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Marcel Douwe Dekker (Mdd) (1964), Dutch systems engineer, conceptual artist and since 2004 Wikipedia editor, focusing on the Systems sciences, Modeling and Visualization, and related engineering and management disciplines.

My ideas about Wikiquote

On goals

Wikiquote is a cooperation to establish a free online compendium. However, the collection of quotes is not an end in itself. There is an endeavor to determine and select notable quotes from notable people and/or notable sources. It is often the intention to give the readers a general introduction of the most elementary and original thoughts from authors and about subjects. We want to give the reader an impression of the most original ideas about the world, we live in. The Wikiquote articles offer a collection of quotes, complementary to corresponding Wikipedia articles, and inform about the people and notable works present at Wikiquote.

Focus on themes and scientists

With Wikiquotes main focus on people and notable works, my priorities are on theme's and scientists. I think thematic articles are indispensable in constructing a comprehensive online compendium. Quotes can be short as aphorism, or longer, as prose citation.

Accessible arrangement

Effective arrangement is the key to make Wikiquote accessible, and encouraging visitors to continue with their visit. Arrangement should take into account the limited time people have available. For that I think, introductions should be short, and every article should have a clear division in the quotes offered.

Copyright concerns

In the context of Wikiquote "Free encyclopedia" means: Contents free of charge, but protected by copyright laws. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

Start with data from Wikipedia and Wikiquote

Almost all lemma start with general introduction copy/pasted from Wikipedia, and often one or more quotes already present in Wikiquote.

Contributions, a selection


Here listed are the first 250+ articles created, unstubbed and/or significantly expanded on Wikiquote. For a full listing (of over 1000 lemma's created), see






Art, Artists, & Others


Sorts of rearrangements,
Biographical articles with larger section about the author
Classical general and more specific works
More contemporary works

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