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VShojo is an American virtual YouTuber talent company founded in 2020. The company’s lineup originally consisted of Apricot (Froot), Hime Hajime, Ironmouse, Nyatasha Nyanners, Projekt Melody, Silvervale, and Zentreya, and was later joined by Veibae (2021) and Haruka Karibu (2022). In 2023, Nyanners, Veibae, and Silvervale decided not to renew their contracts with the group.


My pussy can drive men mad and throw them into the sea. My pussy can cause natural disasters. It is a force to be reckoned with— you’re just jealous.
  • Jesus Christ... I feel sick[.] I won't be streaming today, instead keeping up with news. I'm so incredibly sorry to everyone involved and directly affected by this. This is a dark day...



Nyatasha Nyanners

Hello, everynyan!
I wish you could like power wash your own brain. I just wanna take my brain out and power wash it. And then vacuum it! Y’know sometimes I fantasize about just vacuuming and powerwashing my entire being down to the cellular level.
I’m not high! I ate McDonald’s!
  • Hello, everynyan! My name is Nyatasha Nyanners, a perfectly normal and polite human girl with nothing strange about me!
    • Channel trailer
  • I can see his ass in the darkness… those two meaty globes radiating light… like a moon.
  • Something fucky is afoot. Something definitely a bit fucky is going on.
  • Don’t be scared, it’s not even real. It’s a video game. But I’m real, and I CAN hurt you… but I won’t!
  • I want to demand like a big bowl of m&ms, but ONLY THE GREEN ONES since they’re good for your libido. They’re the sexy m&m. They knew what they were doing when they made that design. I’m not gonna pretend like they weren’t thinking about something absurdly fucked up when they made that design. They really wanted people to enjoy the green m&m, and they did too.
  • Where is the brain of the cars in Cars? Where the driver would be? Does that mean our brains are the drivers of our meat… bodies? Our meat-mechs?
  • I wish you could like power wash your own brain. I just wanna take my brain out and power wash it. And then vacuum it! Y’know sometimes I fantasize about just vacuuming and powerwashing my entire being down to the cellular level.
  • I found this weird picture of an anime girl covered in bird poop. Why was she covered in bird poop? Must be some kinda weird fetish.
  • You know that feeling when you take off all your clothes to take a dump and you feel so… primal? Like your connected to the world?
  • I traumatized them? Good. I’m gonna traumatize you more, get ready. You’re gonna need a lot of therapy for this one.
  • I think they should have kept the nipples on the bat costume. Otherwise like how do you know where they are? Maybe he got rid of them because they’re his one weakness— like when he’s fighting criminals they’ll take their fingers and poke him right there and be like “gotcha!” and he’ll go [echo] “A-A-AHH!”… I may or may not have demonstrated that on myself.
  • Apparently cows are farting too much and ruining the atmosphere. Based cows. What a chad move. “I’m just gonna ruin the environment by farting a lot.”
  • I want Batman to beat me up but I also want to be Batman. I can’t solve this riddle within me.
  • There are people on Twitter who think “yeah I’m gonna roast Batman today. Gonna end this man’s whole fucking career.”
  • I bet [Batman] has a fucking 20-inch dick and when he takes it out it like echos throughout the batcave like [slams table, making a very Inception-esque noise] as it slams down on the floor. He calls all his gadgets “bat-“ […] does he call it like the “bat-dick”? The batawang? The bat-balls?
  • I bet people in this house are huddled together terrified as they hear my footsteps on the roof and me screaming about Batman’s 20-inch penis. They’re in there like the scene from Jurassic Park with the raptors. “It’s okay children she always does this. It always takes a few hours but then she’ll be gone. Don’t cry.” And in the distance you hear me like [incoherent screaming and thudding noises].
  • I’m making like cringy unfunny Robot Chicken sketch ideas— “god wouldn’t be like fucked up if Batman had a dick and… dude, bro, wouldn’t it be fucked up if batman smoked weed, and pulled up in the Batmobile, and like ran someone over in the batmobile, and they like turned into a pile of bloody mush and Batman got out and was like ‘woaaah I’ve been bat-smoking too much bat-weed’?”
    • Power Wash Simulator stream
  • Babies don’t have motor skills, that doesn’t mean they magically get them when they become a ghost.
  • How do you strain yourself playing a violin, shoving it up your ass?
  • This is a really long stairway… oh wait it’s a wall.
  • I’m like all those memes where the class clown goes home and it’s all sad music and he’s crying only I’m sitting alone jacking off to Mercy SFM.
  • Of course I’m humping a painting what else can I do in this situation?


  • VShojo is a talent-first VTuber company, dedicated to the growth and success of its members. Founded by fans of VTuber culture, we aim to create and foster content that pushes the boundaries of VTubing and talent freedom, while maintaining deep respect for the people and companies that helped paved the way.
    • About section, from website
  • VTubing experienced a massive upswing this year as more creators and viewers embraced avatar-rooted entertainers. With the VTuber medium exploding and providing a large new audience for brands, it was the perfect time to launch VShojo as a conduit between both parties. Now if brands want to enter the VTuber space and tap into the top talent, we’ve streamlined the process for everyone.
    • Justin “TheGunrun” Ignacio, CEO, as quoted in the Hollywood Reporter
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