Immortality (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation)

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Immortality (2015) is a made-for-television movie that serves as the series finale of the dramatic television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Immortality, Pt. 1[edit]

Catherine Willows: Listen, I need a favor. The new girl, she's having a bit of a rough one. She thinks she let you down. I was hoping you might be able to help her process the suitcase, give her a little of that Grissom TLC? She could really use it.
Gil Grissom: I'd rather not. I'm quite content here. Where did that girl come from, anyway?
Catherine Willows: My vagina! You don't recognize her? Grissom, that's Lindsey, my daughter.

Gil Grissom: What are you, Henry? About five-ten, 160 pounds?
Henry Andrews: 164. Why?
Gil Grissom: I'm gonna make a bomb. We're gonna blow you up.
Henry Andrews: Oh! Okay, great.

Lady Heather: [Catherine Willows reprises/recalls a statement made by Lady Heather in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Slaves of Las Vegas episode #2.8 - 2001] "Lady Heather stated that she told her little girl something when she thought her daughter was old enough to hear it. 'Honey, you can give a man a lot of things. You can give him your time, your money, even your heart. But the one thing you can never ever let go of is your power. You have to be able to walk away at any time.'... maybe Lady Heather is exerting her power with these bombings."

Gil Grissom: Jump the shark.

Gil Grissom: Who are you. (also the line in the show's theme song and one episode of season one)

Immortality, Pt. 2[edit]