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King of the Hill (1997-2010) was an American animated sitcom that aired on Fox. The show centers around the Hill family, whose head is the ever-responsible, hard-working, loyal, disciplined, and honest Hank Hill.

The Peggy Horror Picture Show [11.1][edit]

serPUNt [11.2][edit]

Dale: [seeing the snake is inside the toilet] Welp, it's in the toilet. Too late!
Hank: No, it's not!

Blood and Sauce [11.3][edit]

Luanne Gets Lucky [11.4][edit]

Hank Gets Dusted [11.5][edit]

ZZ Top Beard Guy: Queen Bee Barbecue: now sewing shrimps.
Hank Hill: What the?

Bobby Hill: (wrapped around in guitar spinning by a ZZ Top guy) Do It Again,Do it again!
Hank Hill: Stop spinning my son!

Hank:Alright That Does It I Want Everybody Out You With The Camera Everyone Dale: But Not Me Right Hank: GET

Hank Hill: It's time to rock.

Glen Peggy Glen Ross [11.6][edit]

The Passion of Dauterive [11.7][edit]

Bill: God told me to come here tonight.

Hank Hill: Eh, what is this?
Peggy Hill: Song of Solomon.
Hank Hill: Isn't that a little PG-13 for church?

Grand Theft Arlen [11.8][edit]

"Pro-pain" video game: TASTE THE MEAT, AND THE HEAT!
Hank Hill: Oh god I just stabbed a parking attendant! Where's the button to turn myself in?!

Peggy's Gone to Pots [11.9][edit]

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow [11.10][edit]

Bill, Bulk and the Body Buddies [11.11][edit]

Gorilla: Your bulk is so fierce, almost as swole as mine!
Dirk: Damn, it's too bad that nobody is here to see this sweet rip.

HANK: UH Bill BILL: What's On Your Mind. HANK: Uh The Thing Is The Atomosphere Changed Around Here And People Aren't Really Comfortable Using The GYM Anymore. BIll: There's Nothing Comfortable About Getting Shreded Hank What Your Not comfortable With Hard Work and Pain Just Cause You People Are Lazy HANK: Now Hold ON BILL: Prove Me Worng Little Man Why Don't You Hit The Bench HANK: I'm Not Getting On The Got Dang Bench Bill Quit Being a Jackass BIll: I'll Tell You What Why Don't You Smurfs Start Your Gym In The Cross Away These Look On Your Size HANK: You're a Jerk Bill Just Forget it You Can Keep Your Weights DIRK;: Don't Take Him Personal He's Just Jealous Of Your Juicy RIP. Coach: All Right Diesel You Made The Spot

Lucky's Wedding Suit [11.12][edit]

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