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Ed, Edd n Eddy (1999–2009) was an original animated television created by Danny Antonucci and became one of the longest running and most successful franchises on Cartoon Network. The series features three boys, Ed, Edd and Eddy, known as 'the Eds', who create crazy money-making schemes in order to buy Jawbreakers, their favorite candy.


Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

Season 6[edit]

May I Have This Ed?[edit]

Eddy: It's mine! Gimme my donut! [Ed crashes through the janitor's closet door.] I saw it first! [Ed, binded up in rope, runs the other way.]
Edd: Eddy, calm down. You know you're only encouraging him. [Eddy catches up to Ed and spins him around, drilling him into the floor.] Oh, Eddy. Now look what you've done!
[Ed comes up underneath Edd, still spinning. He spins into a row of lockers, knocking their doors off and destroying them. He eventually stops, and Eddy grabs the donut that Ed is holding and bites into it, biting Ed's hand in the process.]
Ed: YOWCH! [throws Eddy off. Ed still has the donut]
Edd: Goodness gracious! Have you two no respect for the sanctum of school property? Honestly, I– [Eddy clutches at him as he climbs down from the school wall on which he is plastered. A poster floats down, and Edd sweats as he gazes at it.] Oh, um, I withdraw my last statement. No harm done, yes?
Eddy: What you got there?
Edd: [folding up the poster] Nothing. Righto. Let's say we make our way to– [Eddy grabs the poster.]
Eddy: School dance, tonight? How'd we miss this?!
Edd: Isn't it a shame? Why, if only we had known sooner. Oh well. There's always next year. [pulls the blinds down in front of him, hiding himself from view. Ed and Eddy join him]
Eddy: Only losers stay home on a school dance night, and we ain't losers. Right, Ed?
Ed: Sure ain't, Eddy!
[Eddy shivers, noticing Edd is gone. The window is open, and Edd is crouched underneath it, hiding. Eddy pulls him back inside.]
Eddy: Check this out! [puts up a sheet reading "Win a Date with Eddy! Sign up heer!"]
Edd: "Win a date with Eddy! Sign up here!"? [darts over to Eddy] You're not seriously thinking of going to this– [stops talking. Someone has signed up. Eddy looks at the sheet. The name on it is Ed's] Do you realize that it's customary for a boy to ask a girl to attend? [points Eddy towards Sarah, who is talking to Jonny]

Nazz: Way to bust a move, Double D! Let's twist! [She drags him onto the dance floor.]
Eddy: Hey! That's my move he's busted! He didn't even want to be here!
Nazz: [guiding Edd] Like this, Double D. Let's boogie! Whee!
Eddy: Ha! Way to get burned, Shovelhead.
[Kevin punches Eddy and stomps out of the gym. Marie angrily watches Edd dance with Nazz and tears the cover off the speakers.]
Lee: You gonna let that hussy steal your man, Marie?
Marie: [grabbing Eddy] Get up, shorty! We're dancing! [grabs Eddy and slams him into Nazz. Edd looks at them] Quick, he's looking. Make like an octopus and suck face.
Ed: Wilfred sure has some fancy footwork, huh, Jonny? [dancing with Rolf's pig, Wilfred]
Rolf: Ed-boy, you have broken the customary laws of Rolf's traditions! [grabs Ed] You must first ask permission if you shimmy-shake the swine! Have you no shame? [Lee grabs Ed.]
May: Hey!
[Lee forms Ed into a mallet and runs behind Marie and Eddy.]
Lee: Get your claws off my man, Marie!
May: "How 'bout you get your claws off my man, boyfriend-stealer!?

Look Before You Ed[edit]

Jimmy: You better not drop that!
Eddy: What is it?
Ed: A poopdeck?
Edd: Not quite, Ed. This is an official Safety Club de-icer machine. Using the salt off of discarded cafeteria pretzels, we can render treacherous icy footpaths safe. [uses the machine, and it almost magically clears away the snow covering a path]
Ed: Salt is like magic!

Edd: Ironic, isn't it? Us being singled out as a liability.
Eddy: [realizing his tongue has frozen] What the–?! My tongue's stuck to the stupid ice, and I gotta go to the bathroom!!
Ed: Do not fear, Eddy! Hibachi Man is here! Right, Double D?
Edd: Yes! Release this tongue-troubled citizen with your blast-furnace breath, Hibachi Man!
Eddy: Hey! Wait a minute, Ed [Ed exhales, blowing Eddy through the bars enclosing the Eds.] Hey! I don't gotta go anymore!


Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle[edit]

Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo[edit]

Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw[edit]

The Eds are Coming, the Eds are Coming[edit]

The Grim Adventures of the Kids Next Door[edit]

[The Eds are in Eddy's garage, over which a sign is hung reading "Ed's Pesky Problem Fixers". Eddy is behind a desk, Edd (Double D) is with a typewriter, and Ed is mopping up some of his own drool. Suddenly, the phone rings.]
Ed: Hello!
Eddy: [picking up the phone] Ed, Edd n Eddy's Pesky Problem Fixers! Got a problem that's pesky? We'll fix 'er... for just 1 lousy quarter!
[Billy muffled gobbling comes from the telephone. Eddy gives it a look.]
Eddy: [angry] WHADDYA MEAN, YOU'RE BROKE!? Hey, if you're looking for charity, call Kids Next Door! They're cheap. [angrily hangs up the phone]

The Delightful Reaper: Assimilate! Assimilate!
Billy: [singing] Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, naaaaaaaaaaaaa! [The reaper stops and stands still, confused.] La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, laaaaaaa!!
Delightful Reaper: [annoyed] Would you stop that!? Ugh! I wish I had never assimilated you in the first place!

Delightful Reaper: ASIMMALATE!!
[Grim blocks the scythe again, but this time the blade comes perilously close to piercing the head of the samurai. This time, the reaper grinds against the shield of the samurai, hoping to break through.]
Grim: [straining to hold up] It's too strong!
Delightful Reaper: ASSIMILATE!!! ASSIMILATE!!! [The M.A.N.D.R.O.B.O.T. comes up behind it.]
Grim: Mandy, you're our only hope. You've got to pants the reaper! It's the only way to defeat it!
Mandy/M.A.N.D.R.O.B.O.T.: I've got a better idea." [taps the Delightful Reaper on the shoulder]
Delightful Reaper: ASSIMIL– Hmm? [turns around and looks at the robot, which is just standing there]
Numbuh 1: Mandy, what are you doing?!
Delightful Reaper: [cuts the M.A.N.D.R.O.B.O.T. in half. Mandy joins the assimilated] Yes! This is power. Now I can finally rule the world! [has reformed into a giant Mandy with a cloak and pants]
Numbuh 1: Oh, no! Mandy's fused with the Reaper!
Mandy Reaper: That's right! You puny KND are nothing compared to what I've become!
Harold: Hey, you! [at the base of the Mandy Reaper, decked out in wrestling gear] Give me back my lucky pants! Give... them... BAAAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!! [foaming at the mouth] AY-YI-YI-YI-YI-YI-YA!! [pantses the Mandy Reaper, revealing her underwear]
Grim: Now, Numbuh 1!
[The Skeleton Samurai picks up the sword and leaps in the air.]
Grim and Numbuh 1: Super... Skeleton... Sword... Strike!
[The samurai brings its sword down upon the hindquarters of the exposed Mandy Reaper. An explosion occurs. As the fog begins to lift, a heavyset figure walks out of it, dragging behind him an incredibly large pair of pants–pants too big for even him.]
Harold: I wear the pants around here! Me! Me, me, me! My pants! Me, me, me, me! [Behind him, the Mandy Reaper lies in a huge hole and groans. Shortly thereafter, kids begin to pop out of it in spurts. After the spurts become a flood, a scythe falls out and flies through the air, into the capable hands of the Skeleton Samurai.]
Grim: Finally! Me scythe!

Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show[edit]

Ed: Ooh ooh oh! This a way, guys! [shows them the alarm] Look!
Edd: [reading] "In case of movie, break glass"?
Eddy: Bingo! [grabs the provided hammer and breaks the case] My bro's always prepared! [reaches inside and pulls out...] A peanut?
Ed: Cheap movie.

Eddy's Brother: Park don't open 'til noon.
Eddy: I told you he's a whiz at tellin' time!
Eddy's Brother: Pipsqueak?
Eddy: Bro!
Eddy's Brother: Mom and Dad know you're here?
Eddy: As if!
Eddy's Brother: Anyone know you're here?
Eddy: Only these chumps who chased us here!
Eddy's Brother: Just a sec. Aren't those ankle biters from the cul-de-sac?
Eddy: Yeah, and they want to beat me up, all for nothin'.
Kevin: He's lookin at you, Rolf. Later.
Eddy's Brother: "All for nothin'", huh? Still the trouble makin' Eddy, I see.
Eddy: [awkward laugh] Stop it, bro.
Ed: I smell my fingers after I eat cheese.
Eddy: ...Um, I told the guys you'd put us up. Ed and Double D.
Edd: I have big experie- Uh, whale- uh... [faints]
[Eddy and his brother laugh]
Eddy's Brother: Why's your girlfriend wearing a sock on her head?
Eddy: Girlfriend?
Eddy's Brother: Yeah, sure. I'll help you out.
Eddy: Really? Oh bro! What would I do without you? You are so my hero, bro!
Ed: Happy place, Double D! Happy place!
Jimmy: Isn't it touching, Sarah? It's like a fairy tale come true.
Kevin: Eddy and his two stooges got away with their lives, man. We got burned!
[ripping sound]
Eddy: Bro, don't!
Eddy's Brother: Just for old times' sake, let's play uncle.
Eddy: Uncle?
Eddy's Brother: Wanna crash at my place, don't ya?
Eddy: That's why we came all the way– [his brother twists his leg] Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!
Eddy's Brother: Say what?
Eddy: Uncle, uncle, uncle!
Edd: Oh, my!
Eddy's Brother: [Laughing cruelly] That was good, pipsqueak.
Eddy: Can we go inside now?
Eddy's Brother: Why not? Don't forget to wipe your feet.[repeatedly throws Eddy into the trailer wall]
Nas: Dude, eddy's brother is a real jerk.
Lee: What's he doing to my man?!
Eddy: [badly bruised] Come on, bro. Give it up!
Eddy's Brother: "Give it up"? I thought you wanted to hang with your "hero".
Eddy: I do, bro! I do!
Edd: Mister Eddy's Brother! As the older sibling, don't you think you should rather be setting an example for Eddy, and not, um... belittle him... in front of his... friends?
Eddy's Brother: Belittle? He's always been little! I like you, girlfriend. [hammers Edd into the ground using Eddy] You got spunk.
Ed and Marie: Double D!
Sarah: What the heck?
Jimmy: Somebody do something!
Rolf: Rolf has had enough of your flat doodle, elder one! Prepare yourself for a merciless thrashing! [pushes Kevin forward]
Kevin: Hey, bro guy! Lay off him, man!
Nazz: Yeah, Mr. Macho Man! [Ed removes a bolt from the door, causing it to fly off his hinges, free Eddy and hit his brother in the face]
Eddy's Brother: Uuhh... uncle...
Edd: Eddy, speak to me! Are you all right?
Eddy: [sniffs] I made it all up, Double D. Everything about my brother was a lie! I just made things up so people would like me, think I was cool, but boy, was I wrong! The scam, my brother, this... When am I gonna learn, Double D?!
Edd: [gently pulls Eddy's hands from his eyes] I think you just have, Eddy.
Kevin: Grab him!
Ed: No! Take me!
Eddy: Okay! I'm sorry! Honest! I didn't mean to hurt you guys! [thrown skywards by the cheering kids while Sarah hugs Ed]
Rolf: Let Rolf rub the pit of victory, Ed-boy!
Nas: I'm so glad you're okay, dude! [hugs and kisses Eddy] You're awesome.
Eddy: I am?
Kevin I gotta admit, pal. That was so choice.
Eddy: It was?!
[the Kankers look over Eddy's brother]
Lee: What a deadbeat this guy turned out to be.
May: He don't look so tough.

Kevin: Say, let's go to my place. Jawbreakers are on me!
Eddy: We did it, Double D! Everyone loves us! We're finally in, baby!
Edd: And it only took 130 episodes, 4 specials and a movie, Eddy!
Ed: Let's sing a song! [the Eds and the kids (except Jonny, who is pounded by the kids) then sing "Friends are There to Help You", with the "second verse" which is the "same as the first"]
Jimmy: [singing] When you stub your toe and it hurts you know…
The Kids (except for Jonny and including the Eds): [singing] ...Friends are there to help you.
When you trip on your face and your teeth are misplaced, friends are there to help you.
When you're flying low and you're giving a show, friends are there to help you.
When you take off your shoe and your feet stink PEE-YEW, friends are there to help you.
[As the kids sing the song, Wilfred eats out of Captain Melonhead's downed helmet. The Kankers are focused on something else entirely: dragging Eddy's brother inside.]
Lee: First one inside gets to give him mouth to mouth! [When the Kankers finish putting Eddy's brother inside, Marie reattaches the door and shortly thereafter, a flurry of girlish giggling erupts.]
Jimmy: Second verse, same as the first! [singing] When you stub your toe and it hurts you know…
The Kids (including Jonny too this time with the Eds): [singing] ...Friends are there to help you.
When you trip on your face and your teeth are misplaced, friends are there to help you.
When you're flying low and you're giving a show, friends are there to help you.
When you take off your shoe and your feet stink PEE-YEW, friends are there to help you.

Jonny: This is your craziest plan ever, Plank! We'll show them. We'll show them all! What's that? They did, didn't they? Yes... The goody-goody 2-shoe days of Captain Melonhead and Splinter have come to an end! Out of the darkness'll rise... the villainous days of The Gourd, and his evil cohort Timber the Dark Shard! Together, we will exact revenge on the entire CUL-DE-SAC! [laughs maniacally like an idiot, then suddenly stops] What… there's no time left? It's the end of the movie? What movie?


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