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The following is a list of quotes from the first season of We Bare Bears.

Our Stuff [1.01][edit]

[The bears leave the court carrying Panda and throw him into a water fountain]
Panda: Haha! Game time, huh!
Grizzly: Good job, bros. I'm proud of you, I saw improvement, and I saw heart, and you can't teach heart. Wait a sec, did we forget something?
Ice Bear: [beat] The backpack.
Grizzly: THE BACKPACK! My wallet!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear ninja stars.
Panda: Haha. I thought for a second there you said we left our stuff back at the court because my phone is in there and if I lost that I would totally freak out.
[long pause]
Grizzly: We left your phone.
[The bears run back to the court, they look at the bleachers]
Grizzly: Ah! It's gone! Somebody jacked us!
Panda: No no no no no no no no NO!!
[A police officer is writing a ticket]
Grizzly and Panda: POLICE! POLICE! POLICE!
Police: Whoa, sorry guys. I'm already writing this ticket.
Grizzly: No, no. We were robbed! T-The guy had a knife a-a-and one eye.
Panda: They stole my phone, my apps, my soul!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear wants justice.
Grizzly: Arrest somebody! Use your gun! Wait, where's your gun?
[A ticket comes out the ticket machine and the police puts it on the car and drives away]

Grizzly: [in the diner] Okay, if I was here, and you guys were here and here, that would mean somebody took the bag... where?
Ice Bear: Ice Bear has a conspiracy theory.
Grizzly: Panda, how're the mugshots coming along?
Panda: It's a good thing I have a photographic memory. Here's what I got so far. [shows tablemat mugshots of basketball players drawn in manga style]
Grizzly: Hm... they kinda look similar.
Panda: Really? But they're so rendered. [a waitress shows up]
Waitress: So, I just talked to the manager, and he said if you guys want to sit here, you'll have to order more than three ice waters.
Grizzly: Well, maybe you wouldn't say that if we were [shows parking ticket] FBI, lady!! We're doing official business! Step away from the table!
Waitress: Ugh... [leaves, stops] And stop wasting tablemats! [leaves]
Grizzly: We're losing time. Gotta think... need a clue... maybe someone who was at the scene of the crime. Ah! I know just where to go!
[Ice Bear slushes his ice water drink, shakes it]
Grizzly: More ice water, please!

[That night in the city, a red and white bus drives through the road. The bears appeared in the darkness]
Grizzly: Well, this is the place.
[Grizzly rolls up the paper and uses it as a telescope. He spots two people arguing, a white cat and Player 41 opening the window]
Grizzly: Aah! Evil number!
Panda: Where? Do you see our stuff?
Grizzly: Oh, he has our stuff, all right. Let's move!
[The bears walk through the sidewalk and Grizzly grabs a ladder. Panda and Ice Bear follow him and climbed more ladders. An old lady spots the bears and dials her telephone to call the police]
Woman: 911. What's your emergency?
[Player 41 is watching a basketball game on TV]
Announcer: And now Jones inbounds the ball. Shot clock at 18.
Panda: Wait, Grizz! What's the plan?
Grizzly: We'll I'm going to go in there and get our stuff back.
Panda: What if he's, I don't know, crazy? I mean, what if he works out? He can hurt our faces and stuff.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear wants to get moving.
Grizzly: Okay, okay, okay. We'll go in ninja-style, cool?
[Panda and Ice Bear nods]

Viral Video [1.02][edit]

[As Ice Bear cooks breakfast]
Panda: Remember, no nuts in mine. I'm allergic.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear charges extra.

Ice Bear: [serving out breakfast] Ahem. Priyatnogo appetita. ["Bon appetite."]
Grizzly: [gasps in amazement] Ha ha ha! Whoa!
Ice Bear: Arigato. ["Thank you."]
Grizzly: It looks so good, you guys! [grabs Panda's phone and starts filming him with it] We gotta document this!
Panda: Hey!
Grizzly: Okay, chow down, Pan-Pan!
Panda: Come on, man, I just want to eat my breakfast.
[He starts eating, sweating nervously as Grizzly zooms in on him and sniggers]
Panda: [with his mouth full, spraying chunks] Come on, stop it, dude!
Grizzly: [laughs] Golden! I gotta post this online! [scoffs down his food in about two seconds] To the internet! [races out of the room]
Panda: You'd better not!
[Panda sighs and keeps eating, while Ice Bear cuts a slab of meat with his axe]
Grizzly: [from another room] It's uploading! ... It's public!
Panda: Huh?!
[Panda and Ice Bear head to Grizzly at the laptop]
Panda: Take it down!
Grizzly: Hang on, little brother. Just watch. Millions of people are gonna wanna see this.
[Ice Bear presses "Refresh" six times, resulting in a "Dislike"]
Grizzly and Panda: Awww.
Grizzly: Why must people hate?
Panda: It wasn't that bad.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will hunt them down.

[Grizzly is holding a camera. The camera is off]
Grizzly: All right, wait, why isn't anything showing up? Oh, wait, it's not on. [camera is zoomed in too closely on Panda] Ha ha, whoa, hey, too close, yeah! Looking good, bro.
[Panda is wearing a pair of underpants wit ha safety pin and toilet paper rolls on his head]
Panda: Why do I have to wear toilet paper on my head?
Grizzly: Action!
Panda: Oh, oh where...
Grizzly: Project!
Panda: Oh, oh where am I? I am a lost baby.
Grizzly: Look for mom!
Panda: Mom, mom?
Grizzly: Good.
Panda: Ma, are you in there? [looks in cereal box]
Grizzly: Here's your bottle! [Ice Bear throws a drinking bottle at Panda] Now try to get up!
Panda: It's not my fault I was born round! [Ice Bear throws blanket on Panda]
Grizzly: Goodnight, baby! [to Panda] Alright, quick, take the camera. [Ice Bear turn the camera to Grizzly] Okay, am I in frame? Good. [talks to the camera somewhat loudly] Wow, look at this cute small box! Would it not be cute if I were to sit in it? [he falls on the ground and squishes the box] Did you get that? Okay, switch.
[The camera pans to Ice Bear who dances with a red towel/scarf and falls on the ground]
Grizzly: Perfect!
[Grizzly uploads the video and types...]
Grizzly: "Cu-test vid-e-o e-ver, #righteous, #holla..."
Panda: "#pandasingle"...
Ice Bear: "#icebearforpresident".
Grizzly: It's public! Alright, step back, let it breathe, guys.
[they step away for a beat; Grizzly runs to the computer]
Grizzly: I'VE GOTTA REFRESH! [slams into the desk and punches the F5 Key] Nothing. Oh. That's cool! That's cool. I mean, it's only been a minute, right? Yeah, you guys can go. Just gonna hang here, wait till we get more frien--I mean, hits.

Food Truck [1.03][edit]

[An Array of food items is shown. An Arial view of the food truck park is shown. Cut to bears and a very long line]
Grizzly: Aw man, when do we get to eat? This line's taking forever!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear's tired of staring at this guy's butt. [Guy over-hears Ice Bear talking, and takes a step forward.]
Panda: [to Grizzly] How much longer I may die soon?
Grizzly: From here I would say...15 to 75 minutes? [Grizzly sees a man holding a taco] Woah! Is that the Ramen Taco? Lucky!
[Panda takes a picture of the man with his phone but the flash of the phone disorientates him for a couple of seconds and he walks away. Panda then looks at the picture]
Panda: Wow, there it is, I wanna eat my phone now. I told you we should've settled for the mac n' cheese pizza truck.
Grizzly: No Panda! When it comes to food we never settle!
Panda: Okay! Okay.
Grizzly: We're good law abiding citizens; we deserve that Ramen Taco! Even 10 of em'.
Ice Bear: Goodbye, cruel world. [falls down, making the others fall too]

Chloe [1.04][edit]

Chloe: [inspecting Grizzly's teeth] So it's true what the scientists say - your cavities are atrocious! Would you say that your poor dental hygiene contributes to your surly nature?
Grizzly: I don't know what "surly," means, but I'm gonna pretend it means "radical", so thank you.

Grizzly: [after Chloe left] Well, that was fun. Now time to enjoy our spoils. [sees laptop under honey wasabi gummi bags] Huh? Oh no...
Panda: Chloe's laptop! She needs this!
Grizzly: Hmm... Well... now that it's here, [opens laptop] a little peek can't hurt. Here it is, the assignment. Let's fullscreen. Next slide! [shows photo of smeared Ice Bear, smiling Grizzly and Panda with eyes closed] "Large and Needy Beasts of the North"... what?
Panda: Ugh, that's a horrible photo. [cue "hygiene" slide]
Grizzly: "Powerful stench"? It's an alluring musk!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear smells like clean babies. [cue "social ignorance" slide]
Panda: We don't make people uncomfortable! [cue portrait of Grizz with keywords]
Grizzly: [chuckles] Cool, it's me!
Panda: Grizz, most of this stuff isn't very nice! [cue "Panda's diet" pie chart] I mean, what?! My diet is more balanced than that! I mean, it's just more lies! [cue "Ice Bear's property damage over time" line graph]
Ice Bear: Ice Bear settled that out of court. [cue next slide]
Grizzly: What this? "The bear will do most anything for food." Anything for food? That's just not true! [they pause for a beat, spit out honey wasabi gummi] I don't understand, this is just such a misrepresentation.
Panda: Yeah! That's not us at all! [hear a text tone, Panda gets his phone] Look at this.
Grizzly: [reads text] "Left my laptop!" [a new text pops up] "Could you bring it by the college for me tomorrow? :0" Gasping face. Tomorrow... huh.
[Grizz and Panda chuckle at each other sinisterly, Ice Bear smiles cooly]
Grizzly: Oh, I'll bring it by tomorrow! "Yes ;) ;) ;)", winky winky winky. This is our chance, bros, to let the people know who we really are. Chloe won't mind if we make a couple adjustments. Break out the sugary drinks! We have a project to write!

Panda's Date [1.05][edit]

Everyday Bears [1.06][edit]

Burrito [1.07][edit]

[A lightning strike transitioning us back to the events of the first episode where it's raining, starting with the branches from the tree. The sirens can be heard, police cars and firetrucks driving up to the scene. The scene cuts to the puddle, two people running through it. Commands from a police's speaker can be heard]
Police Woman: Affirmative. We've secured the area and Fire & Rescue is on the scene.
[The scene switches to a full view of the large tree, fire fighters, fire trucks, and a police car in the middle and foreground. The crying of Baby Grizzly is heard coming from a tall branch on the tree. Another lightning strike]
[Lyrics of "I Have Time" start]
Fire Fighter 1: [pointing towards different areas as he gives out commands to the other men in urgency] Okay, I need two men on that aerial ladder. Get the life net, in case the animal falls.
[The scene switches to a lower view of the tree, a fireman riding up the aerial ladder to a small bear cub on a branch. Baby Grizzly is crying. The fireman makes it up to the top of the tree, looking at the cub, who's hugging the tree in fear The scene switches to a view of the cub, who's revealed to be Baby Grizzly. He looks over at the fireman, tears in his eyes. A lightning strike causes him to cry some more, hugging the tree again. A full view of the tree is scene, a lightning strike flashing in the background]
Fireman: It's okay, little guy. [lifts up his wrist, the end of his sleeve being a silver, metallic-looking end] Grab on. You're safe now.
[Baby Grizzly looks over at the fireman, tears still in his eyes. He reaches over and grabs the fireman's wrist, right on the silver area. He ended up hugging it close, resting his head on it. The fireman rides the ladder down, now having a calm and secure Grizzly upon his wrist. The scene switches to inside a firetruck, the fireman still having the cub on his wrist. The scene pans down to Grizzly]
Fireman: Yeah, not sure how this little guy got up there... He's holding my arm so tight! Cute little guy... Hope he doesn't get too attached...

Primal [1.08][edit]

Badger: The wilderness is my home sweet home. I wasn't born on this Earth just to stay alive, I was born to be alive.

Grizzly: [runs to the edge of a cliff] Aha! We made it!
Panda: Wait, what do you mean, we made it? Where are all the picnic tables and benches?
Grizzly: I'm glad ya asked, buddy, 'cause... surprise!! [throws picnic basket away; falls into a forest] We're not having a picnic! And we're completely lost!
Panda: Grizz, what the heck, man?! I'm gonna starve! [Ice Bear reveals a food bar under his armpit]
Ice Bear: Ice Bear comes prepared.
Panda: Oooh!
Grizzly: Nope, that's cheating! [takes food bar, throws it away] Away! No more process snacks for us, gang. We'll be livin' off land, just like Mother Nature intended.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will never share again. Due to gravity.
Panda: Dude, whatever, I'll just use my phone and— wha?! [notices his phone is a piece of cardboard; nervous laugh] Grizz, where's my phone?
Grizzly: Pan Pan, would you just look around you? Nature provides everything we need. [takes twig off a tree] Like this twig! It has all the nutrients to help us survive. [munches twig] Mmmm, delicious!
Panda: C'mon Grizz, this isn't funny. Let's just go back home!
Grizzly: Guys, trust me. This is where we're meant to be! Just breathe in that fresh mountain air, would ya? [breathes in] Achoo!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will not bless you.
Grizzly: Together, we will follow in the footsteps of our primal ancestors! Face every obstacle that stands between us, [Australian accent] and survival! [a flying bald eagle screeches]
Panda: I don't think we're getting out of this.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will miss yoga today.
Grizzly: So are we men, or are we bears?
Panda and Ice Bear: [deadpan] Bears.
Grizzly: Bears!!

[Grizzly finds his way back to where the other bears were laying]
Grizzly: Phew! So, you guys hanging in there? Guys? Pan Pan? Bros? Sorry if I left you alone! Hello?
[A silhouette of a bear walks across the screen]
Grizzly: Where are you guys? [bumps into the back of Panda] Oh, there you are! I recognize that little tushie anywhere!
[Panda walks out of the bush and growls]
Grizzly: Whoa man, you don't look so hot!
[Ice Bear lunges out of a bush and attacks Grizzly]
Ice Bear: [growls]
[Ice Bear gets attacked by Panda, and the two fight]
Grizzly: You guys, that's enough. Stop fighting!
[Panda and Ice Bear stop, but turn to Grizzly]
Grizzly: Uh... [runs away]
[Grizzly attempts to climb a tree to escape Panda and Ice Bear]
Grizzly: Get away! Get away!
[Ice Bear and Panda follow him. Near the top of the tree, Grizzly notices a sign for a restaurant, Burger Boy]
Grizzly: That's it!
[Grizzly slides down the tree and swims across another lake. Ice Bear and Panda follow]
Grizzly: Brothers! To me!
[The camera cut to campers around a campfire]
Camper: And right behind her was a monstrous demon bear!
Grizzly: [running across the campers] Excuse me, sorry!
Camper: Huh, that wasn't so bad.
[Panda and Ice Bear appear, and scare off the campers]
Grizzly: No no no no! Hey! No! [climbs into a car] C'mon, now, guys, be good! Be good! [Ice Bear and Panda rattle the car] Oh! Stop that! Please! This isn't our car! [starts the car] No no no no no! Hey! No! Get off! We're moving!
[The car is moving towards a hill]
Grizzly: No no no no. Guys, guys, please, keep going, we're gonna-
[The car barrels down the hill]
Grizzly: Get off! [notices Burger Boy sign] We're almost there!
[Panda and Ice Bear enter the car]
Grizzly: Hey! No backseat driving!
[The car becomes airborne as Grizzly screams in slow motion while buckling himself, then the car lands, and barrels towards Burger Boy]

Jean Jacket [1.09][edit]

Nom Nom [1.10][edit]

Nom-Nom: You boys are in for a treat. [holds a tray full of fortune cookies] I've really outdone myself.
[Grizzly and Panda eat the fortune cookies]
Grizzly: Mmm. Oh, delicious. Mm.
Panda: You have such a talent.
Grizzly: Make this for us every night.
[Nom-Nom looks at Ice Bear]
Grizzly: Oh, hey, uh, can somebody get me ketchup? I mean, it's great and everything, I just like ketchup.
[Ice Bear opens the fridge and finds one bottle of ketchup. He and Nom-Nom grab the ketchup. Grizzly and Panda watches Ice Bear and Nom-Nom tug over the ketchup bottle until Ice Bear throws Nom-Nom and he gets hit by a wall]
Grizzly and Panda: [gasps]
Nom-Nom: [weakly] Why, brother?
Grizzly: Oh, no!
Panda: Nom Nom!
Grizzly: Poor little guy!
Panda: [picks up Nom-Nom] Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. It's okay. Shh. Shh. Shh.
Grizzly: How could you do that? [Ice Bear frowns] How could you hurt anything that cute?
Panda: You're a monster!
[Grizzly and Panda hug Nom-Nom. Nom-Nom twinks his eye]

Shush Ninjas [1.11][edit]

Grizzly: [to cinema manager] Sir? We respectfully request your attention!
Panda: Theater 9 has become a cesspool of rowdiness!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear heard wrappers. Not hip-hop.
Grizzly: We implore you to restore order.
Manager: [sighs deeply] I'm sorry. I can issue you a full refund, but I can't refund the way the world is.
Grizzly: But you're the manager!
Panda: If anyone can do something, you can!
Manager: There was once a time when movies were special to people, when people liked it with dignity in this public place. Going to the theater was a loved and time-honored tradition, [holds a frame of himself in his younger days] but that was a long time ago.
[Grizz and Panda shed tears for a pause]
Grizzly: Well... what if we helped? [the manager coughs]
Manager: How could you possibly accomplish such a task?
Grizzly: We'll go into the theaters, we'll shush them with all our might!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will shush unshushable.
Panda: And we'll be completely hidden wearing these suits! [takes black garment out of backpack]
Grizzly: Where'd you get those?
Panda: They're for our interpretive dance class.
Grizzly: Looks like it'll be tight. Are they one-size-fits-all? [the manager takes a look of the garment]
Manager: They're perfect! These uniforms will strike fear into the hearts of noisemakers everywhere. Finally, once again there is a chance to restore order in the world of cinema. Now go, and make the East Bay Cinema 13 proud!

Grizzly: Listen up. It's our duty to make this theater a safe haven for movie-lovers once again. For our children and our children's children.
Panda: That was beautiful. You should write poetry.
Grizzly: What makes you think I haven't?

[The bears take the stage in an attempt to calm down an entire crowd of young children who are wreaking havoc and misbehaving throughout the entire room]
Grizzly: Movies. Why movies, you ask? Why are we here in this dark and kind of smelly room with total strangers? We go to the movies to be a part of something together! Just think of all the memories we've shared, all the times we've spread our imagination wings and allowed ourselves to soar! [a montage of the bears reenacting famous movie scenes is shown] We've opened our arms to new adventures, filled with moments that warmed our hearts, moments that are windows to our past and help us shape our future. We are these characters. We understand all their imperfections. They love like we love. There's no telling what mysteries will unfold, or who we'll meet along the way. But life is never boring when you go to the movies! [montage ends] In conclusion, who needs a telescope to look at the stars when the stars shine brighter... [Ice Bear throws popcorn in the air] at the movies. Now who's ready to watch a movie?!
[all the children were already fallen asleep in their seats and floor, to the bears' surprise]
Grizzly: I really thought I had something there.
Note: The episode makes homages to 17 different movies: The Little Mermaid, My Neighbor Totoro, Singin' in the Rain, The Sound of Music, Titanic, Modern Times, Twilight, Rocky, Inception, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, North by Northwest, Starsky & Hutch, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Wizard of Oz, Fast & Furious, The Thing and Beauty and the Beast.

My Clique [1.12][edit]

[Grizzly is posing, Panda is guessing in a game of charades]
Panda: Uuuum... running?
Grizzly: Mm-mm. [panting]
Panda: A plane! Oh-oh, a bird!
Grizzly: Yeah, yeah, but what kind of bird?
Chloe: Hey! No talking!
Grizzly: Sorry. [resumes posing]
Panda: Umm... I don't know, man! Pass!
Chloe: Time!
Grizzly: Dude, a penguin! I was a penguin.
[Ice Bear poses, Chloe guesses]
Chloe: Ballet! Um... robot! A-a rolling pin?
[Panda models a camera, Grizzly guesses]
Grizzly: A line! A-a square! Telescope! Typewriter! Grizzly Bear? Panda Bear? You're a typewriter!
Panda: Dude!!
[Chloe poses as Ice Bear guesses and answers correctly]
Ice Bear: Boat. Pizza. Statue of Liberty. Snowman. Whale. Spider monkey. Richard Nixon. Old Faithful. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
Panda: Time! 20 answers in 43 seconds!
Grizzly: Nooo!

[Ice Bear beats up a training dummy in a gym]
Chloe: I thought this was about making friends, not fighting enemies.
Ice Bear: All Ice Bear's friends are future enemies. [kicks the dummy's head off]

Panda: We were trying to help Chloe make some new friends at school today. It didn't go too well.
Grizzly: [scoffs] They're a bunch of poopers, anyways. We'll find Chloe better ones. [to Mrs. Park] I'm Grizz, by the way.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear.
Mr. Park: And you must be Panda. [speaking korean]
Mrs. Park: Ah. [laughs]
[The Bears look at Mrs. Park]
Panda: Hey, what are they saying about me?
Mrs. Park: Oh, thank you for being so nice to our Chloe. She talks about you guys all the time.
Mr. Park: It's been hard for her, being the smartest kid in a small school and now at this big college, surrounded by people who are older.
[Chloe is doing her homework while she watches the Adventure Time episode, "The Enchiridion!"]
Grizzly: Oh, she'll be fine. Chloe's, like, the coolest kid we know.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will make everyone know that.
Panda: Yeah, she's gonna have so many friends, you'll probably regret it.
Note: A clip of the episode "The Enchiridion" from Cartoon Network's Adventure Time can be seen playing on the TV in Chloe's home.

Charlie [1.13][edit]

Brother Up [1.14][edit]

[The episode starts with a blank, white screen, with the word, "Hierarchy" being typed in red coloring]
Narrator: Hierarchy.
[Three blue stick figures replace the word]
Narrator: Often within a group of three or more, organization is difficult unless there is a leader.
[One of the blue stick figures moves atop of the other two]
Narrator: Hierarchy is a ranking of authority.
[A blue shaded hog moves into the scene, and two, red exclamation points appear on top of the bottom two stick persons]
Narrator: Often when one member of the group is older, stronger, or more experienced, they will naturally assume the role of the protector, at the top of the hierarchy.
[The top stick figure throws a blue spear at the monster, making it disappear. It, and one of the other stick figures, cheer. One, however, is still]
Narrator: But what happens when someone at the bottom of the hierarchy wants to be on top?
[The camera zooms in on the one idle stick figure]
Narrator: This is where our story begins.

Occupy Bears [1.15][edit]

Panda's Sneeze [1.16][edit]

The Road [1.17][edit]

[A man opens a door and finds the goggles]
Man: Uh, wha...
[The baby bear makes the box jump]
Baby Grizzly: We scored a good box, man.
Baby Panda: Yeah!
[The baby bear on a box jumps away]
Baby Grizzly: Where next, guys?
Baby Panda: To Paris!
Baby Grizzly: Okay, man.

Emergency [1.18][edit]

Grizzly: Guys! Guys! Oh, there you are!
[Grizzly runs for the fridge and jumps on top of Panda]
Grizzly: Oof! Panda! Very bouncy.
Panda: Oh, thank you!
Ice Bear: [grunts]
Grizzly: You guys are gonna be so excited. I've got us.. a new pet!
[Panda hits his head on the top of the fridge while getting out]
Panda: Ow- What? Is it a cat?!
Grizzly: [off-screen] No.. guess again!
[Ice Bear glares at his brothers, trying to close the fridge's door. However, Panda is in the way]
Panda: Oh.. A puppy?
Grizzly: No.. it's.. a crab!
[Grizzly unveils a crab named Captain Craboo from the bag, and it tries to escape. Grizzly places it back on the bag]
Panda: [in awe] Oh my gosh! Where did you get him?
Grizzly: He was on sale at the supermarket! Only 3.99 a pound.
Panda: Ohh-ohohoo! He's so cute!!
Grizzly: He's a good little crabby!
[Meanwhile, Ice Bear still is trying to close the fridge's door]
Panda: Aww! Look at his little face!
Grizzly: What do you think of the name Captain Craboo?
[Ice Bear finally succeeds, but the door is stopped by Grizzly's paw]
Grizzly: Wait, dude! Don't you wanna meet him?
[Craboo winks and begins to foam from his mouth. Meanwhile, Panda is on his phone]
Panda: The internet says you should pat his butt to be friends.
[Ice Bear stares at Panda for a moment, before going to shut the door again. However, Grizzly pulls him out with his paw]
Grizzly: Here, let me help you!
[Grizzly proceeds to use Ice Bear's paw to pat the Craboo]
Grizzly: Nothin' to be afraid of, see? Just gentle pats.
Panda: He needs to smell you so he can get used to your musk.
[Craboo climbs across Ice Bear's arm and up his head]
Grizzly: Oh! He likes you!
[Then, Craboo snaps its claws, before grabbing onto Ice Bear's ear. His expression suggests surprise, but he does not move or say a word. Both Panda and Grizzly gasp. Then, Ice Bear shivers]

Tote Life [1.19][edit]

Merchant: [at the counter] Did you bring your tote bag?
Grizzly: Ah, plastic's fine, thanks.
Merchant: Uh... no, actually, it's not fine.
Grizzly: Uhh... paper, then?
Merchant: Wait, you seriously forgot your reusable bag?
Grizzly: Uh, what reusable bag?
Merchant: Ugh, let me get this straight. You don't have a tote bag? Do you even care about the environment at all? What about the animals?!
Grizzly: Whoa, sir. We are animals. We care!
Merchant: Tsk, tsk, tsk. [to another employee] Hey, Ron! These guys forgot their bags! [Ron grunts] I know, right?
Grizzly: Hey, man, we didn't even know about reusable bags!
Merchant: Well, these guys all brought their bags. [Grizzly chuckles nervously at people holding bags] And what about this? Why would you buy vegan cookies, and then get eggs? Who does that?!
Panda: Actually, I'm a vegetarian and I— [the merchant touches his lips]
Merchant: Shh-shh-shh! No more of your lies. But if you insist on having paper, I guess I can try and find you something. [uses speaker phone] Yeah, can we get some dead trees brought up to Aisle 4? [the tote bag people talk to each other indistinctly] For the tree-haters who forgot their bags?

Charlie and the Snake [1.20][edit]

[A snake came out the bushes as the bears begin to freak out]
Panda: Oh, it's coming over!
Grizzly: Away! Away!
Charlie: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Relax, fellas. I'll ... I'll handle this. [looks down at the snake] Uh, hey, man. Hey, uh, excuse me. Yeah, if you could, uh, do your snake things elsewhere, that would be super great. Oh, you live around here? Oh, you just moved? [Panda falls down] Oh, yeah, it's a nice place.
Panda: [to his brothers] Maybe we can leave now?
[Grizzly and Ice Bear nods]
Charlie: Good stuff to do. I think the party's going well! Everyone's having a great time! [sees the Bears who are leaving] W-Where you guys going?
Grizzly: Uh... nowhere.

Video Date [1.21][edit]

[Grizzly and the others plays a video game that resembles Wii Sports Resorts shows on screen with characters that resemble The Bears rowing on a river]
Grizzly: ONE! TWO! ONE! TWO! ONE! TWO! Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa whoa! What's going on? Dude, what are you doing?
Panda: Sorry!
Grizzly: Pay attention, man! One! Two!
Panda: You guys. Guess what happened just now?
Ice Bear: You stopped rowing. Canoe started spinning.
Panda: Nope! I just matched this amazing girl on an online dating site. She's French! [whispered] Like the kissing!
Grizzly: Stop talking, or we're going to sink!
Panda: Dop. Sorry.
[Panda reaches for his phone and stops rowing in the process. The screen shows him leaning with his paddle sideways]
Grizzly: One! Two! Alright! We're almost there guys. One! Two! One! Two! Whoa, whoa, whoa! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!
[They drown in the game. The video game says, "YOU DROWN!"]
Game voice: YOU DROWN!
Grizzly: NO! NO!

Grizzly: Two! One, two! One...
[The three bears on a boat made it to the finish line]
Grizzly and Panda: Yay! Whoo-Ho!
Panda: Yeah! We did it!
Grizzly: Ah. New Jersey's Beautiful.

Pet Shop [1.22][edit]

Baby Grizzly: Wonder what that was about.
Baby Panda: [gulps] Maybe he's gonna kick us to the street! I saw him do it to those hamsters last week! I don't want to go back out there, Grizz! It's cold and full of outdoor allergens!
[Baby Panda runs away crying as Baby Grizzly and Baby Ice Bear stops eating dog food]
Baby Grizzly: Hey, don't worry so much, Panpan. We're gonna figure out how to get adopted, and then we'll be chillin' in our forever homes.
Baby Panda: Really?
Baby Grizzly: Of course! you just gonna keep your eyes on the prize. That’s why we have our vision wall.
[The vision wall is a wall with lots of posters taped over it. Baby Grizzly points to a picture of a skateboarder]
Baby Grizzly: My future owner is gonna be a radical dude who likes long naps on the beach and stuffed crust pizzas!
Baby Panda: [points to a picture of a hot supermodel] My future owner loves fresh laundry smell and chilling ice-cream sundaes.
Baby Grizzly: What about you, buddy?
[Baby Ice Bear walks to the vision wall and puts up a poster showing two guys wrestling]
Baby Ice Bear: That's cool, buddy. You do you.
[Suddenly, the lights turn off]
Baby Panda: Huh?
Baby Grizzly: Alright, guys. Time to call it a night. Bedtime stack, just like we practiced.
[The baby bears go into the bedtime stack and sleep... well, at least try to sleep. The other animals are still making noises]
Baby Panda: Uh! Shhh... quiet!!
Baby Grizzly: Dude, we need to get adopted soon...

Chloe and Ice Bear [1.23][edit]

[Ice Bear and Chloe went to the book store]
Cat: [meows]
Chloe: Oh, this store's cute. Want to go in here?
Ice Bear: Ice Bear has already read these.
[Ice Bear and Chloe went to "Freez-E Fridge"]
Chloe: Um, you want to look at, uh, fridges? You like those, right?
Ice Bear: Ice Bear already has fridge.
[Ice Bear and Chloe went to "Mikey Bikey"]
Chloe: How about bikes? Wheels and stuff?
Ice Bear: Ice Bear is his own wheels.

Cupcake Job [1.24][edit]

[At the manager's office, The Cupcake Shop Proprietor talks on the phone]
Cupcake Shop Proprietor: Yes, uh-huh, all the customers have been given gift cards and an apology. Yes, sir. [the Bears sitting on chairs] Okay, yes, I'll let them know. Okay. [puts down the phone]
Grizzly: So, um, when do we get our money checks?
[Ice Bear smiles. The Cupcake Shop Proprietor puts on his hat and walks away and opens the door]
Cupcake Shop Proprietor: [angilly to the Bears] By the way, you're fired! [slams the door and leaves]
Grizzly: Ugh, I guess we can't fix our laptop yet.
Panda: Man, I don't want to get another job.

Hibernation [1.25][edit]

[Grizzly and Little Bear arrives at the cave]
Little Bear: All righty, here we are! The perfect den!
Grizzly: Oh!, awesome! This is great! I feel totally ready to sleep now! [He runs around the cave] So... where's the end part?
Little Bear: End part? What end part?
Grizzly: You know, the part where I wake up and my bros are there and they're really happy to see me, and I'm happy to see them, even if we fight sometimes, but it's still great. And we party ... with little hats?
Little Bear: Mmm, I don't know about that. This is the last page. No parties here! Just good old fashioned sleeping for good old-fashioned grizzlies.
Grizzly: What? All right, this can't be it! What happens when I wake up? Oof! I have to see.
[Grizzly and Little Bear enters the last page where everything is nothing but blank white]
Grizzly: Huh? It's just blank. My brothers aren't here... what does it mean?
Little Bear: Who cares! You don't need them. You've got so much other stuff ... food, a comfy den.
Grizzly: If my brothers aren't here when I wake up, I don't want to go to sleep at all! I have to go back! [flees away as he heads back home]
Little Bear: Hmm? What? Go back?
[Grizzly lands on the snow]
Grizzly: Ow!
Little Bear: Grizzly, where do you think you're going?
[Grizzly runs around the four seasons]
Little Bear: You can't go back! Your brothers are going to laugh at you!
Grizzly: No, they won't!
[Grizzly opens the cupcake holder and the picnic basket]
Little Bear: They probably don't even want you back!
Grizzly: That's not true! [lands on the ground] I love my bros! I'd never leave them for good! Bros? [finds Little Bear]
Little Bear: Five months is a long time, man!
Little Bear #2 and Little Bear #3: Do you really think they'll stick around?
Grizzly: Bros?! Which one are you? [finds another Little Bear]
Little Bear #4: Don't you want to be special!
Little Bear Clones: [all speaking at once]
Little Bear #5: Don't you want to be better than your brothers?
Little Bear: Don't you want to be special?
Grizzly: NO! NO, I DON'T!
Little Bear: Oh. Okay.
Grizzly: Huh? Whoa!
[The "Good Night Grizzly" book closes]

Charlie Ball [1.26][edit]

Grizzly: Okay, you know what, Charlie? I was trying to be nice, but you've become a huge ball hog. It's not fun playing with you. Honestly, we'd rather lose playing with Panda than win playing with you.
Panda: [feeling his arm] Yeah. Wait, what?
Charlie: But I'm one of the bears.
Grizzly: Sorry, you're off the team, man.
Charlie: Off the team?! Ha! I am the team. And if you bears can't appreciate my talent, then I'll find somebody who does. You can keep your costume of lies! [takes off the bear costume] Huh, I'm leaving! [leaves the cave]
Grizzly: [sighs] I don't know, guys. Was I too hard on him?
Panda: No, man. He was being a dingle.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear thinks you did the right thing.
Grizzly: I still feel bad.
Panda: Don't worry. Charlie isn't the type of guy to hold a grudge. This'll blow over by tomorrow.

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