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We Bare Bears is an American animated show created by Daniel Chong. It follows three bear siblings, Grizzly (a grizzly bear), Panda (a giant panda) and Ice Bear (a polar bear), and their awkward attempts at integrating with the human world in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Grizzly Bear[edit]

  • Guys, this video is guaranteed to make every person on the internet want to be our friend!
  • One velcro wallet, one Cellie...
  • [to Panda] We left your phone.
  • Well, maybe you wouldn't say that if we were [shows parking ticket] FBI, lady!! We're doing official business! Step away from the table!
  • [holds up a dollar] Whoo-hoo! Ha ha! Look at this! We're rich!
  • [holds an "Action Buddies" DVD] You guys wanna watch a movie?
  • Hold tight, amigos. I got it.
  • Hey, don't worry so much, Panpan. We're gonna figure out how to get adopted, and then we'll be chillin' in our forever homes.
  • My future owner's gonna be a radical dude who likes long naps on the beach and stuffed-crust pizzas!
  • Oh, that looks amazing! That's artisan stuff! [he eats the egg]
  • Oh, hello, ma'am. Would you be so kind as to ...
  • No, I'm not trying to rob you. I'm a nice guy! [He hits the parking meter]
  • [to Chloe] Grizz is not home right now. Please leave a message.
  • [to Ice Bear] This is what I think of your fancy toilet.
  • [to Panda] Panda, I'm sorry. I wanted to make you look cool. But my art was not ready! I'm a terrible writer!
  • [After the Fridge works again] Fridge works now.
  • But wait, Panda, we don't need someone to cook for us... for we have our new brother, who happens to be an amazing cook! [To Darrell] Right, brother Darrell?
  • [Offscreen] Uh, Pan, there's something wrong with the microwave. Summer rolls are done.
  • Hold me, Panda. Tell me it's gonna be okay. Tell me we'll soon find our phones.
  • [to Charlie] Oh, hey, Charlie! Nice hat! Bye!
  • [to Nom-Nom] This is our pet, Captain Craboo.
  • Oh, dude. You look super tired. You okay? Maybe you should just take it easy for a bit. I can take over for you. The dogs love me.
  • [to Ice Bear] Bro! We're family! We share! What's mine is yours! Come on. Now go! Shoo! Enjoy the cold air. See you tomorrow.

Panda Bear[edit]

  • Be careful with my phone please, it is my life and soul in rectangular form.
  • Oh, what? No! I just wanted ice cream! Why is everything so terrible for me?
  • If we survive this, I wanna splurge and go to a fancy restaurant. I'm gonna order dumplings, but I want them to make the dumplings really big, like bigger than any dumplings they've made before, so that I can hold it like a baby. Yes! We can stuff one dumpling into another dumpling, and then that dumpling in another dumpling, and then another dumpling, and another! And then I'll eat that dumpling and I'll be the dumpling!
  • Grizz, what the heck, man, I'm gonna starve!
  • [to Grizzly] I have a confession. It was really me who broke the laptop. I just didn't want to admit it.
  • Man, I don't want to get another job.
  • My future owner loves fresh-laundry smell and sharing ice-cream sundaes.
  • Do you think there's someone in there? Some kind of scissor-handed person?
  • [to the Librarian Lady] JUST GIVE ME THE PAPER BACK, YOU OLD TURTLE!
  • [to the Baby] Baby, come on, cooperate!
  • [to Charlie] And now I'm never gonna get to the restaurant, because of you!
  • Oh, yeah? I'm more bear than all of you! I'll eat anything! I'll even eat this table!
  • Oh, yeah? Well, take this! Scratch attack! [He scratches the DVD Disc]
  • [to Grizzly] Way to go, Crowbar Jones.
  • Fine! I don't need you! I'm gonna find my own way out, by my ... Whoa! [He falls into the Water]
  • Come on, Grizz, we've had enough! You're being kind of a ... a dingle.

Ice Bear[edit]

  • The world isn't ready for what Ice Bear can do.
  • Ice Bear will drive.
  • Ice Bear has ninja stars.
  • Ice Bear wants justice.
  • Ice Bear needs more Insect repellent.
  • Ice Bear is sad.
  • Ice Bear got paid.
  • Ice Bear wants to watch it again.
  • Ice Bear feels nauseous.
  • Ice Bear Actually... (Sniffs) Sweating
  • Ice Bear's intrigued. And afraid.
  • Kobe beef not named after basketball player.
  • Ice Bear can't bear to be without his Frosty Fluffs.
  • Ice Bear heard pandas are raccoons.
  • Ice Bear is cold. In bad way.
  • Ice Bear was petty.
  • Ice Bear is good.

Chloe Park[edit]

  • I skipped a couple grades, so the joke's on you!
  • Okay, here it is. The date is June 24th. I found what I believe to be a cave. Woah. This furniture looks handmade!
  • Hm, porridge maybe? Uck, yup. That's porridge.
  • [to the Bears] You guys are gonna eat your soup, and then you guys are gonna go straight to bed!
  • [to Ice Bear] Come on.
  • My chemistry test! Uh, it's tomorrow! Oh, man! I totally went off track!
  • [to her Mom] Morning, mom. I've made you an extra sandwich.
  • [to Ice Bear] Well, what do you wanna do today?


  • Hey guys! CaveShare? This the right place? ...Ah, nice sturdy wood-work ya got here!
  • Man, I gotta tell you guys, I knew this place would be perfect the moment I saw it. This is gonna be great!
  • [to Panda] Hey! I've been helping! I got you this far, didn't I?! None of this was easy, like you said it would be! This is way more your fault, man!
  • Guys, you got to see this!
  • No way... Cheese Poofies? How'd you know they're my favorite snack!?
  • Thanks you guys!


  • I have servants, really yummy food, the internet. I think you can agree, I don't need anything else..
  • [Nom-Nom wears a Santa Claus hat] What do you think you're doing here, bears?! Come to show me up again, huh?!
  • Hey, social media guy ... you're fired! [The Social Media Guys drives away Crying] And you ... get lost!
  • What is wrong with you? Get lost right now, or I'm calling security.
  • I was, uh... you know, just in the area and I thought, hey, why not stop by and say hi since all my other friends are gone. And my job, [he hugs the jug] and one minute you've got it all [tears appears from his eyes]... and what am I now?
  • He he he, hilarious! See you later, friend.

Pilot (2014)[edit]

[The episode begins with Grizzly watching a live-action video of a bear scratching his back against a tree]
Grizzly: [Laughs]
[Grizzly takes a drink from a Diet Soda bottle. As some soda accidentally spills on his desk, he attempts to wipe it off with his arm]
Grizzly: [He laughs] Hey Panda! [He burps] Excuse me. Check out this guy! Hey, you gotta see this! Panda?
[Grizzly scoots his chair around the house, in an attempt to find Panda]
Grizzly: Panda? Panda?
[Cut to Ice Bear inside of the fridge]
Grizzly: Hey, have you seen Panda?
[Ice Bear lifts his shoulders, signaling an "I don't know."]
Grizzly: Hm.
[Panda is heard in the distance, singing. Cut to Panda in the closet, playing with a guitar game controller]
Panda: [singing] Why did you sit on my heart, and hurt me so bad? Lady!
[Grizzly knocks on the door]
Grizzly: Hey Panda, are you in the closet?
Panda: Um, no! No, nobody's here!
Grizzly: Why'd you lock the door, little brother?
Panda: I just need some alone time.
Grizzly: Is this- are you still bummed your internet girlfriend broke up with you?
Panda: No.
Grizzly: Panda!
Panda: Maybe.
Grizzly: [He groans] You gotta let that go, man!
[Ice Bear is swinging his axe at the closet door]
Grizzly: Cheer up! There are plenty of other girls out there! You're a Panda! You're cute. You're cuddly. You know kung-fu.
Panda: I don't know kung-fu!
Grizzly: Yeah, you know what I mean.
[Panda scrolls through some texts on his phone while Grizzly tries to console him. Panda has texted "Hello?" several times to Susan , his ex-girlfriend, until Susan had texted back "It's over."]
Grizzly: [muffled] Come on, Panda, let's go do something fun. You can just forget about that online lady friend, that are bad buds all around her, she's just broken inside, okay? Don't be a sucker, Pan-Pan.
Panda: You don't know my life!
Grizzly: I got it! We could take pictures of ourselves with record albums as our faces!
Panda: No!
Grizzly: We could shave our names on our backs again!
Panda: No!
Grizzly: Ice Cream?
Panda: Chocolate?
Grizzly: Yup.
Panda: Triple scoop?
Grizzly: Sure.
Panda: Okay.
[Ice Bear throws his axe on the ground]
Ice Bear: Ice Bear will drive.


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