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Hello, R stall man, and welcome to the English Wikiquote.


I have removed the additions you made to the Richard Stallman article, which appear to simply be quotes of recent hoax articles created at by an editor impersonating Stallman. I take no measures beyond this now, but I will probably be returning soon, and will be monitoring things here, later. ~ Kalki·· 00:32, 23 September 2017 (UTC)

Hi Kalki, with all due respect. Which is fucking none. How fucking dare you remove quotes from articles posted by Jesus himself and added to his own fucking quote page. You realize this whole fucking website is created with free software. That's fucking right. The only reason you can sit here and moderate on this freely available fucking resource was because I was busy fucking inventing freedom while your mother was being a whore for niggers in the 70's before she met your beta cuckly little father that gave birth to the soggy, ineffective piece of trash that is you. Now kindly return the words I have brought into this fucking earth to my fucking shrine of other shit I spat out into this fucking earth for you drooling fucking zombies to orgasm over.or Imma have to send my fucking boyz to deal with you. You do not fuck with Richard Stallman. if Tyrone or Jamal have to fucking show up at your fucking door you're not going to be a happy fucking camper. You really think you can hide from Richard Jesus Fucking Stallman. I've fucking crippled children just for getting in my fucking way. You are fucking less than the fucking dirt to me kalki. Remember that.

Richard Jesus Stallman Your fucking God and don't you fucking forget it.