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Steven Universe (2013–2019) is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar, former storyboard artist, writer, and composer for Adventure Time. It is produced by Cartoon Network Studios, and is the first show by the studio to be created by a woman. The series aired on Cartoon Network in North America from November 4, 2013 to January 21, 2019.


Steven Universe: You're back!
Amethyst: Hey, Steven, look at this! [pulls out small cackling skull]
Pearl: Whoa! What are you, crazy?! [knocks the skull out of Amethyst's hand and stomps it]
Steven Universe: What the heck was that?!
Pearl: An Electric Skull, our Crystal Palace was swarming with them.
Amethyst: They were after this. [takes out an hourglass from her fanny pack]
Steven Universe: [entranced] Can I see that?
Amethyst: Yeah, sure.
Pearl: [interrupts] No! It’s extremely powerful, we shouldn't have even brought it home.
Steven Universe: Garnet! Tell Pearl to let me see the thing! [Garnet puts finger to his lips]
Garnet: Shh...
Steven Universe: Aw, man! I wanna come next time! I even wrote us a song. [takes out ukulele] It’s like: If you’re— W-wait, hold on. Hmm... [tunes ukulele, singing]
If you're evil and you're on the rise
You can count on the four of us taking you down
'Cause we're good and evil never beats us
We'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas.
We... are the Crystal Gems
We'll always save the day
And if you think we can't
We'll always find a way.
That's why the people of this world... believe in
Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl... and Steven!


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