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Steven Universe: The Movie is a 2019 animated musical produced by Cartoon Network. The events of the film follow Season 5 of Steven Universe.


White Diamond: [narrating] Once upon a time, the Gem Homeworld was ruled by Diamonds -- White, Yellow, Blue, and the littlest Diamond, Pink. While the other Diamonds conquered many worlds across the galaxy, Pink had only one -- the planet Earth. One day, Pink fled the comforts of Homeworld. On Earth, she made a new home, new friends, and finally, new life, giving up her form to bequeath her gem to her half-human son. Without Pink, Gemkind entered an era of despair. But, when Steven Universe learned of his heritage, he reunited with his fellow Diamonds and championed a new era of peace and freedom across the furthest reaches of space. [shuts book] And now, dear Gems everywhere, I'm pleased to announce that Steven is finally ready to take his rightful place on Pink Diamond's throne!
[Pan down to Steven, now 16 years old, with the spotlight shining on him]
Steven: How's it going, everybody? I know you all might be thinking of me as the new Pink Diamond, but you don't have to put me on a throne. I already have a rightful place, and it's on Earth.
Blue Diamond: Huh?
White Diamond: What?
Steven: It's a beach house, where I live with my friends, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. As much as I've loved dismantling the empire and saving all your planets, I can't wait to get home and spend some quality time with my friends.
White Diamond: Cut the feed.
Yellow Pearl: Your time is up anyway.
Steven: I think that went well.

Spinel: Your human half won't stand a chance against my injector. Not after what I just did to your gem!

Spinel: I'm so excited to meet you!
Steven: You're not mad?
Spinel: Mad? Why would I be mad at my best friend? [giggles]

Peridot: She rode in on that?!
Steven: Yeah. She said my human half wouldn't stand a chance against her injector.
Lapis: What does that mean?
Peridot: Why don't we just ask her?
Steven: Well, here's the thing- [Spinel creeps up from behind him and pokes at his shoulders] Hmm? What? Where'd she- [Spinel pops up from behind him and he gets startled] Aah!
Steven: Here she is… My new best friend, Spinel.
Spinel: [bows] A pleasure to meet you all.
Bismuth: I thought you said she was just trying to kill you.
Lapis: Wow. Quick turnaround.
Peridot: No kidding. It took me months to stop trying to kill Steven.
Bismuth: I say it took me a day- day and a half?
Lapis: I'm still on the fence.
[The three laugh]
Peridot: Alright, let's see this thing she hit you with.
Steven: Uh, right. [pulls out the deactivated scythe and hands it to Peridot]
Peridot: Whoa. Was there, like, uh, a laser or-
Bismuth: [snatches the weapon from Peridot's hands] Be careful with that! It's a Rejuvenator. [activates the scythe-like weapon] Homeworld used to use these things on Gems that started steppin' out of line. One hit with this… [reactivates it and sadly looks at Ruby and Sapphire] you're back to how they made you.
Ruby: What are you lookin' at?
Peridot: Oh my stars, I touched it! I could have lost all my character development! Wait, how did you survive being hit by that thing, Steven?
Steven: I-I think I didn't. My human half kept me from poofing, but-but my Gem half, it took the hit! She sent me back, it's like I'm a kid again! I can barely control my powers! How do we reverse this? Oh, no. Do I need to get the Diamonds?
Lapis: You're the one with healing powers. If anyone can fix this, it's you.
Steven: I can't believe this. For the first time in years, everyone's in danger. Everybody needs me, and I'm useless! Bismuth, what do we do?
Bismuth: I'm sorry, Steven. [sighs] I don't know.
Steven: [turns to Ruby and Sapphire] Garnet would know what to do. Garnet always knows what to do.

Steven: [pacing around] So, when Ruby and Sapphire first became Garnet, Ruby rushed in to save Sapphire from danger, and bam! They fused. So, maybe we gotta create some sort of dangerous situation.

Amethyst: What's the damage?
Peridot: Amethyst, get away from me. I can't stand to see you all vacant and bereft of personality.
Amethyst: Yo, I'm back, you dip.
Peridot: Oh! Well, you're just in time for the end of the world! This is no ordinary injector. Whatever it's leaking into the ground is toxic. Let's get a scan going and see what we're dealing with. [bubbles a soil sample Bismuth shoveled and places it in a microwave, and an analysis paper prints out] Just as I thought. [holds out her tablet and snaps a photo of the injector, translating it into a schematic of its mechanisms] Bio-poison. Pure and uncut. As of this moment, the ampoule has drained 15.4% of its contents, meaning the poison is releasing at a destruction rate of 5 cubic meters per hour, giving us, hmmm… 41 hours until the destruction of all organic life on Earth.
Steven: All organic life?!
Peridot: Yeah, like the animals, the plants, the insects. You know…people.
Steven: [horrified] Oh, no. This is what Spinel meant. "Your human half won't stand a chance against my injector." She… she brought this thing here to kill me, and now -- now it's gonna kill everything else on Earth, too?! I've got to do something!

Pearl: Steven, are you okay?
Steven: D-Don't worry about me. It's Spinel. We need her to remember how to stop her injector. Pearl, what do you know about her?
Pearl: Spinel? She was Pink Diamond's little playmate. They used to spend ages together in Pink's garden…
Steven: Garden?
Pearl: That's where they used to play.
Amethyst: So, what's her problem with us?
Pearl: I don't know. I haven't seen her in 6,000 years. Something must have happened to her since then.
Steven: Then that's what I need to find out.
Greg: Whoa, kiddo, are you sure you don't need a break?
Amethyst: It looks like that fusion took everything out of you.
Steven: I've gotta do what I can with the little I have left. I'm going after Spinel.

Steven: Spinel, come on. We can talk this out.
Spinel: I don't wanna play anymore.
Steven: Spinel, this ISN'T A GAME! [Spinel furiously punches him in the cheek] Huh?
Spinel: [rapidly swings her fist and punches him again in the face, causing his nose to bleed, sending him back to the edge of her injector, and grabs him by the arm, holding him up] You know, I came here to take my anger out on a bunch of strangers, but now that I know you, I wanna kill you even more. [one by one, releases her fingers, making Steven slip]
Steven: [growls] I don't get it!
Spinel: Huh?
Steven: Why aren't my powers back? Aren't I reliving every horrible thing that's ever happened to me? A gem I barely know is trying to kill me. I'm paying for stuff my mom did that had nothing to do with me. [starts to sob] I'm struggling with my powers, the world's about to end! What piece could I be missing?! This is the story of my life!
Spinel: [laughs] Wow! I knew I was gonna set you back, but this is how you started? The legend, Steven Universe? [laughs] You gotta be kidding me. How did a powerless loser like you become savior of the galaxy?!
Steven: I changed. That's the final piece. All those struggles, I learned from them, and I grew. Oh my gosh. It's not just my gem powers I've forgotten. All this happily ever after stuff has made me forget the first power I ever had -- the power to change!

Spinel: JUST CAN IT, WON'T YA?! You can't just make anything better by singing some STUPID SONG! All that stuff's easy for you to say. When you change, you change for the better. When I change, I change for the worse! [lunges at Steven, as he easily defends her blows with his shield] I used to be just not good enough! Just not good enough for Pink, but now -- now... I'M NOT GOOD AT ALL! [grows her fists to ridiculous sizes, slams them down at Steven's shield, further cracking the injector's surface; Noticing her collapse to her knees and wind down, Steven simply listens to her final breakdown] (laughs and cries) That's funny, r-right? A-At least you found me entertaining. You actually liked me, didn't you? What am I doing? Why do I wanna hurt you so bad? I'm supposed to be a friend. I just wanna be a friend.

Steven: Spinel, wait! I was really going to come back.
Spinel: I know.
Steven: Then…w-where are you going?
Spinel: I've got work to do. Friendship isn't going to be easy for me. I'm gonna have to work at it. You make me wanna try, but… I've already messed up bad with you. I wish I could just start from scratch with somebody.
[The Diamonds arrive to Earth in their ship]
Blue Diamond: Knock, knock, Steven.
Yellow Diamond: It's us.
White Diamond: The Diamonds? Are we interrupting something?
Steven: Uh, yeah. [Spinel hides as the Diamonds descend from the ship] Yellow, Blue, White, what are y'all doing here?
Yellow Diamond: Well, Steven, we were all talking and -- [sniffs] I'm sorry, but what is that smell?
Steven: I don't smell anything.
Yellow Diamond: Ugh. that's 'cause you live here.
Blue Diamond: Anyway, we were talking, and we decided --
White Diamond: This is taking too long! Steven! We've come to Earth to live with [points her massive finger at Steven] you!
Steven: What?! My house isn't big enough for all of us.
White Diamond: Oh, well, I'm sure we could make do with, um... [looks out at Beach City's ruined state: land split open, houses ruined, and injector debris scattered] Has your planet always been this... [waves her arm] destroyed?
Blue Diamond: Not that we're judging.
White Diamond: Goodness, no, because judging anything based on appearance is wrong!


The Tale of Steven[edit]

White Diamond: Steven
Everyone believes in…
Yellow and Blue Diamond: Everyone believes in
Diamonds: Steven,
White Diamond: All across the universe
Yellow Diamond: Ever compassionate,
Blue Diamond: Can you imagine it?
White Diamond: Even with us at our worst?
Blue Diamond: Hybrid son of a Diamond,
Yellow Diamond: Human son of a Rose,
Diamonds: What a revelation,
He's a revolution,
A Gem that loves and grows
White Diamond: Steven,
Have you heard the tale of
Yellow and Blue Diamond: Have you heard the tale of
Diamonds: Steven?
Always putting others first,
Can you imagine it?
Ever compassionate,
Steven Universe

Happily Ever After[edit]

Steven Universe: Here we are in the future
Here we are in the future and it's bright
Nothing to fear
No one to fight
I can't believe we've come so far
Happily ever after, here we are

Who We Are[edit]

Steven: Here we are in the future
Here we are in the future and it's wrong
Just a second ago, we were singing this song
And now, they're gone, because of her
Happily ever after, there we were

Independent Together[edit]

Steg: Nothing is holding you back now
No one can push you around
What do you wanna do?
You're the master of you
And isn't the thought enough to lift you off of the ground?
Pearl: Nothing is holding me back now
No one can push me around
What do I wanna be?
I'm the master of me
And isn't the thought enough to lift me off of the ground?

Steg: High above an endless sea
No one brought us here but me
Every step and every choice
It's my fault, it's my thought, it's my words, it's my voice

Steg and Opal: Independent together
Independent together
Independent together, you and I


Steven: I'll be ready every day
For as long as I can say
Here I am in the future with my friends
(I can make a change)
That's why
Happily ever after never ends

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