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Terence Tao, 2006

Terence "Terry" Chi-Shen Tao (simplified Chinese: 陶哲轩; traditional Chinese: 陶哲軒; pinyin: Táo Zhéxuān) (born 17 July 1975, Adelaide), is a Chinese Australian mathematician.


Solving Mathematical Problems (2nd ed., 2006)[edit]

  • Understand the problem. What kind of problem is it? There are three main types of problems:
    ‘Show that ...’ or ‘Evaluate ...’ questions, in which a certain statement has to be proved true, or a certain expression has to be worked out;
    ‘Find a...’ or ‘Find all...’ questions, which requires one to find something (or everything) that satisfies certain requirements;
    ‘Is there a ...’ questions, which either require you to prove a statement or provide a counterexample (and thus is one of the previous two types of problem).
    • Ch. 1 : Strategies in problem solving

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