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Mighty Pups (2018)[edit]

Chase: [after Ryder asks him that he needs to lead; skeptical and questioning] Me? Lead a team?!
Ryder: I know I can count on you, Chase!

Rubble: I dig digging! Don't even need a shovel.
[Rubble begins to dig, he sees his paws glowing, but at a faster pace, and then projects the meteor into the sky]
Rubble: Oops.
Chase: [while avoiding the falling meteor] Whoa!
[Chase avoids the meteor, but runs further away to the safety of a beach umbrella]
Chase: Huh? [runs back] Um, how did I run so fast?
Rubble: And how did I get so strong?
[The camera pans to Everest, who started to sneeze and freeze the meteor]
Everest: Excuse me.
Marshall: [amazed] Whoa, that's solid ice!
[Marshall places his paws on the ice and melts it]
Marshall: Until my paws melted it? Cool! But you know, hot.
Zuma: [comes in to try to pushing the meteor] It's not too hot to push.
[Zuma summons a jet of water upon placing his paws on the meteor, pushing the meteor forward and soaks Harold]
Harold Humdinger: Aah! Hey! You got my brain wet.
Skye: [while avoiding the rolling meteor] Whoa!
[Skye jumps up and summons a wind tornado at her feet]
Skye: Huh? Wow! I can fly, without wings!
[Skye accidentally picks up the meteor and spins it until it flings out of her grasp before bumping back to the ground and she gets dizzy]
Skye: Did I just make a whirlwind? Or am I just really dizzy!?
Ryder: Looks like both.
Rocky: Something weird is going on here.
[Rocky raises his right paw and summons his super tools]
Rocky: Huh? Weird, and cool... like super tools!

[After the Lookout is floating and everyone is amazed]
Marshall: Cap'n Turbot must be right. Just us pups and the Lookout got zapped, that's why we're the only ones with powers!
[The pups' paws glowing each other after they are gained and chose their powers]

Chase: [questioning to lead his friends again] You want me to lead again? But I didn't too well last time.
Ryder: [encouraging Chase] That's was last time. A good leader doesn't give up. And I know you got what it takes.
[Chase is more encouraged by Zuma and Marshall]
Chase: And that means; Team Chase won't let you down, Ryder.
Ryder: I know, Chase. Meanwhile, I'll work on a plan to clean up the messes Harold made all over town. Check in with you soon. [end his call to Chase]
Marshall: Team Leader Chase, how should we guard Harold?
Chase: [to Marshall and Zuma] He'll never get away from me with my super speed, so I'll watch him. But you pups can go help Ryder by starting the clean up.

[The pups are shocked that Harold gets the meteor and Mayor Humdinger into the Lookout with his tractor beam]
Everest: Now Harold has meteor and Mayor Humdinger!
Zuma: It's time somebody told that Harold dude to knock it off! [accidentally sprays Marshall with his jet of water] Sorry, my bad.
Skye: It's up to you, Chase. Ryder makes you the leader for a reason.
[The other pups cheering for Chase for encouragement]

[After all of Chase's friends are caught by Harold's giant robot]
Chase: Some leader! I couldn't even stop my team from being captured. [sighs; to himself] What would Ryder do? What would Ryder do? [then determined] Wait! Ryder says a good leader never gives up. So neither will I!

Ready Race Rescue (2019)[edit]

Ryder: PAW Patrol, to the Mobile Pit Stop!
Pups: Ryder needs us!

Jet to the Rescue (2020)[edit]

Princess of Barkingburg: I'm shocked someone from the Royal Family would have such bad manners.
Earl of Barkingburg: Even if he is from a distant branch.

[Skye dodges the eagle jet and letting over her fear of eagles for good]
Skye: [grateful] I'm doing it! And I'm not scared!

Princess of Barkingburg: I shall only use the power of the gem to protect my beloved people of Barkingburg. Unlike my badly behaved cousin.
Duke of Flappington: [nervoulsly] Cousin, I do hope you didn't take my little birthday prank seriously.
The PAW Patrol, Princess of Barkingburg and Sweetie: [shocked] PRANK!?!?

[After Skye is earned by the Princess of Barkingburg is given her a medal as the very first Knight of the Heart of Barkingburg, Marshall calls for her]
Marshall: [whispering to Skye] Psst! Skye, don't forget the Princess's birthday present.
Skye: [gasps] Oh, right!

Princess of Barkingburg: Best birthday ever!