Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh

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Robert Stewart (18 June 176912 August 1822) was an Irish and British statesman.


  • I feel no wrath against the people, I am only doing my duty.
    • Speech in the House of Commons in the aftermath of the Peterloo massacre, introducing a Bill to outlaw such radical meetings, prevent the training of dissidents, and seize arms (3 December 1819).

Quotes about Castlereagh[edit]

  • Quest.—Why is a Pump like Viscount Castlereagh?
    Answ.—Because it is a slender thing of wood,
    That up and down its awkward arm doth sway,
    And coolly spout, and spout, and spout away,
    In one weak, washy, everlasting flood!
  • As for my friend Lord Castlereagh, he is so cold that nothing can warm him.
    • Lord Cornwallis.
  • There probably never was a statesman whose ideas were so right and whose attitude to public opinion was so wrong. Such disparity between the grasp of ends and the understanding of means amounts to a failure in statesmanship.
    • Charles Webster, The Foreign Policy of Castlereagh (1931), p. 231

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