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The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season of Babar.

The Departure [6.1][edit]

Babar: [after the children did their rowdy behavior] Children. I know you're excited that the circus is coming today, but as I've told you many times, [off-screen] this palace is not your personal playground.
Flora: Yes, Father.
Babar: You almost knocked down your mother and sister! Cornelius lost many documents. [off-screen] And my cake is crumbled!
Pom and Alexander: We're sorry, Father.
Babar: I don't like to do this, but you're going to have to learn to listen (this time). [turns to Celeste] What do you think, Celeste?
[Celeste holds the vase full of flowers and Babar winks his left eye at her]
Celeste: Well... the attic could use a thorough cleaning.
Babar: Perfect (idea)! [turns back to the children] I want you all to march right up to the attic and clean it until it is spotless.
Alexander and Flora: The attic!?
Alexander: But it hasn't been cleaned in a million years!
Flora: And we want to see the circus!
Babar: Sorry. You must learn your lesson.
Pom: You're right.
Alexander: Yes, Father.
Flora: Okay, Dad.
[The children went back to the palace to clean up the attic]
Celeste: We'll call off the punishment soon, right, dear?
Babar: Oh, yes, we wouldn't want them to miss the circus.

[after Blaze and Amazing Butterfly crashed into the children]
Amazing Butterfly: Sorry about that.
Flora: That's okay. Hey! You're that girl on the trapeze, aren't you?
Pom: How did you ever learn all that neat stuff?
Amazing Butterfly: Well, I practiced with my mother and father as we toured around the world.
Flora: You toured... around the world?!
Blaze: Sure! The circus tours all over the place! From the warm islands of the south to the icy lands of the far north.
Amazing Butterfly: We go to all sorts of places and make all kinds of friends.
Pom: Wow! What fun!
Alexander: That sounds great!
Flora: You're so lucky!
Alexander: I sure wish we could travel around the world like that.

Pom: We finished our chore! [off-screen] The attic is spotless!
Babar: You did? Well, I'm sure you did an excellent job.
Alexander: We did! And we learned our lesson. From now on we'll be more careful in the palace.
Flora: Look what we found! [unrolls the map]
Babar: [about the map] Hmm! I thought I'd lost this. [to the children] Wherever did you find it?
Flora: In the attic, while we were cleaning.
Babar: So it was in the attic all this time.
Flora: What's it a map of?
Babar: It's a very special map, given to me by a very special man.

Celeste: [to Isabella] Isabelle, you're too little to come with us. But we'll be home before you know it. You be a good girl!
Isabella: I be good. Bye-bye!
[Isabella kisses Celeste's trunk and Babar has a happy expression. Pompadour is now the music conductor and let the band play beautiful music]
Babar: Cornelius, take care of the palace while I'm away.
Cornelius: Not to worry, Babar. (Not to worry.)
Alexander, Flora and Pom: Goodbye!
Blaze and Amazing Butterfly: Goodbye!
Performer: Everyone, stand clear! [swings the axe and cuts the rope]
Babar: Goodbye!
Celeste: Goodbye, everyone.
Zephir: Goodbye!
Babar: We're off on our adventure!
Alexander, Flora and Pom: Yay!
[The hot air balloon takes off as Babar and his family are off on their adventure]

Adventures on Big Island [6.2][edit]

Land of Games [6.3][edit]

Land of Toys [6.4][edit]

Land of Ice [6.5][edit]

Land of Pirates [6.6][edit]

Land of Witches [6.7][edit]

Land of Mysterious Water [6.8][edit]

Land of The Underground [6.9][edit]

The Seabed Land [6.10][edit]

Land of the Treats [6.11][edit]

Land of the Treasure Hunt [6.12][edit]

Land of Happiness [6.13][edit]

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