Terror of Mechagodzilla

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Terror of Mechagodzilla, released in Japan as Counterattack of Mechagodzilla (メカゴジラの逆襲 Mekagojira no Gyakushū), is a 1975 Japanese science fiction Kaiju film in which the alien cyborg Mechagodzilla is rebuilt and allied to the dinosaur Titanosaurus in order to subjugate Earth.

Directed by Ishirō Honda.  Written by Yukiko Takayama.
Metal meets monster.  (taglines)


Katsura Mafune: Father, a man from Interpol came.
Dr. Shinji Mafune: What's that?
Tsuda: Interpol?
Katsura Mafune: They asked to see you. They wanted to know about dinosaurs.
Dr. Shinji Mafune: [laughs] They've arrived fifteen years too late to ask me about that. I told them then I'd make them sorry. Now my theory has proved to be correct, I'll take revenge on them all, on those fools who thought I was crazy and forced me to resign!

Tsuda: Your heart is frozen and dry. Who'd love a cyborg, a person who is not a person? So remember, forget about Earthlings. They're no concern of yours. There's only one emotion that controls your mind. What emotion is that? What controls you?
Katsura Mafune: [listlessly] Vengeance and hate. Revenge.
Tsuda: Quite right. That's good.

Dr. Shinji Mafune: Wait 'till I really let Titanosaurus loose!
Katsura Mafune: But why, Father? This is it...we'll hand over the Earth to the spacemen. Surely you don't mean you'd release the disaster monsters again? Like King Ghidorah, mighty Rodan, and terrible Manda? Titanosaurus is going to join the ranks of the killers?
Dr. Shinji Mafune: Katsura, I'm not doing this for the spacemen! I don't have to take their orders! Mechagodzilla is just a machine. He's no match for Titanosaurus! Titanosaurus has brains; he's alive! I want to show them what he can really do! I'll teach those humans for failing to recognise me. They mocked me. Well, now they're going to eat their words! Go, Titanosaurus!

Tsuda: [urgently enters Mugal's quarters with a salute; Mugal is strangely calm] Mafune sent Titanosaurus out without our instructions!
Alien Leader Mugal: I already know.
Tsuda: I'll tell him to stop straight away or he will spoil our plans!
Alien Leader Mugal: Now, don't rush in!
Tsuda: What?
Alien Leader Mugal: [points to the Super Geiger Computer] Take a look at this.
Tsuda: Huh? It is a Super Gieger!
Alien Leader Mugal: [on the monitor, a white dot in the Southern Japan Sea heads for Tokyo] What is Mechagodzilla's strongest enemy?
Tsuda: Godzilla!
Alien Leader Mugal: Quite right. Take a look. Godzilla's challenging. He wants to fight Titanosaurus. All right, we'll let them fight. Titanosaurus will be killed, and Godzilla badly hurt; then, Mechagodzilla will be alone, and we will march on Tokyo unopposed, and then, we'll destroy it utterly!
[Both men laugh maniacally]

[Mugal is cornered by Interpol on the edge of a cliff]
Alien Leader Mugal: Come on and shoot. You can't kill me anyways, so what do your bullets matter?! [laughs maniacally before leaping from the cliff]




  • Katsuhiko Sasaki — Akira Ichinose
  • Tomoko Ai — Katsura Mafune
  • Akihiko Hirata — Dr. Shinji Mafune
  • Katsumasa Uchida — Jiro Murakoshi, Interpol agent
  • Goro Mutusmi — Mugal, black hole alien leader
  • Toru Ibuki — Tsuda, black hole alien lieutenant
  • Kenji Sahara — General Segawa
  • Tadao Nakamaru — Chief Interpol Tagawa
  • Akinori Umezu — boy #1
  • Toru KawaiGodzilla
  • Ise Mori — Mechagodzilla
  • Tatsumi Nikamoto — Titanosaurus

Quotes about Terror of Mechagodzilla

  • My original version of the script focused on Katsura Mafune, the girl who had been turned into a cyborg by aliens from outer space. Even after she had been altered, she had emotions. As long as this idea was not removed from the script, I didn't care all that much about what was done with it.
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