CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 13)

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000–2015), usually referred to as CSI, is a dramatic television series about the Forensics Crime Lab in Las Vegas.

Karma to Burn [13.1][edit]

Code Blue Plate Special [13.2][edit]

Wild Flowers [13.3][edit]

It Was a Very Good Year [13.4][edit]

Play Dead [13.5][edit]

Pick and Roll [13.6][edit]

Fallen Angels [13.7][edit]

CSI on Fire [13.8][edit]

Strip Maul [13.9][edit]

Risky Business Class [13.10][edit]

Dead Air [13.11][edit]

Double Fault [13.12][edit]

In Vino Veritas [13.13][edit]

Exile [13.14][edit]

Forget Me Not [13.15][edit]

Last Woman Standing [13.16][edit]

Dead of the Class [13.17][edit]

Sheltered [13.18][edit]

Backfire [13.19][edit]

Fearless [13.20][edit]

Ghosts of the Past [13.21][edit]

Skin in the Game [13.22][edit]