PAW Patrol (season 5)

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Episode 1[edit]

Pups Save the Kitty Rescue Crew[edit]

Pups Save an Ostrich[edit]

Episode 2[edit]

Pups Save Big Paw[edit]

Pups Save the Hum-Mover[edit]

Episode 3[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Sunken Sloop[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Wiggly Whale[edit]

Episode 4[edit]

Pups Save a High-Flying Skye[edit]

Pups Go for the Gold[edit]

Episode 5[edit]

Pups Save an Extreme Lunch[edit]

Pups Save a Cat Burglar[edit]

Episode 6[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save the Flying Diving Bell[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save a Soggy Farm[edit]

Episode 7[edit]

Pups Save the Butterflies[edit]

Pups Save an Underground Chicken[edit]

Episode 8[edit]

Pups Save the Bookmobile[edit]

Pups Save Heady Humdinger[edit]

Episode 9[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller[edit]

Episode 10[edit]

Pups Save the PawPaws[edit]

Pups Save a Popped Top[edit]

Episode 11[edit]

Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Royal Kitties[edit]

Episode 12[edit]

Pups Save the Snowshoeing Goodways[edit]

Pups Save a Duck Pond[edit]

Episode 13[edit]

Sea Patrol: Pups Save Tilly Turbot[edit]

Tilly Turbot: A ride?
Cap'n Turbot and Francois Turbot: STOP SHOWING OFF!

Pups Save an Upset Elephant[edit]

Episode 14[edit]

Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Tigers[edit]

Episode 15[edit]

Rocky Saves Himself[edit]

Pups and the Mystery of the Driverless Snow Cat[edit]

Episode 16[edit]

Pups Save the Trick-or-Treaters[edit]

Pups Save an Out of Control Mini Patrol[edit]

Episode 17[edit]

Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Movie Monster[edit]

Episode 18[edit]

Mission PAW: Pups Save a Royal Concert[edit]

Mission PAW: Pups Save the Princess' Pals[edit]

Episode 19[edit]

Pups and the Werepuppy[edit]

Pups Save a Sleepwalking Mayor[edit]

Episode 20[edit]

Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save a Swamp Monster[edit]

Ultimate Rescue: Pups and the Hidden Golden Bones[edit]

Episode 21[edit]

Pups Save a Cuckoo Clock[edit]

Pups Save Ms. Marjorie's House[edit]

Episode 22[edit]

Pups Save Thanksgiving[edit]

Pups Save a Windy Bay[edit]

Episode 23[edit]

Pups Save a Frozen Camp Out[edit]

Everest: [confused] Fly? Um... I've never done that before.
Skye: Don't worry, I'll be there to help you.
Everest: In that case... arf! Ice or snow, I'm ready to go!

Pups Save the Fizzy Pickles[edit]

Episode 24[edit]

Pups Save a Pluck-O-Matic[edit]

Pups Save a Mascot[edit]

Episode 25[edit]

Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save a Runaway Stargazer[edit]

Episode 26[edit]

Pups Save Ace's Birthday Surprise[edit]

Pups Save a Tower of Pizza[edit]