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Fairly OddBaby is a 2008 television film and season premiere of The Fairly OddParentssixth season, which first aired on February 18, 2008. The episode was the first to air after a one-year hiatus. The episode received 8.81 million viewers in its initial airing.

The special follows on the series' main character, a 10-year-old boy named Timmy Turner with Cosmo and Wanda, who are Timmy's fairy godparents and grant his wishes. The special introduces a newborn fairy baby named Poof, who is the child of Cosmo and Wanda and becomes Timmy's fairy godbrother. Poof comes into existence when Cosmo and Wanda decide to have a child of their own, and Timmy wishes it so. However, because the fairy baby's magic is developing and uncontrollable, villains called the anti-fairies (polar opposite of fairies) and pixies (business fairies) seek to steal the fairy baby so they can take over the fairies' home, Fairy World.


[Cosmo throws up on Timmy in grape jelly]
Timmy: Darn it! Cosmo, you just barfing all over me, What's wrong with you?
[Wanda is annoyed at Cosmo]
Cosmo: What? I Think Poof Was In My Belly. and fairy magic can't be win competitions.
[Cosmo flies away]
Wanda: Cosmo's Got a little morning sickness, sport.
[Wanda poofed Timmy's hair clean on her magic wand]
[Timmy Turner looks at his watch]
Timmy: But it's 3 in the afternoon!

Timmy: [comes out of the shower and sees the fairies in his bathroom] What?!
Fairies: Surprise!
Timmy: I wish I had a towel! [gets a towel for his head] I wish I had another towel! [gets a towel for his body]

[The Fairies are searching for Cosmo]
Cupid: He's not in Rio, but I'll keep looking!
Jorgen: Curses. This could only mean one thing - I should have gone to Rio!

[Fairy baby Poof starts crying]
Wanda: Cosmo, you're scaring little Tallulah!
Cosmo: Well, I'd cried too if my name was Tallulah.

Cosmo: Wait. When it giggles, good things happen.
H.P.: When it burps, lightning happens.
Wanda: When it cries, bad things happen.
Anti-Cosmo: And, when it breaks wind...
Jorgen: There's no telling what will happen!
[Fairy baby Poof begins inflating and is about to blow up]

Mr. Turner: Aww, isn't that cute...and is that a baby?
Timmy: Uhh... no!
Mr. Turner: Well it sure looks like a baby.... [sniffs] ...Ooh, and it's got that new baby smell!
Timmy: And that's why it's the most popular new battery operated baby doll on the market.
Mr. Turner: OOH I WANT ONE!
[Mr. Turner takes Fairy Baby Poof and bounces him about]
Mr. Turner: Hey Tommy, this is fun! it's like the child I never had, and it makes me feel younger! Father time will never get.....
Poof: [burps]
[Mr. Turner gets striken by lightening]
Mr. Turner: Uhh...I think it has a short in it.
Timmy: And that's why i'm taking it back to the store, BYE DAD!
[Mr. Turner collapses]
Mr. Turner: [sniffs] ...Ew, She has that new baby smell too!

[Jorgen Von Strangle flying in the fairy adcademy jet in the air]
Jorgen: We have located the fairy baby.
[Anti-Cosmo and Anti Wanda are flying in the anti fairy version of the new RV]
Anti-Cosmo: And so have we.
[The Pixies drives by in the DeLorean time machine, hovering with the trademark blowers on the back.]
Hp and Sanderson: And so have we.
HP: By the way, why are we in jets when we can fly?
Jorgen: I thought it would be fun.
Sanderson: Especially Back to the Future Part II has flying cars, hoverboards and jetpacks, including the DeLorean and the sports almanac book that features in the film.

Timmy: (dialogue as Count Geoffrey) I have a plan!
[The scene cuts to a shot of Timmy Turner, dressed as Flicker from Blazing Dragons, Cosmo dressed as a fast food employee, Wanda dressed as Princess Flame and Jorgen dressed as a bunny, all trapped in a giant butterfly net]
Jorgen: Worst... plan... ever.

[After Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wanda and Jorgen Von Strangle are trap in a giant butterfly for sneaking in Anti-Cosmo's Castle]
Wanda: I'll destroy both of you!
[Wanda using some fairy magic with Cosmo and Timmy Turner pulls out a wrench on his hand and built inventions ]
Anti-Cosmo: Oh I'm so frightened. Now if you'll excuse us... We must go and harness little Fauntleroy's magic here and commence our evil plan of doom!
HP: Fauntleroy? We are NOT calling the baby Fauntleroy. I was thinking of Bill. Bill's a guy you'd trust with you business portfolio.


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