PAW Patrol (season 7)

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Episode 1[edit]

Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups Stop a Humdinger Horde[edit]

Harold Humdinger: Clones, you came from the machine I created, so I'm the boss of you!
Humdinger Clone 1: Why should we listen to you? We're the mayors, and you're not!

Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups Save a Mighty Lighthouse[edit]

Cap'n Turbot: Space, then sea? I'm spent!

Episode 2[edit]

Pups Save Election Day[edit]

Pups Save the Bubble Monkeys[edit]

Episode 3[edit]

Pups Save an Antarctic Martian[edit]

Pups Save the Maze Explorers[edit]

Episode 4[edit]

Mighty Pups, Charged Up: Pups vs. Three Super Baddies[edit]

Mayor Humdinger: Why do I have to help with this?
Harold Humdinger: Stashing the meteor was your idea, Uncle Mayor!
Mayor Humdinger: Oh, sure! Now give me credit!

Episode 5[edit]

Pups Save a Waiter Bot[edit]

Pups Stop a Pie-Clone[edit]

Episode 6[edit]

Dino Rescue: Pups and the Lost Dino Eggs[edit]

Rex: Ryder, you were right; these are the nicest pups I ever met! Actually, the only pups I've ever met.
Skye: You've never met another pup?
Rex: Nope. I'm the only one where I come from.
Rubble: Where's that?
Ryder: That's the other part of my surprise.

Episode 7[edit]

Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Pterodactyl[edit]

Taylor Turbot: But that dive is definitely too daring!

Dino Rescue: Pups and the Big Rumble[edit]

Marshall: Now that's what I call going on a long trip!
[The pups giggle before heading into the Dino Patroller]

Episode 8[edit]

Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Hum-Dino[edit]

Episode 9[edit]

Dino Rescue: Pups Save a Sore Dino[edit]

Dino Rescue: Pups Save the Triceratops Tag-Alongs[edit]

Episode 10[edit]

Pups Save the Big Bad Bird Crew[edit]

Pups Save a Soapbox Derby[edit]

Episode 11[edit]

Pups Save the Skydivers[edit]

Pups Save the Cupcakes[edit]

Episode 12[edit]

Ultimate Rescue: Pups Save the Pupmobiles[edit]

Episode 13[edit]

Pups Save a Lost Gold Miner[edit]

Pups Save Uncle Otis from His Cabin[edit]

Episode 14[edit]

Pups Save a Rocket Roller Skater[edit]

Pups Save Ryder's Surprise[edit]

Episode 15[edit]

Pups Save the Marooned Mayors[edit]

Pups Save the Game Show[edit]

Episode 16[edit]

Pups Save the Chalk Art[edit]

Pups Save the Hot Potato[edit]

Episode 17[edit]

Pups Save a Bah Humdinger[edit]

Episode 18[edit]

Pups Save Little Hairy[edit]

Pups Save a Kooky Climber[edit]

Episode 19[edit]

Pups Save Queen Cluck-Cluck[edit]

Pups Save a Desert Flounder[edit]

Episode 20[edit]

Moto Pups: Pups vs. the Ruff-Ruff Pack[edit]

[Marshall and Wild Cat drive on Daring Danny X's motorcycle and they wipeout into the Moto HQ's elevator]
Wild Cat: This cat always lands on his paws.
Marshall: But this time, you landed on me!
[The pups and Wild Cat started laughing and the elevator rises up to the topside]

Episode 21[edit]

Pups Save a Trash-dinger[edit]

Pups Save the Royal Armor[edit]

Episode 22[edit]

Moto Pups: Pups Save the Donuts[edit]

Wild Cat: Hear that, Ruff-Ruff Pack?
[The Ruff-Ruff Pack have a food coma after they eating donuts]
Hubcap: [groans] I never wanna hear the word "donut" again.
Dwayne: I have a tummy ache.

Moto Pups: Pups Save the Kitties[edit]

Mayor Humdinger: [clears throat] Who's this?
Ryder: This is Wild Cat, Mayor Humdinger. He's the first cat member of the PAW Patrol.
Mayor Humdinger: Hmph. A cat in the PAW Patrol? This day just got worse.
Wild Cat: Me-ouch!

Episode 23[edit]

Moto Pups: Pups Save a Moto Mayor[edit]

Episode 24[edit]

Moto Pups: Rescue at Twisty Top Mesa[edit]

Moto Pups: Pups Save a Sneezy Chase[edit]

Chase: Wild Cat! [sneezes] Am I glad to see... [sneezes]! All of you!
Wild Cat: Better not get too close. I don't want to make you sneeze more.
Chase: It's not your fault, Wild Cat. I shouldn't have left you without explaining why. We'll always be pals.

Episode 25[edit]

Ultimate Rescue: Pups Stop a Junk-Monster[edit]

Pups Save the Whale Pod[edit]

Episode 26[edit]

Pups Save Thundermouth[edit]

Pups Save a Class Pet[edit]