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CSI: Miami (2002–2012) is a dramatic television series about the Forensics Crime Lab in Miami. It is a spin-off of the popular series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Fallen (9.01)[edit]

Horatio: Keith, listen to me. When someone lies to me, it really, really hurts my feelings. You're Starling's boy. You've been with him the whole time, right? Go.
Eric: How did he get you to do it? Money?
Keith: You cops are all the same. You think people are just motivated by money.
Eric: We know you worship Starling. How did he convince you to kill a cop?
Keith:What are you talking about? Nobody said...
Horatio: A police officer was killed. A police officer was murdered. That's on you. In the state of Florida, Keith, it's a mandatory death sentence.

Sudden Death (9.02)[edit]

[The media, including Erica, are outside the lab]
Brady Jensen: [angrily to Erica] You're not a journalist--you're a jackal!
[Eric and Ryan are watching the news inside the lab]
Erica: Um, that was, uh, wow... A jackal...
Ryan: [chuckling] Wow, I have never seen her speechless before.

See No Evil (9.03)[edit]

[Ryan waves at Ben]
Ben: Are you seriously doing the hand thing?
Ryan: [confused] Oh! You sure you can't see?

Manhunt (9.04)[edit]

[the man who murdered Delko's sister Marisol has escaped from prison]
Eric: We'll get him, H.
Horatio: If it's the last thing we do.

Sleepless In Miami (9.05)[edit]

Loman: I like to start my excavation at the feet, get an outline of the body first. But this time I can't find them.
Caine: And why is that?
Loman: Because he doesn't have a body!

Reality Kills (9.06)[edit]

Wayne: I didn't kill her. I didn't even get a shot off.
Horatio: Well, you know what, my friend? If I find out you're lying, the same won't be said of me.

Shea: You sure know a lot about our show. What are you? A fan?
Ryan: No, I'm a police officer. I do my homework.

Ryan: So I found myself going through the footage of the show.
Walter: [sarcastically] Don't you mean avidly catching up on the season?
Ryan: Maybe that, too.

On The Hook (9.07)[edit]

Horatio: You... are under arrest for solicitation of murder and rape.
Perkins: You have no evidence.
Horatio: I am *loaded* with evidence, my friend.
Perkins: What are you gonna do? You're gonna kill me out here?
Horatio: You know what? Believe me, that's a tempting offer. But for today, I'm going to show you what the next thirty years is going to be like.
Perkins: And how are you gonna do that? [Perkins gets tossed through the trailer's back window]

Happy Birthday (9.08)[edit]

Marcy: She didn't even have to try. Gary just looked at her sideways and wham, bam, bun in the oven.
Walter: Wow, I hear some serious resentment there...

Blood Sugar (9.09)[edit]

Donna: Who do you think you are?
Tripp: The guy that just took your phone.

Match Made In Hell (9.10)[edit]

[After killing an alligator that was about to attack him and Wolfe]
Horatio: Welcome to South Florida.

Suspect: I couldn't have killed Matthew, I'm vegan.

F-T-F (9.11)[edit]

Rachel: I'm Rachel Brooks, the new girl.
Natalia: Nice to meet you. I'm Natalia.
Rachel: Natalia Boa Vista. I know. We studied you at the academy.
Natalia: That's scary. Bad? Good?
Rachel: Really good!
Natalia: Okay. Scary.

Wheels Up (9.12)[edit]

Ryan: [seeing two roller derby competitors screaming at each other] Oh, my God, that's the sexiest, scariest thing I've ever seen.

Vince: All right, look. I know how this looks, and what you guys might be thinking, but I did not hurt Connie.
Frank: Explain, then, why you swapped out her mouth guard with one laced with ipecac.
Vince: Uh, I didn't.
Frank: You molded it yourself, idiot.
Horatio: Which means we can match it to you.
Vince: Look, not my finest hour, I will admit that.
Horatio: It's also gonna bring you an assault charge.
Vince': Look, Connie was a monster on the track. Okay, the only chance my team had of winning is if she wasn't playing. All right? Besides, ipecac is harmless.
Horatio: Unlike the beating you gave her.
Vince: No, I didn't. I just- I wanted to get her a little sick so she couldn't play.
Frank': You got money riding on this?
Vince: No, I just want to see my team win.
Frank: Well, I'm the biggest sports fan you'll ever meet, but that is just plain stupid.

Last Stand (9.13)[edit]

Memmo: Are you a righteous man?
Horatio: I am a servant of the taxpayers, Memmo.
Memmo: You and I are not that much different. You do what you have to do to protect your people, just as I do.
Horatio: Which included killing my wife. [flashback of Marisol getting shot]
Fierro: I did what I had to do. It was never personal, Caine.
Horatio: It was to me. [flashback of Horatio's last moments with Marisol] It was to me.

Stoned Cold (9.14)[edit]

Natalia: [about a victim getting stoned to death] Are you serious, that's a bit archaic.
Horatio: Downright Biblical!

Blood Lust (9.15)[edit]

Natalia: Hey Tom, look at how Ryan's holding his shovel!
Ryan: Hey Tom, also make a note of how Ryan's doing all the shoveling by himself.

Hunting Ground (9.16)[edit]

Horatio: Hunting unarmed men is murder one. It gets you the death penalty in this state.

Special Delivery (9.17)[edit]

Wolfe: Do you think it might have been personal?
Horatio: It usually is, Mr. Wolfe, it usually is.

About Face (9.18)[edit]

Patrick: To prove that I'm innocent.
Natalia: Okay, then you're innocent.
Patrick: Shut up!
Natalia: You know that kidnapping a cop is not exactly the way to prove that you're innocent.

Caged (9.19)[edit]

Walter: Get out of here, before we arrest you for extreme stupidity.

Paint It Black (9.20)[edit]

Horatio: Talent isn't worth the life of an innocent.

G.O. (9.21)[edit]

Wendy: Contractually, I can't say.
Horatio: Consider the contract null and void.

Mayday (9.22)[edit]

Renee: Hey Marcel! Cops are looking for you again. [looks at Walter] Kidding.

Ryan: Tom, know what I need? An expert opinion, but you're here so you'll do. Come here and take a look at this.
Tom: How kind.