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We Baby Bears (2022–present) is an animated series produced by Cartoon Network and a spin-off prequel of We Bare Bears.

Season 1[edit]

The Magical Box[edit]

Baby Grizzly: Let's make a wish on a shooting star!
Baby Panda: You think that'll really work?
Baby Grizzly: It always works in cartoons.

Bears and the Beanstalk[edit]


The Little Mer-Bear[edit]

Modern-ish Stone Age Family[edit]


Meat House[edit]

Pirate Parrot Polly[edit]

Baby Grizzly: What the heck is this, a moldy burrito?
Baby Ice Bear: Ice Bear will still eat it.

Baby Bear Genius[edit]

Baby Ice Bear: Ice Bear accept your challenge.

Bug City Sleuths[edit]

Hashtag Number One Fan[edit]

Snow Place Like Home[edit]

Baba Yaga House[edit]

Bears in the Dark[edit]

Big Trouble Little Babies[edit]

Triple T Tigers[edit]

Panda's Family[edit]

A Tale of Two Ice Bears[edit]


Sheep Bears[edit]

Ice Bear's Pet[edit]

Dragon Pests[edit]

No Land, All Air![edit]

Tooth Fairy Tech[edit]

High Baby Fashion[edit]

Teddi Bear[edit]

A Gross Worm[edit]

A Real Crayon[edit]


Happy Bouncy Fun Town[edit]

Back to Our Regular Time Period[edit]

Bath in the Nile[edit]

Bubble Fields[edit]

Who Crashed the RV?[edit]

Temple Bears[edit]


Doll's House[edit]

Little Fallen Star[edit]

Season 2[edit]

The Big Wish[edit]

Polly's New Crew[edit]

Bug City Frame Up[edit]

The Great Veggie War[edit]

Unica's House[edit]

Rexford's Nectar[edit]

Grizz's Doc[edit]

Triple T Tiger Lilies[edit]

After Bedtime[edit]

The Parade[edit]

The Big Bloom[edit]

Voice cast[edit]

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