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Steven Universe Future (2019– ) is an animated limited series produced by Cartoon Network as an epilogue for Season 5 of Steven Universe and Steven Universe: The Movie.


Little Homeschool[edit]

Steven: You know, half those Gems are soldiers who fought by your side before they were corrupted and turned into monsters. They're lost and confused and still a little messed up, but they're getting the help they need.
Jasper: So? Who cares?
Steven: [angrily] I do! And if I didn't care, you'd still be a monster too!
Jasper: And what? Now I owe you?
Steven: No!
Jasper: You think because you did something I never asked for, I'm going to obey you?
Steven: No! That's not--
Jasper: Like all the other Gems you use.
Steven: [frustrated] AGGGHHH! I only came here because I felt bad for you, but all of this is your own fault! All the other Gems were corrupted by the Diamonds, but-- but you corrupted yourself just to win a fight! Which you LOST! To ME! No one's making you stay here all alone in the middle of nowhere, ready to fight a war that's been over for years! Are you just gonna sit here for centuries waiting for someone to give you a purpose?! Because I'm trying to give you one!
Jasper: Listen, weakling! You might have Pink Diamond's gem, but you are not my Diamond, and I am not going to take orders from some weak, sappy, useless piece of dirt! If you think you're hard enough to tell me what to do, then fight me and prove it.
Steven: Fine!
Jasper: [suddenly smiles eagerly] Really? Huh, well then! Why don't you throw the first punch? [beckons tauntingly, and Steven punches her, pushing her back a few feet] Ooohh...! [laughs aggressively and charges back at him]
Steven: I... guess we're doing this.

[During his fight with Jasper, Steven bubbles a nest of baby birds to protect them]
Jasper: Stop trying to help those tiny flapping Earthlings, and FIGHT ME!
Steven: I'll never stop trying to help them, or you!
Jasper: [kicking his shield away and pinning him down] I don't need your help! You're the one that needs help! You think you've beaten me, but you've never beaten me on your own! You've always been a fusion! You've always had your friends! Because you're nothing without them! You think everyone needs help!
Steven: [tearing up] I-- I just--
Jasper: But it's only you. No one is as pitiful as you!
[Shaken and angry, Steven starts to glow pink and pushes Jasper back with a sudden burst of strength, much to her surprise]
Steven: [looking at himself] Whoa... what? [Jasper grins, and Steven angrily summons a bubble glove and charges at her with it] I'M... NOT... PITIFUL! [sends her flying back through several trees]
Jasper: [chuckles] Ha. Not bad. [continues to fight Steven, who catches her in the middle of a spin-dash] Nice catch.
Steven: You should see my THROW! [tosses her up into the air, where she laughs as he hits her several more times] STOP LAUGHING! [sends her slamming back down into the ground, then gasps in shock and returns to normal] Jasper...
Jasper: [gets up and shakes herself off, impressed] Huh. I didn't think you had it in you.
Steven: I don't... I don't know what that was. I'm sorry.
Jasper: [rolling her eyes] Ugh! Don't apologize.
Steven: I... think I had you all wrong. Maybe you don't have something to learn from me. Maybe I have something to learn from you. [Jasper raises an eyebrow] Would you ever be interested in teaching?
Jasper: [scoffs] Tssh! At your crummy little school?
Steven: No, just me. You brought something out of me I didn't know I had.
Jasper: [walks up to Steven, placing a hand on his shoulder] Consider that fight back there your first and only lesson. [begins walking off]
Steven: Well... can I come back to see you sometime?
Jasper: Do what you want.


Larimar: What is this wonderful noise?
Steven Those are the joyful screams of people on a roller coaster.
Ladrimar: Human screams are my favorite of the Earth's delights. I want to hear the human screams forever.
Steven: Okay, that's kind of troubling. But your heart is in the right place.
Ladrimar: One day, I'll make you scream, Steven.

Larimar: I just wanted to say thanks for the amusement park job. I'm not great at the roller-coaster operation, we know, but I found out I'm good at handing out prizes to children, and I love their laughter.
Steven: Aww.
Larimar: It sounds just like screaming.

Rose Buds[edit]

Holly Blue Agate: Stop relaxing and get back to your posts! Ugh! How can you stand this total lack of order?
Amethyst Guard: Chill out, Holly Blue. You know you want to.
Holly Blue Agate I give up. No one answers to me, and I answer to no one. I'd give anything for an order from the Diamonds, but all they talk about is Steven, Steven, Steven -- Steven!
Steven: Hi, Holly.

Steven: [seeing all of the Rose Quartzes being un-bubbled] So... Many... Rose Quartzes. How did the--
Superfan Rose: Oh, now that it's Era 3, we were all unbubbled, so now, we're making up for lost time. Hi! I'm Rose Quartz, and you, you're Steven! You are so much smaller than I imagined! Is it because you're half organic? Can you believe it, Rose Quartz!?
Hippie Rose: It's like, we where bubbled, but now we're like, not bubbled.
Steven: Th-It's really-- It's really great.


[On Pink Pearl's cracked face]
Pearl: How could White be so careless?
Pink Pearl: [chuckling] Oh, no, Pearl. You've got it all wrong. Pink did this.
Pearl: [shocked] What did you say? [approaches her]
Steven: Pearl, no...!
Pink Pearl: It's a funny story, really. Once, Pink got tired of asking Yellow and Blue for her own colony, so she went straight to White. Of course, White told her she wasn't fit to run one, and, well, that set her off.
Pearl: "Set her off"? What are you talking about?
Pink Pearl: You remember how she was, with her destructive powers, throwing tantrums left and right. She had a scream that could crack the walls. She didn't mean to hurt me. [chuckles] I just happened to be standing too close to her that time, and--
Steven: [covering his ears anxiously] Doesn't matter! I'm gonna fix it!
Pearl: Destructive powers?! Pink didn't have destructive powers, she was a healer! She didn't throw tantrums, she kept her feelings secret!
Pink Pearl: The Pink I knew couldn't keep a secret to save her gem.
Pearl: Are you kidding?! If anything, she was too good at keeping secrets, even from me!
[Frustrated by their arguing, Steven snaps and starts glowing pink]
[Both Pearls gasp]
Pearl: Steven!
[Steven unleashes a shockwave that causes cracks around the room. Pink Pearl cowers in fear, and Steven looks at his own reflection in shock and remorse]

Pearl: I'm sorry for not believing you. It looks like I'm still making excuses for her.
Pink Pearl: [tearfully] Is that what I've been doing?! But... she didn't mean to!
Pearl: But you were hurt! Badly hurt!
Pink Pearl: I was badly hurt... How did you stop hurting?
Pearl: [embraces her tightly] I didn't.
[Pink Pearl returns the hug, and they fuse into Mega Pearl]

Steven: I'm so sorry. The whole trip was for nothing.
Mega Pearl: No, it wasn't for nothing. Your mother's Pearls never had the whole picture. One knew your mother was trying to change, but she couldn't understand why. The other never expected her to change at all. Now, I get to understand everything. Now, they finally get to have each other.
[She separates into the two Pearls, peacefully holding hands]


Steven: Tsk, tsk, tsk. You guys fused just because you hate me, didn't you?
Aquamarine and "Eyeball" Ruby: Yes!
Steven Universe: If that's the only reason, then it's no wonder you can't keep it together.
Aquamarine: What are you talking about?
Steven Universe: There are so many other reasons to fuse, like friendship and responsibility and... and love. Imagine how much better it would feel to fuse to support each other, instead of tearing someone down. Your life would fill with warmth and friendship and joy and love and--
"Eyeball" Ruby: [covering her ears] Wowie, wow! He is so annoying!
Aquamarine: I hate him so much!
Aquamarine and "Eyeball" Ruby: I know! Me too! [they fuse back into Bluebird Azurite]
Steven: Are you kidding me?

Steven: I'm really sorry, Dad. I never should have given Bluebird a chance.
Greg: I love how you believe in everyone. You stuck to your principles, and I'm proud of you. I mean, everyone can change, but not everyone wants to.

A Very Special Episode[edit]

Sunstone: Don't leave the water running, it could flood your house. Put protective covers on electrical outlets, especially when kids are around. And most importantly, turn off motion smoothing on your TV.
Ocean Jasper: Wow, everything looks so much better!

[Steven receives a call from Pearl, who he left to take care of Onion]
Steven: [exhausted] Please, please have everything under control...
Steven: Yup...
Pearl: It's getting really weird here! Steven, you were never like this, you were such a good kid! I'm so sorry I never told you that! Aah! I... I can hear him, but I can't see him! I think he's in the walls! I don't know how he got there, and I don't know how to get him out! [call ends]
Steven: [long gasp] Garnet, can you handle things on your own for a little bit?
Garnet: No problem. Our students love me. [walks over to them] Let me tell you all the ways you can get hit by a car.
Steven: Agh, Garnet! Forget it. I'll stay. I'll stay!
Pearl: [in another call] STEVEN, THERE'S A SNAKE!
Steven: Never mind!

Rainbow Quartz 2.0: Why play with sharp objects when you can play with my sharp wit? Crack jokes, not cookie jars, as I always say. Ha ha!

Garnet: It's important to keep in mind that all these horrible things did happen to you in alternate timelines. Safety is fun.

[Onion has led Garnet's students off a cliff]
Pearl: Oh, no!
Garnet: Steven, quick! Sunstone can save them!
Steven: Okay... [they fuse into Sunstone]
Sunstone: Oh, yeah!
Pearl: No! Let Rainbow save them! [fuses with Steven]
Rainbow Quartz 2.0: [showing his umbrella] I'll catch them with this!
Amethyst: [rushing in] Hey, wait! I need Steven!
Steven [unfuses from Pearl] What is it, Amethyst?
Amethyst: I just miss you, man! I haven't seen you for, like, eleven minutes!

Snow Day[edit]

Amethyst: [enters with fried eggs for eyes] You really gonna skip the most egg-ssential meal of the day?
Steven: Of course not. I've got all my morning nutrients in this protein shake.
Amethyst: [pokes yolk to leak] Dude, you're making me sad.

Amethyst: Man, you had a better work-life balance when the Diamonds were trying to destroy the planet.
Steven: That was then. This is now.
Amethyst: Hey, you know what we haven't done in a long time? [shapeshifts into 14-year-old Steven] Steven Tag!
Steven: Amethyst, what the heck?!
Amethyst: You know the rules, buster. You get tagged, you have to turn into Steven.
Steven: But I'm already Steven!
Amethyst: Nah, bruh. Classic Steven.
Steven: Classic Steven?!

[Pearl gets tagged in Garnet and Amethyst's new game of Steven Tag]
Steven: Ha! Joke's on you! Pearl doesn't shapeshift! [Pearl starts to glow] Huh?
Pearl: [shapeshifts into Steven] THE POWER OF STEVEN TAG COMPELS ME!
Steven: [chuckles] Wow. Good for her.

Garnet: It was a snowman... [takes off her visor] with Steven's jacket. NOOOOOO!
Steven: [shivering] They'll never stop until they make me play.

Steven: I really didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice. I JOIN THE GAME!

Steven: You shouldn't have messed with me. Huh? [gets tagged by Sapphire]
Sapphire: Tag.
Steven: [falls off the lighthouse] Oh, no. Is this the end of my adult life?

Why So Blue?[edit]

Steven You're right. This is harder than usual.
Lapis: You've just got to force them to stop. This is going to be a fight. They're not nice like me.
Steven: Umm...
Lapis: Exactly.
Steven: They just don't understand that they're doing harm. Y-you get it. What made it click for you?
Lapis: A cycle of horrible torture. [smiling] But other than that, living in nature, getting creative.
Steven: Yeah! Come on, we can do that for them.
Lapis: Okay. Just a little torture.
Steven: N-no, just the other stuff.
Lapis: [sighs] Fine, we'll try it your way.
[They head back to the two Lapis Lazulis]
Steven: Hey, so, why don't we explore the many things that you can do that don't involve destroying worlds?
"Mean" Lapis: Should we listen to him?
"Nice" Lapis: He is half-Diamond. Maybe, we should half-listen.
Steven: I'll take that as a "yes." Let's go.

Little Graduation[edit]

Prickly Pair[edit]

Cactus Steven: I can't tell Pearl how I feel, 'cause she'd blame herself!

Cactus Steven: I can't hear any more high and mighty advice from Garnet!

Cactus Steven: I'm so sick of Amethyst acting like she's so mature now!
Amethyst: Why's it being so weirdly specific?

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