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PAW Patrol: The Movie is a 2021 film about Ryder and the pups are called to Adventure City to stop the recently-elected Mayor Humdinger from turning the bustling metropolis into a state of chaos to face the challenge in order to save its citizens.

Directed by Cal Brunker and written by Billy Frolick and Bob Barlen. Based on the television series by Keith Chapman.
Our fate is in their paws. (taglines)


  • [when facing his fear to his situation] I can do this...
  • [to Gus] You're in shock, so I'm not gonna take that personally.
  • [to Ryder; after he refused to go back to Adventure City] I'm afraid if I go back there, everyone will see I'm still that scared little puppy, and not the hero they think I am.
  • [when his friends are amazed and he gets terrified as they arrived in Adventure City] It's a lot... bigger than I remember.
  • [first ride with his new rocket-powered police cruiser] Oh, I could get used to this!
  • [sees the citizens trapped in the City Hall balcony on fire] Ryder, we've got people trapped on the balcony! I'm going in!
  • [when Ryder checks and tells him that he failed his first mission] I can't believe I forgot to disconnect my parachute. It's Air Rescue 101.
  • [backs away from Ryder; heartbroken and horrified] I didn't even want to come to Adventure City! I trusted you! You said everything will be fine, but it's not! What kind of leader gives up on someone the second things get hard?!
  • [after Ryder shows him about where they have their first met, he then asks him to go to work and he reassuringly accepts] Ready for action, Ryder, sir.
  • [after Ryder gives him a nice catch by a flying car] You can count on me, Ryder.
  • [rushes to save Ryder with his motorcycle] I'm coming, Ryder!
  • [when the citizens coming out from the building, he catches and confronting Mayor Humdinger who tries to escape with his kittens] Hey, Mayor Humdinger! You are under arrest for gross negligence, public endangerment, and dog-napping.
  • [after Ryder receives a call from Harris, the seven pups are ready] PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir!


  • [first call when she is a big fan of the PAW Patrol] What?! You answer your own calls? Oh, my goodness! I didn't think I was gonna... [gasps happily] I can't believe I'm looking at the PAW Patrol! I am such a big fan! This is off the leash!
  • [running and escaping with the unstable fireworks] THIS IS WHY DOGS HATE FIREWORKS!!!
  • [the PAW Patrol reached and arrived at the City Hall] You have reached your destination.
  • [the photographers taking pictures of the citizens and Chase's friends, then she enters and talks to them] Hey, hey! Anyone want a picture with me? I'm kind of like an honorary member of the PAW Patrol. You should have seen me out there. I was like, "Turn left, turn right, turn left, turn right!" It was amazing!
  • [after she wrecks Mayor Humdinger's interview, Butch and Ruben caught and thrown her in the van, then she pretends to be captured] Oh, no! Please, let me go! Don't take me to exactly the same place you took the other dogs, in this white van, license plate number YVP 8624!
  • [to Delores] You talk a lot of trash for a dog that looks like a toilet brush.
  • [encouraging Chase] So? Who cares if you're scared? Heroes get scared all the time. [Chase: They do?] Of course, they do. But even though they're scared, they push through and keep going. That's what makes them heroes.
  • [surprising Chase that the wall is wrecked and revealed to be Rubble] I brought backup!
  • [Ryder gives and surprising her own vehicle, a rocket-powered scooter; calmly] Okay, Liberty, play it cool, play it cool. [then excitedly and squeals] This is amazing! It's the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life! I've never been so happy! It's like my whole life has been building toward this moment! All of my dreams have come true! [faints and high-pitched voice] It's so amazing!
  • [entering the stage and Ryder gives her own collar and pup-tag as she becomes the official member of the PAW Patrol after they saved Adventure City] I'm official! Hey! Check me out! I'm officially official! Official member of the PAW Patrol right here!

Mayor Humdinger[edit]

  • [when his top hat is flew away or it gets destroyed] My top hat!
  • You know, they call this place Adventure City, but what’s so adventure-y about it? The truth is, it’s boring. Libraries? [drops the library] Boring! Museums? [drops the museum] Boring! Cute little dog parks? [the citizens in awe; sarcastically] Ugh, definitely boring! [taunting Liberty] But don’t worry, I’m gonna put the adventure back in Adventure City! When I’m done with this place, you won’t even recognize it.
  • [to Butch and Ruben to get rid of the PAW Patrol for necessary] I want the PAW Patrol off the streets now! Find them, catch them, and lock them away.
  • [after Chase puts him under arrest] You can't arrest me! I'm the mayor!


  • [interrupts Liberty] Puh-lease! This scrawny, little purse pup is gonna pull a jailbreak?


  • [gives Mayor Humdinger his hat to his defeat] Here you go, boss.


  • Kendra Wilson: [gives a speech about the PAW Patrol saved Adventure City] Adventure City is our home. It's up to all of us to take care of it. But once in a while, a group of heroes go above and beyond the call of duty. They look out for their neighbors before they look out for themselves. And they're so darn cute, I just want to squeeze 'em!
  • Marty Muckraker: [gives a news report about the PAW Patrol's arrival in Adventure City] Guardian, heroes. Cute little dogs and adorable outfits. Whatever you call them, the PAW Patrol were here to save the city from Mayor Humdinger's disastrous fireworks debacle. As a professional journalist, it's important that I remain unbiased. That being said; ooh, yikes! An embarrassing start for Mayor Humdinger, but an incredible debut for the PAW Patrol in Adventure City.
  • Rubble: [when the others arrived at the Humdinger Heights, Marty Muckraker's toupee is splatted on his face and spits] Things are pretty hairy out here.
  • Skye: [to Ryder; while preparing to fly into the air to stop the Cloud Catcher] Don't worry about me. I can handle a little turbulence.
  • Marshall: [jumps off as the holograms of the city appear, thrown himself on Rubble and Rocky] Next time, warn me before you stick a building up my nose.
  • Rocky: [while preparing to clear out the damaged fireworks on the ground] Okay, I got it from here.
  • Zuma: [along with the others see the hurricane at the window] Yikes! That's looking gnarly.
  • Cap'n Turbot: [at the ceremony for the PAW Patrol; to a Tough Guy] Me and the PAW Patrol? We go way back!


[First lines, in the Spin Master Entertainment logo, Marshall the firefighting pup enters on-screen, but he tumbles into the Spin Master logo and spins]
Marshall: Whoa! I'm okay.
[Chase the police pup appears and uses his pup-pack's grappling hook to stop the logo from spinning, then the words "entertainment" appears, as Marshall and Chase look at the audience]

[Cap'n Turbot humming in "PAW Patrol theme" while preparing to move the Flounder to another spot, he then sees Gus the truck driver is stuck on the bridge]
Gus: [in the distance] Hello, down there!
Cap'n Turbot: Oh, my. That's not good. That's not good at all. [come across and greets Gus] Good morning there, friend! Looks like you're in a particularly precarious predicament.
Gus: Call the police! Call the fire department! [the truck's door fall it open] Call everybody!
Cap'n Turbot: You're in Adventure Bay. [shows his phone to Gus] Here, we call the PAW Patrol!
Gus: You're gonna call the who?

[After Rocky and Zuma putting on the perimeter around the bridge]
Ryder: Chase, it's all up to you. Use the winch in your pup-pack to get the driver and bring him to safety.
Chase: Chase is on the case! [rushes on the bridge to free Gus] Arf! Grappling hook!
[Chase uses his pup-pack's grappling hook to secures on top on the bridge, he then jumps off the bridge, howling and his hook is hanging on top, then he comes down]
Chase: Sir, don't be alarmed. I'm coming down!
Gus: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! The rescue team is here! [sees Chase] A dog!?
Chase: Actually, sir, I'm a puppy.
Gus: A baby dog!? That's even worse!
Chase: You're in shock, so I'm not gonna take that personally. Now, let's get you outta here.
Gus: No way! I'm waiting right here for a real rescue. [the truck shakes even more; screams] I changed my mind! [grabs Chase] I'll go with you.

[In Adventure City, a Tough Guy eating a donut in the train and throw his trash on a leg of a dachshund named Liberty]
Liberty: Huh? Oh, um. [to a Tough Guy] Hey, excuse me? You dropped something.
Tough Guy: [frustrated] I'm done with it! Buzz off, wiener dog.
Liberty: [angered] Wiener dog?! Maybe you should just pick that up and put it in the trash!
Tough Guy: [chuckles] Yeah, or what?
Liberty: Or I'm going to pick you up and put you in the trash! [the passengers gasp that was said to her] Hmph!
Tough Guy: Hey, I don't want no trouble! [picks up the trash] I'm picking up the trash. I'm picking up the trash!
Liberty: [praises] Thank you. We've all got to take pride in our city. Don't ever forget that. [hears the train speaker] This is my stop, it's been a slice.
[Liberty leaves the train]
Tough Guy: [to Liberty] I'm gonna turn my life around. I really am.

[Back in Adventure Bay, there's an emergency call on the big screen from the Lookout]
Ryder: PAW Patrol, what's your emergency?
Liberty: What?! You answer your own calls? Oh, my goodness! I didn't think I was gonna... [gasps happily] I can't believe I'm looking at the PAW Patrol! I am such a big fan! This is off the leash!
Ryder: Is there something we can help you with?
Liberty: Yes, yes, yes! My name is Liberty, and I'm calling in from Adventure City. Something terrible has happened. Humdinger... was just elected mayor!
Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Rubble and Zuma: [shocked] HUMDINGER!?!?
Ryder: He's the worst mayor in the history of mayors!
Rubble: And that's being generous.
Liberty: You're telling me? This guy's a disaster! He's going to destroy the whole city! Please, we need your help. Come quickly.
[Liberty ends her call to the PAW Patrol]
Ryder: Adventure City's in trouble. Come on pups, pack your things! No city's too big, no pup's too small!
[The five pups almost excited and start howling, Ryder catches Chase who is walking into the elevator]
Ryder: What's wrong, Chase?
Chase: I'm not going.
Ryder: We have to go. They need us.
Chase: [refuses] I'm never going back to Adventure City!
[The elevator brings Chase down]
Ryder: [worried] Chase...
Marshall: What's got his leash in a knot?
Ryder: [hesitates] Chase has a... history with Adventure City. He has a lot of tough memories from that place...

Skye: [remarking on the new satellite headquarters] How can we afford this place?
Ryder: [holding up a PAW Patrol T-shirt featuring Chase, Marshall and Skye in their original Guru Studio designs] Officially licensed PAW Patrol merchandise. This stuff sells like hotcakes.

[Ryder uses his flashlight to check Chase's eye after the fireworks show]
Ryder: You look okay. How do you feel?
Chase: I can't believe I forgot to disconnect my parachute. It's Air Rescue 101.
Ryder: Well, that’s why we’re a team. Everyone pulled together and things worked out okay.
Chase: But what if they didn’t? What if something happened to those people and it was all my fault?

Ruben and Butch: Get out of here!
[Kendra Wilson groans in anger]
Ruben: What are you doing? I’m the one who tells people to get out of here.
Butch: No, you're not. I'm in charge!
Ruben: No, I'm in charge!
Butch: I'm in charge!
Ruben: I'm in charge!
[Both Ruben and Butch started a slap-fight while Mayor Humdinger goes onstage]
Mayor Humdinger: Citizens of Adventure City, as your new, and already favorite, mayor, I proudly present the next step in my plan to put the adventure in Adventure City. [presents them the Humdinger Hyperloop] The Humdinger Hyperloop! The kookiest, swoopiest, loop-de-loopiest subway the world has ever seen!
Camerawoman: Mm-mmm, I am not riding that thing.

[After Marshall rescue the passengers on the upside-down train and Skye brings Chase down to the ground]
Ryder: Okay, that's all of them. [to the pups] Good job, pups. [sees Chase] Chase...
Chase: [Ryder runs and hugs him] I don't know what happened.
Ryder: I'm just glad you're okay.
Chase: [sadly] I'm sorry.
Ryder: No, it's my fault. I thought you'd be okay in Adventure City. But it's still too much for you.
Chase: I'll be fine. I, I just need to...
Ryder: You're not fine. You need to take a break. We'll take care of the rescues for a while.
Chase: [shocked] What? No, that's not fair!
Ryder: I'm sorry, Chase. I know it's hard, but it's the way it's gotta be.
[A heartbroken and horrified Chase backs away from Ryder, feeling like he can no longer trust him]
Chase: I didn't even want to come to Adventure City! I trusted you! You said everything would be fine, but it's not! What kind of leader gives up on someone the second things get hard?!
[Ryder's feelings get hurt by Chase's words]
Ryder: [hurt] Chase...
[Chase runs away out of heartbreak]
Ryder: [runs after Chase] Chase, wait!

[After Ruben and Butch caught Liberty and taking her in the Fuzzy Buddies obedience school where she searches for Chase]
Liberty: Chase? Chase? Anyone seen a German shepherd about yay high, always saying "Chase is on the case"?
Chase: [hearing about Liberty saying his name] Liberty?
Liberty: Hey, buddy! I came to bust you out of here.
Delores: Puh-lease! This scrawny, little purse pup is gonna pull a jailbreak?
Liberty: You talk a lot of trash for a dog who looks like a toilet brush.
Delores: [unfazed] Hmph!

[Ryder and the pups see a massive hurricane in the city at the window as they got shocked]
Zuma: Yikes! That's looking gnarly.
[The lightning scares Rubble who screams in horror and hiding on Liberty and Skye]
Skye: [sarcastically] Rubble!
Rubble: What? Lightning is frightening.
[An emergency call on the big screen and its ringing]
Ryder: PAW Patrol, what's your emergency?
Kendra Wilson: What's the emergency?! The mesoscale convective system is causing exponential thermal lift and catastrophic downbursts at over 190 knots!
Ryder, Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Liberty: [confused] What?!
Rubble: It's a super, bad storm. Come on, guys, keep up.
Kendra Wilson: Finally, somebody gets me. This is not a regular storm. It’s being caused by a weather-control device that’s unleashing weeks’ worth of bad weather all at once!
Ryder: Take cover. We're on our way.

[When the pups race to Humdinger Heights, Liberty, who's now in her suit and her helmet, driving with her scooter to help them]
Chase: Yeah, Liberty!
Marshall: Nice wheels!
Skye: Welcome to the team!
Liberty: Oh, I can't wait to do that again!
[The pups started laughing]
Ryder: Okay, team, we’ve got no idea what we’re heading into. We’re gonna have to improvise.

[When Marshall and Rocky bring the citizens inside of Humdinger Heights, Rubble is wearing Marty Muckraker's toupee]
Marty Muckraker: Hey, that's my hair! Where did you find it?
Rubble: The hair found me. [preens] It was my destiny.
[Marty Muckraker yanks his toupee from Rubble]
Marty Muckraker: Well, that's my signature look! [puts on his toupee onto his head] Buy your own hair.

Ryder: You did it.
Chase: We did it.
Ryder: [Chase runs and hug him] I told you were a hero.

[After Skye sacrifices her helicopter to destroy the Cloud Catcher to clear the skies and get sunny again, she free falling from the air with joy and uses her jet-pack to fly her down to safety, as she landed, the pups are impressed]
Marshall: Good job, Skye!
Zuma: That was totally awesome!
Liberty: You’re definitely my favorite pup!
Skye: [hopefully] I hope Ryder got insurance on my 'copter.
[Skye sees her helicopter is crashed on the ground right behind her and Rocky, as they looked at the badge clinks in front on them and she stares it in dismay]
Rocky: That'll buff right out.
[Skye stares at Rocky in annoyance, then Chase and Ryder come out of the building and the pups are happy to see them safe]
Rubble: [relieved] He's okay!
Marshall: All right!
[The other pups tackles Ryder and they licking and hugging him]
Skye: [to the other male pups] Okay, okay, give him some air.
Liberty: How do you feel?
Ryder: [laughs] Covered in drool!
Rubble: [joked] I can’t help it, I’m a bulldog! My tongue is too big for my mouth. See?
[Rubble shows his tongue to the others and started to laugh, Ryder walks and picks up Chase's hat]
Ryder: [to the pups] You did good, pups.
[Ryder puts on Chase's hat to him and patted him as the pups started to howl triumphantly and they laughed, the citizens cheering for the PAW Patrol as they coming out from Humdinger Heights]
Mayor Humdinger: [comes out and tries to escape] Time for me to get out of here.
Chase: [confronted] Hey, Mayor Humdinger! [catches Mayor Humdinger and the others showing their support with glaring angry daggers at him] You are under arrest for gross negligence, public endangerment, and dog-napping.
Mayor Humdinger: [to Chase] You can’t arrest me! I’m the mayor! [laughing and escape; dropping his kittens and run away]
Marshall: [alarmed] He's getting away!
Skye: Arf! Mini-drone!
[Skye releases her drone in her jet-pack and flies to catch Mayor Humdinger, who runs fast and the drone's hook is hanging on his pants, as he flies onto the center by the PAW Patrol]
Mayor Humdinger: [infuriated] Put me down! Nobody makes a fool of Mayor Humdinger five times in the same day!
[Mayor Humdinger's pants is hanging on the drone's hook and is accidentally being ripped off and make him fall, he then shrieks and cover his underpants]
Mayor Humdinger: [dismayed] Well, this is humiliating.
Butch: [puts Mayor Humdinger's hat to him] Here you go, boss.
Mayor Humdinger: That's better.

[Last lines, Ryder's phone interrupts his speech and gets a call from Harris, telling him that there's an emergency down at the waterfront]
Chase: [to Ryder; along with Liberty and the other pups are ready] PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder, sir!
Ryder: [to the audiences] Sorry, folks. Duty calls.


  • Our fate is in their paws.
  • A nose for adventure. (Chase tagline)
  • New dog, new tricks. (Liberty tagline)
  • Can you dig it? (Rubble tagline)
  • She's so fly. (Skye tagline)
  • Coming in hot. (Marshall tagline)
  • Not afraid to get his paws dirty. (Rocky tagline)
  • Diving into adventure. (Zuma tagline)


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