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CSI: Miami (2002–2012) is a dramatic television series about the Forensics Crime Lab in Miami. It is a spin-off of the popular series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Dangerous Son (6.01)[edit]

Jake: What happened? You get knocked back to uniform?
Frank: These are stripes, sparky, all right? You're as dumb as you look. I just passed the Sergeant's exam.

Calleigh: Hey, Eric.
Eric: Nice tan.
Calleigh: [Smiles.] Five days in Antigua. First vacation I've had in a long time.
Eric: Yeah? I saw Jake outside. Got the same tan.

Cyber-lebrity (6.02)[edit]

Ryan: Wow! So it takes two CSIs to process someone these days. You guys must be more desperate to get me back than I thought.

Calleigh: [About to process Ryan's hands.] Whatcha got?
Ryan: I've got DNA from our attacker.
[Flashback scene.]
Calleigh: That's a nice get, Ryan. You know, if the DNA of the attacker matches the DNA of Luke Selyan's killer, you just broke the case.
Ryan: [Wide-eyed, at Eric.] I just broke the case.
Eric: [Laughs at Ryan's gloating] Not bad, Wolverine. You couldn't grab a handful of hair, just in case?

Ryan: You know, I was starting to miss this place.
Calleigh: [Smiling.] Don't let him fool you, we're all very excited to get you back here.

Inside Out (6.03)[edit]

Barry: Okay, I heard about it on the news. This guy, Julio, who was leading the parade, he was yelling something about paying two million to whoever could bust him out.
Delko: And you just happened to be in the area?
Barry: For two million, you bet I was.

Will: What am I supposed to do with a bag of pure heroin?
Delko: Go to jail. Eight to twelve.

Bang, Bang, Your Debt! (6.04)[edit]

[Delko and Speedle at the crime scene.]
Delko: Tim, it was you this morning [Speed shakes his head yes] It's been a long time.
Speedle: Yes it has.
Delko: Why are you here?
Speedle: Well I figured you could use my help. I mean you always did, right?
Delko: [laughs] Alright then help, what am I missing?
Speedle: What's the first thing you learn on the job?
Delko: How to pad your time card.
Speedle: The second thing.
Delko: Every person who enters a crime scene brings something in and takes something away.
Speedle: Even before we call it a scene.
Delko: What are you saying someone took evidence before we even arrived? [Speedle gives him a look] Then how do I find something that's not even here?
Speedle: Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there.

[Eric and Calleigh are at a bar trying to see who's using Tim Speedle's credit card. Dan Cooper from the lab is seen sitting and having a beer. The two walk up to him.]
Calleigh: Hey, Coop.
Cooper: Hey, what are you guys doing here?
Calleigh: I think that we would like to ask you the same question.
Eric: Let me see your wallet.
[Cooper hesitates.]
Calleigh: Show him your wallet, Dan.
Cooper: [Takes out his wallet.] I don't, I don't know what's going on...
[Eric grabs the wallet and takes a credit card out and looks at it.]
Eric: Your name's not Tim Speedle.
Cooper: Eric. Listen to me, OK? It's not what you think.
Eric: [Angry.] Your name is not Tim Speedle! [Eric throws the wallet and credit card on the table and walks away.]
Calleigh: You know what? I would ask you for an explanation, but I just don't think I'd get one.
Cooper: You know I want to be a CSI. And you guys, you speak so highly of the guy. I just thought I'd check out Speedle's locker, see what he's all about. And... saw the credit card and just it's... not like he'd miss it.
Calleigh: [Confused.] Why'd you use it?
Cooper: There was two hundred dollars credit on there...
Calleigh: Dan!
Cooper: It was free money.
Calleigh: [Getting angry.] You've charged over twenty-three hundred dollars.
Cooper: I... I know, it... it got out of hand.
Calleigh: It's fraud.
Cooper: It was a mistake, Calleigh, it was a big mistake. It won't happen again.
Calleigh: I know. It's over.
Cooper: What are you saying? The Lab, they gave Ryan another chance.
Calleigh: Ryan broke protocol. You have broken the law!
Cooper: Calleigh... Speedle's dead. I mean... no one got hurt.
Calleigh: [Upset.] You don't think Eric got hurt? You don't think I'm hurt? What about the people that Speedle gave his life for?
[Cooper doesn't respond.]
Calleigh: You have until tomorrow morning to turn yourself in, after that I'm going to put out a warrant for your arrest.
[Calleigh walks away.]

Deep Freeze (6.05)[edit]

Wendy: Okay, so I didn't exactly tell you everything.
Calleigh: That is the understatement of the year, Miss Legassic.

Calleigh: Your journalism career died with Doug McClain. You can write an obituary for it.

Sunblock (6.06)[edit]

Delko: Lawyers, vampires and werewolves, they all run in the same circles.

Horatio: Good to have you back, Mr. Wolfe.
Ryan: It's good to be back. You know, you went to bat for me. I'm never going to forget that.
Horatio: It's in your blood, isn't it? Never forget that.
Ryan: I won't.
Horatio: Mr. Wolfe, at the end of the day, if we don't hang together, we'll die alone.

Chain Reaction (6.07)[edit]

Frank: [replying to Ryan about why he brought him to the scene] Besides the amazing joy I get from knowing I've been an inconvenience to you...

Ryan: [to Frank about what Frank asked him to do] Okay, so you need help reading.

Frank: [to Ryan] So I need you, my favorite dust monkey...

Permanent Vacation (6.08)[edit]

Horatio: Miss Boa Vista, are you okay?
Natalia: I've never been first on the scene before, you know, without Alexx. Just... it's weird. I feel like he was trying to talk to me, like trying to tell me what happened.
Horatio: He is trying to talk to us. And we... are listening.

Eric: The hotel manager tells us that you're each assigned a distinct shape, so the hotel knows who's punching what tag.
Luis: Yeah, for accountability.
Horatio: So account for yourself, Luis.
Luis: Why would I kill someone?
Horatio: Because you live in Cobra Familia territory.
Luis: I'm not in a gang.
Horatio: Maybe this was your ticket in.

Horatio: Let's not do something you're going to regret, Mr. Partney.
Roger: Somebody's gotta pay for this.
Horatio: And somebody will if you let me do my job.
Roger: That's not good enough. I want him to suffer.

Horatio: That bike was seen leaving a murder scene this morning.
Frank: It means it's state's evidence.
Vasco: Take it, it's yours.
Frank: Well, by setting that fire you're interfering with an ongoing murder investigation.
Vasco: It's my property. You can't arrest me for trashing my own bike.
Horatio: It's your property. Did you drive it this morning?
Vasco: Nah, not today.
Horatio: Who did?
Vasco: See, that's why I love my neighbors. We share everything. We all ride that bike. Are you gonna arrest us all?
Horatio: Yeah, I am.

Stand Your Ground (6.09)[edit]

Calleigh: I don't know what happened, I was just at a brunch, down the street.
Delko: Are you going to be O.K?
[flashback shows victim, then goes back to Calleigh.]
Calleigh: There was a women in that building.
[flashback goes to Calleigh checking on victim then back to upset Calleigh.]
Calleigh: An innocent women.
Delko: Listen Calleigh I gotta ask you something, but I don't want you to take it the wrong way. I know you're off duty, but have you been drinking?
Calleigh: You know the paramedic asked me that question. I had 2 mimosas, but it doesn't have anything to do with what happened, it's my day off.
Delko: You don't have to explain it to me I understand, I believe you. It's just not me you gotta worry about.
[Calleigh leans on Delko's shoulder and Delko comforts her]
[Calleigh and Alexx in the morgue. Alexx has something to show Calleigh.]

Calleigh: [entering the morgue] You know I'm not supposed to be down here.
Alexx: [looking at Calleigh] Calleigh, honey. They said you couldn't work the field. Does this look like the field to you, baby?

CSI: My Nanny (6.10)[edit]

Alexx: [Calleigh enters the morgue] Hey Calleigh.
Alexx: I just finished up our girl, so she was a nanny huh?
Calleigh: Yes and seemingly a very good one.
Alexx: Your parents were well off, did you ever have a nanny?
Calleigh: Hmm...heh... I wish. It'd be nice to have a voice of reason in that house.

[Alexx gives Calleigh a slightly confused look.]

Calleigh: You know my mom she was... I don't know she was really more a friend than an authority figure, and my dad is just...

[Calleigh starts chuckling.]

Calleigh: Well we all know that story.

Guerillas in the Mist (6.11)[edit]

Agent Thorpe: Those weapons were headed to the Middle East, where they'd end up being used on our own troops.
Tripp: Well you forgot to collect the guns.

Ryan: It's like he lay down and died.
Horatio: I'm sure he had help.

Miami Confidential (6.12)[edit]

Ryan: Hey Ken, how goes it?
Officer: It goes Wolfe. Be better if I hadn't started it seeing that woman in there.

Valera: Calleigh, you needed to see me.
Calleigh: Yes, I was wondering if you could take those four cans of glass that we got from the crime scene and run them through DNA.
Valera: Every piece?
Calleigh: Yeah.
Delko: Yeah, we're gonna need it ASAP, okay?
Valera: Sure, and while I'm at it I'll find a way to end global warming and finish that proof of the unified field theory I've been working on.

Raising Caine (6.13)[edit]

Pamela: But trust me, this isn't a group of killers.
Tripp: Well, someone was the exception to the rule.

You May Now Kill the Bride (6.14)[edit]

Alexx: Wait a minute, so the bride went to the bachelor party at a strip club?
Delko: Gentleman's club.
Alexx: What's the difference?
Delko: The difference? I can afford to get into a strip club.

Calleigh: No, if we do we'll be in touch.
Kelly: Touching's extra.

[Calleigh looks at Eric who laughs.]

Calleigh: This is a very sexy day at the office.

[Calleigh puts on veil and Eric stares at and grins.]

Calleigh: If you tell anyone I did this I'll kill you.

Ambush (6.15)[edit]

[Eric goes to Dan Cooper's place to confront him about Calleigh's disappearance.]

Eric Delko: [pounding on the door; door breaks open] Where is she?
Dan Cooper: I don't know!
Eric Delko: What the hell are you doing, huh? What are you doing, Cooper? [Eric shoves Cooper to the ground]
Dan Cooper: I was just having a little bit of fun, man, all right? Little Miss Perfect needed to be taken down a notch or two. So I videotaped her. So what?
Eric Delko: Videotape? You've been harassing her on the website, now she's missing.
Dan Cooper: Well, Calleigh's a big girl, she can take care of herself.
Eric Delko: She can take care of herself? You posted her new number on the website!
Dan Cooper: It's not against the law.
Eric Delko: Yeah? What if some felon, what if some felon calls her out to a location, huh? You think about that? [Dan is silent] Yeah, that's what I thought. If something happens to her, Cooper, I'm going to come back here and kill you.

All in (6.16)[edit]

Calleigh Duquesne: I'd rather die than have you touch me.

To Kill A Predator (6.17)[edit]

Horatio: [looking down at mangled victim] There's a lot of anger behind this, Frank.
Tripp: That's his car, he sure didn't get very far.
Horatio: They didn't want him to escape.
Tripp: [shaking his head] Have to be pretty cold to pull this off.
Horatio: [putting on his shades] Not pretty cold, Frank. Cold-blooded.

[Eric and Horatio at Mason Park]

Horatio: [after spotting Kevin Weaver at the park] He's a runner, get him!
[Weaver runs, but is tackled by Eric and detained by officers]
Horatio: [after Weaver is detained] So, Mr. Weaver, we meet again.
Kevin: [desparate] Lieutenant, it's not what you think!
Horatio: It never is. [To Eric] Get him up please. Mr. Weaver, what are you doing here?

Tunnel Vision (6.18)[edit]

Frank: Wow, the tunnel must have collapsed during the bank robbery.
Horatio: Like divine intervention.

Calleigh: That's a very confident stride for somebody who's late to work.
Natalia: I know. I'm very sorry, but I had to stop and pick up a little addition to my wardrobe. (shows her gun)
Calleigh: You got your gun qualification. Congratulations.
Natalia: Thank you. (smirks) Now I can back you up for a change.
Calleigh: I can use it.

Carlos: You know me, Caine. Bank robbery's not my style.
Horatio: And neither is telling the truth, Carlos.

(Ryan finds a gun)

Keith: I have no idea how that gun got in there.
Ryan: You know it's funny, people always say that.

Horatio: You're gonna pay for your sins, Carlos.
Carlos: This is way above your head, lieutenant.
Horatio: It is a skill I've perfected, Carlos.

Rock and A Hard Place (6.19)[edit]

Alexx: There appear to be some dark flakes in his hair. He didn't hit something... something hit him.

(Both look up)

Horatio: So we have death... from above.

Bryan: Sorry if I'm embarrassing you in front of your friends.
Alexx: My friends? Those people are officers of the law. And they took an oath to solve this murder. And right now, all of the evidence is pointing them directly to Bryan Woods. Now, maybe in the backs of their minds they're hoping it's not you, for my sake. But once you get in front of that jury there won't be any hope. Those 12 people won't know me they won't know you, and they definitely won't know that you're covering for someone that you think is your friend.

Bryan: You always say your word is your bond. I gave my word.
Alexx: Baby, you don't give your word to drug pushers and murderers. You save it for the people that care about you, that you care about.

Alexx: This room... used to bring me so much peace. I know that sounds strange, but we meet people on the worst day of their life. And I always felt that it was my duty to be the last voice they heard and I never, not once, took that lightly. I almost lost my son today, Horatio.
Horatio: But Alexx, you didn't... you didn't.
Alexx: But after today... this room just doesn't feel the same. I need to spend more of my time taking care of the living. (sad smile) It has been my honor to work with you, Mr. Caine.
Horatio: Back at ya. And Alexx, that door will always be open. Okay?

Down to the Wire (6.20)[edit]

Calleigh: Okay, so you're telling me that I've been on the force for ten years and yet I still have to prove myself.
Stetler: System isn't perfect.
Calleigh: And yet it still demands perfection.

Kurt: [about to be arrested] You don't want your lab's dirty secrets hung out to dry?
Horatio: [not impressed] Kurt, your offer is meaningless now, just like you.

Going Ballistic (6.21)[edit]

Ron: You play the hero, but it's gotta kill you. Huh? Deep down that you're so bound by the law.
Horatio You know, Ron... justice comes in many forms.
Ron So does self-delusion.