Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling

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Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling is a 2019 American animated special based on Joe Murray's Nickelodeon series Rocko's Modern Life. It was originally slated to premiere on Nickelodeon in 2018 as a television special, but was left unaired; in May 2019, Nickelodeon sold the distribution rights of the special to Netflix, which released the film on August 9, 2019, airing 23 years after the original series finale.

Directed by Joe Murray and Cosmo Serguson. Written by Mr. Lawrence, Joe Murray and Martin Olson.


  • I don't think we're in the '90s anymore
  • The 21st century is a very dangerous century.
  • You let yourself down, Mr. Bighead. You can live without the old job, and you can live without your house. But you can't live without a relationship with your child.

Heffer Wolfe[edit]

  • Filburt, Grandpa possessed another lawn gnome!

Ed Bighead and Bev Bighead[edit]

  • Ed: Rocko, an old cartoon isn't going to solve the kinds of problems you have.
  • Ed: I have no DAUGHTER!!!!! Or Do I?
  • Ed: Let me take this, Mr. Gassy-Cloud thing, whatever you are. Rocko, we can't live in the past. We can be grateful for it. But life isn't permanent, and if we don't embrace what's now, we miss out on a lot of important stuff.

  • Bev: Oh, Ed, I wish you'd be more open-minded. I think it's great what Rachel has done. I'm sure she's more comfortable with herself. Plus, I just found these shoes in her size! AREN'T THEY ADORABLE?!


Really Really Big Man: [narrating with female voice] When we last left our heroes – Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt – they had accidentally blasted themselves into the farthest reaches of space. Stranded, with no cable TV and no clean undergarments, Filburt-- [Rocko's house crash flies through and shatters the opening crawl] Hmm. Pretty sure there was more to that. Any-who... [clears throat; talking in his normal voice] Now, through the miracle of my amazing superpowers, let us move forward 20 years to the modern day through my nipples of the future!
[Present day; Rocko's house is still floating, Heffer still sings and finishing his song, Spunky plays around, and Filburt plays come cards]
Heffer: [still singing] ♫...Pass it around / One bottle of root beer on the wall one bottle of root beer / Take one down pass it around zero bottles of root beer on the wall! ♫
Filburt: Sheesh. 20 years later and he finally finishes that stupid song.
Heffer: [exits the bathroom, stinking it up, singing another song] ♫ She'll be wearing pink pajamas when she comes / She'll be wearing pink pajamas when she comes… ♫

Filburt: [notices a remote stuck on Heffer's butt] Uh, Heffer, what is that stuck to your butt?
Heffer: Huh? Oh, hey! It's the remote for the rocket. [tries to get the remote off; float spins upside-down] Whoa! Whoa! Oh!
Filburt: [takes the rocket remote out of Heffer's butt] Give me that! Hey, it's got a re-entry button? [getting irritated] You're telling me that the key to getting us home has been stuck to your butt FOR 20 YEARS?! HOW DO YOU NOT NOTICE THESE THINGS?!
Heffer: Well, it's not like I can see my own butt, Filburt!
Rocko: Uh, guys? We're passing Earth!
Heffer: And what are you trying to say, Filburt?
Filburt: That you're fat, Heffer. You're an oversized growth hormone!
Heffer: I am a steer!
Rocko: We're gonna miss our chance!
Heffer: You never pay attention to anything!
Filburt: To what, your butt?!
Rocko: [freaking out] PUSH THE BUTTON!!!
Heffer: [in unison] Yeah, sure, Rocko. Whatever you say.
Filburt: [in unison] Yeah. You don't have to freak out.

Rocko: Uh, fellas?
Heffer and Filburt: Yeah?
Rocko: I don't think we're in the '90s anymore.

Heffer: Check it out! I got the new oPhone 8!
Filburt: Big whoop. I just got the new oPhone 9.
Rocko: This is a phone? But, where are all the buttons?

Rocko: This is not right! This isn't just new Fatheads, it's different Fatheads! We can't like this. [points an accusing finger at Rachel] You! You changed it, Rachel. You changed the Fatheads! It's too much change.
Winds of Change: Rocko, let me tell you something. The nature of change is...
Ed: Let me take this, Mr. Gassy-Cloud thing, whatever you are. Rocko, we can't live in the past. We can be grateful for it. But life isn't permanent, and if we don't embrace what's now, we miss out on a lot of important stuff.
Rocko: But...
[Ed and Rachel give Rocko encouraging smiles. He looks at Heffer and Filburt. Heffer takes a picture of Rocko with a smartphone]
Rocko: Okay. I guess change is okay.

Heffer: Whoa! This food truck sells pizza tacos!
Filburt: I got a wiener taco.
Heffer: I got a taco taco, inside another taco!
Filburt: What did you get, Rocko?
Rocko: Food poisoning... [barfs]

Filburt: [recording a video on his phone] Hello, Internets. It's me, FishSticks96, with my trusty selfie-o-matic cranial attachment.
Heffer: [interrupting the shot; wearing a virtual reality headset while riding a hoverboard] Whoa! My reality is virtual!
Filburt: Anyway... We're going on an epic quest to find the great Ralph Bighead.
Heffer: [interrupting the shot again] It's too real! The details! Whoa!
Filburt: Subscribe to my channel to follow our inspirational... [screams and the video gets cut off as Heffer spins around out of control]
Heffer: The grotesquerie! The horror! I want my mommy!
Rocko: [trying to pull Spunky from the laptop while attracted in watching an online video of mops] Spunky, get away from that internet thing! It'll hurt you!

Ed: [watching the worms type on their computers in confusion] They're making a cartoon? Shouldn't they be using pencils or something?
Leon: Ha, welcome to the 21st century Bighead, we have the best computers ya? We can make anything in a passionless and cheap way!

Rocko: That doesn't even look like Mr. Fathead.
Rachel: That's because it's Mrs. Fathead. They look off-model, but they sell.

Mr. Dupette: [to Rachel] We need you to work your magic. Your father will fill you in on all the details.
[He addresses Ed, who is leaning on the desk with his eyes smugly closed, in a menacing tone]
Mr. Dupette: Ed, you're still in charge. Make this happen.
Ed: Hello, so... [opens his eyes and finds a young toad woman standing before him] ...on?
Rachel: Hi, dad.
[Mr. Dupette pops up from behind them in a golfing outfit]
Mr. Dupette: Welp, I'm going on vacation. This is the most work I've done in years. Good luck, Bigheads. Let me know when the special's done!
Ed: [stammering] But what... what goes on here? Where's my son?
Rachel: I'm not your son, I'm your daughter. And I'm finally happy.
[Ed, stunned, looks his daughter up and down]
Ed: This is crazy! No!
Rachel: Yes.
Ed: No.
Rachel: [blinking slowly] Yes.
[More stammering from Ed]
Ed: I-I-I can't do this! I HAVE NO DAUGHTER!! Or Do I? Yeah. Maybe I do have a daughter too
Rachel: [upset] Dad?
Ed: My son made the show. No son, no show. There will be no Fatheads special! I QUIT!

Heffer: I love you, Grandpa.
Grandpa Wolfe: Eh, you still smell like sweaty eggs.

Heffer: Where to?
Rocko: Conglom-O, Heff!
Heffer: Roger!
Filburt: Roger? I thought your name was Rachel. [Rachel gives Filburt a dirty look]

Rocko: Are you going back to selling Fathead pops?
Rachel: No, I've got more important things to do now. [She jerks her thumb at Ed and Bev, who are poking their heads out of the window of her ice cream truck and holding freezy pops of each other's caricatures]
Bev: Oh, Ed, this one looks like you first thing in the morning.
Ed: I resemble that comment. [Both laugh]

Mr. Dupette: Bighead, good to see you! Cool shoes.
Rachel: Thanks.

Ed: I can't do it! I can't handle all of this, this, this...
Heffer: [with a dollar bill] Change? Hey, can anybody break a five?

Voice cast[edit]

  • Carlos Alazraqui as
    • Rocko, Spunky, Leon Chameleon, Gordon, Mitch, and Bun Master
    • Squirmy the Ringworm (uncredited)
  • Tom Kenny as
    • Heffer, Chuck Chameleon, Really Really Big Man, Papa Elf, Newscaster, Captain Compost Heap, Winds of Change, Tom, and Tree
    • Bloaty the Tick (uncredited)
  • Charlie Adler as Eddie & Bev Bighead, Mr. and Mrs. Fathead, Mr. Dupette, Grandpa Wolfe, and Dead Napoleon
  • Mr. Lawrence as Filburt, Maitre D', Martian 1, Doug, Hopping Hessian, Doodleberg, and Lizard
  • Jill Talley as Nosey, Rabbit Mama, Schlam-o-Girl, Teacher, and Elephant Lady
  • Linda Wallem as Dr. Hutchinson, Crazy Aunt Gretchen, and Female Giraffe
  • Steve Little as Nineman, Construction Worker, Cowboy, Ox, and Worm B.
  • Joe Murray as Ralph/Rachel Bighead
  • Cosmo Serguson as Pillow Salesman, Martian 2, VHS Tape, Injured Worm, TV Announcer 1, and Russian Hockey Player
  • Tom Smith as Really Really Big Man (Movie) and VCR
  • Dan Becker as Rabbit Dad

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