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Episode 1[edit]

Pups Save a Blimp[edit]

Pups Save the Chili Cook-Off[edit]

Chase: [sniffing on the sand where he found a yarn] Where'd that yarn come from? [sniffs on the yarn and then he sneezes]
Mayor Goodway: Chili powder?
Chase: Worse. [sneezes again] Kittens.
[Mayor Goodway and Chase turn their heads, the camera pans to Ryder and the other pups do the same as well by staring, and pans to Mayor Humdinger]
Mayor Humdinger: [guessing] I have no idea how that got there. I don't see any kittens. [the flying kitty is stuck on a tree]
Zuma: [annoyed] Not even that little meowing dude up in that tree?
Mayor Humdinger: Oh! Is that a kitten?

[Mayor Goodway signaling that the time is up, the judge gives a taste test on the chili, first he tastes Mayor Humdinger's chili]
Judge: Very good. [then suspicious] But also... very familiar.
Mayor Humdinger: [awkwardly] Oh, that's because it's a... uh, classic recipe. [chuckles nervously]
[Chickaletta finds an empty canned chili can and puts inside on her head, then the judge tastes the PAW Patrol's chili]
Judge: But this... is the best chili I've ever tasted!
[The citizens cheering and Mayor Humdinger realizes the PAW Patrol wins the chili cook-off]
Mayor Humdinger: [angered] Impossible! They must have cheated!
Mayor Goodway: [notices Chickaletta has an empty canned chili and everyone gasp] Oh, Mayor Humdinger. You used canned chili? [the citizens staring at Mayor Humdinger]
Judge: Now that's cheating!
Mayor Humdinger: [defeated] Fine. Who needs your chili?

Episode 2[edit]

Pups Save a Teeny Penguin[edit]

Pups Save the Cat Show[edit]

Episode 3[edit]

Pups Save a Playful Dragon[edit]

Pups Save the Critters[edit]

Episode 4[edit]

Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown[edit]

Episode 5[edit]

Pups Save a Sleepover[edit]

Pups Save the Carnival[edit]

Episode 6[edit]

Pups Save Jake's Cake[edit]

Pups Save a Wild Ride[edit]

Episode 7[edit]

Mission PAW: Royally Spooked[edit]

Pups Save Monkey-dinger[edit]

Episode 8[edit]

Pups Save the Flying Food[edit]

Pups Save a Ferris Wheel[edit]

Episode 9[edit]

Pups Save a Sleepwalking Bear[edit]

Pups Save Dude Ranch Danny[edit]

Episode 10[edit]

Mission PAW: Pups Save the Royal Throne[edit]

Episode 11[edit]

Pups Save Big Hairy[edit]

Pups Save a Flying Kitty[edit]

Episode 12[edit]

Pups Party with Bats[edit]

Pups Save Sensei Yumi[edit]

Episode 13[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Baby Octopus[edit]

[When the pups except Rocky are using their pup-pack's rescue buoy and they manage to complete their lifeguard training]
Ryder: Rocky, you're the only one left.
Rocky: [backs away] That's okay. I don't like getting wet.
Skye: You can't be a lifeguard without getting wet, Rocky.
Rocky: Hmm, we'll see about that. [to Ryder] Ready? [Ryder blows the whistle, he jumps and hopping on the beach markers] Ruff! Rescue buoy!
[Rocky uses his pup-pack's rescue buoy puts on Mr. Prickly as he jumps and brings him back to Ryder]
Rocky: See? Nice and dry.
Ryder: Cool rescue technique. But if want to earn your lifeguard badge, you have to swim.
Rocky: How 'bout if I be a land guard instead?
Ryder: I know you can do this, Rocky. But if you don't feel up to it now, you can try later.

[The baby octopus' rattle controlling her on Mayor Humdinger's flailing when he panics again, and the rattle ends up in the water again]
Rocky: I can find it.
Ryder: Huh?
Rocky: With my metal detector.
Ryder: [concerned] Are you sure, Rocky? You'll have to swim and get wet.
Rocky: [determined] If getting wet will help that baby octopus get back to his mom, I can do it!
Ryder: That's my Sea Patrol pup. I saw the rattle land around here.
Rocky: Okay. I can do this! Ruff! Metal detector!
[Rocky uses his pup-pack's metal detector, jumps and dives in the water, his detector beeping at the sand as he digs and retrieves the baby octopus' rattle, then he comes out from the water]
Skye: [grateful] You found it! You're amazing!
Rocky: [shyly] Hey, it's just water.

Episode 14[edit]

Pups Save the Runaway Kitties[edit]

Pups Save Tiny Marshall[edit]

Episode 15[edit]

Pups Chill Out[edit]

Pups Save Farmer Alex[edit]

Episode 16[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Shark[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Pier[edit]

Episode 17[edit]

Pups Save a Space Rock[edit]

Pups Save a Good Mayor[edit]

Episode 18[edit]

Pups Save a City Kitty[edit]

Pups Save a Cloud Surfer[edit]

Episode 19[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pirate Pups to the Rescue[edit]

Episode 20[edit]

Pups Save the Mail[edit]

Pups Save a Frog Mayor[edit]

Episode 21[edit]

Pups Save the Runaway Turtles[edit]

Pups Save the Shivering Sheep[edit]

Episode 22[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Frozen Flounder[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Narwhal[edit]

Episode 23[edit]

Pups Save Luke Stars[edit]

Pups Save Chicken Day[edit]

Episode 24[edit]

Pups Save Francois the Penguin[edit]

Pups Save Daring Danny's Hippo[edit]

Episode 25[edit]

Pups Save Baby Humdinger[edit]

Pups Save a Piñata[edit]

Episode 26[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis[edit]