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The following is a list of quotes from the second season of We Bare Bears.

Yard Sale [2.01][edit]

[In Panda's room]
Panda: That text couldn't be for me. I mean, it just doesn't make sense. But maybe she does really want to go on a date. Eh, maybe if I give her one little text back. [tries to text back] No! I shouldn't!
[The cellphone suddenly rings]
Panda: Huh? "So, our date? Let me know if you can ASAP. If you can't, I'll make other plans..." [stares at the phone] Our date? Our date! [laughs for joy] I can't believe it! A date! [stops laughing] Oh, wait! Wha-What do you write back? [grabs the phone] Uh, okay. I got to write the perfect response...
[Panda types on the phone as the message says "Heck yo, BB"]
Panda: Um... No, not classy enough. Something playful, maybe...
[as Panda types down "Oh May I count the.." The phone's battery suddenly dies down]
Panda: No! The phone's dead! The phone's dead! I need a charger! I need a charger quick! [gets his charger but it's not fitting] No! It's not fitting!

Slumber Party [2.02][edit]

Bear Cleanse [2.03][edit]

[In Grizzly's room, Grizzly is sitting on his bed, staring hesitantly at the plate. He picks up the fish and puppets it]
Grizzly as the fish, unenthusiastic: Yo Grizz, are you ready to party.
[Grizzly eats the fish then slaps his forehead]
Grizzly: Oh man, this is tough. I gotta stop thinking about other foods. [opens his laptop] I'll just watch cat videos or something. [opens a cat video. An advertisement for Emma's Diner pops up on the screen, displaying a plate of bacon and eggs] Ugh, stupid ads, this is not what I need right now!
[A face appears on the egg]
Egg: Why not, Grizz? Don't you love me anymore?
[Grizzly stares at the screen wide-eyed. Another advertisement to "Eat Bananas!" pops up]
Banana: Yeah Grizz, why you gotta hate bro?
[An ad for "Burgers Fries and Beyond" pops up]
Burger: Don't leave me, Grizz!
Grizzly: What the...?!
[The foods walk out of Grizzly's laptop screen]
Egg: All we wanna do is make you happy.
Banana: Because we're delicious!
[The burger sputters and a bit of lettuce falls out of its mouth]
Grizzly: Oh you guys, I miss you too! This isn't forever, we will be together in 21 days.
Egg: You promise?
Grizzly: I promise! [hugs the foods]

Nom Nom's Entourage [2.04][edit]

Ranger Tabes [2.05][edit]

Rooms [2.06][edit]

[In Grizzly's room, Panda cleans up the mess]
Panda: Gross. [picks up a pizza box] Uber gross. [picks up a baseball mitt and apple core] Yuck! [throws the trash into the closet] Whew. [sees something else besides garbage] What? [founds a DVD disc that reads "Crowbar Jones: the Reckoning"] Huh. Mm. "Crowbar Jones: the Reckoning".
[Panda puts the DVD disc into the DVD player and the movie begins with Grizzly wearing a grey wing, sunglasses and bowtie because he's playing Crowbar Jones]
Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: Crowbar Jones!
Narrator: He's the master of every martial art known to man.
[Grizzly as Crowbar Jones throws the stick and rolls backwards]
Narrator: He is skilled in the art of stealth. He punched a guy so hard once, he sent him to space! He is... Crowbar Jones!
Panda: [chuckles] This is so bad, it's good.

Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: Got to find a way to get out of here. Oh, no ... robot snakes! [also know as socks with googly eyes] They're everywhere. [calls out to his sidekick] I'm gonna need you to break the metal door, Pando. [Another bear wears a black and white stripped turtleneck and glasses] Pando!
Grizzly as Pando: [turns out, it's Grizzly who also plays Crowbar Jones's trusty sidekick, Pando; to Crowbar Jones in a nasally high-pitched voice] What? What happened? What'd I do?
Panda: Wait. What's his name?
Grizzly as Pando: [uses his phone] Don't worry, I'll open the metal door with my laser app! Oh, no!
Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: What's wrong, Pando? [grunts] Is the laser not working?
Grizzly as Pando: Worse! My internet girlfriend just broke up with me. Life is meaningless. [takes a picture of himself]
Panda: [about Pando] Is that supposed to be me? I'm not that whiny.
Grizzly as Pando: I found a sledgehammer. I'll get us out of here. [the hammer hits Grizzly as Pando] Ouch! My face.
Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: Don't worry. I'll break the door! [hits the door] Hyah!
Grizzly: [holding a sign that says "Pow!"] Pow.
Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: [the door is now open] Come on, Pando. We got to save the world before it blows up.
Grizzly as Pando: [on the floor whining and unwilling to move] This hurts a lot, but not as much as a broken heart! [Grizzly as Pando begins to cry as Panda becomes really grumpy]

Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: Come on, Pando! We got to stop them before they blow up the world.
Grizzly as Pando: We will stop them, [heads to the restroom] but I got to go to the bathroom. Don't worry, it won't take too long.
[Grizzly throws January, February and March on to the floor and shows April to the audience.]
Grizzly as Pando: [exits the bathroom sighing] Much better. Now let's get those evil doers. Crowbar Jones?
Grizzly as Crowbar Jones: [outside the cave, with puffier white hair and puffy beard and in an elderly voice] Oh, Pando. It's been 40 years since I last saw you... [Panda pauses the movie]
Panda: Oh, that's it! That is not me! I'll show him. [takes the DVD disc out of the DVD player] Grizz!

Losing Ice [2.07][edit]

[Grizzly, Panda and Darrell arrive at the Teppan Yaki restaurant where Ice Bear works. A chef is welcoming them]
Chef: Hai, irasshaimase! ("Yes, welcome!") This way, please. Douzo, douzo. ("Here you go, here you go.") [all three sit down in front of Ice Bear the "chef"]
Ice Bear: Irasshaimase...
[pan left slowly to see Panda and Grizz looking suspiciously and Darrell looking at the menu]
Darrell: Psst, hey, what's good here? I've never had Asian food before.
Ice Bear: [beat] How may Ice Bear help you?
Grizzly: Hmm. How can this guy help us, Pan-Pan?
Panda: Maybe he could help us by cooking some dinner for us!
Grizzly: But wait, Panda, we don't need someone to cook for us... for we have our new brother, who happens to be an amazing cook! [To Darrell] Right, brother Darrell?
Darrell: [laughs] Why did they name this beef after a basketball player?
Grizzly: Huh?
Ice Bear: Kobe beef not named after basketball player.
Grizzly: [embarrassed for a while then laughs] Ah, your jokes are the best, brother Darrell!
[So does Panda. Ice Bear doesn't react much]
Grizzly: Okay, I'll get the best you can offer.
Panda: Me too.
Darrell: I'll take the grilled chicken, please.
[Ice Bear doesn't say anything except performs his great skills of cooking the three's requests and presents the dishes in front of them]
Darrell: Mmm... this looks delicious!
[The two other bears taste the food and get really amazed]
Grizzly and Panda: So good! [continue eating]
Darrell: You guys really love the food here, don't ya?
Grizzly: [to Panda] Psst. Say something.
Panda: Oh, yeah, okay. [clears his throat] So... when are you gonna quit this silly job?
[Ice Bear pauses]
Ice Bear: [calls out to the chef] Chekku onegaishimasu. ("Check, please.")
Grizzly: Hey, what did you just say?
Chef: Hai, douzo! ("Yes, here you go!") [puts check down to them]
Panda: Are you really gonna make us pay?
Grizzly: You're our brother! You can't abandon us like this!
Darrell: Oh, wow, I didn't know this was your brother! Nice to meet ya!
Panda: Be quiet, Darrell!
Chef: [curious] Kuma-kun, do you know these gentlemen?
[Ice Bear shakes his head to disagree]
Grizzly: [gasps] How can you do this to us?!
Chef: Please leave.
Grizzly: But...
Chef: Imata!! ("Right now!!")
[Panda leaves quickly, Grizzly breaks up a pair of chopsticks to show his anger]
Darrell: Nice meeting ya!
[Ice Bear calmly watches them leave the stall]

Cellie [2.08][edit]

[At the phone store, Panda brings one last broken phone to the desk]
Panda: Is there a way to get these fixed?
Saleswomen: Well, we can repair the cracked screens, but this? We can't fix this. I'm sorry.
Panda: Oh, that's fine. I really don't deserve a phone anymore. I'm really sorry about this, guys. I'll be outside.
[Panda cries as he leaves the phone store. Grizzly and Ice Bear look at each other. The scene cut to Panda who is upset for stealing his brothers' phones]
Panda: I'm a bad person. [sniffs]
Grizzly: Hey Panda, Check out what we got. [holds Panda's phone]
Panda: My phone!
Grizzly: We traded ours into your old one. We know your phone means a lot for You Pan-Pan, And we don't need our own.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear prefers to be off grid.
Panda: I promise, from now on, I will always share whenever you want. [Ice Bear stops walking and saw the white dog] Thank you so much, guys. I don't deserve such a great fam... [Ice Bear runs to get Panda's phone] Whoa. O-O-Okay. You need that?
[Ice Bear takes a picture of the white dog and runs after Grizzly and Panda]

Fashion Bears [2.09][edit]

[The Bears arrives at "Boba-Rama"]
Grizzly: Oo, hoo-hoo! Another new Boba place! Let's check it out.
[A salesman came outside to stop the Bears from coming into Boba-Rama]
Salesman: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it, hold it! Where do you think you're going?
Grizzly: Uhh... to get Boba?
Salesman: Nuh-uh ... no naked people allowed ... new policy.
[The sign reads "No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service"]
Panda: But we're naked always.
Salesman: Not my problem. Get some clothes or get lost.
Panda: Aww...
[The Bears sadly leave "Boba-Rama"]

The Island [2.10][edit]

[Young Grizzly and Young Panda collects all the fruit]
Young Panda: Scrumptious.
Young Grizzly: Delectable.
Young Panda: Mm, maybe not.
Young Grizzly and Young Panda: Yeah! Whoo!
[The coconut falls out of the fruit basket. Young Ice Bear follows to the coconut as it went into the bushes, Young Ice Bear rolls into the bushes and founds the coconut and an emergency crate. He looks surprised]
Young Grizzly: Hey, what's the hold-up, man? Huh? Whoa. What is this? Hmm. [removes the vines and cleans the crate. The crate reads "Emergency supplies"] Emergency...
Young Panda: su-please?
Young Grizzly: Supplies!
Young Panda: Open it, open it, open it!
Young Grizzly: I've got it. [opens the crate]
Young Panda: Whoa! Check out all the stuff! Hey, what's that thing?
[Young Grizzly found a mini-box that says "Insta-Raft"]
Young Grizzly: Hmm. It's an inflatable raft!
Young Panda: Wait, so that means...
Young Grizzly and Young Panda: We can get Karla of the island!
Young Grizzly: We got to go tell her!

Bear Flu [2.11][edit]

[The episode begins with a lake. Chloe uses the jar to scoop the water. She uses a microscope zooms in on the bacteria and finally Chloe puts a small glass of bacteria in a open box]
Chloe: [while drawing bacteria in a journal] Woah crazy! [picks up jar of bacteria] this is like the tenth bacteria i've discovered today! [holds up jar close to her face; whispering] Aren't you the grossest little fella's ever? [turns to her right] Hey guys check this out!
[We can hear the Bears laughing while they play in the lake]
Chloe: Guys?
[The Bears splashing and playing in the lake]
Chloe: [calls out to the Bears] Guyss! Guys!
Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear: Chloe!
Grizzly: Chloe's in the hizzy! [off-screen] Join us!
Chloe: Uh.. I'm good! You guys shouldn't even be in the water, ugh this whole lake is crazy dirty!
Grizzly: What? the water's fine! If they didn't want anybody to swim they would have put up a sign!
Chloe: You mean, like this one?
[Chloe points up to a sign that's says, "Peligro! Prohibido Nadar", it means "Warning! No Swimming." in spanish]
Grizzly: Naah that's just the name of the lake! [puts hands near eyes] Lake Prohibido Nadar! [puts arms down and looks at Panda]
Panda: Also we saw that you were busy so we wanted to get out of your wa-
[Ice Bear rises out of the water and throws Panda]
Grizzly: Don't worry, Chloe everything's fine! We're bears, Bears never get sick!
Ice Bear: Ice bear is immune to all disease.
Chloe: Well, I'm done with my research. I'm ready to go back whenever you guys are.
Grizzly: Okay, guys. Let's go. Last one's a dingle! [laughs crazy]
[They begin to swim back to shore]
Chloe: Oh, guys, you don't have to rush! Never mind.
Grizzly: Here we come! [laughs]
[In slow motion, we see the germs landing on Panda's left eye, on Grizzly's fur and inside Ice Bear's nostril.]
Grizzly: [the bears finally made it to Chloe] It's a tie! Oh! That was awesome.
Chloe: [smell the Bears] Ugh! You guys really smell.
Grizzly: Smell like the flowers that we are? Why, thank you. I know you want to smell like a flower, too. Flower hug!
[The bears are trying to hug Chloe]
Chloe: [picks up a stick] Ah! Stay back!
[Panda sneezes, followed by Ice Bear]
Chloe: Um... you guys don't look so good.
Grizzly: Nah, a bear's immune system is one of the strongest in the world. [off-screen] 30 minutes from now, we'll all be good.

Chicken and Waffles [2.12][edit]

[Panda and Charlie arrive at "Cup o Cats"]
Panda: Ugh! Charlie, enough! Geez. I got it from here. [is blind and can't see. He walks pass two cats]
Saleswoman: 欢迎光临 (Welcome)。 How are you today?
Panda: Oof! Hi! We just need some directions to... [sneezing] YAK! Oh. sorry.
[An orange cat appears as Panda sneezes again]
Panda: [sneezing] YAK! Is there a cat in here?
Saleswoman: Of course. This is Mr. Stripes. We're a cat café.
Panda: [in shock] Cat café?! [zooms out] Oh! I'm allergic to cats!
Charlie: Oh, my gosh! [to Mr. Stripes] Back off, Mr. Stripes! [puts Panda on a chair] Don't worry. I got this.
Panda: Thanks, Charlie.
Charlie: I'll take care of directions.
[Three more cats get up]

Saleswoman: Make a left, and you'll be there.
Charlie: All right, cool. I think I got it. So, first, I go down two blocks, then I go up five more, then right... Wait, I lost my train of thought. [his arms are tangled up] Did you catch any of that?
[Charlie screams when he sees Panda covered by a bunch of cats]
Panda: [muffled] Can somebody help me...?
Charlie: I'll save you, Panda! [throws the cats away to save Panda] Get away from him! [picks up an orange cat] Ew. [throws the orange cat away and picks up Panda] Speak to me, Panda!
Panda: [groans as his face is puffed up] Help... me.
Charlie: [yells] What do I do?!
Saleswoman: There's help across the street.
[Charlie takes Panda to the acupuncture clinic across the street and reads its signboard]
Charlie: A-cu-punc-ture... [reads the Chinese words] and somethin' somethin'. [takes Panda inside]

The Audition [2.13][edit]

[The episode begins when the Frosty Fluffs commercial appears on T.V]
Freshy Bear: Alone at last with my delicious Frosty Fluffs! So much frosty flavor it makes me do the freshy dance! Ooh!
[Freshy Bear is doing the happy dance]
Child: Come on, guys. I think I hear Freshy Bear doing his freshy dance! [came out of the bushes with his friends] Aha! Huh?
[Freshy Bear is riding on a hot air balloon]
Freshy Bear: Better luck next time, kids! Whoo! Ahh. [eats his cereal] I just can't bear to be without my Frosty Fluffs.
Boy: Frosty Fluffs cereal is a delicious part of this complete breakfast.
[The commercial ends as it became static]

Captain Craboo [2.14-15][edit]

[Grizzly enters the bathroom]
Grizzly: Aha! Huh? There's no one here.
Panda: Just more ruined towels.
Grizzly: If the culprit's not here ... [looks at the toilet; whispers] It's in the toilet.
Panda: Ew, gross.
[The toilet lid shakes]
Grizzly: Just lift off the top.
Panda: You do it.
Grizzly: [groans] Fine. Gotcha!
[Grizzly lift the toilet lid and he, Panda and Ice Bear finds Captain Craboo]
Panda: Oh!
Grizzly: [off-screen] Captain Craboo?
[Ice Bear looks shocked when he sees him. He remembers the day when Craboo pinches his left ear in "Emergency". Back in the present, Ice Bear finds himself trying to attack Craboo with an axe]
Grizzly: Okay, put the axe down, man. Come on. There you go, buddy. I'll just take this. [takes the Axe and Ice Bear backs away] Oh, come on, he won't hurt you again, will you, Craboo?
Panda: So, what do we do with him?
Grizzly: We should set him free. The toilet is no place for a crab.
[Craboo snaps at Grizzly, who quickly backs off]
Grizzly: [yells] Seriously, Craboo? After all we've been through together?
Panda: Well, he was never the friendliest crab.
Grizzly: True.

Grizzly: Hey, Nom Nom. Remember us?
Nom-Nom: Ugh, not you three again. What do you want?
Grizzly: Oh, this is our pet, Captain Craboo.
Nom-Nom: Oh, gross! What is that thing?! It's disgusting. [Craboo spits bubbly saliva] Ugh, get that away from me. [pushes Craboo] What is wrong with you? Get lost right now, or I'm calling security.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear thinks time to go.
Nom-Nom: Yeah, hit the road, you oaf. [pushes Ice Bear]
Grizzly: Bro?
Nom-Nom: Unbelievable. Someone get me a ...
[Suddenly, Craboo pinches Nom-Nom's ears making him cry out in pain]
Nom-Nom: Aah... aah... AAAAH! [everyone gasps] Someone get this thing off of me! Aah!
[Craboo let go of Nom-Nom's ears. He crawls to Ice Bear's shoulder as Ice Bear picks him up. Craboo smiles and Ice Bear smiles too]
Nom-Nom: [growls with anger] Arrest that crab!
[The police grabs Craboo as the other cuffs him. The police walks out of the pet store]
Panda: Oh!
Grizzly and Panda: Craboo!
[The Bears run after Craboo. The police closes the cage door and the police car drives away taking Craboo to prison]
Grizzly: What just happened?
Ice Bear: C-C-C-Craboo.

[Nom Nom plays with Captain Craboo thinking that he's attacking him again]
Nom Nom: Oh, look! He ... he's doing it again! Take photos and put them online! Aah!
[Everyone gasps. Then they grab their phones and take pictures]
Judge A.C. Juhns: That's it! Guilty! That crab is a danger to society! Send him away!
Panda: No, wait! Nom Nom was just doing that on purpose!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will save Craboo.
[Ice Bear jumps and grabs Captain Craboo]
Ice Bear: [to Grizzly and Panda] Run.
[Grizzly and Panda look at each other and went after Ice Bear and Captain Craboo. The bears and the crab exits out of the courtroom]
Nom Nom: Where'd they go, huh? Don't just stand there! Find them!
[The guards run after the Bears and Craboo. Nom Nom throws the cane looking angry as the scene cuts to black]

[During the car chase]
Man: All right, keep your eyes on the road, watch the mirrors, check your blind spots.
[Grizzly bangs the car's roof]
Man #2: Wha! W-What was that?! Did I do something wrong?
Man: Just a bump in the road.
[Grizzly and Craboo appears]
Grizzly: Hello.
Man #2: Ahh!
Grizzly: Uh, sorry to bother you, but would you mind going a big faster.
Man: Maintain the speed limit.
Grizzly: No, go faster!
[The police cars and the helicopter chase after the Bears and Craboo]
Newswoman: We're following the chase live heading south on the Pacific Coast Highway. [Chloe, Mrs. Park and Mr. Park saw the news] Police are attempting to pull over a vehicle that appears to have been commandeered by three bears and a crab.
[At the cave, Charlie saw the news]
Charlie: [calls out to the Bears even though there not here] Guys, you got to see this!
[The police car chases after the Bears and Craboo]
Grizzly: Oh, no. [sees the police]
Man: Okay, now go ahead and slowly pull over to the right for the police blockade.
[The Bears sees Nom-Nom on the Helicopter]
Nom-Nom: [over PA] Give up the crab! You're completely surrounded. You've got nowhere to run, bears.
Grizzly: You'll never take our Craboo!
Nom-Nom: Oh, yes, I will.
[Nom-Nom gets the grabbing machine and the grabbing machine grabs Craboo]
Grizzly: Craboo!
[The Bears and Nom-Nom tug over Craboo]
Grizzly: Oh, slipping. [accidentally let goes of Captain Craboo] No!
Nom-Nom: [laughs evilly] Say goodbye to your precious crab!

[Nom-Nom is getting the parachute]
Nom-Nom: Stupid parachute. I'm too important to die! [tries to reach for the parachute] Come on! [got the parachute] Ha! [sees Captain Craboo] What? No! This is my parachute. Get your own, you stinking crab!
[Nom-Nom throws Craboo and the parachute out of the helicopter]
Grizzly: Craboo?
[In slow motion, Ice Bear jumps while he carries Grizzly and Panda. Grizzly grabs the parachute as Ice Bear grabs Craboo]
Grizzly: Got it!
[Grizzly opens the parachute. The parachute takes Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear and Craboo to safety while Nom-Nom from inside the helicopter gets crashed]

Panda: They'll be here soon. We have to hurry.
Grizzly: [sighs] Well, if you love something, you got to let it go, I guess. We'll all miss you, Craboo. You were a heck of a lot of fun.
Panda: You're a good friend, Craboo. I'll never forget you
[Panda gives Ice Bear Craboo. Ice Bear put Captain Craboo on the beach. He reaches his arm trying to tell Craboo to leave]
Ice Bear: Go.
Panda: They'll be here any second.
[Ice Bear tries to the tell the crab to go. But Craboo covers his eyes making Ice Bear to remember him. Ice Bear also covers his eyes too but he notices Captain Craboo went into the ocean]

Police: Secure the perimeter! I want this beach on lockdown. [runs to the Bears] All right, where's the fugitive?
Grizzly: [sadly] He's gone.
Police: Gone?
Female officer: Sir, I think I found something. It looks like some kind of starfish.
Nom-Nom: [coughing] Hey, put me down! [walks towards the Bears while coughing] I've had it with you bears. I demand you arrest them!
Police: They don't have the fugitive. The trail's gone cold. Nothing we can do.
Nom-Nom: Oh, nothing you can do? You're the police! I demand justice!
Police: Sir, you're being disorderly. If you don't calm down, I'm gonna have to detain you.
Nom-Nom: Disorderly?! I'll show you disorderly.
[Nom-Nom kicks sand on the police's shoe. The police glares at Nom-Nom as the scene cut to where Nom-Nom in the police car]
Nom-Nom: [yells] Let me out of here right now!
[The police car drives away taking Nom-Nom to prison]

[The Bears now got community service after they got Craboo home]
Grizzly: Phew. Well, at least we just got community service. I wonder, do you know how long it'll take to do 500 hours?
[A green car drives past them. Ice Bear tries to pick the paper. He picks up and unfolds it and finds a cut out]
Panda: Hey, I miss him, too.
Grizzly: And who knows? Maybe somewhere out there, Craboo is thinking of us.
[The cut out flies away and the camera zoom in to an island. On the island, Craboo makes the cut out of the bears with leaves. Craboo covers his eyes as the scene cuts to black]

Baby Bears on a Plane [2.16][edit]

[The Bear cubs are having pancakes and blueberries]
Young Grizzly: Mmm, so good!
Young Panda: This tastes like heaven.
Co-pilot: Hey, save some for me, guys!
Young Grizzly: Don't worry, we can always get more. This is Sweden, after all!
Pilot: Uh, kid, this ain't Sweden. [The sign outside says, "Welcome to Boise Idaho"] This is Boise.

Yuri and the Bear [2.17][edit]

[After Young Ice Bear saves Yuri's life, he stares at Yuri]
Yuri: Yuri will let you stay if you work. Yuri will give you chores. Yuri will make bear earn keep and food. Yuri wants deal.
[Young Ice Bear looks at Yuri's hand. He shakes his hand as a deal]
Note: This is the first episode to reveal one of the bears' origins.

Icy Nights [2.18][edit]

[Ice Bear confronts three men playing on his roomba]
Ice Bear: Please get off Ice Bear's ride.
Techie: Ohh, [chuckles] is this yours? We were admiring your upgrades and customizations. This is a really high-quality product you have here. So, how much do you want for it?
Ice Bear: [beat] Not for sale.
Techie: Sorry, what was that?
Bryce: He said it's not for sale—
Techie: I know what he said, Bryce! [breathes deeply] Sorry about that. I'm not sure you understood my question. I want to buy your product, and when I want something, I get it.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear repeats: Not. For. Sale.

Everyone's Tube [2.19][edit]

[In the kitchen, Panda checks his phone]
Panda: Guys, we just got our first subscriber! What?
Grizzly: Really? This is amazing! We got to celebrate.
[Grizzly and Panda put on their helmets, Ice Bear takes off his apron]
Singer: ♪ Robot Man from a planet in the future ♪
[As Grizzly and his brothers dancing, Ice Bear throws the pan and they've stop dancing]

Creature Mysteries [2.20][edit]

The Library [2.21][edit]

[Grizzly and Chloe went to the vending machine]
Grizzly: [to Chloe] All right, Chloe, now a little something to keep that blood sugar up. Just between us, I know a couple tricks with these vending machines. I used to get my groceries here back in the day. [looks at the tired Chloe] All right. Let me see here. This. That. [pushes buttons on the machine] And that should do it. [kicks the vending machine and chips and spills out all the candy]
Chloe: Whoa.
Grizzly: Okay, we got to get you pumped up so you can focus. Give this one a try.
[Grizzly gives Chloe a chocolate bar]
Chloe: Just a little bit, I guess.
[Chloe eats the chocolate bar]
Grizzly: Okay, now try this one next. [Chloe eats another chocolate bar] And this one and this one and ... Oh, uh, this is a good one. [keeps giving Chloe chocolate bars] That's cane sugar. And you know what? This one, too. We got to hit the nougat group.
[Chloe eats another chocolate bar]
Chloe: I don't know. I don't think this is... [in slow motion voice] woooorkiiiing.
[Chloe's eyes turn cute]
Grizzly: Hmm. You don't look any different. Uh, how do you feel?
Chloe: I feel... [kicks the chocolate bar away] like I could kick a hole through a whale!
Grizzly: Ah! Yeah! That's it! Ah! I knew this would work. [Chloe blasts off] Chloe?

Grizz Helps [2.22][edit]

[Grizzly gives everybody the posters]
Grizzly: One for you. And one for you. And one for ...
[Grizzly stops walking, A white dog sits on the side walk, The dogs run toward Grizzly pushing him]
Dogwalker: Heel! Heel, boy! Down! [The dogs licked Grizzly] Oh, oh! I'm so sorry! I-I can't apologize enough. I'm sorry. I-I can't seem to control them.
Grizzly: [chuckles] That's okay. Have you tried telling them to sit?
[five different dogs sit]
Dogwalker: Whoa. I've been trying to make them sit all day. How'd you do that?
Grizzly: Stand. [The dogs stand] Speak. [The dogs bark happily] Wink slowly. [The dogs wink slowly]

Christmas Parties [2.23][edit]

[As Panda claps his Hands, He checks his Phone]
Panda: Wha... Eh?
[The Alarm went Off]
Ranger Tabes: All right, who thinks they can go lower?!
Panda: Hey, Grizz, we gotta go!
Grizzly: Well, Tabes, sorry, this was fun, but we gotta be somewhere else. Thanks!
Ranger Tabes: Guys, wait! You can't go yet ... the party just got started!
Grizzly: Sorry ... no time. It's been a jolly wonderful, uh, thing. Merry Christmas, bye!
[Grizzly closes the door and the Radio Switches to "Silent Night", Everyone is fast asleep, Ranger Tabes Sighs]

Charlie: You know, you guys actually just came in time. [He picks up a Box full of Old Toys] I could use your help finding a star to put on top of the tree. Milk carton? [Charlie sniffs the Carton of Milk] Nah. [A Bird from the Cuckoo Clock appears] Nope. [Charlie throws the Cuckoo Clock, He founds a Broken Doll head] Hmm... What do you guys think?
Panda: That's not a star. A star is, you know, pointy and star-shaped. [Panda checks his Phone] Oh, the alarm went off.
Grizzly: Sorry, we gotta get going, Charlie. Uh, good luck finding the right star for your tree, though.
[Grizzly and Panda climbs down]
Charlie: But... I-I-I want you guys to help me choose it.
[Ice Bear eats the Egg]
Ice Bear: Thanks for eggnog.
[Ice Bear jumps down]
Charlie: You're welcome.

[Mr. Park puts the Cooked Turkey on the Table]
Mr. Park: All right! We should start.
Grizzly: Oh, wow. This all looks amazing!
Ice Bear: Ice Bear is in Korean Christmas heaven.
[Panda Checks his Phone]
Panda: Oh, no! There goes our alarm. I'm sorry, Mrs. Park, but we have to head out.
Chloe: Don't be ridiculous, you just got here!
Panda: I'm sorry, Chloe, we can't. Ow!
[Chloe's Grandmother puts a Piece of Orange into the Plate]
Chloe's Grandmother: [Speaking Korean]
Chloe: Oh, try these, too. This is called jeon.
[Chloe puts the Jeon into Grizzly's Mouth]
John: Hey. [Chuckles] What do baby seals taste like?
[Ice Bear looks at John]
Panda: Oh, no, no, no, no, no! I'm a vegetarian.
Chloe's Grandmother: Yes.
[She puts two Steak Rolls into the Plate]
Chloe: Oh, and this one you'll really like. [Chloe puts another piece of food into Grizzly Mouth] What do you think? [Grizzly's mouth is Full of Food] It's really hard to get the umami flavor, but ... [Panda's Phone Alarm went Off] Huh?!
Panda: Okay, that was really good, Chloe, but we really have to go now.
Grizzly: We'll take these to go, and we'll let you know how we feel about the food, yeah? [Grizzly knocks the Dinner Table Down, And the Food landed on the Floor]
Panda: Whoa! I'm so, so, so so sorry!
Grizzly: Yeah, we didn't mean to! That was an accident!
John: Ha ha, I knew this was gonna happen.
[Chloe looked Shocked]
Panda: Agh, it's all our fault. I'm so sorry, Chloe.
Grizzly: Uh, let me help you.
Chloe: It's okay.
Panda: No, please, let me help. Come on.
Chloe: I said it's fine! Just go. You guys needed to leave anyways.
Mrs. Park: It's okay. It seems like you guys are in a hurry.
Mr. Park: Don't worry, bears, we'll take care of it.
Panda: I'm so sorry.
Grizzly: We're really sorry.
Ice Bear: [Speaking Korean]
Grizzly: We'll see you later, Chloe.
John: Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!
Chloe: John, quiet!

Subway [2.24][edit]

[while the Bears ride on the subway train]
Panda: Uh, Hey, You guys want to watch Bagel Rat Videos?
Grizzly: [laughs] Heck yeah!
[Panda turns on his phone, And the video begins when Bagel Rat carries a bagel down the stairs, The next scene shows when Bagel Rat carries a bagel-shape telephone down the stairs, The next scene shows when Bagel Rat carries a tote bag with a picture of a Bagel, And the last scene shows when Bagel Rat carries Grizzly's fitness tracker, He puts on the fitness tracker and runs away as the video ends]

Panda's Friend [2.25][edit]

[A man opens the window, sharing his worries about the rent with his roommate]
Griff: Dude, If don't get another roommate, We won't make rent. We're totally gonna get evicted.
Isaac: Isaac doesn't want to lose his walk-in-closet.
Griff: What are we gonna do?
[He suddenly catches Tom]
Tom: Oh.
Griff: Hey man, You wouldn't be looking for a place to live, Would you?
[Tom smiles]
Panda: [off-screen] Hey! Uh.. Can you guys call the fire department please?
[The scene fades to black]
Note: This episode features human characters designed to be human counterparts to the Bears. Their names are Tom, Griff, and Isaac, who are Panda, Grizzly and Ice Bear's counterparts respectively.

Neighbors [2.26][edit]

[The next morning, Grizzly looks at the sunrise]
Grizzly: How much longer do we need to do this?
Panda: My contacts are dying out.
Ice Bear: Ice Bear can't feel his butt.
Faye: [offscreen] Don't move!
[Warren and Faye are carving the statues of the bears]
Faye: You guys are doing great!
Warren: [chuckles] Yeah, just a few more hours, And I think we'll have all the carvings we need!
[Wooden Bear statues are laying on the ground]

Ralph [2.27][edit]

[Charlie is saving everyone]
Charlie: [panting] Ralph, w-what the heck are you doing?!
Ralph: What the heck are you doing? Let go! You're wrecking the joke!
Charlie: I-I think this goes beyond a joke, man! This is dangerous!
Ralph: What, like throwing bees at a guy wasn't? Besides, what the heck do we care about people? [cut to the hiking guide and the people] There's are so many of 'em and so few of us. What's losing a few for a laugh?
[The bridge that Charlie is holding is beginning to slip]
Charlie: No, no, man! It's just not right! Whoa! [Charlie holds on the bridge] Ralph, help! Please, please!
Ralph: [scoffs] No way. To be honest, you're being a real snoozefest. Come find me when you're ready to have actual fun.
Charlie: Ralph, wait!
Hiking Guide: Whoo-hoo! We made it!
[The hiking guide and the people walk away]
Charlie: Phew. [A bee flies to Charlie] Aah! Aah! [Charlie blows at the bee] Bee, shoo! [Charlie holds on to the bridge] Feet, no, please, feet! Don't fail me now! Come on! [grunts] Can't...hold...much...longer. [Charlie's feet slip making Charlie and the bridge fall down the cliff, Until Grizzly grabs Charlie's feet saving him] Oof! Huh?
Grizzly: Okay, hold on, Charlie! We gotcha! Pull!
[Grizzly, Panda, And Ice Bear pulls Charlie, Charlie lands on soft ground]
Charlie: Ow!
Grizzly: Charlie, Charlie? Are you okay?
Charlie: Uh yeah. What are you guys doing here?
Panda: We were worried about you, so we came looking for you.
Grizzly: Look, hey, Charlie, we're sorry about earlier.
Charlie: No, no, I'm sorry. You guys were right.I was just so excited to meet someone like me, I kind of ignored the fact that he was a gigantic butt.
Grizzly: Hey, man, you guys might look alike, but you're nothing like Ralph. You are a great guy, and don't you forget that.
[Tears roll down Charlie's cheeks]
Charlie: Aww, thanks, you guys!
[Charlie hugs the Bears]
Grizzly: [chuckles] Okay. Why don't we continue our hangout back at home?
Ice Bear: Ice Bear could cook another dinner.
Panda: Yeah, and we could play video games, or we could...
Charlie: Oh! What about a push-up contest?
[Ralph watches Charlie and the Bears walk away]
Ralph: Pssh. Good riddance. He was too soft anyway. [A snake blocks Ralph's way] What are you looking at? [kicks the snake away] Hit the road! [chuckles] Yeah Hit the road...
[24 snakes all hiss at Ralph]
Ralph: Uh, nice snakies.
[The scene cuts to black, As the snakes attack Ralph]

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