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We Bare Bears is an American animated sitcom created by Daniel Chong. It follows three bears, Grizzly (a grizzly bear), Panda (a giant panda) and Ice Bear (a polar bear), and their awkward attempts at integrating with the human world in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pilot (2014)

[A bear named Grizzly laughs as he watches a live-action video of a bear scratching his back against a tree. He takes a drink from a Diet Soda bottle. As some soda accidentally spills on his desk, he attempts to wipe it off with his arm]
Grizzly: [laughs] Hey Panda! [BURP!!!] Excuse me. Check out this guy! Hey, you gotta see this! Panda?
[Grizzly scoots his chair around the house, in an attempt to find Panda]
Grizzly: Panda? Panda?
[Cut to his little brother, Ice Bear, inside of the fridge]
Grizzly: Hey, have you seen Panda?
[Ice Bear lifts his shoulders, signaling an "I don't know."]
Grizzly: Hm.
[Their brother, Panda is heard in the distance, singing. Cut to Panda in the closet, playing with a guitar game controller]
Panda: [singing] Why did you sit on my heart, and hurt me so bad? Lady!
Grizzly: [knocks on the door] Hey Panda, are you in the closet?
Panda: Um, no! No, nobody's here!
Grizzly: Why'd you lock the door, little brother?
Panda: I just need some alone time.
Grizzly: Is this- are you still bummed your internet girlfriend broke up with you?
Panda: No.
Grizzly: Panda!
Panda: Maybe.
Grizzly: [He groans] You gotta let that go, man! [Ice Bear swings his axe at the closet door] Cheer up! There are plenty of other girls out there! You're a Panda! You're cute. You're cuddly. You know kung-fu.
Panda: But I don't know kung-fu!
Grizzly: Yeah, you know what I mean. [Panda scrolls through some texts on his phone while Grizzly tries to console him. Panda has texted "Hello?" several times to Susan, his ex-girlfriend, until Susan had texted back "It's over."] [muffled] Come on, Panda, let's go do something fun. You can just forget about that online lady friend, that are bad buds all around her, she's just broken inside, okay? Don't be a sucker, Pan-Pan.
Panda: You don't know my life!
Grizzly: I got it! We could take pictures of ourselves with record albums as our faces!
Panda: No!
Grizzly: We could shave our names on our backs again!
Panda: No!
Grizzly: Ice Cream?
Panda: [finally opens the door] Chocolate?
Grizzly: Yup.
Panda: Triple scoop?
Grizzly: Sure.
Panda: Okay.
Ice Bear: [throws his axe on the ground] Ice Bear will drive.


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