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Russians should realize that they are Orthodox in the first place; Russians in the second place; and only in the third place, people. ~ Aleksandr Dugin

Russians (Russian: русские, russkiye) are an East Slavic ethnic group native to Eastern Europe; they are the most numerous ethnic group in Europe. The majority of ethnic Russians live in Russia.


  • The difficulty in understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, but an Asiatic, and therefore thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than a Chinaman or a Japanese, and from what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other Asiatic characteristics, the Russian has no regard for human life and is an all out son of bitch, barbarian, and chronic drunk.
  • [to drivers] not forget that the health and lives of other people depend on you… comply with the established rules of behaviour on the road

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