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The numerous deaths across all different media in the Shrek universe have yielded many memorable last words.


  • Puss, you have to save the baby, or the mama will destroy San Ricardo. It's the right thing to do. [Puss in Boots: I will not let you go, Humpty.] I know you won't. So I won't make you choose.
    • Who: Humpty Alexander Dumpty
    • Source: Puss in Boots (2011)
    • Note: Puss sees where Humpty landed in the canyon, where he sacrificed himself, a golden egg surrounded by eggshell. The mother takes the egg back with her, and Puss says to himself, "I always knew you were good inside." Though during the end credits, Humpty is seen in his normal form, dancing on the mother's back with the golden goose.
    • Who: Lord Farquad
    • Source: Shrek
    • Notes: Farquad had just married Princess Fiona, making him a king. He threatened to kill Shrek and imprison Fiona, prompting the ogre to summon Dragon, Donkey's girlfriend. The massive dragon proceeded to swallow Farquad whole. His ghost does appear in the Universal Studios attraction Shrek 4-D, however.
  • I told you: Ogres don't live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!
    • Who: Fairy Godmother
    • Source: Shrek 2
    • Notes: Character attempts to shoot Shrek with magic from her wand after he thwarts her attempt to have Fiona fall in love with her son, Prince Charming. However, the king jumps in front of him; while the magic turns him back into a frog, his armor deflects the shot at the Fairy Godmother, disintegrating her.
  • Now, there is a matter of business to attend to. [Lillian: Harold!] [wheezes and passes out] [Puss: The frog dead.]
  • His name is- is... [Shrek: What's his name? What's his name?!] IS-- [wheezes again] [Fiona: Daddy!] [passes out again]
  • His name is Arthur. [Shrek: Arthur?] I'll do what's right. [Lillian: [sadly] Harold?] [Shrek: Dad? Dad! [his ears lower] Dad?] [Donkey: [voice breaking] Do your thing, man.]
    • Who: The King
    • Source: Shrek the Third
    • Notes: Character is dying and tells Shrek to find his nephew as an alternative candidate for the throne. The first two is the King choking up and that creates tension that Puss takes off his hat each time he passes out, thinking he is truly dead, and Fiona weeps heavily.
  • A new era finally begins! Now, all of you, bow before your King! [Shrek: [clears throat] You need to work on your aim.] [gets lifted by Shrek] This was supposed to be my Happily Ever After! [Shrek: Well, I guess you need to keep lookin'... [looks to Fiona] ...'cause I'm not giving up mine.] Mommy?
    • Who: Prince Charming
    • Source: Shrek the Third
    • Notes: Said after he thinks he killed Shrek, who turns out to be alive, and tells Charming that Shrek will not give up his love. Charming then says "Mommy?" as he looks up at a tower that is falling on him.
  • You know what the best part of today was? I got the chance to fall in love with you all over again.
    • Who: Shrek
    • Source: Shrek Forever After
    • Notes: Character ceases to exist after his day in the world where he was never born ends. However, Fiona gives him True Love's Kiss, and he is revived in the normal world.