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King of the Hill (1997-2010) was an American animated sitcom that aired on Fox. The show centers around the Hill family, whose head is the ever-responsible, hard-working, loyal, disciplined, and honest Hank Hill.

How to Fire a Rifle without Really Trying [2.1][edit]

Hank is taking Bobby to the gun club

Bobby Hill: Wow, I always thought this was a crack house.

Bobby Hill: This gun is very nice.
Hank Hill: Yeah, they’re all nice guns and all guns are nice.

Bobby: Can I put a gun rack on my bike?
Hank: Do you know how long I've been waiting for you to ask me that?

Hank Hill: Why don't we get you into one of those safety courses and if you're still interested after they've taken all the fun out of it, then we'll see about the ponchos and the... uh... tournament.

Dale: Guns don't kill people, the government does.

Hank: Dale, the NRA is a Washington DC based organization. Are you telling me you support Washington D.C.?!
Dale: *pause* THAT'S a thinker...

Cotton Hill: Sorry I'm late, I had to stop at the wax museum and give the finger to F.D.R.

Texas City Twister [2.2][edit]

Hank Hill: Six AM and already the boy ain't right...

Hank Hill: Don't play mind checkers with me, man. I'm not in the mood.

Dale Gribble: This tornado's already registered a level two on the Fujisaki scale. A storm that strong will send an egg through a barn door -- two barn doors if one of them's open.
Bobby Hill: What about a level three, Mr. Gribble?
Dale Gribble: A level three tornado will blow an egg right through a brick wall. Twister chasers call it "Humpty's Revenge."

Dale is driving the Dead Bug with Boomhauer on top of the vehicle, heading for the tornado

Dale Gribble: All right, twister. It's just you and me now. Ten years ago you took my shed. [the twister's image is reflected on his shades] Did you think I'd forget that? Come on, bring it on! [a raindrop hits the windshield] GAAHH!! No! Please, let me go! [Dale panics, and the Dead Bug veers out of control]

Hank is stopped by decontamination workers that are trying to clean up the barrel of ant poison.

Hank Hill: Come on. [honks horn] Come on! Let's go! Move that truck! [a worker walks towards his truck] My wife is stuck in Shining Pines.
Decontamination Worker: I'm not authorized to drive the truck, sir.
Hank Hill: My wife is in danger, damn it! Now make something happen!
Decontamination Worker: [blows whistle] SECURITY!!!

Bill walks over to Hank's truck.

Hank Hill: Bill, thank God! Make this idiot let me pass.

Hank Hill: What did I do to deserve this? I didn't mean to curse my wife to Hell!

Hank looks at a worker with a vacuum walking towards the container. Lightning flashes and Hank sees in the worker's place the Grim Reaper for half a second, then reality returns.

Hank Hill: [worried] Ohh...

Hank switches the gear into drive, and floors it. The tornado is rapidly approaching Shining Pines.

Hank Hill: Ahhh... AAHH!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Bobby attempts to get an egg thrown through a brick wall via the force of an F-5 tornado after Dale's story of such an occurrence.

Bobby Hill: This is the chance I've been waiting for!

Bobby throws the egg and it flies back into his face.

Hank: You're tough, Bill. You're the toughest Army barber I know.
Dale: Set your mousse to stun, there, Bill.

Nancy is reporting on the tornado.

Nancy Gribble: Mention your home was destroyed, and get a free 5-pound bag of onions.

The Arrowhead [2.3][edit]

Hank Hill: Fine. But I think you owe my lawn an apology. *pauses* We're waiting!

Hilloween [2.4][edit]

Dale is wearing a suit for Halloween.

Dale Gribble: Booooo! I am a high-priced Washington lobbyist, peddling influence! Who wants candy?

Peggy: Luanne and Bobby are at Junie Harper's house
Hank:[Nearly chokes on his beer before swallowing] I came very close to spitting out beer!

Hank: [To Luanne] Just when I think you've said the stupidest thing ever, you keep talkin'!

Luanne: Halloween is a satanic holiday. It was invented by the Dru-ish.

Jumpin' Crack Bass [2.5][edit]

Hank: Maybe I should tie the long hair on your head to the short hair on your ass and kick you down the street!

Hank: Dale, you giblet-head, if you were gonna cheat, why'd you buy a frozen bass?
Dale: I had a coupon.

Husky Bobby [2.6][edit]

Bobby: Are you taking me to the vet?

Bobby: Hey I'm dressed like a football coach! You call that a block?!

Bobby: Dad, a man took pictures of me!

Hank: (finding Luanne in bed with Buckley) I'm in a crisis situation here, I gotta go find Bobby. You two take turns kicking each other's asses.

The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteberg [2.7][edit]

Dale Gribble: You wanna tell Cane Skretteburg to knock it off during a rematch today noon? I hope we would agree we had to discuss the horrors we saw on the killing fields of the Family Fun Center.

Cane Skretteberg: I don't care how many guys you held in the men's room, you still can't beat us!

Bobby: Hey his scoop's bigger.

Pops: And there's doodies in there, right!?

The Son That Got Away [2.8][edit]

Hank:(Shouting to Bobby stumbling around on the roof) It's a roof! Not American Bandstand!

Dale: When I need to correct Joseph, I tell him he's adopted.

The Company Man [2.09][edit]

Bobby Slam [2.10][edit]

Peggy Hill: Did a woman ruin the Supreme Court?
Hank Hill: Yes, and that woman's name was Earl Warren.

Bobby Hill: (about an athletic cup) This cup has holes in it. How am I supposed to drink out of this?
Hank Hill: No, Bobby. You don't...
Bobby Hill: Gotcha!
Hank Hill: Oh, heh-heh...

(they both just start laughing)

Doug the basketball coach: Bounce a ball in hockey?! Well that's a mandatory drug test right there!

Wrestling Coach: Shouldn't you be teaching the girls about their monthlies?

Connie: I wanna go to a party school! Yeah, Chico State!

Bobby: Some of the older ones have some breasts!

Clark Peters: Hey, Bobby, if you don't beat Connie, we don't know what we'll do. So you better beat her!

Bill: I'm all for lady's wrestling. Except when they do it in pudding. That's just demeaning to the human beings who make pudding.

The Unbearable Blindness of Laying [2.11][edit]

Bobby Hill: (Stereotypical Yiddish accent) Blind he's gone now!
Hank: Where's my finger?
Bobby: Are you a war hero like my biological grandfather?
Bobby: That is so Arizona!
Gary Kazner: There's a uh, what are those things called?--A semi, a demi, a coupla'-dozen-wheelers.
Bill: I would never join a religion that restricted my diet. I don't want to get into heaven that way.
Hank: It seems the other eye compensates by shutting itself down. It's one of nature's wonders.

Hank: I'm not gonna be blind forever you know. And the second I see some ass I'm kicking it. Now no more making fun of my blindness.
Bill: Okey-doke. Bring! Bring! Phone for you, Hank [takes off shoe and gives it to Hank]
[Everyone laughs but Hank]
Hank: The joke's on you, funny man.
[Hank throws the shoe out of the room. Ladybird chases after it while dragging Hank with her]

Meet the Manger Babies [2.12][edit]

Luanne: OK Luanne, how do they get out of the closet? (gasps) Ohhh, No, that won't work.
Hank: (whispers) Jimmy the lock with a coat-hanger.
Luanne: What? I don't... I can't... hmmm, what?
Hank: (whispers) Jimmy the lock with a... (sighs) uh, (out loud) I'll save you, Manger Babies.
Luanne: You will?
Hank: Yes, uh, cause I'm the assistant manager of this movie theater. I sell popcorn and popcorn accessories and you are fired.
Luanne: (as the Manger Babies) We're free, we're free, whoo.

(audience claps)

Luanne: Thank you, assistant manager. Me-how can we ever repay you?
Hank: By never forgetting this lesson. Sneaking into the movies is wrong. As wrong as spilling juice on a new carpet.
Minister: Bravo, bravo.
Nancy: You know Luanne really shouldn't waste this kind of talent on church. If you want, I could show this tape to my boss at channel 84. He's always looking for quality children's programming and home videos of things blowing up.
Peggy: Well, Luanne really could use a boost right now, but I could not take advantage of our friendship like that, no.
Nancy: Oh, Peggy, honey. This is show business. That's what friends do.

Hank: Suffering is a part of every religion, Peggy. I mean ... look at what the Jews have been through, and you never hear them complaining.

Snow Job [2.13][edit]

Hank Hill: Hey Vickers, who do you like for the Super Bowl next year? The Doopie Loopies or the Shimmie Shammies?
Hank and Buck laugh
Vickers: Okay, okay, very funny. But I like the Bills.
Hank and Buck laugh again

Buck Strickland: Got-dangit Hank, I'm having an infarction!

Buck has been hospitalized. Hank and the four Strickland branch managers visit him
Buck: Listen up, we are a family, and the daddy ain't feeling so good. Ladies, I got a shot coming. If you girls would please step outside? It is rude for such pretty gals like you to have to see my bare bottom.
Female managers giggle and depart
Buck: OK, now that the skirts are out in the hallway we can get down to business. Hank, you are my right hand man, and I need you to take on this important job.
Hank: Yes, sir?
Buck: I need you to feed my hounds.
Hank: Uh, sir?
Buck: Tell them that you will love them! Vickers, you run the company, whole shebang.
Vickers: Yes, sir!
Buck: Let's see what that fancy business school degree of yours is worth.
Hank: Sir, I fail to see what a business degree has over my 15 years of service to Strickland Propane!
Buck: I let you light the torch, didn't I? Right now my hounds are starving!

I Remember Mono [2.14][edit]

Three Days at the Kahndo [2.15][edit]

[Kahn panics when he finds out the "mi tad" condo is only a half condo and tricks Hank into using a spare key of his to break into the upper half.]

Kahn Souphanousinphone: Here's key. Lock little sticky. You got to rake it like there's no tomorrow.
Hank Hill: This is a car key.
Kahn Souphanousinphone: Yeah, you win new car. This big game show. Just rake it stupid.

[Dale is a poor lawyer.]

Judge: You will pay the condo manager 8,000 pesos.
Dale Gribble: But if the key does fit then you must acquit--.
Judge: 10,000 pesos. Baliff, confiscate their identification.

[Hank and Dale are driving to the border with Kahn hiding in the trunk.]

Dale: Now just follow my lead and play it cool.
Hank: What if they find Kahn?
Dale: If I know my Mexican legal system, which I do, we'll get about 15 years with a starvation diet of moldy bread and warm water.
Hank: Distilled water?
Dale: (chuckling): No. And of course there is a total lack of toilet paper...and privacy.
Hank: Oh, God, I can't go while people watch.
Dale: Then let me do the talking.

[A border guard approaches them.]

Border Guard: Morning. Where are you gentlemen from?
Dale: (voice breaking): Arlen, Texas.
Border Guard: I've been to Arlen. Nice town.
Dale: Run!

[Dale runs out of the car mistakenly believing that they were caught. Kahn gets out of the trunk and runs away too. Hank chuckles nervously before running off as well.]

[Hank, Dale, and Kahn have just run away from the border guards.]

Hank: I think we lost them. We'll be okay.
Dale: Okay?! We're screwed!
Hank: No, we're American. We got to find a pay phone and hope Ross Perot's 800 number's still working.
Kahn: Why you want to call that nut for? Border right there. Millions of people cross over every day. We can, too. No big deal.
Hank: Illegally? No! America is my country and I love her. I wouldn't enter her in any way that's unnatural.
Dale: We have no choice, Hank. The I.N.S. had their cameras trained on us. The border guards think we're smugglers. I'm too pretty to go to jail!

Traffic Jam [2.16][edit]

Hank's Dirty Laundry [2.17][edit]

Hank: It says here I owe $40 and that can't be true. I always bring back my tapes. Look for yourself, I've returned The Great Santini 23 times.
Store Clerk: Okay, Hank Hill, June 23rd. Yeah, you rented and never returned Cuffs & Collars.
Hank: I've never even heard of that. Have you?
Peggy: Nuh-uh. Unless it's got the name Merchant, Ivory, or Billy Crystal above the title. I am not interested.
Bobby: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. They're buying me a movie for my birthday. That's why we're here, right?
Luanne: Really, Bobby. They haven't said anything.
Hank: Bobby, you ever heard of a movie called Cuffs & Collars?
Bobby: Ooh, I think that's the one with the two cops who don't get along, but then they do, but it's too late, cause he's dead, but not really.
Hank: So you've seen it?
Bobby: No.
Hank: How about you, Luanne?
Luanne: (shakes her head "no")
Bobby: Oh no. You're not getting a movie, Bobby (laughs). You are so smooth.
Hank: No, we didn't rent it. So if you could please erase the $40 and penalize yourself whatever you think is fair, we'll be on our way.
Store Clerk: I am sorry, but the computer won't let me erase anything until you either return the tape or pay the $40.
Hank: I told you I didn't rent the tape, now who is calling me a liar, you or the machine? 'Cause I wanna know whose ass to kick!
Store Clerk: I'm not calling you a liar, sir.
Hank: Fine. Now where's the ass on this thing?
Peggy: (sighs) I need a dryer, Hank. Just pay for the tape.
Hank: Absolutely not. I won't pay for someone else's screw up. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if that tape was sitting on the shelf right now. Where would Cuff's & Collars be, Action Adventure, Action Comedy, Action Action?
Store Clerk: Make a left.
Hank: Okay. (realizes he's in the Adult Section and he rushes out in horror) BWAHHHHH!

Boomhauer: Yeah, man, talkin 'bout that dang ol' Cuffs and Collars, man, like when they come over to clean that pool, man, it starts goin' wakka-wakka-wakka-wakka...

Dale Gribble: Computers don't make errors. What they do, they do on purpose. By now, your name and particulars have been fed into every laptop, desktop, mainframe, and supermarket scanner that collectively make up the global information conspiracy, otherwise known as... "the Beast".

Dale Gribble: Who's not a quitter? My dead friend Hank Hill or my new friend Rusty Shackleford?

Hank: (phone rings) Strickland Propane. "Taste the meat, not the heat."
Matt: Hank?
Hank: Speaking.
Matt: How ya doin'? It's Matt.
Hank: Oh, hey, Matt. How ya been?
Matt: Pretty good. Pretty good.
Hank: Uh-huh.
Matt: So, how's, uh, Peggy?
Hank: Uh, she's fine, and how's uh, do I know you?
Matt: Hank, if you like "Cuffs & Collars", you're gonna love "Rugburn", Too and by "Rugburn", Too I mean "Rugburn" also. "Rugburn II" isn't very good.
Hank: What?! But, who is this?!
Matt: You know, Matt, from "Consenting Adults", the country's largest supply of mail order adult entertainment. How many can I put you down for?
Hank: ZERO! God, please, watch your mouth! This is an interstate phone line! How did you get this number?
Matt: Not important. What is important is that we have a bigger selection and lower prices than Arlen Video.
Hank: What?! Arlen Video told you I rent pornography?! Uh, (Sees Buck Strickland and his co-workers and gasps), who plays the most hits? Y104! Heh, okay. Ah-heh, crazy morning zoo.

The Final Shinsult [2.18][edit]

Leanne's Saga [2.19][edit]

Luanne Platter Kleinschmidt: Mama got outta prison! (runs to the garage)
Peggy Hill: (gasps and drops Ladybird's food dish in shock) Oh, I knew it! I just knew it! I told them medium security would not be enough to hold that woman!
Luanne Platter: No, she didn't escape, She was released! She's coming to visit on Saturday!
Hank Hill: Uh...she's coming here?
Luanne Platter: Oh, I can't wait to tell Daddy! Oh, we're gonna be a family again! (excitedly exits the garage)
Peggy Hill: I will tongue-kiss Bill before I let that tramp in my house!
Bobby Hill: Whoa.

Hank Hill: Yeah, I was all set to start on a TV cabinet on Saturday, but it's gonna hafta wait a day. Luanne's mama is coming to visit.
Dale Gribble: (spits out his beer in shock) That woman is a menace to society.
Bill Dauterive: Well, I dunno, I never met the lady, but she did her time.
Boomhauer: I tell you what, ain't no dang ol' lady 'bout her man. She get all liquored up man, all comin' on strong an' pawin' me like a dang ol' animal, man. I tell her "no means no!"
Hank Hill: Yeah, Leanne's bad news, I tell you what. Peggy's brother was all set to marry a pretty pharmacist gal until Leanne "entertained" at his bachelor party. [sighs] So he marries Leanne and after 18 years of drunken hell, she stabs him with a fork.
[Bill plays with a vice, until part of it falls of and hits his foot]:
Bill Dauterive: AAAAOW! OHH!! My foot! I think it's broken!
Hank Hill: Uh, well, if it's broken, you're gonna have to get that shoe off.
Bill Dauterive: No! No, no, I - I feel better now. I'm just gonna go ON home.
Hank Hill: Don't be silly. Just let me - (tries to remove Bill's shoe) What the...?
Bill Dauterive: Don't look at me! Don't look at me!
[Hank remove Bill's sock, revealing that Bill has a foot fungus. The rest cringe in disgust.]
Dale Gribble: I never thought I'd say this, but, I don't think I can finish my beer.
Bill Dauterive: It's some kinda Athlete's Foot. I've been using this spray for 10 years. "Quick working" my ass.
Hank Hill: What did the doctor say?
Bill Dauterive: The only person I ever showed my toes to was my ex-wife. She used 'em against me in the divorce.
Hank Hill: You don't have to be embarrassed about your toes, Bill, it's just a medical condition.
Bill Dauterive: Sure, that's what you say. But I don't see you waving your narrow urethra around for everyone to see.
[Hank looks perplexed.]

Peggy Hill: Honey, marriage is about trust and she... well she betrayed him. It was like a knife in his heart when she stuck that fork in his back.

Leanne Platter: Oh, you have such a lovely home here. Of course if somebody turned on a fire hose it would all be ruined.

Hank Hill: Hey, Leanne. How's that job search coming along?
Leanne Platter: Not so good. My best reference just went in for chemical castration.

Bill is announcing his engagement to a drunk Leanne.

Bill Dauterive: We're engaged!
Leanne Platter: It was supposed to be a SURPRISE! (punches Bill and belches) I need a smoke!
Bill Dauterive: This is the happiest day of my life!

Luanne is showing off her platinum blonde wig.

Peggy Hill: I will not have you running around all glammed up like Phyllis Diller!
Luanne Platter: You're not my mama! Mama is my mama!
Peggy Hill: Luanne, you are never gonna see her for who she is. Well, I am sorry, but I have not got time for pain. The next time that woman breaks your heart, I'm not gonna be waiting there to say "I told you so."

Luanne is begging a drunk Leanne to stop being provocative at Leanne's engagement party.

Luanne Platter: Mama, please!
Leanne Platter: Will you quit callin' me that?! I might be 34.

Leanne is about to stab Buckley with a fork when Peggy stops her.

Peggy Hill: Excuse me, ma'am, but that was my fork.

Peggy Hill: Leanne, whether you like the title or not, you are this girl's mother. She has been waiting her whole life for just a shred of attention from you. But you don't even know how to return a fraction of the love you get from your child or even from your man. I hope someday you can live without alcohol, but until that day we can all live very nicely without you.
Leanne Platter: I kicked your brother's ass and I will kick yours too, sissy!
Peggy Hill: Well, there's one thing you didn't count on. My brother has got size 6 feet, but I don't! Ho-yeah!

(throws Leanne to the ground with her feet and kicks her, everyone else cheers)

Leanne steals a truck and leaves.

Bill Dauterive: If she doesn't come back, that means she and I weren't meant to be and if she does come back, well then... then I'll call the police.

Junkie Business [2.20][edit]

Buck Strickland: The law says that if we catch someone doing drugs on the job, we can fire him. So here is what you do: Put on your best suit, hop a Greyhound to Dallas, buy every pill, pipe, and powder you can, then return here and spread the stuff around like roach traps. We will get that boy hooked again!
Hank Hill: All due respect, sir, I have a better plan.
Social worker enters
Anthony Page: Hello Mr. Hill, I came as fast as I could. From the tone of your phone call it sounded like you had fallen victim to some kind of disability. Tell me all about it.
Hank: Yes, I too have realized I suffer from a disability. It is known as GWS, or Good Worker Syndrome. I believe doing a full day's work and giving 110%, and get sick to my stomach I don't see everybody else doing the same. The symptoms include pride, enthusiasm, and a feverish devotion to duty. Used to be a common condition among Americans.
Anthony: Ugh! People like you who game the system make it hard for the rest of us, the truly disabled. Anthony holds up hand to show he is wearing a wrist brace, likely associated with carpal tunnel I am leaving. Call me if you gives you any more trouble, Leon.
Leon: Don't call me Leon any more. That was the name I used drugs with. From now on, I want to be known as...Hank Hill.
Hank Hill: What?! No, that is going too far; I cannot accommodate that.
Anthony: It is not up to you, Hank, it is up to "Hank". This man is not your slave, you do not get to name him!
Hank: I hate to do this but you leave me no choice. Sir, I quit!
Hank proceeds to depart Strickland Propane
Buck: What do I do now?
Hank{peeping out door}: Whatever you want, Buck. Effective with my resignation the rolls are down to fourteen employees. And that makes this your business, not the government's.
Buck reads announcement of Americans with Disabilities Act, which applies to business with 15 or more employees
Buck: Hot dang, Hank, you have done it!
Leon: Why, thank you sir.
Buck: Not you, you are fired. Leon gasps, as does Anthony, who is now powerless. Buck turns on lights OK, listen up everyone. Strickland is now small enough to skirt the law. Y'all get back to work this instant or you are fired. Loafing employees get themselves in gear; including Debbie, whose rear end was facing everyone when she was lying on a couch Oh no, not you Debbie. Your job is to stay right where you are.

Life In The Fast Lane, Bobby's Saga [2.21][edit]

Hank:Bobby, if you weren't my son I'd hug you.

A race is in progress. There is a party on the infield, and Bobby is selling drinks to the guests
Witchard: Bobby, I need a soda!
Bobby: Yes, Mr. Witchard.
Bobby proceeds to overhead crossing zone
Witchard: Not that way! Just run across.
Bobby: But the track?!
Witchard: Don't back-talk the boss man! Ain't you ever cross the highway?! Run where there ain't any cars!
Bobby: They're going too fast!
Witchard: Do it you- you monkey boy! I'm the boss of you!
Bobby is about to climb guardrail but is restrained by Hank
Hank: What the hell. BOBBY NO! What are you doing?
Bobby: I'm going to cross the track and bring Mr. Witchard a soda.
Hank: That's crazy! Why would you do something like that?
Bobby: I'm giving 110%, Dad.
Witchard: Go-to here, Go-to boy. I want a soda! Go-to now, you!
Hank, infuriated, chases after Jimmy, ironically running on the track himself in his anger
Announcer: There's a crazy man on the track!
Announcer: Oh, and there goes Gordon into the wall!
Pit crew guy: You're up!
Dale and Bill: Boomhauer, Boomhauer, Boomhauer, Yeah!

(Hank panting)

Witchard: Ah! (laughing) You can't get me!
Hank: BWAAAAAHHH!!! (breaks the caged fence and chases after Witchard)
Witchard: (screams)

Peggy's Turtle Song [2.22][edit]

Bobby Hill: There's some milk in the fridge that is about to go bad....and there it goes.

Bobby Hill: There are 96 ridges on every checker...except this one.

Unidentified feminist singer:
I met a guy in my boxing class
and I slept with him before I kicked his ass!

Propane Boom [2.23][edit]

Buckley: Sir, there's no yelling in the propane department. Some of these gases are extremely valublilous.

Boomhauer: Hey man, is this dang ol' 911? Hey listen, there's a dang ol' fire in here, and dang ol' Mega-Lo-Mart went boom!
911 Operator: Sir, you are going to have to speak a lot more slowly.
Boomhauer: Dang... ol'... Mega-Lo-Mart... done git went got it, and dang ol' boom!

Mega Lo Mart Employee: Buckley and Luanne are in there!

Luanne: Buckley said he'd hire me at the Mega-Lo-Mart.
Hank: Mega-Lo-Mart?! Well why don't you just go down to hell and work for the devil!
Luanne: Good thing... that I don't have dangerous brain powers, or right now you'd be in a thousand little pieces!

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