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The Intern is a 2015 American comedy film directed by Nancy Meyers. The film was released on September 25, 2015 by Warner Bros.

Ben Whittaker

  • I just know there's a hole in my life and I need to fill it… soon.
  • I still have music in me, absolutely positive about that!
  • Back in action. Thank god!
  • This big, wonderful thing you've created: It's a dream, isn't it? ...And you're gonna give that up in the hopes that your husband will stop having an affair? I don't see how that adds up. You should feel nothing but great about what you've done, and I'd hate to see you let anyone take that away from you.

Jules Ostin

  • The truth is… something about you makes me feel calm, or more centered, or something. And I could use that. Obviously.


Jules: [alluding to age difference] I'm glad you also see the humor in this.
Ben: [smiles wryly] It would be hard not to.

Jules: [waves to daughter's friend who hides behind her mom's legs] Hi, Maddie.
Paige: [in a stage whisper] Bipolar!

Ben: "You're never wrong to do the right thing."
Jules: Who said that, you?
Ben: Yeah. But I'm pretty sure Mark Twain said it first.

Fiona: I'm Fiona, the house masseuse. Love that there's another oldie but goodie here… How's that, Ben?
Ben: Oh, hmm, oh boy.
Davis: Here you go… You not as old as I thought you were.

Lewis: Okay guys, I'm possiblly heading to Jay-Z and/or Beyoncé's house and I'm in a blouse!
Ben: Wear it, dude. It's an improvement.
Lewis: Not true.
Jason: Big one.

[Group are on way to Jules' mother house to delete an email]
Lewis: This is just like an "Ocean's" Movie! Ben's like the old guy with the big glasses.
Jason: His name is Elliott Gould.
Lewis: You're like George Clooney.
Jason: Thank You.
Lewis: I'm like Matt Damon, since I'm a bit of an outsider.
Davis: [excitedly] Who am I?
Lewis: You are Ben Affleck's brother!
Davis: [dejected] Why aren't I Brad Pitt?
Lewis: I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

[Jason is listening to loud rap music on the stereo. Davis throws himself on the hood and windshield to get Jason's attention]
Jason: [looks up in surprise] Gaaah! Whoa, okay!!

Jules: Nobody calls men "men" anymore. Have you noticed? Women went from "girls" to "women". Men went from "men" to "boys"? This is a problem in the big picture. Do you know what I mean?

Jules: It's 2015, are we really still critical of working moms?

Jules: Mark Zuckerberg never brought in a CEO - and he was a teenager!


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