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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season of We Bare Bears.

Go Fish [4.01][edit]

Teacher's Pet [4.02][edit]

[Baby Grizz is taken to the principal's office]
Baby Panda: [to Baby Ice Bear] Oh, man, maybe Grizz did so well that he's getting some sort of prize.
Ronnie: No way, you guys. Going to the principal's office is like practically a death sentence.
[Moby draws a hangman with the letters "GRIZZ" on a piece of paper, and does a death expression. Baby Panda gasps]
Ronnie: Yeah, he takes you into his dungeon of an office, a dark, old place where you can't hear the laughter of another kid for miles. [in another scene, Baby Grizz writes lines on chalkboards under the principal's supervision, until the former turns into chalk himself] He makes you write lines and lines on four giant chalkboards while he just sits there on his throne, watching you, making you write in chalk until you become the chalk. [The principal laughs evilly in the room of children that were turned into chalk, one of which breaks after it falls onto the floor.]
Baby Panda: [back in the classroom] Oh, my gosh! [to Baby Ice Bear] Bro, we have to rescue Grizz before it's too late. You have any plans in mind?
[Baby Ice Bear shows Baby Panda a mini-mine made from pencils and glue.]
Baby Panda: Maybe something a little less harmful. [puts down the mini-mine]
Ronnie: Hey, we want to help you guys.
Baby Panda: You don't still think we're lame?
Ronnie: No way. You guys are cool. Besides, the principal has tortured one too many students. It's time to take down that tyrant once and for all.
Baby Panda: Yay! Ooh. But how are we gonna get to the principal's office?
Ronnie: Oh, we got a plan.

Googs [4.03][edit]

Shmorby: [They enter the instant cloning pod zone] Over here is our instant cloning pod.
Panda: That's so cool, Schmorby.
Shmorby: I know! [Shmorby and Grizz move on, but...]
Ice Bear's clones: [in the vast tank as they all appear] Ice Bear, Ice Bear, Ice Bear, Ice Bear, Ice Bear, Ice Bear...
Panda: [horrified] Huh? What? AAH! What? [finds Ice Bear in the pod, repeatedly pushing a button that produces his clone] No, no, no, no, no! [runs to Ice Bear lifts his paw] Come on, no, no, no, no, no. [pushes the buttons on the control pad to reverse the cloning process] Clones?! No, no, no, no, no.
[all of Ice Bear's clones disappear]
Panda: [sighs] You guys have to be good. We're gonna get in trouble.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear good. More Ice Bear, more good. [Panda grunts]

[Grizzly and Ice Bear learn from Panda they are in space]
Grizzly: [screaming; as Ice Bear gasps] WHAAAT?! [Panda continues to fiddle with the console in hopes of steering the ship back to Earth] Wait. This is for real?! We're actually in space?! There's got to be some way to turn this thing around, right?
Panda: I'm trying!
[the ship steers to the direction of Earth...]
Panda/Grizzly: Yeah!/Whoo-hoo!
[...then to the direction of the Sun.]
[The bears scream as they prepare to crash into the Sun.]
Panda: [The bears run away from the console] D'oh. There's got to be another way out. Oh, geez, oh, geez, oh, geez. [covers his eyes] Guys, I'm so sorry for dragging you into this.
Grizzly: Yeah, no time, Panda, okay? [they find an escape pod] Look! The escape pod! Come on!
[Grizz and Ice Bear hop into the escape pod, but it can hold only the both of them]
Grizzly: Aw, nuts. [they both turn around] Uh, there's not enough room for all of us. [Panda closes the pod] Got to find a... Huh? [realizing Panda won't join them; muffled] Panda! Wait. What are you doing?
[Panda breaths heavily, and decides to launch the pod into space]
Grizzly: Panda, NO! [inside the pod] Panda! Panda! What have you done? [Panda turns on the monitor to communicate with Grizz and Ice Bear] Aah!
Panda: Hey. Hello? Bros, I-I don't know if this thing is on, but I just wanted to say I'm sorry it's ending like this... and for being selfish. You guys might mess stuff up sometimes, sure, but you're just being you.
Grizzly: Panda.
Panda: And you know what? That's what I love about you. So I guess this is goodbye, bros. [touches the camera with his right paw, Grizz also touches the monitor where Panda's paw is] Take care of Miki-chan.
Grizzly: Panda? Panda? [monitor goes static, and soon there is no more signal.]
Grizzly: [both Grizz and Ice Bear crying] NO, PANDA!
[in the last moments, Panda looks up, and tearfully shuts his eyes as the ship crashes into the Sun...]

Paperboyz [4.04][edit]

[After the baby bears celebrate from being saved from the dog by a crow]
Baby Grizzly: Listen guys, I'm sorry for fighting. We shouldn't let that dumb old job get in the way of us being bros.
Baby Panda: You're right, Grizz. Let's never fight again.
[They will.]

Bear Squad [4.05][edit]

Lil' Squid [4.06][edit]

I, Butler [4.07][edit]

Family Troubles [4.08][edit]

[A new episode is being filmed]
Baby Grizzly: [to the family as he hops off the sofa] Hey, family, want to see how fast I can ride my bike around the living room?
Tom Hortins: Sorry, son, but not right now.
Baby Grizzly: But...
[The doorbell rings.]
Barbara Jones: Oh! That must be cousin Lorenzo!
Baby Grizzly: [clueless] Huh? Who's that?
[A boy named Lorenzo scoots his way into the living room as upbeat music plays]
Lorenzo: Lorenzo in the house! [stops before the family, to them] 'Sup.
[The audience cheers on as the family laughs and applauds]
Baby Grizzly: Lorenzo? [greets Lorenzo] Uh, hi. I'm Grizz.
[As Baby Grizz walks to Lorenzo, the latter scoots over him and to stage left]
Barbara Jones: [The family cheers for Lorenzo] Oh, fantastic!
Lorenzo: [the audience cheers again] 'Sup.
Victoria Taylor: Wow, Lorenzo! You're cooler than ice! [audience laughs]
Tom Hortins: I love you, Lorenzo! [sniffs] Sorry.
Barbara Jones: Welcome to the family, Lorenzo!
Lorenzo: Righteous.
[The audience cheers and applauds]
Baby Grizzly: Uh... yeah, good job, Lorenzo, but, uh... check out my sweet moves! [struggles to move his tricycle but couldn't] See?
Victoria Taylor: [gasps] Everyone, look at Lorenzo!
[They all look up as Lorenzo jumps from above to scoot down the railing and back onto the floor upbeat music continues]
Lorenzo: Lorenzo's... [removes his helmet and shakes his hair] in the house. [winks]
[The audience cheers and applauds]
Director: Cut! [laughs as he makes he makes his way towards Lorzenzo] Lorenzo, baby, that was amazing! The audience loves you!
Victoria Taylor: You're the best actor I've ever seen.
Tom Hortins: You are a natural.
Baby Grizzly: [walks off his tricycle] Uh, wait for me, guys! [tries to get Barbara's attention] Mom? I'll have that poutine now! [tries to get Tom's attention] Dad? Dad? It's your favorite son, me! [tries to get Victoria's attention] Uh, Sis? Uh, I don't know, hockey or something? Hmm. [to all] Uh... That's not what I ordered!
[they turn to Baby Grizz]
Director: Ugh, we got to get rid of that line.
Barbara Jones: Yeah. So cheesy! [they turn back to Lorenzo]
Baby Grizzly: [taken aback, he walks backwards] What? No... this can't be! [falls off the set and onto the trash bin] Whoa! Ugh! [groans] [a crew member throws the tricycle into the bin] Hey, what are you doing with my bike?
Crew Member: That's showbiz, kid. [walks away]
Baby Grizzly: What? What's going on? [sees the new script] Oh, this must be the new script pages. [reads through the new script, where Lorenzo has almost the same line "Lorenzo's in the house" but Baby Grizz doesn't have any] Wait a minute. "Lorenzo, Lorenzo, in the house, Lorenzo?" We're not even in the house in this scene! I need to go talk to the director.
[Baby Grizz walks towards the director and his assistant discussing about Lorenzo]
Director: I'm telling you, this kid is a genius. If we keep this up, our ratings might even beat I Love Moosie!
Assistant Director: What about Grizz?
Director: [sighs] I think our best plan is to do some rewrites and slowly fade him out of the show. [they both walk away]
Baby Grizzly: Write me out of the show? [looks down] But they're my family.
Victoria Taylor: Oh, hey, Lorenzo. [Baby Grizz turns to see her chatting with Lorenzo while they're having a break] So... I was wondering if you could give me some acting tips one of these days?
Lorenzo: Sure, no problem.
Baby Grizzly: I thought she wanted my acting tips? [shakes his head] Eh, Sis was always easily swayed. But Mom and Dad would never — [finds Barbara and Tom joining Lorenzo as well] wha?!
Barbara Jones: Oh, Lorenzo, you're such a breath of fresh air. It's so nice having you a part of the family.
Tom Hortins: And you deliver your lines so well.
Lorenzo: For sure.
Baby Grizzly: [looks at the script] Hmm. [looking determined] If they want rewrites, I'm gonna do some myself. [tears away the script into half]

[Baby Grizz is cheered on after he emerges as the winner of the race through the studio]
Lorenzo: Sick. [does a sign of the horns gesture on both hands] Grizz is in the house!
Director: And cut! That was a hoot and a holler!
[The family pats Baby Grizz]
Tom Hortins: Way to go, kiddo.
Victoria Taylor: We're so proud of you. Great job, buddy. Grizz, that was so good. You got to share some of those acting tips.
Tom Hortins: Ah, boy, what a race. I'm gonna grease up those wheels for you right away!
Barbara Jones: That rewrite in the script was so refreshing. We need more of that in the show!
Director: [steps into the set; to Barbara] Exactly my thinking! More Grizz! [to Baby Grizz] What do you think? We're going to bump you back up to star! And fire Lorenzo!
Baby Grizzly: [in disbelief] Huh? Wait... W-What? [He steps back, while the director and onscreen family move to stage right] You're gonna fire him just like that?
Director: Yeah! It's gonna be great! [to audience] What do you think, audience?
[The audience cheers and applauds]
Director: [as Baby Grizz looks on to the audience and then to the director in dismay] You're the real star, kid. I should have known all along.
Baby Grizzly: [to Lorenzo as he practices his scooter tricks at stage left] Lorenzo, are you okay with this?
Lorenzo: Ehh, yeah sure. I don't care. It's not like any of this is real, anyway. [shakes his hair]
Director: Come on, Grizz, what do ya say?
Barbara Jones: Oh, Grizz.
Victoria Taylor: Come on, join us. You're part of the family, Grizz, come on.
Tom Hortins: We love you, Grizz.
Baby Grizzly: [raises his paws in denial] No! No! [the rest steps back] You know what? I learned something today. [to the director and onscreen family] Having a family is a big responsibility. [walks towards Lorenzo] All this time I thought Lorenzo was getting in the way of us.
Lorenzo: 'Sup.
Baby Grizzly: [walks in front towards the audience] But then I realized, it wasn't Lorenzo. It was this family. Families don't care about high ratings, fancy scooter tricks, or giving someone more attention based on popularity.
Tom, Barbara and Victoria: Oh.
Tom Hortins: Sorry.
Baby Grizzly: [to the audience] No, that is not what family is aboot!
Crew Member: Aww. [turns on the spotlight on Baby Grizz]
Baby Grizzly: Family is aboot love, happiness, loyalty, [as the moose duo look on] friendship, or something like that. I'm actually not really sure. But I need to go out and discover it for myself.
Audience Member #1: You go find that new family, Grizz!
Audience Member #2: [The audience shouts words of encouragement to Baby Grizz] Find that family, boy!
Director: Wait a minute! [the spotlight turns off, to Grizz] Kid, [scratches his head] what are you saying, eh?
Baby Grizzly: I'm saying you're gonna have to find another star. Because I'm oot. [leaves along with his tricycle as the rest look on]
Director: Hey, wait! If you walk out that door, I will pull all the episodes featuring baby Grizz. And most importantly, you'll be walking away from your fame and fortune.
Baby Grizzly: That's not what I ordered. [leaves through the door]
Director: Oh. [they look away in regret, but the director sees Baby Grizz returning from the door] Huh? Grizz!
Baby Grizzly: [walks inside] Sorry. I forgot that wasn't a real door. [walks out of the set]
Director: [takes a deep breath] Okay, people, [to the cast] we're going to stick to Plan B and focus on Lorenzo. Huh? [The assistant director approaches the director and whispers indistinctly to him] What? Cancelled?
Note: This is the third episode to reveal one of the bears' origins, after "Yuri and the Bear" and "Panda 2".

Best Bears [4.09][edit]

[Ice Bear and Darrell are in the mouse pad store searching for the latter's vows]
Darrell: [digs through a box of mouse pads] Where could those vows be? I was writing them here at the store. [goes to the cashier] Ah, typical Darrell, losing the vows minutes before the wedding. What does Sofia even see in a bozo like me? OH, it's hopeless! [frustrated, he resigns to his desk in vain]
Ice Bear: Ice Bear can get some vows at the black market.
Darrell: There's no time.
Ice Bear: [thinks for an idea, then turns back to Darrell] Darrell will make time. Sofia making time to spend life with Darrell.
Darrell: [gets up] Huh?
Ice Bear: Darrell will be there for Sofia. Darrell will care for Sofia. Darrell will sail to end of earth for... [gives him a pen]
Darrell: Oh, thanks. [writes on a pad as Ice Bear continues]
Ice Bear: ...sail to end of earth for Sofia. Darrell and Sofia [looks up] are forever.
Darrell: And got it. Thanks. You, sir, are a gift to this world.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear knows.
Darrell: [walks to Ice Bear] All right. Let's get out of here and [elated] GET TO MY WEDDING!

Crowbar Jones: Origins [4.10][edit]

Hot Sauce [4.11][edit]

Mom App [4.12][edit]

[The bears walk out the door and look up to find their new mom they have ordered jumping down from a helicopter. She lands so hard, the bears cough from the flying dust. They look up and watch with awe as their new buff mom introduces herself]
Grizzly and Panda: Whoa!
Tank: [removes her helmet and throws it to a side] Hey! I'm your new mom, Tank! You kids like basketball?
[As the bears look on, Tank dribbles the basketball and makes a giant leap, dunks the ball while touching the backboard by her legs and lands back to the ground]
The Bears: [run around Tank in jubilation] Whoo-hoo!
Grizzly: Our mom can dunk!
Panda: Crazy! Where did you learn to dunk like that?!
Grizzly: Teach us how to dunk, please!
Tank: [takes the basketball from Grizz and spins it] Well, I'm afraid I can't do that. [steps towards the bears] You bears are too weak and puny! [refers to herself] You gotta get buff. Like me! Now, drop and give me 30!
Grizzly: Huh?
Panda: Yeah, I don't think I...
Tank: [goes behind the bears] Come on, now! I'm gonna whip you boys into shape! [pushes the bears into doing push-ups]
[The bears groan as they do the push-ups]
Tank: That's enough. [gets the bears to stand] 30 laps! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Yeah! [The bears proceed to run around the outside of the cave] Feel the burn! Come on! Move it!

The Limo [4.13][edit]

[The screen is black]
T-Pain: Yo! Wakey-wakey! [Panda's eyes open to a man in the middle of a mist] Hey, Hey. Hey, man. You okay?
Panda: Wha... Where... [scrolls his eyes around] What...? Have people told you that you look like T-Pain?
T-Pain: Yeah, man, all the time - probably because I am T-Pain.
Panda: [gasps in surprise] What? No way! [sits up] Oh, man, Mr. Pain, I am such a huge fan!
T-Pain: [laughs] Hey, man, be cool, be cool. Please, man, call me "T."
Panda: [chuckles] Okay, T. [looks around] Um, T, am I in heaven?
T-Pain: Nah, bro. [The mist clears as he laughs to reveal the living space of a tour bus] You're on my tour bus, dude!
Panda: Oh. [they both get up] Wait, isn't the concert in the other direction?
T-Pain: [takes out a remote control] Yeah, but I forgot my phone, so we were, like, headed back to my house to pick it up until the tour bus stopped right in front of you. [turns on the CCTV footage of Panda screaming; when the tour bus stops, he faints] And that's when you fainted.
Panda: [in disbelief] Ugh, this is the worst day of my life.
T-Pain: Nah, man, [nudges Panda] it's cool. Come on, let me give you a tour of the place. [they proceed inside]

More Everyone's Tube [4.14][edit]

[Plays the video, "Scared By Cucumbers"]
Grizzly: Yo, Internet! We back at it again at the bear cave.
Panda: We just found out that our bro is freaked out by cucumbers! [laughs as Grizz shows a cucumber] Check it out.
[Ice Bear is chopping onions in the kitchen. Grizzly places a cucumber near him. Ice Bear turns around, surprised by the sight of the cucumber and flies away as the music plays; Grizz and Panda laugh]
[Outside the bathroom]
Panda: Cuke boys!
Grizzly: [places a cucumber on the floor] Cuke boys.
[Ice Bear comes out after having a shower, and opens the door. He is shocked to find the cucumber and quickly flees, as the music plays again and more laughter is heard]
[Grizzly and Panda run around the cave with another cucumber]
Grizzly: Cuke boys in the house!
[Ice Bear is sitting on the sofa playing a video game. Behind him, Panda snickers as he drops the cucumber on the sofa]
Ice Bear: What is funny?
Grizzly: [offscreen; snickering as well] Nothing.
[Ice Bear turns to his left. He shrieks when he finds the cucumber there, jumps to the ceiling and climbs away, with music playing again and more laughter]
Panda: [A cucumber is put on the table] Okay, up until now, we've been using a cucumber, [tilts the camera to show Grizzly with a jar of pickles] but what about pickles!
[As Ice Bear is shaving, Grizz drops a pickle from the bathtub. Ice Bear finds the pickle and proceeds to eat it, to Grizz's disbelief]
Grizzly: [the same cucumber] Just cucumbers, then.
[Ice Bear is fixing the vacuum as a cucumber rolls on the floor to the right.]
Grizzly: [whispers] Do it. [Another cucumber rolls to the left] Do more, do more, do a lot more! [Five more cucumbers roll. Ice Bear looks to his right, and freaks out as he tries to shun the cucumbers but stumbles as music plays again and more laughter is heard. As he leaves from sight, the vacuum starts to fly (Panda: The vacuum!)]
Panda: Okay, wait. [giggling] Why, wait. We just had a great idea. [to Grizzly] Check this out.
Grizzly: Cuke boys in the house!
[Ice Bear is preparing dinner as Panda, dressed in a cucumber outfit, walks in from behind with Grizz laughing from behind the camera]
Panda: 'Sup, bro.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear is preparing di- [taken aback to find Panda's cucumber outfit and throws him out of the cave; Panda screams as he is sent flying through the window]
Grizzly: Oh my gosh, Panda!
Grizzly: [at the hospital; Panda is severely injured] Hey, um... Well, I hope you liked the video. [Panda groans] Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. [A "PLZ DONATE" button appears on screen] Or donate to help us pay for our hospital fees.

Money Man [4.15][edit]

Rescue Ranger [4.16][edit]

Grizzly: It's the booby trapper!
Ranger Tabes: You know this guy?
Grizzly: Yeah. We saw him on TV. He traps everything.
Ranger Tabes: Hey, you! Hunting is illegal in my forest!
Booby Trapper: Hmm, I ain't hunting. I'm trapping.
Ranger Tabes: Just let him go, and I'll pretend this never happened.
Booby Trapper: [laughs] I'm a trapper. I trap things. Nothing you can do, ranger girl. Yeah! [He leaves with Charlie on his bike]
Charlie: No! Ah! Help!

El Oso [4.17][edit]

Charlie's Halloween Thing 2 [4.18-19][edit]

[Panda is revealed to have survived the zombie attack, and tries to serve the others who have turned into zombies salad]
Panda: [serves a bowl to Ice Bear] Okay, here's your vegan Thai salad, [serves another salad to Grizz] and here's yours. Enjoy.
Ice Bear: [shoves his bowl off the table] Brains.
Panda: Huh?
Grizzly: [throws his bowl away] BRAINNNS!!
Panda: What? You guys need to eat your veggies! You can't just have brains all the time!
Ranger Tabes: [appears from outside the kitchen] Brains?
Panda: [irritated] Ugh! Why am I allergic to a hundred things but immune to zombies?!

[Charlie turns back to his Bigfoot form]
Charlie: [checks his hands] Whoa. I'm not normal!
Grizzly: [from offscreen] ...definitely the best pizza place.
Charlie: [turns to find the Bears having a picnic] Bears!
Grizzly and Panda: [the Bears turn to see Charlie] Huh?
Panda: Oh, hey!
Charlie: All right, what's my name? Where did you guys come from? Do you - do you have the urge to arrest me?
Panda: You're Charlie, of course!
Grizzly: We came from the cave and wanted to have a picnic with you.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear always has urge to arrest.
Charlie: [heaves a sigh of relief] Phew. Back to normal.
Grizzly: [raises his paw] So? [shows him the pizza they are having] Do you want to join?
Charlie: [takes his seat] Sure, that'd be great.
Grizzly: All right, man, dig in.
Charlie: [takes his slice] Thanks, fellas.
[The Bears lift up their paws to reveal they are now fathers to their baby counterparts (from their pouches), astonishing Charlie]
Baby Grizzly: Oh boy, pizza time!
Baby Panda: I hope my slice is vegetarian.
Panda: [pulls out a part of his slice to share with Baby Panda] It is!
[The Bears share their slices with their baby counterparts, and as the Baby Bears are munching, Baby Charlie pops out from Charlie's pouch as well]
Baby Charlie: Y'all gonna share with me?
Charlie: Well, the more the merrier. [shares his slice with Baby Charlie as they all dig in]

Escandalosos [4.20][edit]

[Rodolfo is injured and is sent to the hospital. A doctor examines an X-ray of Rodolfo's leg, which is fractured]
Doctor: Lo siento, muchachito, pero (I'm sorry, little boy, but) you have a slight fracture. Unfortunately, this means you won't be able to wrestle for a while.
Rodolfo: I understand. Gracias, Doctor.
Baby Grizzly: [The baby bears approach Rodolfo] Uh, hey, Rodolfo. [They get up to the bed] Uh, how you feeling? We, uh... We really feel bad about this.
Baby Panda: I feel the worst. [shows him a drawing of himself running in the rain screaming "PERDON!!", which means "sorry" in Spanish] Hopefully this makes you feel better. It's a drawing of me running in the rain screaming "I'm sorry."
Rodolfo: Wow. Deep.
Baby Panda: Thank you. It's the least I could do.
Rodolfo: [sighing] I was really excited for the Lucha Libre tournament. I feel like I had a chance to win the prize money and pay for Simon's surgery.
Baby Panda: Who's Simon?
Rodolfo: Simon is my best friend. Vente (Come in), Simon!
[Enter Simon the dog, who is wheelchair-bound. He looks around the ward sniffing, and tries to enter but bumps into the door]
Rodolfo: He's also not very smart. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't even have enough money to pay for my own surgery.
Baby Grizzly: Hmm. Huh? [turns around to find Rodolfo's mask and sport bag. Turns back to Roldofo] Rodolfo, we'll get you that money.
Baby Panda: [to Baby Grizz] Um, how?
Baby Grizzly: We're gonna compete in the Lucha Libre tournament!
Baby Panda: What? But I can't fight! My bones are too fragile.
Baby Grizzly: [to Baby Panda] Eh, no worries. You can be our manager!
Baby Panda: Ooh!
Rodolfo: This is a bad idea, ositos. You guys really shouldn't enter. There are some tough opponents in this year's tournament.
Baby Grizzly: [confident] Ohh, they better be tough, 'cause we're bringing the heat.

Pizza Band [4.21][edit]

[The Bears are cheered on by the customers after a great performance replacing Papa Bear's Pizza Band]
Grizzly: [laughs] Wow, that was kind of fun, actually.
Pizza Cabin Manager: [joins in] Oh, my gosh, guys, that was incredible. The energy! The non-roboticness. How would you guys like to be Papa Bear's Pizza Cabin's new official band? We could tour Pizza Cabin's across the country. It'd be amazing!
Grizzly: Oh, I don't know. It looks cool, but I'm not sure I'm cut out for the whole "children's rock star" thing.
Pizza Cabin Manager: [to Grizzly] Here, let me sweeten the deal for you. Free. Pizza. For. Life. [Soon, Grizzly's doubts turns into smiles, and he inhales]
Grizzly and Panda: [The Bears skydive, at the prospect of having free pizza for life] WHOA! [They all fly out of the screen]
Grizzly: [back on stage, to the manager] You got a deal, Mr. Manager.
Pizza Cabin Manager: Ha ha, this is gonna be big! [shakes hands with Grizzly]

Adopted [4.22][edit]

[Carl shields Baby Grizz and Baby Panda from crashing and takes the blow for himself]
Charles: Huh? [he and Baby Ice Bear find Carl lying on the bush] Oh! Oh, dear! Carl, darling.
Baby Grizzly: [Carl uncovers Baby Grizz and Baby Panda] Oh, my head. Panda, are you all right?
Baby Panda: I'm... I'm... I'm alive! And it's all thanks to... [they both turn around to find Carl unconscious] Carl?
Baby Grizzly: Oh, oh no!
Charles: [in sadness as he holds Carl crying] Oh, Carl, my sweet, sweet prince. Why is life so cruel?
[Carl grunts.]
Charles: Huh? Oh...
[Carl awakens.]
Charles: [in happiness] Carl! You... you're all right! [Carl sits upright] What a relief. What senseless tears.
Baby Grizzly and Baby Panda: Yay! Whoo-hoo! [Carl looks at the baby bears and gives a broad smile to them]
Charles: Oh, look at you, Carl. You're... You're smiling! I've never seen you smile before.
[Carl puts the toy plane Baby Grizz and Baby Panda are on and grunts, smiling. Carl's hat lands on the exact same spot he was wearing, and he smiles wider.]

Wingmen [4.23][edit]

[As the party is getting ready to start, Panda chats with the Larkatoo]
Panda: [yawns] Hey, birdie. We invited the whole forest, so another Larkatoo is bound to hear about it and come. I know what it's like looking for a soul mate. It's not easy. Look, I'm tired, but I really want you to find love. I'm your wingman.
[The Larkatoo squawks]
Panda: Almost there.

Braces [4.24][edit]

[The bears run away after Panda accidentally caused a traffic accident with his cyberkinesis]
Grizzly: [both Ice Bear and Grizzly panting] Oh, man. Okay. That was bad. [to Panda] Panda, this is getting out of hand, man. You... you got to stop.
Panda: [laughing crazily]
Grizzly: [sensing something amiss] Panda?
Panda: [laughing maniacally]
Grizzly: Dude, bro, I think those braces are messing with your head.
Panda: You don't know what it's doing to my head. [to both] You don't know what it's like to be me.
Grizzly: [trying to talk Panda out] Okay, Panda. Let's just calm down.
Panda: [uses his electromagnetic powers to lift a wooden clock] You're just jealous of me because I'm special now.
Grizzly: [both shocked] Oh no.
Panda: Yeah, that's it. I'm special, and you're not! [flings the clock to Ice Bear and Grizzly]
Grizzly: AAH! [they both duck] What the... Panda?!
[Panda disappears]
Grizzly: [he and Ice Bear get up] Ugh, he's so dramatic with his exits. [to Ice Bear] I'm sure he'll be fine. [they walk out] We'll see him back home later.

Christmas Movies [4.25][edit]

[A man, Harry, enters the store and sneezes. He rubs his nose and wipes his hand on a wall. He later sees two children engrossed at their videos. Chuckling, he then approaches them from behind to steal their candies]
Boy: [as a girl next to him laughs while she holds another video] Ooh, Pa, this one looks cool. [Harry takes away their candies and the girl's toy seal without them noticing.]
Baby Grizzly: [the baby bears are at the counter while Harry whistles] Hello! How can we help you, sir?
Harry: Oh, right. [returns a video] Uh, I'm returning this.
Baby Grizzly: [takes the video from him] Ooh. How the Grouch Robbed Christmas. I love this movie. [to Harry] What was your favorite part?
Harry: Uh, yeah, I don't know. [takes some candies from the counter] I liked the, uh, stealing part?
Baby Grizzly: Oh. I love that part, too! What a naughty fella. Hee-hee. [as Harry takes more candies until there are none left] Um, have you seen Little Nero Meet Santa? Oh, and Sleep Hard is a great action movie. [imitates the male lead] "Yip-a-dee-doo-dah, Mr. Bad Guy."
Harry: [unwraps a candy] Huh. Real interesting, kid. [pops it into his mouth] What else you got?
Baby Panda: How about It's a Stupendous Life? It makes me cry every time. [blows nose]
[Baby Ice Bear gets Baby Grizz and Baby Panda to their attention. He goes under the counter, and rises up, sniffing and looking around.]
Baby Grizzly: Uh, The Daydream Before Christmas?
[Baby Ice Bear facepalms in exasperation. He tries again by imitating a devil]
Baby Panda: [raises his paw] Ooh, ooh. Me, me. Gremmonsters. It's Gremmonsters. [Baby Ice Bear applauds] Yes.
Baby Grizzly: [back to Harry] Would you like to rent those titles?
Harry: Nah, they all sound pretty boring.
[As Harry eats the candy, he finds with surprise the store is filled with customers browsing through the videos on the shelves.]
Harry: Whoa. This place is packed.
Baby Grizzly: Yeah, man, it's always busy here. People love renting videos, and they spend lots of money on 'em, - especially during Christmas.
Harry: [grins] Hmm. [spits out the unfinished candy and ponders for a while] Say, what time you guys close tonight, hmm?
Baby Grizzly: We close at 9:00 p.m. It's earlier than usual, 'cause we need extra time to watch movies, dance, and eat popcorn tonight.
[Shocked, Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear shush him]
Baby Grizzly: I mean we need to study how to help customers better and keep this place safe and clean!
Harry: Uh-huh. Is there a security guard?
Baby Grizzly: Nope. Just us baby bears. [showing his biceps] But look at my toned biceps. Gonna get triceps soon, too.
Harry: [laughing, he exits the store]
Baby Grizzly and Baby Panda: Bye! Merry Christmas!
Boy: [to the baby bears] Excuse me, do you have How the Grouch Robbed Christmas?
Baby Grizzly: [shows the video to him] Ooh, lucky you.

Imaginary Friend [4.26][edit]

[The baby bears huddle up as Silver Bear is getting out of control]
Baby Grizzly: Dude, I don't think Silver Bear is working out.
Baby Panda: He's pretty reckless. We could've seriously hurt that kid. And now, he wants us to fight a baby?
[Baby Ice Bear nods]
Baby Panda: What are we gonna do?
Baby Grizzly: We've got to wish him away before he causes any real danger.
Baby Panda: Yeah. He's out of control.
Baby Grizzly: Okay, so, it's agreed. Silver Bear is off the team.
Silver Bear: You're cutting me from the squad?
[The baby bears jump in shock realizing that Silver Bear has joined their conversation]

The Mall [4.27][edit]

[Ice Bear ties up his skating boot laces and proceeds to the counter to sign up for the ice skating competition]
Counter Staff: Oh, hi! May I help you?
Ice Bear: [shows his skating boots] Ice Bear here to compete.
Counter Staff: [sighing] Thank goodness! Only one other person signed up.
[Ice Bear is shocked when he sees the name - "Isaac" - written on the form]
Isaac: [appears from below in a white hoodie designed with magenta flames] Isaac didn't expect to see you here.
Ice Bear: Ice is Ice Bear's life.
Counter Staff: [laughs] So you two know each other!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will show you real skating.
Isaac: Isaac will melt competition with fire moves.
Man on PA: Attention - will all contestants for the ice skating competition, please enter the rink.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear was born to win.
Isaac: Isaac will see about that. [Both make their way to the entrance]
Note: Both Ice Bear and Isaac are voiced by Demetri Martin.

Tunnels [4.28][edit]

Panda: [awakens in the Adventure Ocelot world] Baa! [breathes heavily; looking around] Wha? Where am I?
Dr. Ocelot: [appears from behind] Panda.
Panda: [taken aback] W-W-What?! Whoa! [looks at the manga, then looks to Dr. Ocelot, the sky and back] D-D-Dr. Ocelot? The Dr. Ocelot?! - You're real?
Dr. Ocelot: [giggles] Listen closely, Panda. [points at him] You gotta be the hero!
Panda: B-but Dr. Ocelot, there has to be another way, one without sacrificing my manga!
Dr. Ocelot: [approaches Panda and holds his paws] Remember, Panda, true heroes aren't decided by their strength but rather by the choices they make. [touches his shoulder] You can choose to be a hero. YAH! [snaps Panda back to reality]

Ramen [4.29][edit]

[Kazumi prepares a dessert and serves it to the baby bears]
Kazumi: And... Here you go! かき氷ひとすでりあがり (Kakigori is served)。
Baby Grizzly/Baby Panda: Ooh!/Wow!
Kazumi: どぞ (Please do)。
[The baby bears take a spoonful, and find it delicious]
Baby Grizzly/Baby Panda: Whoa./Wow.
[The baby bears wolf down the dessert, but Baby Grizz's brain freezes]
Baby Grizzly: OW! MY BRAIN! IT'S - IT'S TOO COLD!
Kazumi: [serves tea to Baby Grizzly] Oh, no. Here, have some tea.
Baby Grizzly: Thank you, Kazumi. [gulps down the tea, then sighs]
Baby Panda: [to Kazumi] This kakigori is delicious. We've never had anything like it.
Baby Grizzly: Yeah! It's nothing like that ramen you made.
[Kazumi groans]
Baby Panda: [to Baby Grizzly] Grizz, rude.
Kazumi: No, he's right. [looks up] Oh, I wish I was better at making ramen.
Baby Panda: Why are you so persistent in this ramen biz?
Kazumi: [sighs] Well, my father is a renowned ramen chef. [looks up as a flashback to Kazumi's childhood starts playing, when people would line up to dine in the ramen shop. Kazumi's father would serve ramen to the customers. Little Kazumi would watch from outside as customers enjoy their meals and thus she was inspired to be a ramen chef one day] People would flood the street, trying to get into our little shop. I used to love watching customers enjoy my father's ramen. I also wanted to make ramen that makes customers go「おいしい!」(Delicious!) and「おかわり!」(Give me more!) [back in the present] Just like him. [sighs as she feels down] But after he retired and I took over, business hasn't been the same. He still owns the restaurant and said he'd rather close it than has its legacy ruined.
[Baby Grizz tries to eat the honeydew bowl as Kazumi looks to him surprised.]
Baby Grizzly: What?
[Baby Ice Bear hops onto the counter and gestures to Kazumi.]
Kazumi: Uh... what is he saying?
Baby Panda: [as Baby Ice Bear gestures again] He says, "Who cares what your dad said? You've got potential to be a good ramen chef. This delicious treat is proof." And I agree. I think you're gonna be a great ramen chef one day.
Baby Grizzly: Yeah, we'll help you, Kazumi.
Kazumi: Really? [sniffles, and gives the baby bears a tight hug] Aw, thank you, bears! I'm so glad I met you.
Baby Grizzly: [they're all uncomfortable] Too tight, Kazumi. Too tight.

The Gym [4.30][edit]

[cuts to Panda in highway cycling mode. The fitness instructor observes that Panda's leg muscles are beginning to show]
Fitness Instructor: [recording his findings on the Member Material form] Dude is crushing these laps.
Panda: [tired; stops cycling] Ugh.
Fitness Instructor: [to Sandra] Turn it up more, Sandra!
Sandra: [lifts her VR headset up] Um, okay, if you think he can handle difficult mode. [raises the level of difficulty up to the maximum level]
Panda: Difficult mode?
[As Panda continues cycling in VR, he sees a hand come out from the ground]
Panda: [gasps in shock] Ah! [he suddenly finds himself cycling with zombies that are out to get him; yelling as he avoids them] Stop it!
Panda: [in reality] ZOMBIES! [screaming; the other members look on gasping in amazement] No! Get away! Get away! Ah! [a screw is loosened] What is happening? Get away, get away, get away, get away! [the bicycle is released from the stand as Panda cycles on]
Fitness Instructor: My boy, breakin' the mold!
Panda: [screaming, he crashes into a wall and disappears from view] Go away from me! [continues screaming]
Trainer: [from behind the wall] Oh, bro!

Bubble [4.31][edit]

[Panda saves Charlie from the trask lake, to Grizzly and Ice Bear's amazement]
Grizzly: Panda! How? What? The germs!
Panda: Guys, guys, don't you see? The germs don't scare me anymore. What scares me more is... the possibility of losing a friend.
Charlie: Oh, my hero! [smooches Panda]
Panda: All right, all right, Charlie. Okay.
Grizzly: [he and Ice Bear approaches them] Wow. You know, I'm proud of you, Panda. I think you learned a VERY important lesson - [they both back away holding their noses in disgust] Oh, my gosh, you stink, Panda! Ah!

Baby Orphan Ninja Bears [4.32][edit]

[Master Cheddar fights with the alligator, saving Slice in the process]
Baby Panda and Baby Grizzly: [cheering] Master Cheddar!
Master Cheddar: Remember, boys... a true ninja approaches unseen... undetected. [descends into the sewer with the alligator]

Fire! [4.33][edit]

[The barbecue guy cooks two burgers with meat patty for himself and Grizz, one burger with veggie patty for Panda and a hotdog for Ice Bear]
Grizzly: Dude, thank you.
Barbecue Guy: Oh, it's nothing. I love making people happy with my cooking. I wish I could cook for everyone in the world, you know? [smoke appears from offscreen] Then there'd be no more sadness and no more pain, just smiles...
Grizzly: Uh, dude, your stuff's burning.
Barbecue Guy: [turns around to find the barbecue pit on fire, screaming] Ah, what! [dramatic music plays] MY BEAUTIFUL BURGERS! [tries to lift a patty with the spatula, but sends it flying and landing on a bush]
[The bush catches fire, and the barbecue guy faints as the crowd panics]
Grizzly: Don't worry, folks. I got this. [Grizz throws his burger aside and walks to the bush. He slurps the drink into his mouth and spits it on the bush, hence putting the fire out.]
Grizzly: Well, that's that. [continues slurping the drink to find there is no more left] Aw.
[The others heave a sigh of relief. The siren of a fire engine wails from nearby, and the six firefighters on it are amazed by Grizz's heroic act]
Firefighters: Whoa! [stop the fire engine] Whoa!
Firefighter 1: [they all rush to Grizz] Wow! That was some top-tier firefighting, citizen.
Firefighter 2: [two firefighters proceed to inspect the bush] Truly incredible. I've never seen a cleaner extinguish.
Grizzly: Oh, thanks. [chuckles] How'd you guys get here so fast?
Firefighter 2: Well, a good firefighter can always sniff out a blaze. [they all sniff]
Firefighter 1: Ah, the coast is clear thanks to your quick thinking. Bear, you are a hero. [Everyone cheers and applause]
Grizzly: Aw, shucks.
[More cheering and applause for Grizz]
Firefighter 1: In fact, in honor of your bravery, we'd like to present you with this! [presents Grizz with a badge] An honorary fire marshal badge! [Attaches the badge onto Grizz] Let it be a constant reminder that wildfires can be stopped by you, only. [chuckles]
Grizzly: Wow. Me only? Yes! Thank you, firemen, and I vow to prevent fires for as long as I live!
[More cheering and applause.]
Barbecue Guy: [the others leave] Come on, everybody. A round of burgers on me.
Grizzly: [to the firefighter] Wow, I feel like I've finally found my calling, you know? What else can I do to help? Can I drive the truck?
Firefighter 1: No way, but there is something you can help us with.

Ranger Norm [4.34][edit]

Shmorby [4.35][edit]

[Bear cave.]
Grizzly: [using the laptop] Hey, Shmorby.
Shmorby: [floats up] Yeah, Grizz?
Grizzly: [picks up four boxes] I've got a bunch of stuff to mail.
Shmorby: Okay. [deploys Shmorby drones and sends the boxes outside] My Shmorby drones will send them off without fail.
Panda: Hey, Shmorby!
Shmorby: [pops up from below the ground] Hi, Panda.
Panda: [picks up his phone] I really need to charge my phone.
Shmorby: No problem. Here comes Shmorby's charging zone. [charges Panda's phone instantly]
Ice Bear: [fixing his axe] Shmorby.
Shmorby: [appears] Yo!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear's axe is dull.
Shmorby: No problem. Aha! [his eyes project laser beams that sharpens Ice Bear's axe] Sharpness set to full.
Grizzly: [at the living room eating chips] Hey, Shmorby.
Shmorby: Yeah?
Grizzly: Get me a drink, I'd like a -
Shmorby: [turns into a juice dispenser] Orange soda? [Grizzly pushes the button] Our minds are in sync!
Panda: [at his room] Hey, Shmorby.
Shmorby: Oh, you want a bath, you say? [takes him to the decorated bathroom] Already prepared with some choice anime. [projects the computer screen]
Ice Bear: [at the table with the laptop] Shmorby.
Shmorby: 'Sup?
Ice Bear: Edit Ice Bear's book.
Shmorby: [in the laptop] Okie dokie then, I'll take a look! [check his spelling]
Grizzly: [at the kitchen] Oh, Shmorby!
Shmorby: Yeah?
Panda: [in his room] Hey, Shmorby!
Shmorby: Here!
Ice Bear: [from offscreen] Shmorby.
Shmorby: Hi!
The Bears: [at the table] Shmorby!
Shmorby: Yup!
Grizzly: Shmorby!
Shmorby: [repeatedly looking around] Uh...
Panda: Shmorby!
Shmorby: Yeah?
Ice Bear: Shmorby.
Shmorby: Hi!
Panda: Shmorby?
Shmorby: Yeah!
Grizzly: [as Shmorby gets ordered around at the living room] Shmorby!
Panda: Shmorby?
Ice Bear: Shmorby.
Grizzly: Shmorby.
Panda: Shmorby!
Ice Bear: Shmorby.
Grizzly: Yo, Shmorby!

Snake Babies [4.36][edit]

[Ice Bear opens the door for a worn-out Charlie and his six snake babies to come in]
Charlie: Heya, bears.
Grizzly: [both Grizz and Panda are shocked] Whoa, Charlie, what happened to you?
Charlie: Oh, nothing. Just, uh, here for brunch, [sits between Grizz and Panda] like we scheduled.
Panda: Uh, Charlie, we're doing brunch tomorrow? Plus it's it's like four o'clock. [Charlie falls asleep] Charlie? Uh, hey, Charlie, wake up. [gently taps Charlie.]
Charlie: [suddenly awakens] What? [looks around] I'm awake. Is it snack time? Hold on, babies. [takes out a cheesy poof from one of his pouches, and feeds a snake baby] A-ha! Here you go, pumpkin.
Panda: Charlie, you are a wreck right now.
Grizzly: [the snake babies slither down] Yeah, these snake babies are totally wearing you out, man.
Charlie: Nah, I'm fine. I'm just waiting for that mom strength to kick in. Everything is under con... [sighs.]
Grizzly: Charlie, wake up.
Charlie: [suddenly awakens] Control! [chuckles] Yeah, parenting's a breeze. [glass shatters]
Grizzly: Uh, Charlie?
Charlie: Hmm?
[Charlie and the bears look around to find the snake babies playing around the cave, and they rip off part of a pair of curtains and tumble down a lamp. Panda Jr. tries to bite Panda's phone]
Panda: Aah! My phone! [touches his phone] No, bad Panda Jr. [Panda Jr. hisses, forcing Panda to back his paw away screaming]
Charlie: Oh, come on, Panda Jr. Be nice to Uncle Panda. [returns Panda's phone to him] Here you go, sweetie. All right, poopsies. [gets up] Milk time.
Grizzly: Uh, Charlie, are you... sure you can handle everything yourself?
Charlie: [takes the snake babies, one by one] Uh, yeah, you guys don't have to worry. I've totally mastered this snake-parent thing. I just gotta feed them... [sits back at the couch] again. Oh, right, I'm all out of milk. I guess I got to go to the store...
Grizzly: Hey, man! How about we go to the store for you? You can just... stay here take it easy?
Charlie: Ah, really? You'd do that for me? You guys are the best friends... ever. [falls asleep]
Panda: [whispers as Charlie snores away] Let's go. [the bears leave]
Charlie: [whispers to Charlie] We'll be back soon, buddy.

Sandcastle [4.37][edit]

[While Baby Panda is drawing on the sand, his stick meets with another stick of a girl's.]
Baby Panda and Darla: Huh?
Baby Panda: Oh... uh... sorry, I, uh, uh...
Darla: Oh... Uh... hi! [reaches her hand out to Baby Panda] My name is Darla!
Baby Panda: Huh?
Darla: Where'd you learn to draw?
Baby Panda: Uh, I guess I just... [scratches his head] copy a lot?
Darla: Oh yeah, I... guess that's how I started out, too. But now I'm working on an original manga! It's about this girl, and she has powers... and it's got this elaborate backstory...
Baby Panda: [inhales, in his thoughts] What? What is this feeling? It's like... she's from a dream. The world... just looks different all of the sudden. How do I deal with all these emotions?

Bros in the City [4.38][edit]

[reactions after seeing the oven]
Isaac: Isaac's never seen such a beautiful oven before.
Ice Bear: This is the best day of Ice Bear's life. [smiles]

[reactions after the rope snaps and the oven is dropped, sending it rolling down the road]
Isaac: Isaac's knot was not at fault.
Ice Bear: Clearly his fault.

Cousin Jon [4.39][edit]

Lord of the Poppies [4.40][edit]

[A while later. Grizz and the Poppy Rangers are still waiting for Tabes]
Grizzly: Huh. My butt fell asleep.
Parker: Bear Guy, when is Ranger Tabes coming back?
[Their stomachs growl, and they all groan.]
Grizzly: I don't know. I wonder what's taking Tabes so long. [they look at the sea again] Hmm. Yeah, I don't see her anywhere.
[Parker, Wallace and Murphy's stomachs growl again and they groan.]
Wallace: I bet she got devoured by seagulls.
Nguyen: Why would you say something like that?
Wallace: What? It could happen.
[The girls bicker.]
Grizzly: [trying to pacify the girls] Um, girls. Um, hey. Hey, everything's gonna be okay. We'll, uh... We're gonna get some food soon.
Ranger Grizz: [offscreen] You're pathetic, ranger!
Grizzly: Huh? [his shoulder ranger, Ranger Grizz (with a ranger hat and book), appears in his head to his left] My shoulder ranger!
Ranger Grizz: What are you doing still standing around, maggot? Find these girls some food. You're the one with the book. Tabes made you the leader. Start acting like one.
Fire Grizz: [another of his shoulder ranger, Fire Grizz (with fire burning on his head and demoralized), appears to his right] No, don't do it. You know it'll happen again.
Ranger Grizz: Don't listen to that guy. He ain't a ranger, he's a loser!
Grizzly: Whoa! Whoa! Kind of harsh, man.
Fire Grizz: [looks down] Nah, he's right. I'm a loser.
Ranger Grizz: [floats to comfort Fire Grizz] Oh, hey, don't be so hard on yourself, son. Why don't we get some ice cream? Would you like that? [Fire Grizz nods] Yeah? Okay. [to Grizzly] But seriously, though, save the children. [they both disappear]

The Mummy's Curse [4.41][edit]

Band of Outsiders [4.42][edit]

[Flashback to Yuri's tent. Yuri reads a book, "Crime and Punishment", to Baby Ice Bear.]
Yuri: Ну, а пробил час великий, тут всяк и объяснился чем смотреть. (Then the great hour struck, and every man showed himself in his true colours.) [sighing, he closes the book and talks to Baby Ice Bear] Yuri thinks that is enough heavy reading for tonight. You see, the world may be unkind to you, Маленький, but it benefits no one to return unkindness with unkindness. Promise Yuri you will always be kind to others.
[Baby Ice Bear nods.]
Yuri: [ruffles Baby Ice Bear's fur chuckling] Good, good.
Note: This is the fourth episode to reveal one of the bears' origins, as well as the sequel to "Yuri and the Bear".

Tabes & Charlie [4.43][edit]

[Tabes continues to trace Kirk's footprints.]
Ranger Tabes: Hmm. Oh, there there's more! [runs to in front of a bush] Kirk! Kirk, buddy, where... [the bush rustles] Huh? [she turns to the bush] Kirk? [grabs a foot from the bush] Kirk, there you are! [shocked to find the big foot] Aah! Foot!
Charlie: [reveals himself from inside the bush] Aah! Human!
Ranger Tabes: Aah!
[Tabes and Charlie both scream, and the latter hides back inside scared. Tabes recognizes Charlie as the bigfoot she saved from the booby trapper from Rescue Ranger]
Ranger Tabes: Huh? Oh, hey! You're that Charlie fellow. It's okay. [Charlie peeks out from the bush] I'm not gonna hurt you.
Charlie: Oh, I... I remember you! Tom, right?
Ranger Tabes: [reaches out her hand to him] It's Tabes! I'm the forest ra... [facepalms] Wait, what am I doing? I got to find Kirk before he gets hurt! He's lost out in the woods somewhere! [gasps] Wait! Maybe you've seen him around, Charlie.
Charlie: [pondering] Hmm. Oh, I think I know who that is! I know, just give me a sec! [goes back inside the bush, then comes out again with Dexter the beaver] You talking about my friend Dexter here?
Ranger Tabes: [sighs] No. [releases Dexter] Kirk's not a beaver. He's my lost dog. I've got no leads, and it's getting dark soon! I'm supposed to protect this forest, but I can't even protect my own dog.
Charlie: [blows his nose] That's... Ugh... That's so tragic! [assures Tabes] You know what? Leave it to old Charlie! I know secret parts around these woods where we can get some info.
Ranger Tabes: Really? Thanks, Charlie!
Charlie: Follow me... [walks off, but soon stops in his tracks] Oh, wait!
Ranger Tabes: What? What is it?
Charlie: I can't just bring you into the secret woods like that. They don't look too kindly on human-folk.
Ranger Tabes: What? [begs Charlie] No! No! Please, Charlie! I have to find Kirk!
Charlie: Okay, okay, We'll go! But, uh... you're going to need to wear a disguise.
Ranger Tabes: Anything! I'll wear whatever disguise you got!

Panda's Birthday [4.44][edit]

Ice Bear: [inside the briefcase, hopping around, grunting] Ice Bear... stuck.
[The doors open as Monsta X finish rehearsing their dance for the song "Hero".]
Jooheon: Five-minute break?
All other Monsta X members: Yeah! Alright! It's break time!
Wonho: [speaking Korean]
Hyungwon: Hey guys, no running!
Jooheon: [in Korean] Hey dude, I'm chill.
[They all stop when they find the moving suitcase]
Kihyun: [in Korean] What is this?
Minhyuk: It's moving.
[Ice Bear growls and breaks out of the briefcase, shocking the entire group]
Ice Bear: Uhh... 안영 (Hello). [looks around] Ice Bear looking for Monsta X.
Monsta X: Monsta... X? [stand in position] 들, 세! 흘! 몬스타엑스! 안녕하세요, 몬스타엑스 입니다! (Two, three! Hoo! Monsta X! Greetings, we are Monsta X!)
Ice Bear: 안녕하세요, 아이스 베어 입니다. (Greetings, I am Ice Bear.)
Kihyun: Cool, so, you're like a polar bear? [grabs Ice Bear's arm]
Ice Bear: No, ice bear.
Minhyuk: [touches Ice Bear's ears] Wow, so cute! [giggles]
Ice Bear: 하지 마세요 (Don't touch). Ice Bear is ice bear.
Shownu: People call me a polar bear.
Ice Bear: Okay.
Jooheon: Hey, welcome to our hotel suite!
I.M: Yeah, welcome. You here with anybody?
Ice Bear: Uh, Ice Bear... was with Panda.
Panda: [still hanging onto a window outside the hotel] Ooh, come on, Panda, pull yourself up.
Wonho: [walks to the window] Really? Did you say a panda bear? Whoa! That's crazy!
Panda: Wonho, is that you?
Wonho: Is he here? [closes the window; Panda falls down screaming]
Ice Bear: [looks around] Ice Bear thought he was here. Ice Bear... confused.
Wonho: Hey. [Monsta X chills out on the sofa] 궨차나. 끼지마. (It's okay, no worries.)
Hyungwon: Yeah, chill with us.
Jooheon: It's cool.

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