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Akhtar Aly Kureshy is an Advocate, Legal Advisor, Law Professor & Columnist, born in Lahore Pakistan, on November 15, 1963. Mr.Kureshy worked as Assistant Attorney General for Pakistan and Assistant Advocate General Punjab and Legal Advisor to Provincial Assembly of the Punjab. He is an active member of Supreme Court Bar Association and International Bar Association, London. He delivers lectures in Superior College of Law, Superior University, Lahore and his columns appear in national news papers like The News International and Pakistan Today.


  • A fascinating civilized society may be attractive to everybody but it identifies through the writ of law (supremacy of law) and values of humanity.[1]

  • Law reforms create the atmosphere of rule of law which implies that every citizen is subject to the law. It stands to convey that nobody is above the law and all citizens are equal before law. There is no secret that a powerful nation is recognized by its history and civilization.[2]

  • Thirst for Justice The only thirst of justice may change our system which are based on fake traditions and practice. Where ever you go if there is a comprehensive and instant system of justice is available that place will be a peaceful and prosper country apart from this fact whether it is a Muslim country or some other place who stolen our traditions and principals of Quraan to establish this place.[3]

  • Poiliticians are understood visionary Normally politicians of any country are understood to be visionary and loyal to their Constitution and country and they carry out politics for the welfare of the general public and betterment of their country but it is obvious that in Pakistan political leaders rule for making money and promotion of their families and friends, then take off to London to enjoy life or are sometimes incarcerated for assets beyond sources by the NAB as present opposition exemplifies.[4]

  • A powerful judicial system is our protection Gone are the days when easy to carry out a coup d’état. Only a powerful judicial system is our protection from all abuses and mishandling of any issue, including the politics or economics of the country[5]

  • Open secret It is an open secret that without strict accountability you can’t prosper as a nation similarly a nation can’t survive until its judicial system is empowered to deliver justice instantly and inexpensively. It is the prime duty of the state to create such legislation and infrastructure. Without justice, a civilized society is just a dream.[6]

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