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The following is a list of quotes from the fourth season of We Bare Bears.

Bearz II Men [4.01][edit]

Bro Brawl [4.02][edit]

Brody Brogan: Now, let's get to know our bros. Bears, tell us about yourselves.
Grizzly: Well, I'm happily self-unemployed, taking care of my two baby bros.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear likes to cook.
Panda: And I am single and ready to mingle.
(Silent; a guy in the audience coughs)
Brody Brogan: (chuckles) How about our next group of guys?
Griff: Hey, what's up? I'm Griff. I'm a renegade cop who protects the streets and keeps them clean.
Issac: Issac is a five-star chef.
Tom: And I have a girlfriend!
(The audience cheers and applause)
Panda: What?

Hurricane Hal [4.03][edit]

Vacation [4.04][edit]

Beehive [4.05][edit]

The Park [4.06][edit]

I Am Ice Bear [4.07][edit]

Baby Bears Can't Jump [4.08][edit]

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