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hello my name is ira and i'm a sixty year old retired teacher who was forced to retire because ulitimately i refused to teach toward a test at a detention center where i worked. i'm pretty much down on President Shrub and all the crap that seems to pass as what i call selective morality. i tend to write every day and todays stuff might be usable by your show.

The Shrub Plan If we reduce the population that collects Social Security that would be the best case scenario of solving this huge problem for the future.That's why they are stumbling so slowly on creating a country wide health system, that's why they aren't prosecuting those corporations for stealing all those retirees investments, that's why they are letting companies change and mismanage pensions, that's why it's not that important to have quality air and tree preservation, no stem cell research, allowing the cut backs on public services to the needy, Allowed to go to war to kill mostly the have nots, also based on a lie to begin with. The plan needs a divne solution that gives those who know who they are the feeling that they don't need to be held responsible for their actions. Some might compare this to the definition of what a sociopath is. They've come up with the perfect plan, pray to God, that's the solutionit doesn't require any action, no one will question them both because we don't ask hard questions anymore especially in the news and legislature nor do we mess with anything Godly. God says we can abuse Gay people, God says we can't have modern birth control practices,and since he's allowing this plan to work so far, haven't heard to many churches bringing up anything slightly close to a complaint about what's going on in our country, bynot standing and defending their people that they ar supposed to be bound to they are showing that they are part of this conservative bandwagon sweeping our country. There can't be any otherr explanation. God is weeding out the weak an aged from the pack, sort of like the explanation of the book Never Cry Wolf.Letting them die of illness, lack of medications, worry of the future without their nest eggs, less clean are to breath, less jobs available, because outsourcing is really greed, your paying people a lot less money for their services. Which leads to the terrorist's complaintthat the ugly Americans don't respect them in their own countries, changing the culture an governments, sort of like what happened in the early development of our history to any town that had a company store controlling everything that happened there.I just don't just understand how the religious faction of our nation works, unless you see them not as a way for people to get fair treatment, but as another corporation themselves, more worried about their wealth and image then then the common good of humanity. i think the sins that are allowing today maybe the wors church actions in history. i beg them to start acting in a more humane and caring way; it's not too late.

As i said i write everyday and this is part of what came out of my messed up mind , if it's not over the top use it. i love you show and think that we need to not only laugh at what's going on, but get serious too. I believe the Shrub team does not reflect or have the best interests of our country, they are a greedy bunch of bastards that have conned those who vote for them. i also suggest an periodic segment called the Carl Rove update, now there's a real slime ball that has too much power.

i don't know how this works, but would appreciat some feedback if possible. thank you for your time

From ira the carer


Hello, Ira padow, and welcome to the English Wikiquote.

Enjoy! --Aphaia 21:43, 22 May 2005 (UTC)

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I am happy to see that you have become a registered user of Wikiquote, and hope that you will find it useful for looking up quotations from notable people and works, possibly contributing some that you know as well. However, your sole contribution to date, this talk page, suggests that you may not be aware of the purpose of Wikiquote, or of Wikiquote user pages. Please allow me to clarify some points.

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Second, I have additional concerns about the content of this posting. I was initially worried that your posting might be considered libelous, but although I'm not a lawyer, I think we're okay on that issue — in the U.S. at least — based on the information at Wikipedia:Libel. Please note, however, that you are ultimately responsible for your postings. To paraphrase the aforementioned article, "contributors should recognize that it is their responsibility to ensure that material posted on Wikiquote is not defamatory".

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