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I believe I have considered making a page with such a title in the past, but for slightly different purposes than I am currently creating this one, at least initially. And EVEN as I typed that, I remembered MORE about my past ideas, and might yet implement them, eventually. For now it is just a sudden impulsive whim of mine to create a page for providing a few thoughts on the arts, and links to pages of various quotes form works I find very significant and notable, for various reasons. ~ Kalki·· 07:29, 29 July 2014 (UTC)


I will begin with a noting of some movies which have inspired me, in various ways. I do NOT intend to make this a very comprehensive list any time soon, as I expect to be FAR too busy with other things to spend much time attending to that — but it will be a place where I might gradually give indications of samplings of films I for various reasons would recommend as well worth watching, to most, even those who might not be especially inclined to some of the genres of them, or the addressing of various themes which arise in them.

I have always liked many highly imaginative forms of fantasy and science-fiction, and have often laughed at the unimaginative ways these are often criticized and belittled by some. Here is a brief listing of some recent films I would recommend. Despite there OFTEN being some significant technical flaws in various assumptions at work in many or most of them, I find them entertaining and inspiring in very important ways, whether or not many others do as well — especially in the ways they handle eternally important themes and issues, which are quite often far more complex and unfathomable than many wish to acknowledge. So I will start off the list with a few of these... — and for the sake of order, will probably expand the list alphabetically, as it goes along.

About Time (2013 film)
Avatar (2009 film)
Cloud Atlas (2012 film)
District 9 ‎(2009 film)
The Fifth Element (1997)
Lucy (2014 film)
Magnolia (1999)
The Seventh Seal (1957)


From my perspectives, there are as yet far too few pages on the wiki for musicians and musical groups, and far too little material on many of those which exist. I will try to address that issue further in the coming years... Again, I will begin a list of musicians with statements worth noting, but do NOT expect to have anything close to a comprehensive list any time soon...

Tori Amos
The Beatles · John Lennon · Paul McCartney · George Harrison · Ringo Starr
Bono · U2
Kate Bush
Leonard Cohen
Zooey Deschanel · She & Him · M. Ward
David Gilmour · Pink Floyd · Roger Waters
Jimi Hendrix
Mike Scott
St. Vincent