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I'm Mad is a 1994 Animaniacs cartoon short starring the Warner Siblings along with Dr. Scratchansniff and it was directed by Rich Arons, Dave Marshall and Audu Paden. The short made its debut on March 30, 1994, as part of the theatrical release of Don Bluth's animated film Thumbelina, and was eventually integrated into the television series as a part of Episode 69.


Dot: Hey, watch out!
Yakko: What's the matter?
Dot: You almost knocked me off the ladder!
Yakko: No, I didn't!
Dot: Yes you did; I almost fell!
Yakko: Don't exaggerate.
Dot: I'm not. Yeah, right. Are you trying to pick a fight?
Yakko: Will you get out of my face?
Dot: Well, you're always in my space!

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