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CSI: Miami (2002–2012) is a dramatic television series about the Forensics Crime Lab in Miami. It is a spin-off of the popular series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Resurrection (7.01)[edit]

Ron: Money and me and bullets. What more could a woman want, right?
Julia: A divorce.

Won't Get Fueled Again (7.02)[edit]

Horatio: Glad to have you aboard.
Tara: Oh, you kidding me? My first day on and I get to be at the beach, with fourth-degree burn guy. Unfortunately, not so good for him.

[Natalia and Eric are talking about the new Medical Examiner]
Natalia: Maybe she was trying to impress you. [Eric rolls his eyes] Score one for the new medical examiner.
Eric: And she's cute, too.
Natalia: I'll bet, Romeo.

Johnny: I never meant for anyone to get hurt. I just, I mean, with school and gas and food, I was just trying to keep my head above water.
Frank: Well, you're gonna like jail, then 'cause it's got a low cost of living.

And How Does That Make You Kill? (7.03)[edit]

Dr. Rachel Marsh: [to Eric and Horatio] I'm in my home 20 hours a day, and I have, I have no clue what's happening, I know about everybody's life, but my own.

[Calleigh finds Delko's file]

Delko voice over: After I got shot it really put things in perspective made me think about my future, settling down be nice if it were Calleigh.

Raging Cannibal (7.04)[edit]

Daniel Nash: [at first crime scene] This place is empty!
Horatio: Perfect place for a murder.

Cassandra Gray: [with Horatio in holding cell] Who's that?
Horatio: He's with the U.S. Marshals service, Miss Gray, and the witness protection program. He's going to help you disappear.
Cassandra Gray: These Russians lieutenant, Andrew said they'd never give up.
Horatio: Neither do I.

Bombshell (7.05)[edit]

Dr. Tara Price: [at boutique] Horatio, why target a fashion boutique? It seems so random.
Horatio: On the contrary, this was by design.

Delko: What's up on this wall? TV screen?
Calleigh: An LDC touchscreen. Every possible wardrobe combination at your fingertips.
Delko: Well whatever happened to just standing in front of a mirror?
Calleigh: Well a mirror can't remember everything you've tried on.

Kyle: [with Horatio] Look, if it comes to that, I want you to put me in that driver's seat!
Horatio: That's not the way it works, Kyle.

Wrecking Crew (7.06)[edit]

Joey Salucci: [to Horatio] We all gotta go sometime!
Horatio: Some sooner than others.

Beth: You wanted a life, Noah. You just took away all of ours.

Cheating Death (7.07)[edit]

Horatio: You have a history as a madam, Miss Yates.
Audrey: Call me anything you like.
Horatio: How about killer?
Audrey: Okay, not anything.

Horatio: Angry enough to kill someone?
Audrey: It's an occupational hazard.
Horatio: Don't I know it?

Calleigh: Okay, let's say that you're Christina.
Valera: Selling myself for money? (sarcastically) Thanks.
Calleigh: [smiles] All right, just go with me.

Eric: You find the murder weapon yet?
Calleigh: Did you apologize to Dr. Price yet?
Eric: I will. At least she was able to get all the information she needed from the bodies.
Calleigh: Well, that doesn't mean that you're off the hook. I happen to know that Ryan sent flowers.
Eric: Of course he did.
Calleigh: Girls love flowers.

Gone Baby Gone (7.08)[edit]

Ryan: Great, we got a match. Pacifier belongs to Sophie Walsh.
Natalia: Yes and no. I'm running it again.
Ryan: What for?
Natalia: Because if they were right the first time, then these results change everything.
Ryan: But the result said that the pacifier belonged to Sophie.
Natalia: Yeah, but who does Sophie belong to?

Power Trip (7.09)[edit]

Natalia: And what does a girl do before a big date?
Ryan: Make me wait in the living room with her cat?

The Deluca Motel (7.10)[edit]

Ryan: This is a very nice place, man. It's very classy. It's got a sort of a nice rustic vibe, I bet the ladies love coming here.
Delko: It's temporary, Wolfe.
Ryan: Oh, it's temporary. So you're looking for a vacancy at a hotel where they don't blindfold you and shoot you in the chest?

Horatio: If anything happens to Eric, I'm going to hold you personally responsible. You understand me?
Enrico: Is that a threat?
Horatio: That's a threat.

Delko: This isn't even your lab, Wolfe. What are you doing in here?
Ryan: Oh, just crossing my ts and dotting my is.
Delko: Since when does that include meddling in my life?
Ryan: I included meddling in your life when we started working together, pal.

Tipping Point (7.11)[edit]

Horatio: So you were so happy in prison, Hector, you're on your way back.

Head Case (7.12)[edit]

Eric: Maybe he's telling the truth. Maybe he really can't remember anything.
Calleigh: I don't know. If you ask me, amnesia is a pretty convenient lie.

Tripp: Ryan! I have no idea where the hell this guy came from. Some say First, some say Elm, one guy even said he came down on a damn spaceship.

Eric: Wolfe, you're deciding Doug did it; you're not proving it.
Ryan: Yeah, that's, that's sort of what we do, Eric. We-we theorize.
Eric: Do me a favor, just process the evidence before you convict the guy, okay?

Calleigh: I'm going to make sure to have a doctor meet with you in holding.
Doug: What so he can help me remember? If I did kill that family I'll do the time for it, but I don't need my mind to play it back for me.

Eric: Your friendship means a lot to me, Calleigh.
Calleigh: I didn't know you thought that way.
Eric: C'mon. How could you not know that, you read my file.
Calleigh: That was an unrelated case. It is important to me to respect your privacy.

Eric: About what happened earlier, I didn't mean to put you on the spot.
Calleigh: Forget it.
Eric: What if I don't want to.
Calleigh: Eric, I am so confused. What do you want? You are gonna have to tell me because until I actually hear you say the words, I don't even know if you believe it yourself. Do you know what I'm saying?
[long pause. Calleigh leaves]
Eric: Yeah, I do.

And They're Offed (7.13)[edit]

Calleigh: They're grandee truffles, they are delicious, they are my favorite and because of that I happen to know you can't even get them in Miami.
Delko: What does that get us?
Calleigh: A place to start.

Smoke Gets In Your CSIs (7.14)[edit]

Calleigh: Neighbor called 911 she said she thought she smelled something rotting.
Ryan: Well I love the smell of decomp in the morning.
Calleigh: You are terrible.

[Ryan violently arrests a suspect]
Ricky: Ah! You're breaking my arm, man!
Horatio: You got another one.

Presumed Guilty (7.15)[edit]

Ryan: What was that all about?
Calleigh: Powell's suppressing the evidence from the locker room. He's objected to the chain of custody.
Ryan: What? Man, that guy could get Hitler off on probation.

Sink or Swim (7.16)[edit]

[Eric is released from detention following issues with his immigration status]

Calleigh: [jokingly] You missed out! [They hug] I was going to marry you, but your dad stepped in.
Eric: [laughing] What makes you think I would say yes? Maybe I met somebody special on the inside.
Calleigh: I doubt his cooking is as good as mine. Hey, why don't I take you back to my place, I'll make you a traditional American dinner since you're new to our country?
Eric: Sounds good... but danger has been following me everywhere I go.

[Calleigh shakes her head, then she kisses him]

Eric: Calleigh, I'm serious, I don't want anything to happen to you. [She kisses him again]
Calleigh: C'mon. I have the safest house in Miami. Do you know how many guns I have?

Derek: I heard about you losing your wife. How do you get over it?
Horatio: You don't get over it and you never will.

Divorce Party (7.17)[edit]

Horatio: Mrs. Lansing, your husband was murdered.
Amy: Well, that doesn't make any sense.
Horatio: Maybe not now, but it will.

Flight Risk (7.18)[edit]

Delko: Question's how does a drunk flight attendant end up being treated as baggage?

Target Specific (7.19)[edit]

Calleigh: Alright, I have stolen this can of mineral spirits from out maintenance guy. So I say if he comes looking for it we throw Wolfe under the bus.
Delko: It's for a good cause.

Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing (7.20)[edit]

Calleigh: How did you get up here so fast? Horatio just opened the scene.
Ryan: I didn't want to wait for them to turn the elevators back on.
Calleigh: So you ran up 30 flights of stairs?
Tara: That's dedication.

Chip/Tuck (7.21)[edit]

Calleigh: [to Frank, after dealing with a suspect] He's a ray of sunshine!

Dead On Arrival (7.22)[edit]

[Tara and Kyle in the morgue--Kyle had previously seen Tara take a pill]

Tara: Aspirin has been a friend.
Kyle: Didn't really look like aspirin.
Tara: Excuse me?
Kyle: I'm just saying...
Tara: I don't need to explain myself to you, Kyle.

Myles: When the show premieres, we got twelve nervous, young women, all longing to fall for a man they don't know. But from day one, they know me. I'm the familiar face, so it's natural that they turn to me for comfort, reassurance.
[Flashback to Myles kissing various contestants in the limo.]
Calleigh: To improve their chances of winning?
Myles: Hey, I'm just the host. It's not my fault if they think it has some bearing. So I have a healthy sex drive, you're going to through me in jail for that?
Calleigh: You know what? If I could, I would because there are also a lot of gentlemen in there who need comfort and reassurance.

Calleigh: So, we took a look at all the footage and we saw your fight with Grace.
Marisa: Right, and you think that's motive? Guess I did one hell of a job.
Calleigh: Are you confessing?
Marisa: To the fact that I'm a kick-ass actress? Totally.

Collateral Damage (7.23)[edit]

Ryan: How come the first thing you do as soon as a grenade goes off is run for your drugs?
Tara: You know what? I'm...
Ryan: Listen. I need you to kick this. 'Cause next time I can't sweep this under the rug for you.
Tara: I'm fine. I promise you.

Dissolved (7.24)[edit]

Delko: I believe this hair's from a cow, or a deer maybe. So this must've been transferred from whoever stole the keys?
Ryan: That, or some sort of hoofed creature stole the keys themselves and proceeded to kill someone.

[Horatio and Rick have just finished talking to Ron Saris about the pool death.]
Rick: Do you think we can trust him?
Horatio: Do you? [leaves Rick in hallway.]

[Tara faces Rick and Ryan over the stolen medications.]
Tara: I didn't hurt anybody. I didn't...
Ryan: You hurt Horatio. You implicated Kyle, you implicated Julia.
Rick: Your actions led to violence and put a lot of people at risk.
Tara: I'm sorry.
Rick: We're beyond that point now.
Tara: What's going to happen to me?
Rick: Dr. Price, you're under arrest for felony theft, burglary, and evidence-tampering.
[Tara looks over at Ryan as she's being arrested.]
Tara: Ryan?
Ryan: I gave you every opportunity, Tara.

Seeing Red (7.25)[edit]

[Jacob Yarovski is questioned by Horatio and Frank]

Horatio:[to Yarovski] Frank, tell him what happens to a cop-killer inside.
Frank: We'll put you in a place that makes gulag look like a tennis camp!