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Steven Universe: The Movie is a 2019 animated musical produced by Cartoon Network. The events of the film follow Season 5 of Steven Universe.


White Diamond: [narrating] Once upon a time, the Gem Homeworld was ruled by Diamonds -- White, Yellow, Blue, and the littlest Diamond, Pink. While the other Diamonds conquered many worlds across the galaxy, Pink had only one -- the planet Earth. One day, Pink fled the comforts of Homeworld. On Earth, she made a new home, new friends, and finally, new life, giving up her form to bequeath her gem to her half-human son. Without Pink, Gemkind entered an era of despair. But, when Steven Universe learned of his heritage, he reunited with his fellow Diamonds and championed a new era of peace and freedom across the furthest reaches of space. [shuts book] And now, dear Gems everywhere, I'm pleased to announce that Steven is finally ready to take his rightful place on Pink Diamond's throne!

Steven: How's it going, everybody? I know you all might be thinking of me as the new Pink Diamond, but you don't have to put me on a throne. I already have a rightful place, and it's on Earth. It's a beach house, where I live with my friends, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. As much as I've loved dismantling the empire and saving all your planets, I can't wait to get home and spend some quality time with my friends.

Steven: Spinel, where are we going?
Spinel: Back. To where I never left.

Spinel: All that stuff's easy for you to say. When you change, you change for the better. When I change, I change for the worse! [lunges at Steven, as he easily defends her blows with his shield] I used to be just not good enough! Just not good enough for Pink, but now -- now... I'M NOT GOOD AT ALL! [grows her fists to ridiculous sizes, slams them down at Steven's shield, further cracking the injector's surface; Noticing her collapse to her knees and wind down, Steven simply listens to her final breakdown] (laughs and cries) That's funny, r-right? A-At least you found me entertaining. You actually liked me, didn't you? What am I doing? Why do I wanna hurt you so bad? I'm supposed to be a friend. I just wanna be a friend.

Blue Diamond: Knock, knock, Steven.
Yellow Diamond: It's us.
White Diamond: The Diamonds? Are we interrupting something?
Steven: Uh, yeah. [Spinel hides as the 3 Diamonds descend from the ship] Yellow, Blue, White, what are y'all doing here?
Yellow Diamond: Well, Steven, we were all talking and -- [sniffs] I'm sorry, but what is that smell?
Steven: I don't smell anything.
Yellow Diamond: Ugh. that's 'cause you live here.
Blue Diamond: Anyway, we were talking, and we decided --
White Diamond: This is taking too long! Steven! We've come to Earth to live with [points her massive finger at Steven] you!
Steven: What?! My house isn't big enough for all of us.
White Diamond: Oh, well, I'm sure we could make do with, um... [looks out at Beach City's ruined state: land split open, houses ruined, and injector debris scattered] Has your planet always been this... [waves her arm] destroyed?
Blue Diamond: Not that we're judging.
White Diamond: Goodness, no, because judging anything based on appearance is wrong!


Happily Ever After[edit]

Steven Universe: Here we are in the future
Here we are in the future and it's bright
Nothing to fear
No one to fight
I can't believe we've come so far
Happily ever after, here we are

Who We Are[edit]

Steven: Here we are in the future
Here we are in the future and it's wrong
Just a second ago, we were singing this song
And now, they're gone, because of her
Happily ever after, there we were


Steven: I'll be ready every day
For as long as I can say
Here I am in the future with my friends
(I can make a change)
That's why
Happily ever after never ends

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