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  • If life were simple, people would all die in cemeteries.
  • Verisimilitude is not art.
  • When someone tells you "never say never", they are setting a poor example.
  • Texas has four seasons: summer, ultra-summer, hyper-summer and not-summer.
  • Nothing dates like futurity.
  • Occam's razor doesn't need triple blades.
  • You can't squeeze blood from a turnip... but you can make an awful mess of the turnip trying.
  • Most people do the best they can with the limited resources at hand.
  • Dr. Hoffman's universal, all-purpose advice for almost any problem: take your meds, get plenty of rest, and stop thinking about sex so much.
  • Confusion is the first step on the path to truth.
  • Never let a cat scratch your back (Abigail Hoffman, age 6)

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