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We Bare Bears: The Movie is a 2020 American flash-animated comedy film based on the Cartoon Network television series of the same name. The film serves as the series finale of We Bare Bears.

Directed by Daniel Chong. Produced by Carrie Wilksen. Written by Christina Chang, Daniel Chong, Alex Chiu, Manny Hernandez, Yvonne Hsuan Ho, Quinne Larsen, Sang Yup Lee, Sooyeon Lee, Charlie Parisi, Lauren Sassen, Sarah Sobole and Louie Zong. Story by Mikey Heller and Kris Mukai.

Grizzly Bear[edit]

  • I'm a big brother!
  • Get out of the way, Trout! We're going home.
  • What you're doing is wrong. We're Family, and you can't separate us!
  • [to Trout]These cages, this reserve, everything! [Panda and Ice Bear appear beside him] You're doing all this because you're afraid of what's different. Not because it's right. And we're not gonna stand for it.
  • [After Trout is locked in a cage] Nature Adapts. Maybe you should too.
  • [roars loudly, and to the other bears] Brothers and Sisters, listen to me! Everyone! We got to stack!

Panda Bear[edit]

  • I'm gonna check and see if there's any cool stops coming up.
  • No one's ever asked us to party before.
  • [after being locked in a cage and being sent back to China] I don't want to go!

Ice Bear[edit]

  • Ice Bear senses impending doom.
  • Ice Bear not bad bear, just misunderstood.
  • Being Ice Bear shouldn't be a crime.
  • Ice Bear born ready.
  • Ice Bear full of rage.
  • Ice Bear can't wait to eat poutine brothers.

Officer Murphy[edit]

  • Trick I use to tell the difference is noting the lack of fur and cute little ears.
  • [shoves a doughnut in Trout's mouth and handcuffs him to the helicopter's grab bar] Sit down, Trout! And shut your doughnut hole!

Agent Trout[edit]

  • Why shouldn't I? Humans have been nature's dominant predator since the beginning of time. And this is the closest I will ever get to hunting you. So long, bear.
  • You think you belong? That you can fit in with the rest of society?! You are nothing but some filthy, mindless BEASTS!


Officer Murphy: Alright, alright, everyone, remain calm. Now, state your complaints in a orderly fashion and I'll add them to the Bear Complaint Files.
[crowd all complaining at once]
Grizzly: Bear Complaint Files? What's that?

Woman: These bears should be held accountable!
Woman #2: Their hijinks have gone way too long!
Man: And they smell!
[Grizz smells himself, as Panda and Ice grossed out, Grizz shrugs]

Panda: Grizz, [facepalms] give it up already. It's over.
Grizzly: What? Ugh! Nonsense, Panda! I'll think of something else. We can just sneak in another way, or, uh, we can go get passports! Uh, c-c'mon! To the car, boys! [van explodes] Uh... [chuckles] [Panda angrily stares at him] [it starts to rain]
Panda: I've had it! I'm over it, Grizz!
Grizzly: What are you talking about?
Panda: This! Any of this! Over and over, we get into trouble, you make up one of your schemes, and everything ends up worse.
Grizzly: Schemes? I'm the only one trying to get us out of this mess!
Panda: A mess that you created! This never would've happened if you hadn't pushed us into making that stupid video.
Grizzly: Hey, people liked that video!
Panda: Ugh, you're so in denial.
Grizzly: Oh, I'm in denial, "Coolguy"?
Panda: [gasps] How dare you.
[He and Grizzly stare angrily at each other face to face as Ice Bear watches in fear and hides his face in the dirt]
Panda: Aw, see, now look what you did!
Grizzly: Look, let's just calm down. Playing the blame game isn't gonna get us any closer to finding a new home.
Panda: Grizz, how are you not getting it through your thick head? You can't fix this. We're not wanted anywhere. We're never gonna find a home. I'm outta here!
Grizzly: Hey! Where are you going?! [jumps into Panda's leg as he's about to leave] Come on. We gotta stick together!
Panda: Stop it!
Grizzly: We can't leave! We're brothers!
Panda: No! We're not! [shakes Grizzly off his leg] We're not brothers, Grizz. We're just a bunch of dumb bears who made up some story to make ourselves feel better.
Grizzly: Panda.
Agent Trout: Bravo. Very entertaining. And, really, it's the least you bears could do after being so easy to find. I mean, honestly, this was almost boring.
Panda: My phone!

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