!
  • Face it: you're never gonna get my power.
  • [Snowboarding down a snowy slope, Knuckles catching up to him, doing the same] Oh, great. The Winter Soldier!
  • [Fighting Knuckles] I don't wanna fight you, but you're not giving me much choice!
  • For a guy named Knuckles, you are really bad at punching.
  • Uh, meow?
  • Water. Why did it have to be water?
  • I gotta go fast.
  • Okay, this is what we're gonna do. Step 1: Light taunting. Step 2: I have no idea.
  • Stop saying "groin"!
  • [as Super Sonic] It's over, Eggman.

Miles "Tails" Prower[edit]

  • [first lines] If these readings are accurate, he's here! I found him! I just hope I'm not too late.
  • [from trailer] Name's Tails.
  • Wow, okay, let me just say it is an honor to finally meet you, Sonic. Is it okay if I call you Sonic? Everyone calls me "Tails". You're probably wondering why. [Sonic: Let me guess... because of the extra tail?] That's right! I should have known you'd get that!
  • That's Knuckles. The last of the Echidnas and the most dangerous warrior in the galaxy. He's obsessed with finding the Master Emerald.
  • Ha ha ha! A butt-copter!
  • [Repeated line] Only Sonic the Hedgehog...
  • [referring to Dr. Robotnik] That guy again?
  • Growing up, I didn't have any friends. Everyone in my village thought my two tails were weird. [Sonic: Hey, I know that feeling.] But then I saw you; the fastest creature in the galaxy. You were weird too, but you were a legend. That made me think, maybe being weird isn't so bad. You inspired me to leave my village, to find you and help you on your mission.
  • [Flying inside Robotnik's giant robot] Looks like your fancy robot has a glitch! [Makes multiple holographic images of himself to confuse Robotnik] Is it me? What about me? I'm over here! Up top! Down below! Behind you! I'm over here! Sorry! Over here! Too slow! Missed me again!

Knuckles the Echidna[edit]

  • [To Robotnik] Where did you get that?
  • Do I look like I need your power?
  • [Hanging off the side of a cliff, sees several of Robotnik's drones pointed at him] You think these machines are a match for me? I will shatter them like the bones of a fallen-! [Looks below and sees that the robots have attached themselves to the cliff for him to walk on] Oh, they are stairs.
  • I understand nothing of what you just said.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog… you're no match for me.
  • I am an echidna warrior. Trained since birth in all forms of lethal combat and destined to destroy anything that gets in my way.
  • You're unskilled, untrained, and unworthy!
  • You're no match for me. I've been training for this my entire life!
  • 'Dis... is how I roll.
  • [As Robotnik betrays him] That wasn't the deal!
  • But I trusted you! You were my friend!
  • [After Sonic hits him with a sandball] How dare you attack me in my hour of sorrow! [Gets hit with another sandball]
  • [To the Wachowskis, after Sonic has been transformed into "Super Sonic" by the Chaos Emeralds] Wait! You cannot touch him! The hedgehog holds the power of the Emerald. I am sorry. He's no longer the Sonic you once knew. [Sonic uses his summon a chili dog for him to eat. He then makes two more chili dogs, which both land on Knuckles' face] Okay, he is exactly the Sonic you once knew.

Dr. Robotnik[edit]

  • Doctor's log. It is day 243 in this... Portabello purgatory... My only companion is a rock I named "Stone". The question is... for whom am I narrating this? It seems I have become a feature player in the theater of the absurd. Marooned in deep space by that wretched blue rodent. But it is all good thanks to a breathable atmosphere and my supreme intellect, sharpened against the only competitor savvy enough to br-r-r-r-ring it.
  • [To Knuckles] From a little blue menace on a planet called Earth. I'd be happy to show you the way.
  • Since I've been gone, I've discovered the source of ultimate power!
  • Where are my manners? Sonic, meet Knuckles. My new BFF-A-E. Bestest friend forever and ever.
  • [referring to finding the source of ultimate power] [Stone: That sounds big.] It's been on my vision board for years.
  • Papa's got a brand new 'stache!
  • Someone call an Uber? It's cold in here. Let's turn up the heat.
  • [In the Emerald temple's maze, he and Knuckles run from a giant spiked metal ball rolling at them, a la Indiana Jones] I don't wanna die like this; it's derivative!
  • [After dodging more booby traps in the Emerald temple's maze] I've solved it: there's a booby trap every seven seco-- [Just as he says 'seconds', a giant axe swings down right in front of Robotnik, just brushing against his mustache, and then imbeds itself into the wall] That was a little early. [Briefly looks down, then exhales with relief] So glad it didn't cut off my...mustache.
  • [doing commentary on Sonic and Knuckles' fight] The echidna's taking no prisoners today! Sonic has heart, but will he lose the "quill" to live?
  • Hedgehog, it's time to say goodbye to humanity.
  • Welcome to the new norm!
  • You might wanna ground yourself.
  • World domination playlist.
  • [Sonic redirects a missile back to Robotnik's robot, hitting it in its knee. The impact jolts the robot to where Stone is slammed against the wall and knocked out] Stone? Oh, great. Next thing you know, there'll be a report about a hostile work environment!
  • [last words as he falls to his supposed death] Oh, it's like that? OK, we're not friends! LATER, HATER!

Tom Wachowski (a.k.a. The Donut Lord)[edit]

  • Sonic, I love that you want to help make a difference, but you're being reckless... Pretending to be Batman.
  • Sonic, taking care of yourself is not what being a hero is all about. It's about taking responsibility for other people. And now, whether you wanna hear this or not, you are still just a kid. You got some more growing up to do before you're ready to be a hero. Trust me, there will come a time when your powers will be needed. But you don't choose that moment. That moment chooses you.
  • It's the Donut Lord. A real genius would remember the name of the guy who helped kick your butt off this planet, and I'll do it again if you mess with Green Hills.
  • [after Sonic calls him "Dad"] I'll race you to the truck. 1, 2, 3, go!

Agent Stone[edit]

  • [surprised by Robotnik's return to Earth] He's back. HE'S BACK!!!


Dr. Robotnik: Thank you, Stone! It's time to say goodbye to this... piece of shiitake planet!
[Robotnik licks Sonic's quill, electrocuting himself again before making a beeline for the Ring portal in slow motion. However, he stops at the sight of a silhouette then gasps as he stops in his tracks falling on his back as we see the creature's hand, encased in a massive white boxing glove-like glove with twin spikes. In a close up of his face, the creature reveals himself to be a red anthropomorphic echidna marching right up to him with his eyes glowing purple. The echidna, Knuckles, walks up to Robotnik before noticing Sonic's quill in his palm]
Knuckles: Where did you get that?
[Robotnik looks to Sonic's quill in his hand and swiftly lifts it in between their faces]
Robotnik: From a little blue menace on a planet called Earth.
[Knuckles looks at Robotnik sternly]
Robotnik: I'd be happy to show you the way.

Hostage: What the heck are you?!
Sonic: Fear not, citizen. I am the hero you need and the hero you deserve. The blue dawn that banishes the darkest– HOLY CRAP!
[Sonic spots a pedestrian on the road and proceed to scream with the hostage as he takes the wheel and drives around her. The hostage continues to scream]
Sonic: Don't worry! Nobody's gonna get hurt!
[The chase continues as the bag of dynamite proceeds to slide right next to Sonic]
Sonic: Huh, what are those?
Hostage: Bombs, BOMBS! THEY’RE BOMBS! Those are bombs!
Sonic: Relax, they're not even lit! so I'll say again, nobody's gonna get–
[The dynamite sticks turn on as their fuses ignite]
Sonic: AHH!! I was wrong! We're all gonna die!
Hostage: Why aren't you slowing down?!
Sonic: That would require brakes.
[Sonic presses on the breaks to no avail as they are blocked by an unconscious bank robber, and he takes the bag of dynamite with his foot and picks it up with his hand]
Sonic: Ahh! Ohh! Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot!
Hostage: Why don't you just let the police handle this?!
Sonic: Because that's not what heroes do!
[Sonic throws all the dynamite sticks out the window. They all fall into a random garbage truck before they explode, scattering its trash everywhere]
Sonic: Thank you very much! Please hold your applause!
[Trash falls on the windshield of the truck. The chase continues. The hostage hears a hissing.]
Hostage: Hey, ya hear that? There's one bomb left!
Sonic: Uh-oh.
[Sonic zooms toward the truck's small cubby and proceeds to look under]
Hostage: Did you check under the seat?
Sonic: Of course I checked under the seat!
[The chase still continues]
Hostage: You are terrible at this!
[Sonic latches onto the wire on the door separating him and the hostage]
Sonic: You know what? Your negative attitude is not helping anyone!

Sonic: No need to thank me, citizens! All in the night's work for… Blue Justice!
Hostage: You're a terrible hero!
[Sonic laughs as he zips away]

Sonic: I can take care of myself.
Tom: Sonic, taking care of yourself is not what being a hero is all about. It's about taking responsibility for other people. And now, whether you wanna hear this or not, you are still just a kid. You got some more growing up to do before you're ready to be a hero. Trust me, there will come a time when your powers will be needed. But you don't choose that moment. That moment chooses you.
Sonic: Whoa. Look at you. Look, I just got– I just got goosebumps. Wait a second, did you steal that from Oprah?
Tom: No, sir, it's a Wachowski family special. Came from my dad, in this very boat, in this very lake. He would always try and steer me in the right direction. That's what Maddie and I always try to do with you. So, until your moment arrives, I want you to work on being more responsible. Comprende?
Sonic: Comprende. High-five on it!

[Robotnik uses a taser to cut open the knob of the door then opens it]
Sonic: [shocked] Eggman?
[Robotnik blows out the taser like a candle then faces Sonic]
Robotnik: Hello, hedgehog! Did you miss me?
Sonic: I don't know how you got back, but you made a big mistake coming here.
Robotnik: Au contraire, mon frere. The mistake was thinking that you've won. But that was just a prelude, an hors d'oeuvre, an aperitif, an Amuse-bouche–
Sonic: I get it.
Robotnik: [chuckles as he walks forward waving a finger] I don't think you do, but you will, and so will that idiot sheriff and his wife.
[Sonic makes a fist with blue energy building up]
Robotnik: And your little dog, too!
[Sonic rushes up and time slows as he prepares to punch Robotnik in the face but he backs away to reveal Knuckles leaping right at Sonic. Time goes back to normal as he punches him right through a wall, destroying the TV. Sonic lays on the couch dazed, as he looks through the wall to see Knuckles looking right at him.]
Knuckles: Pitiful. [walks through the hallways as Sonic gets up]
Sonic: Who are you?
Robotnik: [sticks his head through the hole] Where are my manners? [walks through the hallway and stands right behind Knuckles] Sonic... meet Knuckles. My new BFF-A-E. Bestest friend forever and ever.
Sonic: [gets on the floor and gets his bag of Rings as he wears it like a strapped backpack] Look, Robotnik, I don't care who you bring to help you. You're never gonna get my power.
Knuckles: Do I look like I need your power?

Tails: Wow. OK, let me just say it is an honor to finally meet you, Sonic. Is it OK if I call you Sonic? (My name's Miles Prower.) Everyone calls me "Tails". You're probably wondering why.
Sonic: Let me guess, because of the extra tail?
Tails: That's right! I should've known you'd get that!
Sonic: Cool. Also, what is going on?! Robotnik's back, and who is Clifford the Big Red Rage Monster?
Tails: Oh, that's Knuckles, the last of the echidnas and the most dangerous warrior in the galaxy. He's obsessed with finding the Master Emerald.
Sonic: Are you serious, the Master Emerald? That's just a bedtime story!
Tails: Well, he believes it's real, and he must think you're the key to finding it.

Tails: Uh, Sonic? Where are we?
Wade: Welcome to the Wade Cave, which is something I hope to someday say to a woman. A woman who's not my mom.
Sonic: Wade, focus. We need to figure out why Knuckles thinks I'm the key to finding the Master Emerald, and why did he mention Longclaw?
Tails: There must be a connection.
Sonic: Wait a minute, there is. [gets out the safe worlds map and points to the emerald on it] There's an emerald on the map Longclaw gave me. I never knew what it meant before.
[The map glows as the black outlines turn green and shut the lights off.]
Tails: Something's happening.
[Sonic lets go of the map and the map falls to the floor as green smoke surrounds the map. Then a hologram of Longclaw emerges from the map as she is spreading her wings.]
Sonic: Longclaw?
Longclaw: Hello, Sonic. If you're watching this, then something has happened to me and I pray that you've made it to Earth unharmed. This world has been chosen for a very important reason. It's the secret location of the Master Emerald. [spreads her wings out, revealing an image of the Master Emerald, a green diamond]
Sonic: Woah...
Longclaw: The emerald has the power to turn thoughts into reality.
Wade: Just like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.
Tails: Shhh.
Longclaw: In the wrong hands, it can threaten all life in the universe. Protecting the emerald was my sacred duty, and now I must pass that responsibility to you.
Sonic: This is my moment.
Longclaw: Follow the map, find the emerald, and keep it safe. Sonic, you have a heart like no other creature I've met. I love you so much. Goodbye.
[The hologram ends as Longclaw sinks into the map, fading.]
Sonic: No, no, no, wait.
[The hologram of Longclaw's feather floats into Sonic's hand, which fades as he closes his hands.]
Sonic: I won't let you down, Longclaw.
[Tails looks concerned for Sonic.]
Wade: So, is he like... your dad?
Tails: What?
Wade: No?
Sonic: [walks over to the map and picks it up] According to the map, the first clue is in Siberia. It's a compass that'll lead us to the emerald.
Tails: And with Knuckles already here, it's a race.
Wade: "Knuckles"… Ya know, I knew a kid in middle school named Knuckles. Could fit his whole fist in his mouth. If this is the same Knuckles, then we're screwed.
Sonic: This Knuckles, that Knuckles, doesn't matter. We're gonna get there first. [throws a Ring and opens a portal that has Siberia on the other side]
Tails: Hehehe, ummm. What do you mean "we"?
Sonic: You're coming with me.
Tails: Oh, no, no, no, no. I-I just came here to warn you. I'm not a field guy.
Sonic: Don't worry, I got your back. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. [makes a fist and lifts it to Tails, who walks over to him] It's a power bump. On Earth, it means an unbreakable promise.
Tails: Okay, I'm in! [he and Tails power bump]

Tails: Check this out.
Sonic: Can you translate that?
Tails: Yeah. Ages ago, a fearsome group of warriors – known as the echidnas – forged the seven Chaos Emeralds into the most unstoppable weapon ever created.
Sonic: The Master Emerald.
Tails: With it, a single warrior could defeat entire armies. Believing no one should have such power, an order of heroes recovered the emerald and swore to protect it from evil. Sounds like the owls and echidnas have been fighting each other (over that emerald) for centuries.
Sonic: Like Vin Diesel and The Rock.

Sonic: Has anyone ever told you you've got serious anger issues?
Knuckles: You mock me with your weak jokes, but you know nothing about me, hedgehog.
Sonic: Well, I know you echidnas have a habit of showing up uninvited and ruining my life!
Knuckles: Ruining your life? Another bad joke. [becoming more pensive and sad] I lost everything because of you. My tribe was on the verge of its greatest victory. The last of the owl warriors were located; soon, Longclaw's Emerald secrets would be ours. But my father stopped me from joining the fight. He said my moment to honor our tribe would come, but it was not this moment. Those were the last words he spoke to me. I never saw him again.
Sonic: [somberly] We both lost everything that day.

[Sonic, Tails and a massive amount of snow crash through the portal, sending the wedding guests flying]
Tom: Is anybody hurt? Sonic, are you OK?
Maddie: What's happening? Are you hurt?
Sonic: No, no, no. I'm fine.
Tom: OK, good. 'Cause you're in so much trouble!
Maddie: OK. [to Tom, with her hands out to him] You, calm down. [Tom calms down and she turns to Sonic] And you, talk. (Tell us what happened.)
Sonic: OK, (it's a) quick version. Robotnik is back on Earth, and he's after a magic Emerald.
Tom: What?
[With an annoyed look, Rachel slaps her hands to her legs]
Sonic: We need to get it back or the world is doomed. [spots Tails sill lying down and surrounded by snow] Tails! Oh, no, no, no!
Maddie: Wait. All of this happened since yesterday?
Tom: Hey, wait, wait. Who's Tails?
[Sonic digs up Tails, who is still unconscious]
Sonic: Tails, can you hear me?
Rachel: [shocked] Oh, Lord, there are two of 'em now.
Sonic: OK, OK, lemme think, lemme think. Tails, come on, buddy.
[Suddenly, an electric net is shot onto Sonic, knocking him out!]
Tom: Whoa!

Rachel: Randall, why do all of your friends have weapons?
Walters: You really should have taken me up on that brunch, Mr. and Mrs. Wachowski.
Tom: Olive Garden guy?
Walters: (It's Walters.) It's OK, everyone. We're federal agents. You, too, agent. Go ahead.
[Randall reveals his badge]
Rachel: You mean to tell me that this entire wedding was a setup?!
Randall: Rachel, wait a minute.
Tom: What?
Walters: That's correct, ma'am. Every single aspect of Operation Catfish was a complete fabrication.
Rachel: Operation Catfish?! So is everyone here an agent?! [to the priest] Are you an agent?! [The priest reveals a taser inside his book] Son of a… Was the florist an agent? How about the photographer?! The woman who waxed my… At the spa? Is Jojo an agent?
Randall: Rachel.
Jojo: What?
Randall: Rachel, listen to me. (I can explain.)
Randall: I am so sorry, I am so sorry. I really am. I am so sorry.

Walters: Something bothering you, agent?
Randall: I just feel a little guilty about what I did to Rachel, sir.
Walters: Don't worry about it. We'll send her a gift card. Now, I propose a toast to a perfectly executed operation.
GUN Agent: Sir, we're under attack.
Randall: Oh, my god. Rachel. What... a... woman.
Rachel: You no-good, lowdown, dirty, lying…
Randall: Rachel, just listen to me.
Walters: Party's over, bride-zilla. Stop right there.
Rachel: You son of a…
Walters: Have it your way.
Randall: No! No!
Walters: Very disappointing, Agent Handel. Is that supposed to be a weapon?
Rachel: I don't know, but we gonna find out!
Walters: Haven't you caused enough trouble for one day?
Rachel: I haven't even begun causing trouble! Hell hath no fury like a bride scorned! [fires the device in her hand at the wedding cake, pulverizing it and surprising Walters, including Rachel herself] Looks like it's real, huh? No. Right.
Randall: Be honest. How bad is it?
Rachel: Not bad at all. You got tased. You'll be fine.
Randall: I'm so cold.
Rachel: You landed on our ice sculpture. Get up. Just… Just tell me the truth, for once. Is there anything about you or about us that was real?
Randall: Rachel, look at me. Before I met you, I didn't think that I was even capable of real happiness, but that all changed when you walked into my life, and I ended up breaking the first rule of undercover work.
Rachel: Which is...?
Randall: Never fall in love.

[Sonic crashes through the ceiling of the Master Emerald's chamber, in front of Robotnik and Knuckles, poison darts stuck in his quills]
Sonic: [coughs] Nailed it.
[A giant mace ball lands right behind him]
Robotnik: This guy is always trying to spoil a bad thing!
Sonic: Oh, you guys are here too?
[He shakes the darts off of his head]
Sonic: Took the long way, huh?
Knuckles: Is everything a joke to you? Why must you constantly interfere with my destiny?
Sonic: Because my destiny is to protect my friends and family!
Robotnik: I think I just threw up in my mouth.
Sonic: If you want the Emerald, you're gonna have to go through me.
[As Robotnik gulps, Sonic races upstairs towards the Emerald. Robotnik jumps back with amazement. Knuckles zooms up]

Knuckles: [as he goes to crush Sonic with a large rock] Say goodbye, hedgehog. (Any last words?)
[Sonic gapes as he spots Robotnik]
Sonic: Knuckles, stop! Robotnik is stealing the Emerald!
Knuckles: (Really? Those are your last words?) What kinda fool do you take me for?
Sonic: Just look!
[Following Sonic's attention, Knuckles looks over his shoulder to watch Robotnik]
Robotnik: Mine.
[As Robotnik goes to grab the Emerald, Knuckles shouts as if stopping him]
Knuckles: Wait! That wasn't the deal. [drops the rock]
Robotnik: Oh, you poor naive creature. It's not your fault. A more advanced intellect would've seen this move coming a mile away, or 1.6 kilometers.
Knuckles: But I trusted you! You were my friend!
[Robotnik laughs, pretends to cry, then laughs again kinda like the Grinch]
Robotnik: Sorry. That just hit me funny. Let this be my final to you, you dimwitted celestial skin tag. Friends are open, honest and vulnerable with each other, which means X square times the hypotenuse of Y square divided by the absolute power of friendship equals... dookie!
Sonic: Oh, no!
[Robotnik grabs hold of the Emerald and a wave of green energy surrounds him. The force knocks Sonic and Knuckles off of their feet]
Robotnik: Chaos... is... power...!
[With his jacket turned black and the lenses on his goggles and the trim turned green, Robotnik and the Emerald disappear. The whole temple starts to collapse]

[Sonic is washed on the beach, saved by Knuckles]
Sonic: You saved me.
[Frowning, Knuckles sits]
Knuckles: Don't talk to me. I'm not in the mood.
[Sonic hits him with a sandball]
Knuckles: How dare you attack me in my hour of sorrow?!
[Sonic throws another sandball at him]
Sonic: Why did you save me?
[Knuckles throws a large sandball that almost buried him completely]
Knuckles: Because you saved me first, which clearly gave you a tactical advantage I do not understand.
[Sonic shakes sand off of himself]
Sonic: It wasn't a tactic. I couldn't just let you die.
Knuckles: But why? I've been trying to destroy you since the moment we met.
Sonic: Because being a hero isn't about taking care of yourself, it's about taking responsibility for other people.
Knuckles: Wise words. An ancient Earth proverb?
Sonic: No, sir, it's a Wachowski family special. I got it from a guy in a rowboat. Someone who means a lot to me.

Knuckles: Those were our best attacks, and they did nothing.
Tails: We can't beat Robotnik as long as he's got that emerald. He's too powerful.
Sonic: Look, we aren't strong enough to beat Robotnik on our own, but there's three of us. [to Knuckles] Your strength... [to Tails] ...Your smarts, and my speed, together. That's how we win.
Knuckles: So we make our stand here on the field of battle.
Tails: As a team!
Sonic: This is it. This is our moment!
Robotnik: Time to fight.
Sonic: Bad time to say this, but I don't actually have a plan. Tails, any ideas?
Tails: We have to find his weak spot.
Knuckles: I suggest the groin.
Sonic: What? No, no!
Knuckles: Traditionally, yes. The groin is the weakest spot.
Sonic: Stop saying "groin".
Robotnik: Hedgehog!
Sonic: Look out! I know what his weak spot is, it's me! I'm the groin! Think about it! I live rent-free in this dude's head, so if I go out there and rile him up...
Knuckles: He'll focus on only you, leaving himself open to a flanking maneuver from me and the fox! Hedgehog, you are a brave and noble warrior! Go to your certain death with honor!
Sonic: We're going to have to work on your pep talks, pal.
Tails: Yeah.
Sonic: Let's go.

Sonic: Okay, this is what we're gonna do. Step 1 - Light taunting. Step 2 - I have no idea.

[After Robotnik has been defeated, Knuckles repairs the Master Emerald and brings it to Sonic and Tails]
Knuckles: I've spent my entire life questing for this. Now I have it, now we have it. What can we do with it? What next?
Tails: There were once two orders of heroes who protected the galaxy from those who used the Emerald for evil.
Knuckles: But they've all passed on to the great battlefield in the sky.
Sonic: So we start a new order. The three of us.
Knuckles: This is no light task. We must make a vow: to use our powers to keep the universe safe, to watch out for each other; our new tribe.
Tails: Oh, I know! A power bump!
[Sonic holds out his fist]
Sonic: Good idea!
[Sonic puts his fist against Tails's. Knuckles looks at them confused]
Tails: It's an Earth custom. An unbreakable promise.
Knuckles: Very well. A power bump it is.
[Knuckles puts his own fist against Sonic and Tails's fists]
Sonic: Power bump!

Tom: [to Sonic before getting ice cream with Tails, Knuckles, Maddie and Ozzy] Oh, I'm happy for you, pal. You got your wingmen. Perfect friends to grow up with.
Tails: Come on, Knuckles.
Knuckles: Ah, my victory chariot!
[Knuckles jumps into the back of the truck]
Sonic: I got a lot more than that… Dad.
[Tom smiles]
Tom: I'll race you to the truck. 1, 2, 3, GO!
[Sonic races Tom to the truck]

[In a post-credits scene, dozens of soldiers scan the area around Robotnik's downed robot]
Walters: [closing lines] Agent, I want an update.
Agent Faucet: We're still searching, sir. But we haven't found any sign of Robotnik.
Walters: No one could've survived that crash. He's toast. Good riddance. What a mess that lunatic made.
[A masked GUN soldier walks behind the pair, pulling his mask down to reveal himself to be Stone with a scar on his face]
Faucet: Sir, there’s something else. When we were wiping Robotnik off our database, we found something — a file buried deep in our system and dating back over 50 years.
Walters: What was it?
Faucet: Coordinates, sir.
Walters: Coordinates, to what?
[The scene cuts to a lab, where a containment capsule opens, revealing a hedgehog inside it]
Faucet: [voiceover] A secret research facility. It was a black site, sir. Someone worked very hard to keep this hidden.
[The hedgehog looks like Sonic but black with red streaks on his head and body, and a tuft of white fur on his chest. The hedgehog also wears red, white and black shoes and white gloves with each red tongue on them. Four gold rings are around the gloves and shoes like cuffs]
Walters: [voiceover; realizes] My god... Project Shadow.
[Shadow opens his eyes which ignite with red energy]


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