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Today is Saturday, February 4, 2023; it is now 14:34 (UTC)

April 1
William holman hunt-the shadow of death.jpg
Кошелев Н. А. Сошествие во ад.jpg

Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae - The cosmic rose.png

That so much time was wasted in this pain.
Ten thousand years ago he might have let off down
To not return again!
A dreadful laugh at last escapes his lips;
The laughter sets him free.
A Fool lives in the Universe! he cries.
The Fool is me!
And with one final shake of laughter
Breaks his bonds.
The nails fall skittering to marble floors.
And Christ, knelt at the rail, sees miracle
As Man steps down in amiable wisdom
To give himself what no one else can give:
His liberty.

~ Ray Bradbury ~

Tree of life wk 02.svg

  Hans Memling 068.jpg

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April 2
Meuble héraldique Sacré coeur croix.svg

Man is free; yet we must not suppose that he is at liberty to do everything he pleases, for he becomes a slave the moment he allows his actions to be ruled by passion. The man who has sufficient power over himself to wait until his nature has recovered its even balance is the truly wise man, but such beings are seldom met with.

~ Giacomo Casanova ~

Giacomo Casanova by Francesco Narici.jpg

  Casanova ritratto.jpg

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April 3
Expecting family.jpg
Dr Who (316350537).jpg
Vesica piscis.svg


Art that means anything in the life of a community must bear some relation to current interpretations of the mystery of the universe. Our rigid separation of the humanities and the sciences has temporarily left our art stranded or stammering and incoherent. Both art and science ought to be blended in our early education of our children's emotions and powers of observation, and that harmony carried forward in later education.

~ Dora Russell ~

  Mercury, Venus and the Moon Align.jpg
Tiffany Education.JPG

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April 4
The United Nations Secretariat Building.jpg  
Icon Sociopolítica y relaciones internacionales (wikiproyect, es.wp).png

We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight
to liberate us into life.

~ Maya Angelou ~

Barack Obama addresses the United Nations General Assembly.jpg

  Maya Angelou visits YCP! 2413.jpg

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April 5
Thomas Hobbes by John Michael Wright.jpg  

Such is the nature of men, that howsoever they may acknowledge many others to be more witty, or more eloquent, or more learned; Yet they will hardly believe there be many so wise as themselves: For they see their own wit at hand, and other men's at a distance.

~ Thomas Hobbes ~

Mundo Globalizado.jpg

  Hand of the Mysteries.jpg

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April 6
Roger Waters concert 11.jpg  
Democracy Flag.svg

Whenever the powers of government are placed in any hands other than those of the community, whether those of one man, of a few, or of several, those principles of human nature which imply that government is at all necessary, imply that those persons will make use of them to defeat the very end for which government exists.

~ James Mill ~

Forms of government 2021.svg

  Juggling on the Berlin Wall.jpg

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April 7
Harpe de lumiere.jpg  
Grass of Happiness.jpg

What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be now forever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind;
In the primal sympathy
Which having been must ever be.

~ William Wordsworth ~



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April 8
William Holman Hunt - Christ And The Two Marys.jpg  

Lives of great men all remind us greatness takes no easy way.
All the heroes of tomorrow are the heretics of today.

~ Yip Harburg ~

Rainbow diagram.svg
Yoism symbol.svg
Caput mortuum.svg

  Welcome to Oz.jpg

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April 9
William Bouguereau - Dante and Virgile - Google Art Project 2.jpg  
Valge valguse spekter.jpg

Men are not in hell because God is angry with them. They are in wrath and darkness because they have done to the light, which infinitely flows forth from God, as that man does to the light who puts out his own eyes.

~ William Law ~

Bouguereau-The First Mourning-1888.jpg

  Oedipus at Colonus.jpg

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April 10
Auroras and Milky Way.jpg  
A wanderer dancing the dance of stars and space.jpg

Far up the dim twilight fluttered
Moth-wings of vapour and flame:
The lights danced over the mountains,
Star after star they came.

The lights grew thicker unheeded,
For silent and still were we;
Our hearts were drunk with a beauty
Our eyes could never see.

~ Æ ~

Admiring the Galaxy.jpg

  Galaxy DSScomb52cropbalcolflbg1Hstgrmrotdrkbalcol1024cloneSatCntrliblurfrgd.jpg

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April 11
Lijiang 2003.jpg  

Many people need desperately to receive this message: "I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people don't care about them. You are not alone."

~ Kurt Vonnegut ~
~ Timequake ~
Flaming Chalice.svg

Happy Human.svg


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April 12
Glory, spectre.jpg

I have very strongly this feeling... that our everyday life is at one and the same time banal, overfamiliar, platitudinous and yet mysterious and extraordinary.

~ Bryan Magee ~


  Jurij Šubic - Sama.jpg

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April 13
We are anonymous and mask.jpg
Anonymous Idea.jpg

Dove window St Peters Basilica (8504106313).jpg

Over the mountains,
And over the waves,
Over the fountains,
And under the graves;
Over the floods that are deepest,
Which do Neptune obey;
Over the rocks that are steepest,
Love will find out the way.

~ Thomas Percy ~

Herz aus Feuer.jpg

  MMutta- Fire My Heart.JPG
Love in the darkest time.JPG
Candles in Love 07406.jpg

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April 14
Moon eclipse.jpg
JUL Iris Soul Palm.png

Dearinth Goddess.png
Blue Pacific.svg

Everything in life is miraculous. For the sigil taught me that it rests within the power of each of us to awaken at will from a dragging nightmare of life made up of unimportant tasks and tedious useless little habits, to see life as it really is, and to rejoice in its exquisite wonderfulness. If the sigil were proved to be the top of a tomato-can, it would not alter that big fact, nor my fixed faith.

~ James Branch Cabell ~

Banner of Peace from the Roerich Pact.svg
Dearinth God.png
Psi and Caduceus.svg
Caput mortuum.svg

  JUL Soul Iris.png
Fountain of Eternal Life crop.jpg

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April 15
Giordano Bruno Campo dei Fiori.jpg  
Eye of Providence with Rays.svg

A thought has no size in the physical sense but is vast as compared to the physical acts and objects into which it is later precipitated. The power of a thought is enormous and superior to all the successive physical acts, objects, and events that body forth its energy. A thought often endures for a time much greater than the whole life of the man who thought it.

~ Harold W. Percival ~

Great Seal of the United States (reverse).svg

  Cowpens Flag.svg

Flag of the U.S..svg

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April 16
Anatole France Vanity Fair 11 August 1909.jpg  

The White Stone pg 7.png

An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you do know and what you don't.

~ William Feather ~


  Augusto De Luca self-portrait. Roma.jpg

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April 17
1896 Alfred-Pierre Agache - The Sword.jpg  

Circle-A red.svg

We designate by the term "State" institutions that embody absolutism in its extreme form and institutions that temper it with more or less liberality. We apply the word alike to institutions that do nothing but aggress and to institutions that, besides aggressing, to some extent protect and defend. But which is the State's essential function, aggression or defence, few seem to know or care.

~ Benjamin Tucker ~


  Statue of Liberty close.JPG

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April 18
William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1880).jpg  

Gian Lorenzo Bernini - Dove of the Holy Spirit.JPG

No deeply-rooted tendency was ever extirpated by adverse argument. Not having originally been founded on argument, it cannot be destroyed by logic.

~ George Henry Lewes ~

Ecce homo by Antonio Ciseri (1).jpg

  William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) - Compassion (1897).jpg

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April 19
Moreau, Gustave - Hésiode et la Muse - 1891.jpg  
Electron shell 106 Seaborgium.svg

There is a beauty in discovery. There is mathematics in music, a kinship of science and poetry in the description of nature, and exquisite form in a molecule. Attempts to place different disciplines in different camps are revealed as artificial in the face of the unity of knowledge. All literate men are sustained by the philosopher, the historian, the political analyst, the economist, the scientist, the poet, the artisan and the musician.

~ Glenn T. Seaborg ~

Calcium Spectrum.png
Muses sarcophagus Louvre MR880.jpg
Oxygen spectrum visible.png

  Larry Nivens Ringwelt.svg
Royal Arch Room Ark replica 2.jpg

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April 20
Tiffany Jesus Window in Pullman Memorial Universalist Church.jpgPassion of Christ.jpg  

LuMaxArt Human Family with World Religions.png

We never know through what Divine mysteries of compensation the great Father of the universe may be carrying out His sublime plan; but those three words, "God is love" ought to contain, to every doubting soul, the solution of all things.

~ Dinah Craik ~

Sunburst Badge.svg
Dearinth Goddess.png Editor at large 1206.svg Dearinth God.png
Blue Pacific.svg
Invisible Pink Unicorn.svg
Agnostic Question Mark.svg

  Friedrich Kreuz im Wald.jpg
Royal Arch Room Ark replica 3.jpg

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April 21
Giaquinto, Corrado - The Birth of the Sun and the Triumph of Bacchus - 1762.jpg  
Rainbow diagram.svg
Is not the real experience of each individual very limited? And, if a writer dwells upon that solely or principally, is he not in danger of repeating himself, and also of becoming an egotist? Then, too, imagination is a strong, restless faculty, which claims to be heard and exercised: are we to be quite deaf to her cry, and insensate to her struggles? When she shows us bright pictures, are we never to look at them, and try to reproduce them? And when she is eloquent, and speaks rapidly and urgently in our ear, are we not to write to her dictation?
~ Charlotte Brontë ~

Faith Buddhism Vajra.svg

  Chrispijn van den Broeck - Het Laatste Oordeel (02).jpg

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April 22
Berlin Friedrichswerdersche Kirche Kant.jpg  
Enlightenment logo gold.png

Enlightenment is man’s leaving his self-caused immaturity. Immaturity is the incapacity to use one's intelligence without the guidance of another. Such immaturity is self-caused if it is not caused by lack of intelligence, but by lack of determination and courage to use one's intelligence without being guided by another. Sapere Aude! Have the courage to use your own intelligence! is therefore the motto of the enlightenment.

~ Immanuel Kant ~

Lotus aum.svg

  Berlin Siegessäule 8245.jpg

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April 23
Fortuna von Johannes Benk (1896) Neue Burg Wien 2013.jpg
Miranda - Frederick Goodall.jpg

Know thus far forth:
By accident most strange, bountiful Fortune
Now my dear lady — hath mine enemies
Brought to this shore; and by my prescience
I find my zenith doth depend upon
A most auspicious star, whose influence
If now I court not, but omit, my fortunes
Will ever after droop.

~ William Shakespeare ~
~ The Tempest ~

Miranda - The Tempest JWW.jpg

  Regulus 1.JPG
William Hamilton Prospero and Ariel.jpg

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April 24
Antonio Moro - Willem I van Nassau.jpg  


I cannot approve of monarchs who want to rule over the conscience of the people, and take away their freedom of choice and religion.

~ William the Silent ~

Willem van Oranje wapen.svg


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April 25
Seal of the United States Senate.svg

No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his accomplices.

~ Edward R. Murrow ~

Anita willcox mccarthyism.tif

  Joseph McCarthy.jpg

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April 26
Ludwig Wittgenstein 1910.jpg  


Philosophical problems can be compared to locks on safes, which can be opened by dialing a certain word or number, so that no force can open the door until just this word has been hit upon, and once it is hit upon any child can open it.

~ Ludwig Wittgenstein ~



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April 27
Waterdrops (4648726722).jpg
Snowflake11 2.png

The current opinion that science and poetry are opposed is a delusion. ... Think you that a drop of water, which to the vulgar eye is but a drop of water, loses any thing in the eye of the physicist who knows that its elements are held together by a force which, if suddenly liberated, would produce a flash of lightning? Think you that what is carelessly looked upon by the uninitiated as a mere snow-flake does not suggest higher associations to one who has seen through a microscope the wondrously varied and elegant forms of snow-crystals? Think you that the rounded rock marked with parallel scratches calls up as much poetry in an ignorant mind as in the mind of a geologist, who knows that over this rock a glacier slid a million years ago? … The truth is, that those who have never entered upon scientific pursuits know not a tithe of the poetry by which they are surrounded.

~ Herbert Spencer ~

Glacier scratched pebble.JPG

  01 snowflake colorized early experimental digital photography by Rick Doble.png
Phatman - Lightning on the Columbia River (by-sa).jpg

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April 28
Terry Pratchett at Powell's 2007.jpg  
Terry Pratchett COA.svg

Ninety per cent of most magic merely consists of knowing one extra fact.

~ Terry Pratchett ~

Terry Pratchett Hat.jpg


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April 29
Artist’s impression of a gamma-ray burst shining through two young galaxies in the early Universe.jpg

The scientist does not study nature because it is useful to do so. He studies it because he takes pleasure in it, and he takes pleasure in it because it is beautiful. If nature were not beautiful it would not be worth knowing, and life would not be worth living. I am not speaking, of course, of the beauty which strikes the senses, of the beauty of qualities and appearances. I am far from despising this, but it has nothing to do with science. What I mean is that more intimate beauty which comes from the harmonious order of its parts, and which a pure intelligence can grasp.

~ Henri Poincaré ~

Disk root of naturals.svg
Square root of naturals.svg

Julia island2.jpg

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April 30
Carl Friedrich Gauss (C. A. Jensen).jpg  
Gauss Stein Wilseder Berg.jpg

There are problems to whose solution I would attach an infinitely greater importance than to those of mathematics, for example touching ethics, or our relation to God, or concerning our destiny and our future; but their solution lies wholly beyond us and completely outside the province of science.

~ Carl Friedrich Gauss ~

Braunschweig Gauss-Denkmal 17-eckiger Stern.jpg

  Brunswick cathedral.JPG

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