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The following is a list of quotes from the second season Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Avatar State [2.1]

Captain: Princess, I'm afraid the tides will not allow us to bring the ship into port before nightfall.
Azula: I'm sorry, Captain, but I do not know much about the tides. Can you explain something to me?
Captain: Of course, Your Highness.
Azula: Do the tides command this ship?
Captain: Um... I'm afraid I don't understand.
Azula: You said the tides would not allow us to bring the ship in. Do the tides command this ship?
Captain: ...No, Princess.
Azula: And, if I were to have you thrown overboard, would the tides think twice about smashing you against the rocky shore?
Captain: [nervously]... No, Princess.
Azula: Well, then maybe you should worry less about the tides, who've already made up their mind about killing you, and worry more about me, who's still mulling it over.
Captain: I'll put us in.

[General Fong and his men are attacking Aang in attempt to force him into the Avatar State. Katara attacks some of the Earthbenders with her waterbending]
Fong: [to Aang] Maybe you can avoid me... but she can't.
[Katara launches a water attack at Fong, but he deflects it with earth and causes her to sink into the ground up to her knees]
Katara: Aah! I can't move!
Aang: [angry and frightened] Don't hurt her!
[He airbends at Fong, who deflects it]
Sokka: Katara, no!
[He tries to help her, but Fong uses earthbending to knock him off his ostrich-horse]
Aang: [grabs Fong's arm] Stop this! You have to let her go!
Fong: You could save her if you were in the Avatar State!
Aang: [tearfully] I'm trying! I'm trying!
Katara: Aang, I'm sinking!
[She sinks up to her waist]
Fong: I don't see any glowing! [he sinks Katara up to her neck]
Katara: Aah! Please!
Aang: You don't have to do this!
Fong: Apparently... I do.

[He closes his fist, and Katara is buried completely; Aang leaps to pull her out, but is too late. He turns towards Fong, his face full of rage and his tattoos and eyes glowing, indicating that he has entered the Avatar State]

Fong: It worked! It worked!
[His expression turns to fear as a massive cyclone begins to form around Aang]

The Cave of Two Lovers [2.2]

Iroh: Zuko, remember that plant that I thought might be tea?
Zuko: You didn't!
Iroh: I did. [Iroh turns around to reveal his red, swollen face which he is scratching] And it wasn't.
Zuko: Yah!
Iroh: When the rash spreads to my throat, I will stop breathing. But look what I found! These are bacui berries, known to cure the poison of the white jade plant. That, or macahoni berries that cause blindness.
Zuko: We're not taking any more chances with these plants! We need to get help.
Iroh: But where are we going to go? We're enemies of the Earth Kingdom, and fugitives from the Fire Nation.
Zuko: If the Earth Kingdom discovers us, they'll have us killed.
Iroh: But if the Fire Nation discovers us, we'll be turned over to Azula.
[Both look at one another and nod]
Zuko: Earth Kingdom it is.

Katara: I have a crazy idea...
Aang: What?
Katara: Never mind. It's too crazy.
Aang: Katara, what is it?
Katara: [looking away] I was thinking... the curse says we'll be trapped in here forever unless we trust in love.
Aang: Right.
Katara: And here it says "love is brightest in the dark" and...has a picture of them kissing...
Aang: [clueless] Where are you going with this?
Katara: Well...what if we kissed?
Aang: [shocked] Us kissing?!
Katara: See? It was a crazy idea.
Aang: Us...[dreamily] kissing.
Katara: [laughing] Us, kissing. What was I thinking? Can you imagine that?
Aang: Yeah.[laughs] I definitely wouldn't want to kiss you.
Katara: [slightly hurt] Well, I didn't realize it was such a horrible option! Sorry I suggested it!
Aang: No, I mean, if it was a choice between kissing you and dying-
Katara: [turning away from him] Ugh!
Aang: What?! I'm saying I'd rather kiss you than die! That's a compliment!
Katara: [angered] Well, I'm not sure which I'd rather do! [she storms off]
Aang: [sadly] What is wrong with me?

Return to Omashu [2.3]

Sokka: [scared] AAH! YOU WON'T LET GO! HELP!

[The little baby begins teething on Sokka's boomerang. Sokka takes it away.]
Sokka: No! Bad Fire Nation baby! [The baby starts crying. Katara hits Sokka in the head.] OW!
Katara: Sokka, don't do that!
Sokka: Oh, alright. [He gives his boomerang back to the baby to teeth on it. Katara hugs him from behind.]
Katara: [baby voice] Ooh, you're so cute. Mmm... [cut to resistance leader Yung observing the baby.]
Yung: Sure, he's cute now... but when he's older, he'll join the Fire Nation army. You won't think he's so cute then. He'll be a killer.
Katara: [picks up the baby to Yung] Does that look like the face of a killer to you?

[after escaping from Azula, Aang confronts King Bumi inside a metal coffin about why he surrendered]
Aang: I don't understand. Why didn't you free yourself? Why did you surrender when Omashu was invaded? What's the matter with you, Bumi?!
King Bumi: [calmly] Listen to me, Aang. There are options in fighting called jing. It's a choice of how you direct your energy.
Aang: I know! [counts with two fingers] There's positive jing when you're attacking, and negative jing when you're retreating.
King Bumi: And neutral jing, when you do nothing!
Aang: [suddenly surprised] There are three jings?
King Bumi: Well, technically there are eighty-five, but let's just focus on the third. Neutral jing is the key to earthbending. It involves listening and waiting for the right moment to strike.
Aang: That's why you surrendered, isn't it?
King Bumi: Yes, and it's why I can't leave now. [Aang sadly turns around, feeling disappointed]
Aang: I guess I need to find someone else to teach me earthbending.
King Bumi: Your teacher will be someone who has mastered neutral jing. You need to find someone who waits and listens before striking. [Momo lands on Aang's shoulders]
Aang: [happily] Hey, Momo!
King Bumi: Momo's mastered a few jings himself! [Momo screeches loudly at Bumi] Goodbye, Aang. I'll see you when the time is right.

The Swamp [2.4]

Katara: Sokka, you've got an elbow leech!
Sokka: Where?! Where?!
Katara: Where do you think?
[He rips the leech off his elbow.]

Huu: [about the great banyan tree] See, this whole swamp is actually just one tree spread out over miles. Branches spread and sink, take root, and spread some more... One big living organism, just like the entire world.
Aang: I get how the tree is one big thing, but the whole world?
Huu: Sure. You think you're any different from me, or your friends, or this tree? If you listen hard enough, you can hear every living thing breathing together. You can feel everything growing. We are all living together, even if most folks don't act like it. We all have the same roots, and we are all branches of the same tree.
Katara: But what did our visions mean?
Huu: In the swamp, we see visions of people we've lost, people we loved, folks we think are gone. But the swamp tells us they're not. We're still connected to 'em. Time is an illusion, and so is death.
Aang: But what about my vision? It was someone I had never met.
Huu: You're the Avatar. You tell me.
Aang: [contemplates] Time is an illusion... So, it's someone I will meet.

Avatar Day [2.5]

Zuko: There is no honor for me without the Avatar.
Iroh: Zuko, even if you did capture the Avatar, I'm not so sure it would solve our problems. Not now.
Zuko: Then there is no hope at all.
Iroh: No, Zuko! You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.

Aang: I said I would face justice, so I will. [spins Wheel of Punishment]
Spectator 1: [rooting] Come on, torture machine!
Old Man: Eaten by bears!
Spectator 2: Razor pit!
Katara: [worried] Community service! Please land on community service.

The Blind Bandit [2.6]

The Boulder: The Boulder feels conflicted about fighting a young blind girl.
Toph: Sounds to me like you're scared, Boulder!
The Boulder: ...The Boulder's over his conflicted feelings, and now he's ready to bury you in a rockalanche!
Toph: Whenever you're ready, the Pebble! [laughs evil-like]

Toph: [Aang has just entered the ring] Do people really want to see two little girls fighting out here?
Aang: [to Toph] I don't really want to fight you. I want to talk to you.
Katara: Don't boo at him! [hits Sokka on the arm]
Sokka: OW!

Zuko Alone [2.7]

Gow: Hey! You throwing eggs at us, stranger?
Zuko: No.
Gow: You see who did throw it?
Zuko: No.
Soldier: That your favorite word, no?
Gow: Egg had to've come from somewhere.
Zuko: Maybe a chicken flew over.

Ozai: Father, you must have realized as I have that with Lu Ten gone, Iroh's bloodline has ended. After his son's death, my brother abandoned the siege at Ba Sing Se, and who knows when he'll return home. But I am here, Father, and my children are alive.
Azulon: Say what it is you want!
Ozai: Father, revoke Iroh's birthright. I am your humble servant, here to serve you and our nation. Use me.
Azulon: You dare suggest I betray Iroh, my first born, directly after the demise of his only beloved son?! I think that Iroh has suffered enough. But you, your punishment has scarcely begun!

Ursa: Remember this, Zuko. No matter how things may seem to change, never forget who you are.
[She disappears as the flashback ends. Gow approaches Zuko]
Lee: Get up...
[Zuko gets up and uses powerful firebending to overwhelm Gow, who unsuccessfully tries to defend himself]
Gow: Who...who are you?
Zuko: My name is Zuko. Son of Ursa and Fire Lord Ozai. Prince of the Fire Nation, and heir to the throne.
Old man: Liar! I heard of you! You're not a prince, you're an outcast! His own father burned and disowned him!
[Zuko takes Lee's dagger to give it back]
Sela: Not a step closer.
Zuko: It's yours. You should have it.
Lee: No! I hate you!

The Chase [2.8]

[Azula has tracked Aang down to a deserted town]
Azula: Do you really want to fight me?
[Zuko suddenly arrives, jumping off his ostrich-horse]
Zuko: Yes, I really do.
Azula: I was wondering when you'd show up, Zuzu.
Aang: [stifles a laugh] "Zuzu?"
Zuko: [assumes a fighting stance] Back off, Azula. He's mine!
Azula: [Confidently]... I'm not going anywhere.
[She assumes a fighting stance as well]

[Toph and Iroh begin to share a conversation over tea on a rocky hilltop]
Toph: People see me and think I'm weak. They want to take care of me, but I can take care of myself, by myself.
Iroh: You sound like my nephew, always thinking you need to do things on your own, without anyone's support. There is nothing wrong with letting the people who love you help you. Not that I love you, I just met you.
Toph: [laughs] So where is your nephew?
Iroh: I've been tracking him, actually.
Toph: Is he lost?
Iroh: [looks away; slightly sad] Yes, a little bit. [cuts to shot of the rocky ledge where the two sit, the mountain region in the background] His life has recently changed and he's going through very difficult times. He's trying to figure out who he is and he went away.
Toph: So now you're following him.
Iroh: I know he doesn't want me around him right now, but if he needs me, I'll be there.
Toph: Your nephew is very lucky, even if he doesn't know it. [gets up to leave] Thank you.
Iroh: My pleasure. Sharing tea with a fascinating stranger is one of life's true delights.
Toph: [happily] No, thank you for what you said. It helped me.
Iroh: I'm glad. [Toph rises to leave, but turns around briefly]
Toph: Oh, and about your nephew... Maybe you should tell him that you need him, too.

Bitter Work [2.9]

Iroh: Prince Zuko, pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source. True humility is the only antidote to shame.

[Sokka is buried in the earth and a hippo comes running with an apple in its mouth]
Sokka: Hey! Looks like my karma is already paying off.
[Hippo rolls the apple but not within range of Sokka's hands or mouth]
Sokka [Elated]: That's okay. I got it.
[Sokka struggles to move hands but boomerang instead falls out off his bag]
Sokka [after 10 second pause and annoyed]: Now come back, boomerang.

Iroh: [drawing the Fire Nation symbol in the sand before Zuko] Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want. [draws the Earth Kingdom symbol] Earth is the element of substance. The people of the Earth Kingdom are diverse and strong. They are persistent and enduring. [draws the Air Nomads symbol] Air is the element of freedom. The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom. Also, they apparently had pretty good senses of humor! [grins]
[Zuko stares blankly at Iroh]
Iroh: [continuing, drawing the Water Tribe symbol] Water is the element of change. The people of the Water Tribe are capable of adapting to many things. They have a deep sense of community and love that holds them together though anything.
Zuko: Why are you telling me these things?
Iroh: It is important to draw wisdom from many different places. If we take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale. Understanding others, the other elements, and the other nations, will help you become whole.
Zuko: All this "Four Elements" talk is sounding like Avatar stuff.
Iroh: It is the combination of the four elements within one person that makes the Avatar so powerful. But, it can make you more powerful, too. [prods him in the chest with his staff] You see, the technique I am about to teach you is one I learned by studying the Waterbenders.

The Library [2.10]

Wan Shi Tong: [leers to a nervous Sokka] So, who are you trying to destroy?
Sokka: What? No! No destroying, we're not into that.
Wan Shi Tong: Then why are you here?
Sokka: [hesitates] Umm... Knowledge for knowledge's sake?
Wan Shi Tong: If you're going to lie to an all-knowing spirit being, you should at least put some effort into it.

[Wan Shi Tong confronts Team Avatar and Professor Zei in the planetarium for obtaining knowledge on the next solar eclipse]
Wan Shi Tong: You betrayed my trust. From the beginning, you intended to misuse this knowledge for evil purposes.
Sokka: You don't understand! If anyone's evil, it's the Fire Nation! You saw what they did to your library. They're destructive and dangerous. We need this information!
Wan Shi Tong: You think you're the first person to believe their war was justified? Countless others before you have come here, seeking weapons or weaknesses or battle strategies!
Aang: We had no choice. Please, we're just desperate to protect the people we love!
Wan Shi Tong: And now I'm going to protect what I love.
[Wan Shi Tong spreads his wings; the library starts to shake and flood with sand]
Aang: What are you doing?!
Wan Shi Tong: I'm taking my knowledge back. No one will ever abuse it again!
Katara: He's sinking the building! We've gotta get out of here!
Wan Shi Tong: I'm afraid I can't allow that. You already know too much. [shrieks and chases them]

The Desert [2.11]

[Both Sokka and Momo are hallucinating after drinking cactus juice]
Sokka: Drink cactus juice, it'll quench ya. Nothing's quenchier. It's the quenchiest!
Katara: [throws away the piece of cactus] Okay, I think you had enough.
Sokka: Who lit Toph on fire?
[Momo spins in a circle in the air and dive bombs to the ground.]
Toph: Can I get some of that cactus?
Katara: I don’t think that’s a good idea. Come on, we need to find Aang.
[She and Toph walk on; when Sokka doesn't follow, Katara grabs him and drags him along with them]
Sokka: How did we get out here in the middle of the ocean?

[Aang confronts a group of sandbenders, including the ones who stole Appa]
Aang: You tell me where he is, now!
[He obliterates one of the sand-sailers with airbending]
Sha-Mo: [sternly, to his son] What did you do?!
Gashiun: I-It wasn't me!
Toph: You said to put a muzzle on him!
Aang: [enraged] You muzzled Appa?!
[Aang enters the Avatar State; he smashes another of the sand-sailers]
Gashiun: I'm sorry! I didn't know it belonged to the Avatar!
Aang: [shouts with the voices of past Avatars] TELL ME WHERE APPA IS!
Gashiun: I-I traded him, to some merchants! He's... probably in Ba Sing Se by now. They were gonna sell him there. [Aang's glowing eyes narrow] Please, we'll escort you out of the desert! We'll help however we can!
[A cyclone erupts around Aang, obscuring everything. Sokka grabs Toph's arm]
Sokka: [to the sandbenders] Just get out of here! RUN!
[Everyone flees from Aang, except Katara. As he rises off the ground, she approaches him and grabs his arm; he stares down at her, his face contorted with rage and grief. Katara pulls him back down to the ground. As the winds begin to die down, Sokka sees tears running from Aang's eyes as Katara hugs him]

The Serpent's Pass [2.12]

[Suki asks Sokka why he is being overprotective of her]
Sokka: It's so hard to lose someone you care about. Something happened at the North Pole and I couldn't protect someone. I don't want anything like that to ever happen again.
Suki: I lost someone I cared about. He didn't die. He just went away. I only had a few days to get to know him, but he was smart and brave and funny...
Sokka: [suspiciously] Who is this guy? Is he taller than me?
Suki: [deadpan] No. He's about your height.
Sokka: Is he better-looking?
Suki: It is you, stupid!
Sokka: Oh.

Sokka: Suki, you know about giant sea monsters, do something!
Suki: Just because I live near the Unagi doesn't mean I'm an expert.
Sokka: [picks up Momo and offers it to the Sea Serpent] Oh great and powerful sea serpent, please accept this humble and tasty offering. Thank You.
Katara: Sokka!

The Drill [2.13]

Mai: She [Azula] can shoot all the lightning she wants at me, I'm not going into that wall sludge juice. [Shudders, then closes hatch Katara, Sokka, and Ty Lee jumped into]

[Toph takes the group under ground]
Sokka: It's so dark down here. I can't see a thing.
Toph: [Sarcastically] Oh no, what a nightmare!
Sokka: Sorry.

City of Walls and Secrets [2.14]


Zuko: This city is a prison. I don't wanna make a life here.
Iroh: Life happens wherever you are. Whether you make it or not.

Toph: Well, no offense to you simple country folk, but a real society crowd would spot you from a mile away. You've got no manners.
Katara: Excuse me? I've got no manners? You're not exactly lady fancy fingers.
Toph: [burps] I learned proper society behavior and chose to leave it. You never learned anything. And frankly, it's a little too late.
Sokka: Ah-Ha, but you learned it. You could teach us.
Aang: Yeah, I'm mastering every element. How hard could manners be? [grabs a nearby curtain and drapes it around himself like a robe, and begins talking in a very sophisticated manner] Good evening, Mr. Sokka Watertribe. Ms. Katara Watertribe. Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty, your Momo-ness.
Sokka: [in a fancy accent] Avatar Aang how you do go on!
[Both of them take turns bowing then try to bow at the same time, but they knock each other's foreheads' together and fall backward]
Toph: Katara might be able to pull it off, but you two would be lucky to pass as busboys.
Sokka: But I feel so fancy!

Sokka: Why won't you let us talk to the King?! We have information that could defeat the Fire Nation!
Long Feng: The Earth King has no time to get involved in political squabbles and the day-to-day minutia of military activities.
Aang: This could be the most important thing he's ever heard!
Long Feng: What's most important to His Royal majesty is maintaining the cultural heritage of Ba Sing Se. All his duties relate to issuing decrees on such matters. It's my job to oversee the rest of the city's resources... including the military.
Katara: So the King is just a figurehead.
Toph: He's your puppet!
Long Feng: Oh, no, no! His majesty is an icon, a god to his people. He can't sully his hands with the hourly changes of an endless war.
Sokka: But we found out about a solar eclipse that will leave the Fire Nation defenseless! You could lead an invasion-
Long Feng: [stands up] Enough. I don't want to hear your ridiculous plan. It is the strict policy of Ba Sing Se, that the war not be mentioned inside these walls. [As he speaks, the Dai Li take Jet to a secret facility] Constant news of an escalating war will throw the citizens of Ba Sing Se into a state of panic.
Jet: [as the Dai Li strapped him into a chair] You have to believe me! They're Firebenders! They won't stop until they win the war!
Dai Li Agent: [to Jet] Calm down. You're safe now. [a light begins rotating in front of Jet at eye level]
Long Feng: Our economy would be ruined. Our peaceful way of life, our traditions, would disappear.
Dai Li Agent: [to Jet] There's no war in Ba Sing Se.
Jet: What are you talking about?! Where do you think all the refugees come from? You can't hide it! [The Dai Li gag him as the light continues to rotate]
Long Feng: In silencing talk of conflict, Ba Sing Se remains a peaceful, orderly utopia... the last one on Earth.
Dai Li Agent: [to Jet, muffled] There is no war within the walls. Here, we are safe. Here, we are free.
Katara: You can't keep the truth from all these people. They have to know!
Aang: I'll tell them! I'll make sure everyone knows
Long Feng: Until now, you've been treated as our honored guest. But from now on, you will be watched by Dai Li agents. If you mention the war to anyone, you will be expelled from the city. I understand you've been looking for your bison? It would be quite a shame if you were unable to complete your quest. [Aang glares at him] Now, Joo Dee will show you home.
[A different young woman enters, with an equally blank smile on her face, startling Team Avatar]
Young Woman: Come with me, please.
Katara: What happened to Joo Dee?
Young Woman: I'm Joo Dee. I'll be your host as long as you're in our wonderful city.

The Tales of Ba Sing Se [2.15]

[Katara opens a door and sees Toph lying facedown on the floor, asleep]
Katara: Toph, aren't you gonna get ready for the day?
[Toph wakes up, hair frazzled, and spits]
Toph: I'm ready.
Katara: Aren't you gonna clean up? You've got a little dirt on your....everywhere actually.
Toph: You call it dirt. I call it a healthy coating of earth.

Iroh: It is usually best to admit mistakes when they occur, and to seek to restore honor.

[A mugger approaches Iroh in an alley]
Mugger: You! Hand over your money!
[Iroh looks down and notices the mugger's unstable stance]
Iroh: What are you doing?
Mugger: I'm mugging you!
Iroh: With that stance??
Mugger: Wha… What are you talking about? Just give me your money, old man!
Iroh: With a poor stance you are unbalanced and can be easily knocked over.
[Iroh knocks mugger down and then helps him up]
Iroh: With a solid stance you are a much more serious threat!

[Iroh uses fire bending to light the incense on a small alter he has made in honor of his late son, Lu Ten]
Iroh: Happy birthday, my son. If only I could helped you. [tears up as he sing] Leaves from the vine, falling in so slow, like fragile tiny shells, drifting in the foam. Little, soldier boy... comes marching home. Brave soldier boy... Comes marching home.
[words appear on screen: IN HONOR OF MAKO.]

Appa's Lost Days [2.16]

[Azula is talking to the Kyoshi warriors, who fight with fans]
Azula: Who are you? The Avatar's fangirls?
[a short pause]
Ty Lee: ...Oh! I get it! Good one Azula.

[Mai pins a Kyoshi warrior to a tree with her shurikens]
Mai: You're so colorful, it's making me nauseous. [launches darts at another warrior]
[Ty Lee unleashes a flurry of jabs into the back of a Kyoshi warrior, dropping her, and unleashes a final taunt]
Ty Lee: You are not prettier than we are.

Lake Laogai [2.17]

Sokka: Hey, I thought designing the "Lost Appa" poster was my job! I've been working all day on my Appa!
[shows Katara and Aang his picture. Katara is visibly trying not to laugh.']
Aang: Sokka, the arrow is on Appa's head.
Sokka: This is his head!
Katara: Why are feet coming out of it?
Sokka: Those are his horns! I haven't seen him in a while, okay?
Toph: It looks just like him to me.
Sokka: Thank you, I worked really- [breaks off, remembering that Toph is blind]...Why do you feel the need to do that?

[Zuko, disguised as the Blue Spirit, is interrupted by Iroh as he finds Appa]
Zuko: Uncle?
Iroh: [walks into the cell] So, the Blue Spirit? I wonder who could be behind that mask?
Zuko: [Sighs and pulls off his mask] What are you doing here?
Iroh: I was just about to ask you the same thing. What do you plan to do, now that you've found the Avatar's bison? Keep it locked in our new apartment? Should I go put on a pot of tea for him?!
Zuko: First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh: [angry] And then what?! You never think these things through! This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had nowhere to go!
Zuko: I would've figured something out!
Iroh: No! If his friends hadn't found you, you would have frozen to Long Feng's death!
Zuko: [increasingly angrily] I know my own destiny, Uncle!
Iroh: Is it your own destiny, or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?
Zuko: Stop it, Uncle! I have to do this!
Iroh: I'm begging you, Prince Zuko! It's time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions: Who are you, and What do you want?! [Zuko yells in frustration, then throws his mask and swords down.]

The Earth King [2.18]

Sokka: Looks like Long Feng is long gone! [laughs] Oh, I've been waiting to use that one!

Toph: I've seen enough of Ba Sing Se. And I can't even see!

The Guru [2.19]

Guru Pathik: The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same.
Aang: Like the four nations.
Guru Pathik: Yes. We are all one people, but we live as if divided.
Aang: We're all connected. Everything is connected.

Aang: This is the last chakra, isn't it?
Guru Pathik: Yes. Once you open this chakra, you will be able to go in and out of the Avatar State at will. And when you are in the Avatar State, you will have complete control and awareness of all your actions.
Aang: Let's do this!
Guru Pathik: The Thought Chakra is located at the crown of the head. It deals with pure cosmic energy, and is blocked by earthly attachment. Meditate on what attaches you to this world.
[Aang imagines various images and memories of Katara]
Guru Pathik: Now, let all of those attachments go. Let them flow down the river... forgotten.
Aang: [snaps out of his meditation] What? Why would I let go of Katara? I... I love her!
Guru Pathik: Learn to let her go, or you cannot let the pure cosmic energy flow in from the universe.
Aang: [outraged] Why would I choose cosmic energy over Katara? How could it be a bad thing that I feel an attachment to her?! Three chakras ago, that was a good thing!
Guru Pathik: You must learn to let go.

Aang: I'm sorry, but I can't let go of Katara.
Guru Pathik: Aang, to master the Avatar State, you must opens all the chakras. Surrender yourself.
Aang: Okay, I'll try.
Guru Pathik: Now think of your attachments, and let them go. Let the pure cosmic energy flow. (He meditates again, beginning to lets Katara go. We then see him suspended above the planet, facing a giant, glows version of himself in the Avatar State. He begins to walk towards it and his tattoos start to glow. Suddenly, however, he hears Katara scream and sees a vision of her in chains and begins to run towards her.)
Karata: LET ME GO! [His tattoos fade along with the solid light beneath his feet, and so he falls back to the earth]
Aang: AAAAAAGGGHHH!!! [shocked] Katara's in danger! I have to go! [Aang gets up and begins to runs off]
Guru Pathik: No, Aang! Wait! Come back! [Aang slides down the roof before he stops at the edge] By choosin' attachment, you have no match to this locked the chakra. If you leave now, you won't be able to go into the Avatar State at all!
[After a moment's hesitation, Aang runs off]

[Xin Fu and Yi investigate Toph's metal cage. They notice a large hole in the cage and Toph is nowhere to be found]
Yi: It's another 1 of her tricks!
Xin Fu: (All I need is 1 thing; myself!) There's a giant hole in a box! How is that a trick?!
Toph: [from behind them] It's not! It's the real deal! [She earthbends the two men together, throws them in the cage, and metalbends the cage shut with her hands. She climbs on top of the box] I am the greatest earthbender in the world! Don't you two dunderheads ever forget it! [She leaps off the box and onto the path to Ba Sing Se. She uses earth surfing to traverse faster]
Xin Fu: [inside the box] I'm going to be stuck in here forever with you, aren't I?
Yi: ...I have to go the bathroom. [Xin Fu slams his head against the box]

The Crossroads of Destiny [2.20]

Zuko: I'm sorry. That something in common.

Long Feng: Now comes the part where I double cross you. Dai Li, arrest the Fire Nation princess! [The Dai Li don't moves] I said arrest her! [The Dai Li don't moved again; failed and forbidding arresting Azula] (Oops!) What is wrong with you?!
Azula: It's because they haven't made up their minds. They're waiting to see how this is going to end.
Long Feng: What are you talking about?!
Azula: I can see your whole history in your eyes. You were born with nothing, so you've had to struggle, and connive, and claw your way to power. But true power, the divine right to rule, is something you're born with. The fact is, they don't know which one of us is going to be sitting on that throne, and which one is going to be bowing down. But I know, and you know. [She sits on the Earth King's throne] Well?
[She and Long Feng lock eyes; after a long moment, Long Feng kneels before her]
Long Feng: ... You've beaten me at my own game.
Azula: Don't flatter yourself. You were never even a player.

Zuko: Uncle, I don't understand. What are you doing with the Avatar?
Aang: [glares at him] Saving you, that's what.
[Zuko starts to advance on him, but Iroh holds him back]
Iroh: It's time we talked. [to Aang] Go help your other friends. We'll catch up with you. [Aang and Katara leaves]
Zuko: [not looking Iroh directly in the eye] Why, Uncle?
Iroh: [seriously] You're not the man you used to be, Zuko. You are stronger, and wiser, and freer than you have ever been. And now you've come to the crossroads of your destiny. It's time for you to choose. It's time for you to choose good.
[Iroh is suddenly immobilized by crystals, startling Zuko]
Azula: [enters followed by two Dai Li Agents] I expected this kind of treachery from Uncle. But Zuko, Prince Zuko. You're a lot of things, but you aren't a traitor, are you?
Zuko: Release him immediately!
Azula:[slyly] It's not too late for you, Zuko. You could still redeem yourself.
Iroh: The kind of "redemption" she offers is not for you!
Azula: [glares at him] Why don't you let him decide, Uncle? I need you, Zuko. I've plotted every move of this day, this glorious day in Fire Nation history, and the only way we win is together. At the end of this day, you will have your honor back. You will have Father's love. You will have everything you want.
Iroh: Zuko, I am begging you. Look into your heart and see what it is you truly want.
Azula: You are free to choose.
[she gestures for the Dai Li to leave, then pursues Aang and Katara, as Zuko considers his choice.]

Earth King: The Earth Kingdom...has fallen.