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Today is Sunday, September 19, 2021; it is now 06:23 (UTC)

May 1
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 01.jpg  
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ~


  Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.jpg

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May 2
Vlas blauwbloeiend (Linum usitatissimum).jpg  
Flowers 076.jpg

Friends, the soil is poor, we must sow seeds in plenty for us to garner even modest harvests.

~ Novalis ~


  Blue rose.jpg

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May 3
The Duck Potato Harvest (7757640816).jpg  
Magnetosphere rendition.jpg
It seems that scientists are often attracted to beautiful theories in the way that insects are attracted to flowers — not by logical deduction, but by something like a sense of smell.
~ Steven Weinberg ~

Israeli blue Star of David.png
Atom of Atheism-Zanaq.svg

  Two Bee or Not Two Bee (6332939872).jpg

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May 4
Kayaking Deep Fork Wildlife Refuge Oklahoma.jpg  
Morning Sun Rays (5077976668).jpg

For every man the world is as fresh as it was at the first day, and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see them.

~ T. H. Huxley ~


  Outdoors (7534725614).jpg

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May 5
Trinity shot color.jpg
Dr Manhattan symbol.svg
Rating-Christgau-dud.svgRed Checkmark.svg

Printer's ink has been running a race against gunpowder these many, many years. Ink is handicapped, in a way, because you can blow up a man with gunpowder in half a second, while it may take twenty years to blow him up with a book. But the gunpowder destroys itself along with its victim, while a book can keep on exploding for centuries.

~ Christopher Morley ~

V for Vendetta comic books.jpg

  Quiosc V de Vendetta.jpg

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May 6
Friedrich Kreuz im Wald.jpg  
LuMaxArt Human Family with World Religions.png
Holliday Junction.svg
Faith is more basic than language or theology. Faith is the response to something which is calling us from the timeless part of our reality. Faith may be encouraged by what has happened in the past, or what is thought to have happened in the past, but the only proof of it is in the future. Scriptures and creeds may come to seem incredible, but faith will still go dancing on. Even though (because it rejects a doctrine) it is now described as "doubt". This, I believe, is the kind of faith that Christ commended.
~ Sydney Carter ~

Quaker star-T.svg


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May 7
Butterfly and moon.png
2013-07-01 22-47-28-Lampyris.jpg
Leuchtkäfer - Firefly.JPG
Editor at large 1206.svg
Psi and Caduceus.svg

All the great utterances of man have to be judged not by the letter but by the spirit — the spirit which unfolds itself with the growth of life in history.

~ Rabindranath Tagore ~

Lotus aum.svg

Ancient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De, sideways.svg

  Tagore handwriting Bengali.jpg

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May 8
Ode de Mr. Exit Man.jpg  

The growth of the human mind is part of the growth of civilization; it is the state of civilization at any given moment that determines the scope and possibilities of human ends and values. The mind can never foresee its own advance.

~ Friedrich Hayek ~

Walking Man.jpg

  Man walking to the sky Jonathan Borowsky.jpg

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May 9
Poi circles.jpg

Man is a substantial emigrant on a pilgrimage of being, and it is accordingly meaningless to set limits to what he is capable of being.

~ José Ortega y Gasset ~

Heironeous Sigil.gif

  JUL Soul Iris.png
Fountain of Eternal Life crop.jpg

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May 10
Casteleyn Vanitas Homo bulla.jpg  
Banner of Peace from the Roerich Pact.svg
No sign.svg Cross-Trinity-Borromean-interlinked.svg No sign Right.svg

Our Yes towards life from the very beginning carries within it the Divine No which breaks forth from the antithesis and points away from what now was the thesis to the original and final synthesis. The No is not the last and highest truth, but the call from home which comes in answer to our asking for God in the world.

~ Karl Barth ~

Caput mortuum.svg
WikiProject Scouting going home symbol.svg

  Jacob de Gheyn - Vanitas.JPG

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May 11
Naiden kata (Olga Hermansson ).jpg  
SHAEF Shoulder Patch.svg

Conquering evil, not the opponent, is the essence of swordsmanship.

~ Yagyū Munenori ~

Kendo EM 2005 - taiatari 2.jpg


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May 12
Schwerter zu Pflugscharen - Jewgeni Wutschetitsch - Geschenk der Sowjetunion an die UNO - 1959.jpg
Banner of Peace from the Roerich Pact.svg
Icon Sociopolítica y relaciones internacionales (wikiproyect, es.wp).png

Education is not a function of any church — or even of a city — or a state; it is a function of all mankind.

~ Philip Wylie ~
Blue Pacific.svg

Distinctive emblem for cultural property under special protection.svg

  Flag of WHO.svg
United Nations University, Tokyo.jpg

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May 13
Paris cimetière Père Lachaise131.JPG
St. Martin's Church - stained glass window (4) - - 1582286.jpg

Charity keepeth us in Faith and Hope, and Hope leadeth us in Charity. And in the end all shall be Charity.

~ Julian of Norwich ~

Mosaik Glaube, Liebe, Hoffnung.jpg

  Julian of Norwich.jpg

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May 14
Ancient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De, sideways.svgDueling lightsabers.svgAncient version of the Taijitu by Lai Zhi-De.svg
Yin yang.svg

Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware: Anger, fear, aggression — the dark side, are they. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

~ George Lucas ~
~ Star Wars Episode VI : Return of the Jedi ~


  Star Wars Episode 1 (6820697479).jpg

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May 15
Wizoz house.jpgThe Wonderful Wizard of Oz, 014.pngWizoz munch.png
Wizard of oz 5.jpg
Oz flag.svg

Imagination has brought mankind through the Dark Ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity. Imagination has given us the steam engine, the telephone, the talking-machine, and the automobile, for these things had to be dreamed of before they became realities. So I believe that dreams — day dreams, you know, with your eyes wide open and your brain machinery whizzing — are likely to lead to the betterment of the world. The imaginative child will become the imaginative man or woman most apt to create, to invent, and therefore to foster civilization. A prominent educator tells me that fairy tales are of untold value in developing imagination in the young. I believe it.

~ L. Frank Baum ~

Rainbow diagram.svg

  Good Witch of the North.png
Glinda cover.jpgMagic of Oz.JPG

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May 16
Vincent Willem van Gogh 022-2.jpg  
Arco iris circular.JPG

What a man believes may be ascertained, not from his creed, but from the assumptions on which he habitually acts.

~ George Bernard Shaw ~
~ Man and Superman ~

Love heart.jpg

  Le bon Samaritain-Aime Nicolas Morot.jpg

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May 17
Rainbow Warriors - Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge - - 967232.jpg  

Is there not glory enough in living the days given to us? You should know there is adventure in simply being among those we love and the things we love, and beauty, too.

~ Lloyd Alexander ~

This morning we caught a rainbow.jpg


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May 18
Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970) as a young boy.jpg  
Rainbow diagram.svg

The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

~ Bertrand Russell ~

Knowing how you Know.jpg

  Russell and his son.jpg

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May 19
Malcolm X NYWTS 3.jpg  
Islam Peace.svg
Noi flag 2.svg

Once you change your philosophy, you change your thought pattern. Once you change your thought pattern, you change your — your attitude. Once you change your attitude, it changes your behavior pattern and then you go on into some action.

~ Malcolm X ~
  Malcolm X NYWTS 4.jpg

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May 20
Madrid - Fuera mafia, hola democracia - 131005 194252.jpg
- 01 Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino tenda e 2c Hippie.jpg
Taijitu polarity.PNG

There is a revolution coming. It will not be like revolutions of the past. It will originate with the individual and with culture, and it will change the political structure only as its final act. It will not require violence to succeed, and it cannot be successfully resisted by violence. It is now spreading with amazing rapidity, and already our laws, institutions and social structure are changing in consequence. It promises a higher reason, a more human community, and a new and liberated individual. Its ultimate creation will be a new and enduring wholeness and beauty — a renewed relationship of man to himself, to other men, to society, to nature, and to the land.
This is the revolution of the new generation.

~ Charles A. Reich ~
Blue Pacific.svg Yinyang, heaven-earth (with the Seven Stars of the North and the mountain).svg Blue Pacific.svg

GreenCopyleft.svg Yoism symbol.svg Green copyright.svg

Green dot symbol.svg

Occupy Wall Street Anonymous 2011 Shankbone.JPG

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May 21
Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of Saint Louis (Crisco restoration, with wings).jpg  

The environment of human life has changed more rapidly and more extensively in recent years than it has ever changed before. When environment changes, there must be a corresponding change in life. That change must be so great that it is not likely to be completed in a decade or in a generation.

~ Charles Lindbergh ~


  Apollo 11 launch.jpg

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May 22
Rathbone as Holmes - F&R.png  
Mortimer Menpes02a.jpg

My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know.

~ Arthur Conan Doyle ~

Sherlock Holmes.jpg

  The Reichenbach Fall filming (4).JPG

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May 23
Vergina Sun - Golden Larnax.png
Caduceus color.svg

Mercury has cast aside
The signs of intellectual pride,
Freely offers thee the soul:
Art thou noble to receive?
Canst thou give or take the whole,
Nobly promise and believe?
Then thou wholly human art,
A spotless, radiant, ruby heart,
And the golden chain of love
Has bound thee to the realm above.

~ Margaret Fuller ~


  Bouguereau Integrity.jpg

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May 24
MyCn18 "Etched Hourglass".jpg
Hoag's object.jpg

The fact that astronomies change while the stars abide is a true analogy of every realm of human life and thought, religion not least of all. No existent theology can be a final formulation of spiritual truth.

~ Harry Emerson Fosdick ~

Tabula Smaragdina.GIF
Lambda-Cold Dark Matter, Accelerated Expansion of the Universe, Big Bang-Inflation.jpg

A Horseshoe Einstein Ring from Hubble.JPG
Aurora Borealis.jpg

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May 25
Ghostly Reflections in the Pleiades.tif
Pleiades Elihu Vedder.jpg
Galactic Silhouettes.jpg

The stars awaken a certain reverence, because though always present, they are inaccessible; but all natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence. Nature never wears a mean appearance. Neither does the wisest man extort her secret, and lose his curiosity by finding out all her perfection. Nature never became a toy to a wise spirit. The flowers, the animals, the mountains, reflected the wisdom of his best hour, as much as they had delighted the simplicity of his childhood.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Whirling Southern Star Trails over ALMA.jpg

  Under the Milky Way in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.jpg
Thomas Bresson - Conjonction (by).jpg

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May 26
"Brion" and Ward-edited.jpg  

A wiki works best where you're trying to answer a question that you can't easily pose, where there's not a natural structure that's known in advance to what you need to know.

~ Ward Cunningham ~
Moinmoin.svg Wikimedia-logo2.svg Tikiwiki logo.svg
From hierarchy to decentralisation 400px.png
  Rochdale Unitarian Church "Liberty".jpg
Wiki software.tiff

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May 27
Arlekin zwiastujacy.jpg
File:Pesadilla (8189437215).jpg
Chaos star.svg

I am anti-entropy. My work is foursquare for chaos. I spend my life personally, and my work professionally, keeping the soup boiling. Gadfly is what they call you when you are no longer dangerous; I much prefer troublemaker, malcontent, desperado. I see myself as a combination of Zorro and Jiminy Cricket. My stories go out from here and raise hell. From time to time some denigrator or critic with umbrage will say of my work, "He only wrote that to shock." I smile and nod. Precisely.

~ Harlan Ellison ~

Symbol of Chaos.svg
Zorro (Character).gif

  Noche de luna llena - Full moon night.jpg
Saint George and the Dragon by Paolo Uccello (London) 01.jpg

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May 28
Maya Angelou speech for Barack Obama campaign 2008.jpg
Animated dove holding an olive branch.gif
People will forget what you said
People will forget what you did
But people will never forget how you made them feel.
~ Maya Angelou ~

Rainbow diagram.svg

  Maya Angelou visits YCP! 2413.jpg
Australien 21.jpg
Michael Ripoll, Rainbow Serpent, brooch.jpg

I enjoy decoration. By accumulating this mass of detail you throw light on things in a longer sense: in the long run it all adds up. It creates a texture — how shall I put it — a background, a period, which makes everything you write that much more convincing. Of course, all artists are terrible egoists. Unconsciously you are largely writing about yourself. I could never write anything factual; I only have confidence in myself when I am another character. All the characters in my books are myself, but they are a kind of disguise.

~ Patrick White ~

Ulurusunrise SteveStrike 08.jpg

  Uluru sunset1133.jpg

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May 29
File:Anonymous (2013) by anonymous.tif
Christian Socialism Anarchism.svg
Rainbow diagram.svg
Christian Anarchist Blot.svg

The one thing that can never be told is the last notion of the President, for his notions grow like a tropical forest. So in case you don't know, I'd better tell you that he is carrying out his notion of concealing ourselves by not concealing ourselves to the most extraordinary lengths just now. … He said that if you didn't seem to be hiding nobody hunted you out. Well, he is the only man on earth, I know; but sometimes I really think that his huge brain is going a little mad in its old age. For now we flaunt ourselves before the public. … They say we are a lot of jolly gentlemen who pretend they are anarchists.

~ G. K. Chesterton ~
~ The Man Who Was Thursday ~

Quaker star-T.svg

  Francis Danby - Scene from the Apocalypse - WGA5899.jpg
Rainbow bridge.jpg
Anarchy Flag with Star.svg

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May 30
La Vérité, par Jules Joseph Lefebvre.jpg  
Monad.svg AtheismLogo.svg Circle-A red.svg AtheismLogo.svg Monad.svg

A person is strong only when he stands upon his own truth, when he speaks and acts from his deepest convictions. Then, whatever the situation he may be in, he always knows what he must say and do. He may fall, but he cannot bring shame upon himself or his cause. If we seek the liberation of the people by means of a lie, we will surely grow confused, go astray, and lose sight of our objective, and if we have any influence at all on the people we will lead them astray as well — in other words, we will be acting in the spirit of reaction and to its benefit.

~ Mikhail Bakunin ~

Libertarian Socialist Flag.svg

  NYC Liberty 3.JPG

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May 31
Rainbow diagram.svg
Sahasrara.svg Metatrons cube.svg Yoism symbol.svg Metatrons cube.svg Sahasrara.svg

All this time and at all times wait the words of true poems,
The words of true poems do not merely please,
The true poets are not followers of beauty but the august masters of beauty;
The greatness of sons is the exuding of the greatness of mothers and fathers,
The words of true poems are the tuft and final applause of science.

~ Walt Whitman ~
~ Song of the Answerer ~


  Place de la Bastille 110.jpg

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