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King of the Hill (1997-2010) was an American animated sitcom that aired on Fox. The show centers around the Hill family, whose head is the ever-responsible, hard-working, loyal, disciplined, and honest Hank Hill.

Hank's on Board [10.1][edit]

Bystand Me [10.2][edit]

Hank: I still can't believe Bobby cheated on his paper route. I don't even know know how to punish that.
Peggy: Well, the pressures of journalism can be very intense, even I have felt it. But today, I really knocked one out of the park.
Hank: Well, good for you, what's the hint?
Peggy: Okay, get this. I combined two common items in a powerful new way. I told my readers to harness the cleaning power of ammonia with the whitening power of bleach.
Hank: Ammonia and bleach? You told people to mix ammonia and bleach?
Peggy: Only if they want bathroom fixtures that shine like the sun.
Hank: Peggy, that's the recipe for mustard gas! Arlen will be covered with a cloud of poison.
Peggy: BWAH!

Bobby: Sirs, the last few days of delivering papers I've seen things I've never seen before: the sunrise, morning dew, snails on sidewalks - things I never want to see again.

Bill's House [10.3][edit]

Harlottown [10.4][edit]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown [10.5][edit]

Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana? [10.6][edit]

Kahn Souphanousinphone: I will now tell stories of my childhood in Laos. Growing up in the village, I had two chickens. One of these was named "Phouma." I don't recall the name of the other chicken. Sometimes I would put both chickens in the wheelbarrow. This was very funny.

(Meeting a famous Laotian soldier named Nguc Phong)

Kahn Souphanousinphone: Hey, Minh, this guy serious butt-kicker! Anyway, I sorry they kill all your friends.
Nguc Phong: Yes, that was unhappy for me.

(Kahn gives Ted Wassanasong his parading clothes back)

Ted Wassanasong: I don't understand. How do you expect to parade around without your uniform?
Kahn Souphanousinphone: Oh, my parading days are over. (Ted Wassanasong stares at him) It's like this, if you want someone to play golf with, give me call. If you want someone to feel guilty about the way they choose to live, call someone else!

You Gotta Believe (in Moderation) [10.7][edit]

Business Is Picking Up [10.8][edit]

The Year of Washing Dangerously" [10.9][edit]

Fed up with Kahn's know-it-all ways, Hank spends a quarter on the spray hose, which he uses to blast Kahn
Hank Hill: You need to learn how to treat people with respect and stop calling me a got-dang monkey!
Kahn: ACK! Mr. Strickland, help me!
Buck, who was previously unaware of the bullying, intervenes
Buck Strickland: Damn it Hank, what the hell is your problem? Leave him alone!
Hank: I am sorry sir, but I cannot take this any more. I left Jeans West to work for one of the most admired businessmen in Heimlich County. Not for some lazy idiot who does not know what he is doing.
Kahn: If I do not know what I am doing, how come I am one who mortgaged his house to buy this place? How come you are working for me?
Kahn smirks
Hank: Not any more I am not.
Hank walks off the job
Buck: Hank, I hope you know that Scrubby's is part of the Strickland family. You quit this, you are quitting Strickland.
Hank: If you say so, sir.
Kahn: Who need him? He not know how to double up on dreams. That is my secret to success.
Buck: Not bad. But I got my own little success secret: never kill the golden goose. Kahn, a business thrives on customer relations and back-breaking hard work, and that's the guy who gives it to you. Hank is the golden goose.

Hank Fixes Everything [10.10][edit]

Buck Strickland and Milton Thatherton are fistfighting
Hank: OK, break it up you two. Arlen General cannot two bypasses at once.
Donna: Buck, the Tuetils are demanding their appearance fee.
Hank: I am going to field this one, Buck, just sit down and relax.
Donna: Can you please keep it brief Hank? I am expecting a call about a job interview.
Donna hands phone receiver to Hank
Hank{talking in phone}: You are not getting one red cent. We did not hire you to instigate a riot!
Paul Tuetel Senior{over phone}: You stupid, stupid idiot!

Church Hopping [10.11][edit]

24 Hour Propane People [10.12][edit]

Joe Jack: He wants you to bring him some pants.

The Texas Panhandler [10.13][edit]

Bobby: Dad I need new jeans. $100 ought to cover it.
Hank: What is wrong with the trousers you have? Did you make cut-offs again?
Bobby: No Dad, I am trying to fit in at school. This is what the in-crowd wears.
Bobby shows Hank a catalog where the models are wearing ripped jeans
Hank: No way I am spending $100 for some asinine jeans that look like someone is too lazy to break them in.
Bobby: So that is it? I do not have a say in what I get to wear.
Hank: Not when I am paying for it.

Hank's Bully [10.14][edit]

Edu-macating Lucky [10.15][edit]

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